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Pleasant comedy that's worth seeing
Red-12512 October 2013
In a World . . . was written, produced, and directed by Lake Bell. Can you guess who stars in the movie?

This modest comedy takes place in the mini-world of people who do voice overs. Apparently this world exists. And, like all such worlds, it has stars, former stars, people who want to be stars and will make it, and people who want to be stars and won't make it.

This world also has alliances, feuds, betrayals, burning hates and burning loves. It's the same as any other profession, except that it's invisible to the rest of us. (When was the last time you knew the name of someone doing a voice-over?)

Bell is a good director and a good actor. (And, yes, her voice is fabulous.) She keeps her excellent ensemble cast moving along. The story line starts with boy meets girl, so you know how it will end, but there are enough unexpected twists and turns to hold your interest. It will work well on the small screen. My advice--seek it out and see it. Just don't expect a movie that's so powerful that it will change your life forever.
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Make more movies like this one!
nyccents31 August 2013
After watching an infinity of trailers for violent, over-the-top, sci-fi or thriller or political espionage movies coming down the pike, my question is Why aren't there more charming and happy movies? They sell well too.

So what a delight to see In A World.

It is a quirky and sophisticated comedy. Perhaps it is a chick-flick, but not overwhelmingly so.Yes, some of the criticisms herein are true, but not damaging enough to detract from a thoroughly enjoyable cinema experience. The acting is terrific, the plot and subplots are simple, the humor is amusing and even at a couple of points a true belly laugh, and altogether, the movie is a winner. Kudos to Lake Bell and team.
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One of the best movies I've seen in 2012-13
Charlie Hale14 February 2013
A friend invited me to a Sundance USA event in San Francisco, where they take 10 films from the festival and show them in different cities around the US. I had no idea what the movie was even about, and obviously no expectations.

I was completely blown away. 'In a World' was one of the funniest, cleverly-written and flawlessly edited movies I've seen this year (2012-present). From Demetri Martin, Rob Cordry and Lake Bell herself, the acting was fantastic. I had seen Lake Bell in 'How to Make it in America' and thought she was great, but I had no idea how unbelievably talented she is (i.e. playing an accent- obsessed speech coach/aspiring voice-over actress who does probably 10+ flawless accents throughout the movie...a movie she wrote and directed as well. No big deal).

I'm not sure if this movie is getting distributed to a wider audience, but I'm grateful my friend convinced me to go. If you have a chance to catch this, it's a must-see.
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Cracking little indie comedy from Lake Bell
jibson8928 April 2013
Lake Bell wrote, directed and starred in this comedy of a voice coach who wants to make it as a voice-over star, a boy's club dominated by her famous father, the reigning king of movie trailer voice-overs. The small group are competing for the voice-over role for an epic new blockbuster series that's bringing back Don LaFontaine's famous "In a World..." putting the father and daughter at conflict.

Currently making its rounds of the festivals, where it picked up the Waldo Salt Screen writing award at Sundance USA and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. It's a great script that zips along, full of believable characters, handles the central conflict deftly and is never annoyingly quirky, just consistently funny.

Featuring an uncredited cameo by Cameron Diaz and a whole host of comedic talent from the LA circuit including Demetri Martin, Ken Marino, Rob Corddry, Geena Davis, Nick Offerman and Eva Longoria. Lake Bell confirmed at the Sundance London director's Q&A she'd written the script with all her friends in mind but she is the stand-out, anchoring the film and flawlessly delivering around different accents in her performance.

A feminist film that delivers its message without forcing itself upon you and puts the comedy foremost, it's great fun, well worth tracking down at release and shows Lake Bell to be a great talent to watch.
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Can't Wait to see what Lake Bell does next
cutegirlbutts27 January 2014
IN A WORLD... doesn't exactly have a totally engaging plot (some of its B-Plots are even weaker) but the film has such character and cute and hilarious humour naturally within the interactions that it's a joy to watch.

The cast across the board is great from the leads to a few smaller parts adding even more humour from the likes of Nick Offerman and Ig Notaro.

Gender inequality takes the for front of this film, with excellent family moments and hilarious cynicism from the lead. Of course it also has a sweet romantic story happening throughout too. It's a fun clever movie and a good watch.

Lake Bell delivers as the screenwriter/director/star and looking forward to what she does next.
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A comedic gem from a first-time female director
FlixChatter11 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
As someone who watch at least half a dozen movie trailers a week, the premise definitely appeals to me. In fact, earlier today I saw a trailer of Inescapable that pretty much had this cheesy VO narration that tells you the plot of the story. The protagonist of this movie, Carol (Lake Bell), lives under the shadow of her voice-over star dad Sam Solomon (Fred Melamed). After being kicked out of her dad's house to accommodate for his new young wife — which Carol refers to as his groupie — she has to pack her bags and live with her sister.

As a vocal coach, Carol often has to coach certain celebrities when they have to adopt a certainly adopt a certain accent, but voicing a trailer is still pretty much an elite boys club. An opportunity suddenly presents itself when a big studio is looking for a voice over for a quadrilogy blockbuster sci-fi franchise and with the help of her friend Louis (Demetri Martin), she just might have a chance to break into the glass ceiling of that industry. The whole VO competition involving her dad and another VO star Gustav, an eccentric douche bag who takes a shine on Carol, provide most of the laughs. Ken Marino is a hoot as Gustav, a familiar face though I can't quite put my finger on what movies I've seen him in. There's also a comical side plot about Carol's sister marital infidelity involving a seductive hunk in the form of Irish hunk Jason O'Mara. Seriously who could resist him with his natural Irish brogue!

This is the first time I've seen Lake Bell, though I've heard of her before this movie. She not only star in this but also wrote and directed her debut film, and I must say I'm impressed! She's got excellent comic timing and a knack for accents, and the story is surprisingly engaging and downright hilarious. The tall and svelte Bell could make a living as a model but she really made herself to look very plain here as a perpetually-disheveled tomboy who's 'signature look' is a denim overall. But she's instantly likable and she surround herself with equally affable and amusing characters.

It was fun to see cameos from Geena Davis, Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz as well, the scene of Longoria struggling to say just one simple line with a British accent had me in stitches! This movie premiered in Sundance a few months ago and I hope it'll get some decent distribution in the coming months.

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A movie that offers so many mirrors of yourself to look into
Christine Merser13 March 2014
You have to see In a World — if for no other reason, it's the perfect story to explain to someone the glass ceiling faced by most women. In a World is genius. It's brilliant, amazingly well written, and filled with all kinds of nuances that speak to our lives and what is right and wrong with them. Family issues. Sibling connections. Loving someone out of your league. Commitment and its challenges. Self confidence. Need I go on? Rarely will you go to a movie that offers so many mirrors of yourself to look into. Thank you, Lake Bell.

So, who is Lake Bell and where did she come from? This movie is in the Juno category, and even if it's a one-shot wonder, I want to know this person who is behind it.

It took me a good ten minutes to figure out where I'd seen Lake Bell before. Then it hit me. She's the dragon tattoo lady married to Meryl's ex in It's Complicated. I was stunned. It's so rare to see someone on the screen who can be more than one persona. When I realized she'd written it, directed it, and starred in it, I was blown away. Blown away, I tell you. I have very little desire to meet Hollywood players, but I would have lunch with Lake. Dinner. Breakfast. Tell me where and when, and I'll be there. I want to pick her brain. What made her think of it? What was her father like? Has she done voice-overs? Oh my, maybe we should spend a weekend at Canyon Ranch? One meal isn't enough time.

The cast is obscure and perfect. The sisters look like sisters. Rob Corddry, who plays Lake's sister's husband, will tear your heart out. He makes the case over and over again for marrying the nice guy, not the guy who sends your heart into cardiac arrest. Ken Marino, who plays Gustav and has the difficult task of walking close to the line of ridiculous, nails it. There is one weak link, however. Fred Melamed, who plays Lake's father, is off. I'm not sure exactly why, or whether he was playing it the way she directed, but he's not quite believable.

Here is what I love, love, love about In a World: It proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can make great movies without a star attraction. It proves that there can be many Hollywood writers. It proves that we can rework this industry, and women can have a voice and a place in film. It shows the sheer depth of resources that exist for making films that are unique, compelling, and funny.
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Not what I expected, but refreshing.
DarthPaul8518 August 2013
I didn't know anything about the movie other than the synopsis, and so I thought it was a documentary. Nope!

That said, this was one of the most laid-back movies I've seen (and liked) in a while. It feels so much like a typical "independent" movie from the late 90's/early 2000's, that it was very refreshing. The dialogue felt very authentic (a few scenes felt improvised, even), and the main character is awesome. I hope this movie becomes more popular just to showcase this character to a wider audience. She's the female lead character we're not shown too often in Hollywood- she's just kinda...normal.

Demitri Martin is also awesome, and I wish he had more screen time (though his character was wisely kept in small doses). The supporting roles, as well as the B-plot characters, are mostly great, though there are a couple of two-dimensional characters who feel written in for convenience, or cheap gags.

The movie is not without flaws, either. At times the characters' dialogue overlaps each other and comes out a bit too quick. Especially in the beginning, I had trouble figuring out what was going on because I couldn't pick out what the people were saying. But then again, that did add to the authenticity of the film overall.

Also, one person's "authentic" is another person's "boring" or "unmotivated." Like real life, stuff just kinda happens and people just kinda do things. It felt very much like just suddenly watching somebody's weekend. I can see how that might irritate some people, who'd want a more audience-friendly flow and script.

I only mention it because it threw me off at first- since I expected a documentary, I had no idea what the movie was trying to be for the first 10 minutes or so. But it did all come together in the end, and I liked it.
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I'm apparently alone in despising this film:
Jason Olshefsky (Jayce)9 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As you may know already, the gist is that Don LaFontaine was the guy who popularized the phrase "in a world…" as the way to begin nearly every movie trailer for decades. He's a real guy who really did die in 2008. So the film is a fictional account of Carol—the daughter of a voice-over artist gifted similarly to LaFontaine—who wants to break into the world of voice-overs, particularly for film trailers, and become the next LaFontaine.

Kudos to Bell for humorously broaching the subject of male-dominance in the voice-over field. But my praise ends there. I found that every single character was written as a shrill fast-talker no matter their age, gender, or background. It was insufferable, and the cheap writing continued: pivotal plot points hinged on unrealistically stupid coincidences. For instance, Carol can't get a date with the guy who has a crush on her ("Mary Sue" much?) because someone interrupts her cell phone call and he's confused about who she's talking to. Just dumb, lazy writing. I left when her sister's boyfriend finds the (telegraphed) evidence he didn't want to know.

(Note: this review appears on my own blog.)
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Delightfully real characters.
DougInNC10 November 2014
I hope you're lucky enough to see this movie - stream it on Amazon for free if you're a Prime member. Best movie in our house this year, mainly for the simple enjoyment of the characters that told the story.

The casting, the acting, and the writing are all great. Why? The choice of actors didn't focus on big names (to me), but on people more concerned about the role. The acting was witty and consistent throughout. The writing was true to real life, with uncomfortable elements of conversation, and, yes, people talking over one-another at times (which some viewers did not like, but I found it genuine).

This was the first time I can recall seeing Lake Bell. Was she great or am I just enamored with the resemblance to Amanda Peet? That comparison is more than striking. It seemed that she and Michaela Watkins truly were sisters, given their brilliant, somewhat confrontational, and I'm-there-for-you-when-it-really-matters interactions.

Other things I liked:

-Terrific sound mixing! Quite unexpected surround greatness.

-1.5 hours told the story, and they didn't drag it out

-No silly chase scenes or killings to hype the story

-Not social commentary, just fun (other reviewers disagree)

-Bit-part roles added, not distracted (neighbor, office staff)
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Lots to Like from Lake
drmark31 August 2013
Nice story, an unexpected view on gender bias. There's a lot going on, but it's all connected to Carol's (Bell) struggle to carve out a career for herself. Many strong performances in small roles, including Michaela Watkins and Rob Corddry as Carol's sister and brother-in-law who have their own pressures. Bell shows a strong director's hand working with a large ensemble cast, and her writing skills made the shifting relationships between characters work.

Generally a strong directorial debut for Bell, but she also showed her inexperience on the technical side of directing, as there were scenes throughout the movie that were poorly lit (yes, it does matter: shadows are distracting to the audience).

Overall: +1
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An impressive performance by Bell on all fronts!
Hellmant23 January 2014
'IN A WORLD': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Actress Lake Bell makes her feature film directorial and writing debut with this indie comedy about a woman struggling to compete in the male dominated movie trailer voice-over world. The title refers to one of the most common trailer voice-over lines in film history (made famous by legendary voice actor Donald LaFontaine). The movie also revolves around the desire of the competing voice-over actors to take over that line (and landing one trailer that would allow them to do so). The film co-stars Rob Corddry, Demetri Martin, Ken Marino, Michaela Watkins, Fred Melamed and Nick Offerman. It's an impressive performance by Bell on all fronts!

Bell stars as Carol, a vocal coach who stumbles upon a big break in to the movie voice-over acting world. Her father, Sam Soto (Melamed). is a veteran in the business who's now retiring. When a popular book series is going to be turned into a probable blockbuster film franchise the first film trailer is heavily sought after, especially because it will bring back the popular trailer line 'In a world'. Soto wants his friend, and likely successor, Gustav Warner (Marino) to land the gig but when Gustav gets laryngitis Carol is asked to record a temp track instead. Her recording is so good that the producers want her for the trailer instead and a heated competition begins.

The movie is funny and touching in just the right places. All of the characters are written and acted well and I didn't even get into the plot line involving Carol's sister and her husband (Watkins and Corddry). They're part of the movie was actually the most touching to me but the main storyline is an interesting and entertaining subject for a movie (and one that hasn't been used much before, that I've seen). Bell show a lot of talent not just as an actress but as a writer and director as well (now). Certainly she's not just another pretty face!

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mild but likable comedy
Charles Herold (cherold)29 August 2013
Judging by the trailer, In a World is a pretty funny comedy. But as with a lot of trailers, this is managed by cramming it with all the movie's funniest lines. So while the trailer has five or six really solid laughs, the same can be said for the movie, which for the most part is generally humorous but not terribly funny.

The film does have several things going for it. The idea of taking a peek at a niche part of the film business is a fun idea. Dmitri Martin's inability to ask the girl he likes out is clumsily charming. Lake Bell is quite likable.

There are also a few issues I would take with the structure, which feels a bit too lose, with subplots that don't seem to really support the story and aren't especially interesting on their own. And at the end, the movie seems to search around desperately for a moral and come up with the idea of female empowerment, which, even though that is one of the movie's threads,feels like it just went from a minor theme to *the* MAJOR THEME without proper preparation.

None of that is really a big deal; this is the work of a young, talented filmmaker who hasn't totally learned her craft, but it's still original and pleasant. It's just not funny enough or compelling enough to be more than something cute and forgettable.
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M_Exchange31 August 2013
A sentence that someone wrote on the board sums it up for me: "This movie has moments of minor charms, but it is really all over the place - it's about fathers, daughters, husbands, wives, the voice-over industry, gender politics, new love - and it never comes together into a coherent picture." It gets lost in its subplots, and it has long stretches of nothingness. During most of the movie I didn't really know anything about the characters' goals or why they existed or anything. They were just there doing funny things sometimes. I guess that Lake Bell's character was covertly competing with her dad to be the next "big movie voice," but I really have no idea if this goal was the main plot because the movie strayed so far away from it, and it was never actually explicitly stated. Although I was mildly entertained by some of its humor, overall I was very bored and walked out after an hour-- around the time when Ken Marino sucked on Lake Bell's nose. Twice.
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Delightful look at being a woman in a Hollywood support business
Elizabeth Rose22 October 2014
As I watched this story about the voice-over community, I remembered a saying about academia, "The competition and politics are so fierce because there is so little to fight over." For most of us, voice-overs are background noise, but they are a life for the people who do them. I love how well Lake Bell uses this disparity to tell the stories of several of the key players, their support systems, and their families. It's also laugh-out-loud funny because Bell and her talented cast have created interesting characters who can bring the comedy without being stereotypes. (Well, actually there are two stereotypes, but they are deliberate and Shakespearean, if one remembers who Shakespeare wrote his plays to amuse.) I recommend the movie not just because it creates an amusing glance into a different world, but also because it does have something serious to say about women in Hollywood. Kudos to a filmmaker who can teach a gentle lesson so pleasantly, with such fun and good humor.
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Terrible story
aziraphale4822 September 2013
I don't know what kind of movie Bell was trying to make here. I suspect she wanted to say a few things about gender politics in Hollywood and families and decided to hedge her bets by making it lighthearted. The script she delivers is a weird hybrid of domestic drama and romantic comedy that doesn't work as either.

A big problem here is the character of Carol's father. This character belongs in a noisy farce and not in a quiet movie like this one. The way this man is so over the top in his ego, self absorption, and general obnoxiousness is distracting from the rest of the story. The way the character is redeemed in the end is so phony and unearned that it actually makes me a bit angry to think about it.

The movie is well cast and well acted. There are bits and pieces here, such as a scene of voice over artists talking at an industry party and the entire subplot involving Carol's sister and brother-in-law, that I wish could be somehow relocated into a better screenplay. There is enough to like here that the movie is kind of entertaining until the last fifteen or twenty minutes when the movie becomes completely tone deaf and starts hitting one wrong note after another.

In a world where screenplays with engaging and well rounded characters exist, "In a World..." shouldn't.
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Truly original & beautiful.... must watch for movie lovers..!!!
sckrishna12 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have been watching Hollywood movies since 2006, but never before I saw one movie which touched upon this subject. The movie is brilliantly written and directed by the female lead. All the actors are pretty convincing of their roles.

It is the story of a daughter of a famous voice-over artist who is trying to make a career.It is hard to believe that this film is the directorial debut for Lake Bell. The movie shows her struggle to get recognition. Even though at the end she faces the hard truth, she gets her father's attention and love and she does what she is very good at. All in all it was a feel good movie to watch..!!!
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Massively overrated mess from a first time director
userseven15 January 2014
I can't believe the exaggerated positive feedback this title is getting. Don't get me wrong, I like Bell, I absolutely love some of the other actors here but the movie is not in any shape or form deserving of the 7.5-ish rating it gets from both users and metacritic.

It's not bad but it's not good either. It feels all over the place without any real focus, there is a lot of otherwise good stuff (in a longer feature with sharper direction maybe) that ends up as nothing but filler alongside a very weak and otherwise not engaging main story line.

Some people define cinema as the art of showing what you want audiences to see and getting rid of everything else that doesn't bring value to the whole. This is not it. It's a bucket with ALL the stuff thrown right in. It's somebody falling a flight of stairs - funny at times but definitely not Cirque du Soleil grade material. A shame.
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I guess that as long as a film is about feminism it doesn't have to have anything else going for it, right?
mrscarecrow14 April 2014
I thought this was going to be a comedy. Then halfway into the film the complete absence of jokes made me realise that that couldn't be the case. But then it is hardly a drama either. It was just a sequence of incredibly dull scenes. I started to wonder why this movie even existed. The premise was interesting enough to make something good out of it. How could it be this bad? Then, near the end, the film comes out with its grand statement, delivered through a character played by Gena Davis (I admit that I only got to it by fast forwarding through the second half of the movie): that it's all about feminism. Hey,great! Then the film doesn't have to have anything else going for it! It can be a category of its own: a feminist film, not a comedy, not a drama, no entertainment value at all, just a collection of unbelievably boring footage, with a message at the end of it. In the trailer it says that this turkey was the official selection at some godforsaken film festival, to which my only thought is: what a pretentious lot that must have been.
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A voice is a choice, and this movie is not a bad one.
Jesse Boland17 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Great look at the lives, and loves of people in the voice acting community. Funny well written, and really shows the backstabbing, and friendless world that it does not have to be. Lake Bell is great, and so is the whole cast for that. A lot of real truth in the first 5 minutes. I really Enjoyed the way that the characters all came across as different levels of Prima donnas. I would recommend this film to anyone, it is a nice light hearted film with the whole family in mind. If you really are curious about the voice acting world I think that this is a pretty good window, even if it is old glass, and quite distorted.
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Massively overrated
eddie_baggins3 November 2014
In a World seemingly came out of nowhere and made a nice indie scene splash upon release, a release that saw it not only garner a 92% fresh rating through Rotten Tomatoes but nominations and wins at various film festivals including a screen writing gong at the esteemed Sundance film festival. These small tidbits of information would suggest that In a World is a rollicking good little comedy that sadly for me did not come to fruition.

Very much a modern day comedy movie in the ilk of others such as Frances Ha and any other semi/full pretentious indie that seems to think speaking fast, LOUDER than everyone else and over each other is a sufficient way to show just how smart it is to the audience. It's an interesting concept having such a fast and self-aware script come to life but with a bunch of characters as unlikeable as they are here in In a World it makes for an at times arduous viewing experience. You consistently wish that the people involved would just take time out to speak normally to each, to take heed and listen to what the other is saying and perhaps the scripting allowed for to much improv that took away from at its core an interesting story.

Writer/director and graduate of supporting actress/voice work turns Lake Bell has a very ripe story at her disposal here yet you feel the world of the voice over artist is frustratingly lost in the ever increasing sub-genre of adult children who still live at home, don't have a full time job and just generally get a kick out of making jokes of every situation which Bell's character of Carol shines at. With a mistreatment of the story Bell does however manage to direct some fine supporting turns from a majority of her cast, from Fred Melamed as Carol's voice over star dad Sam, Ken Marino as Gustav and Rob Corddry as Carol's brother in law Moe. It's in these performances that In a World finds some time of groove but it's not enough to salvage a film that seems a little too lost in its own genius.

In a World sadly comes off a as a wannabe hipster treat that instead feels overlong and tedious at a short sub 90 minute run time. Bell redeems herself in many respects with her directing of comedic actors but basing a judgement on her personal performance you would say she is much better sticking to her day job of voicing Lux in the Tron: Uprising animated TV series or bit parts in such Ashton Kutcher classics like What Happens in Vegas.

2 seriously hairy, sweaty old men out of 5

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Stick with this one...
MartinHafer16 January 2015
I could easily see someone trying to watch "In a World" and giving up on it after a while. After all, there are a few slow moments and it's easy to hate several of the characters. However, DON'T!!! Stick with this one, as it gets better and better the longer you watch it. Plus, it's a wonderful chance to see a lesser-known actress prove she can do it all, as Lake Bell not only stars in this likable film but wrote it and directed as well!!! This speaks a lot for her future in movies.

Carol (Bell) is the daughter of one of the most famous voice-over actors there is. His voice has introduced many, many films and she hopes to follow in his steps. However, one serious problem stands in her way--traditionally these jobs go to men. Sure, she might be able to do some cartoon voices or give personal speech coaching but the sort of work her dad does just seems nearly impossible-- especially when her god-awful and highly competitive father decides to try to take the job for himself. He certainly didn't need the work and this strange part of his personality and the family dynamics make this film special. I particularly liked the father's very young wife. She ISN'T typical of such a person at all and turns out to be a highly complex and terrific person in her own right. Overall, a very special film and I can't wait to see more from Bell--this woman sure has something good in her future.
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I was surprised
curtis_welsh25 October 2014
I had read some reviews when "In A World" first came out and thought it sounded at least interesting so I wanted to watch it, but it was far more than I expected. I was really impressed!

Admittedly, this will not be a movie for everyone and you will find other reviews from people who hated it, but I think it is a great film. It has heart, I find the characters and interpersonal situations believable. Whether or not everything related to the voice over industry is realistic or not, I don't know. I don't care, either. It serves the real story. Plus, I love the fact that Lake Bell did not try to make herself the most beautiful woman in the movie.

Bell deserves every bit of praise she has received for this film and I am anxious to see what she comes up with next.
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Over-hyped regular movie
Tiago Ferreira16 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is far from genial or provocative or anything at all. It is a movie that you will sit through, having literally 3 laughs, and not a single moment that's worth remembering.

The whole story has problems with continuity, and that prevents you from actually caring about the characters. For example *spoiler*, the whole subplot about betrayal starts and is resolved so fast that it could never happen in real life and that you can't really empathize with the characters */spoiler*.

The ending of the movie is a mess, and conveys a political message in a clumsy and not so subtle way. *spoiler* By trying to convey the message about feminism, by positively discriminating women, the director is giving a wrong idea of feminism that in the long run can hurt more the cause than help it. Plus, having the characters talk about it to bluntly is just silly. Oh, the ending about family values is just the perfect "we need a happy ending" plot device, that takes away all the attention from the previously delivered political message. /*spoiler
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Too many things, too shallow
Chris L10 February 2014
First feature of Lake Bell, who already wrote and stared in the film (a bit egocentric ain't it ?), In a World is an unpretentious, though unambitious movie, calibrated for festivals are its victories prove.

The intent was probably laudable but the script goes everywhere : critic of the voice-over industry, love, friendship, marriage, parenthood, the movie tries to develop a lot of things but never goes deeper into anything, everything remains therefore very shallow and not much coherent.

The almost non-existent mise-en-scène doesn't serve either this mediocre pseudo comedy, which should be credited though for not dragging on.
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