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Season 1

18 Jul. 2012
Scary Smash
A monster, a milk truck, a S.Q.U.A.T. team leader named Gerald and an epic 7 day battle--all from the mind of 5-year-old Brett.
25 Jul. 2012
Goth Boy
2-year-old Max tests the patience of his new step dad and learns a little something about the Goth lifestyle - all from the mind of 8-year-old CiCi.
1 Aug. 2012
La Munkya
Emily spins a tale about a paper horse who goes to a county fair and wins a blue ribbon, but gets in trouble when he eats the prize money because he was hungry.
8 Aug. 2012
Rainbow Town
Cylincia, a beautiful woman who told funny knock-knock jokes, dies and turns into a beautiful witch who lured men into deadly traps. A red-haired part-vampire decides she must save the town by defeating the green-skinned sorceress.
15 Aug. 2012
Cold East
A very wise young boy named Ryan tells the story of Cold East, a little town in a refrigerator with a noble pickle jar Sheriff and a foul-mouthed Tomato.
22 Aug. 2012
Robots Attacking the City
An evil scientist creates an army of robots to attack the city of Texas, California, to avenge himself upon the kids who bullied him when he was young. His dying grandmother convinces him to have a change of heart.
29 Aug. 2012
Kendall the Knight
Kiernan relates the adventures of Kendall, a knight who loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and vanquishes his foes with the aid of his faithful sidekick, a pet giant wasp.
5 Sep. 2012
Sorta Friends
A beautiful mermaid has a falling out with her friend, John, when he betrays her secret.
12 Sep. 2012
Fire City
Young Adam tells an apocalyptic story set in Fire City which brings up the moral dilemma--if you had the choice to live forever, would you?
19 Sep. 2012
The Ginger Potato
A gingerbread man living in a gingerbread house is menaced by a sweets loving neighbor.
24 Oct. 2012
Zombie Spider
Aiden tells a very special spooky story of a giant zombie spider and a boy wearing a Mohawk haircut who's out to avenge the death of his father and baby brother.
19 Dec. 2012
Micah's Holiday Song
Micah sings his holiday song about Santa Claus and the troll.
6 Feb. 2013
Valentimes Day... That I Don't Believe
Two children who can't decide what to do for Valentine's Day, then try to convince their parents it isn't really February 14th, find themselves trapped in a time loop where everyday is Valentine's Day.

 Season 1 

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