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Beautiful movie
miwnter31 December 2021
A great movie that you can watch multiple times and sing along for all ages. A film that has become very popular because of the good story and a great adventure through Norway, the songs and the two sisters. But also because of the popularity it has gotten many haters who apparently because of jealousy find it necessary to post nasty comments.
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Very Unique
johannafoon26 December 2021
A great film that fits in the category of The Lion King, Aladdin, Tarzan, Snow White, Pocahontas and The Little Mermaid. I love that they used Norwegian culture and so beautifully in it. Fantastic story, beautiful animation. A true Disney classic.
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MR_Heraclius15 February 2020
Believe the hype - Frozen is not just a fantastic Disney film, but a fantastic film in general thanks to it's catchy soundtrack, quirky script, realistic characters and important theme of acceptance.
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Loved it.
felizpaul20 December 2021
Loved this movie very much. Watched it so many times. I could relate to Elsa so much with the fears she felt, the pain she has and living with a trauma for so long living with the what if all the time the running of when her powers got reveald. And got strongen at the end of the movie. Loved that she has icepowers but is still very human, best queen ever. Good songs especially Let it go, do you want to build a snowman and For the first time in forever.
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I loved it
Kersje47123 November 2021
Frozen has great animation, an excelent story, emotions in it, great songs and score not to forget and it has lovely characters with two sisters. It's in the same catagory as the Lion King, a true Disney classicer!
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Best movie ever!
emily-5433516 November 2021
For me the best movie ever. I just love Queen Elsa. The growth she has made from a fearful girl to a very strong woman is amazing. She lived for so long with guild and fear after she nearly killed Anna with her powers. And learned the wrong lesson, why when her powers were exposed she decided quickly that running away from her country was de best option to not hurt anyone with it because she was learned to conceal it not control it. Could not grieve for her parents when they died because there were to much people out there . I felt for her throughout the film. The emotion you feel through the film is really beautiful and the story is perfect. En there were good lessons in it. Let is go and Do you want to build a snowman are my favorites songs. Most of the characters were amazing too. I wished we could have seen more of her father, Prince Hans, the castle, Arendelle and get to know Kristoff background story.

For me the trolls have always been your bad guys because of their story Elsa became afraid to hurt someone, her parents thought it better to keep her powers a secret, Elsa and Anna didn't grow up together and all 4 of them were damaged.

My least favorite character is still Anna she came across to me as very desperate, said yes to someone she just met, leaves that person who she just met in charge over the country instead of her own staff!, is very naive, argued unnecessarily with Elsa and while she was with Hans was after they fell off the mountain" in love" with Kristoff?! Maybe that's why her became evil, he knew of felt it?

But ido feel bad for her that still no one told her about the accident when they were kids.

I've always wondered what would have happened if Anna hadn't argued with Elsa at the party or When Elsa said: go away and Anna left with Hans how the movie would have gone then ;).

For me this movie is underrated but haters gonna hate.
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Some People take things WAY too seriously!
calgal8410 August 2014
This is really a lovely, enjoyable cartoon. And it's just that a lovely, enjoyable cartoon. And basically a fairy tale. One that moms and dads can feel happy to take their children too. Let it be that. Is there anything truly remarkable about it? Probably not. Are the songs particularly inventive or that much different from all the countless other Disney movies? No, not really, but they are catchy and pretty and fit the movie. And the "In Summer" song with the snow man in summer is pretty cute, if not a little jarringly placed! But, catchy.

Having said that, some people on these reviews are taking this way too seriously. Why would you give it one star just because other people liked it enough to give it a 10? Is that too show how much smarter you are than everyone else? It really shows nothing but taking a carton movie too seriously instead of just going with the flow. It's not real. It's not a real story. It's a cartoon fairy tale.

I give it an 8. It's not perfect but I enjoyed it.
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Amazing movie for all ages! For the first time in forever....... Frozen
soniccpown20 December 2021
Amazing movie. It has everything fantastic story(rememberable), amazing music/score, amazing characters(where you can recognize yourself in), emotions and a very beautiful animation. A very good movie you will watch more then 10 times for all ages. Only just a shame about the unnecessary, redundant sequel that takes everything down and ruins all the nice characters!
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For the first time in forever a true Disney classic is realized
CarrieJa25 November 2013
When people speak of their favorite Disney movies, the big four of the Renaissance and films of the Golden Age of animation are likely to be mentioned. The past decade has seen Disney movies that were hit or miss. Some considered classics, some forgotten and some close to being classics but not there yet. Frozen changes this dynamic and creates a full fledged classic. Frozen IS not just a classic, it is THE Disney classic of the decade. It could position itself up there with the best of them. Disney returns to its roots with a vengeance. The best animated film of the past few years in my opinion.

The story is heart melting, filled with the pure feeling and heart that has become a staple with the best Disney movies. It is a moving story that has family at its center. It is unpretentious in what it is trying to portray. The comedy hits right on the mark and the action packed adventure and thrilling journey make this a tale with a little bit of everything in the exact right amounts. It is a daring movie that is laugh out loud at the some moments and stunning and provoking at others. All achieved in balance. A true triumph in story telling that proves exactly what Disney does best and again proving that they are back to producing top quality films. This is an affecting human story, one that is significant.

Startling and stunning, beautifully envisioned, emotionally powerful and relevant. Gorgeous visuals, stunning backdrops and intricacies like you have never seen before. The environments, the costumes, the character movements among other things make this film a gigantic step forward. The brilliant voice talents that breath life into this project need to be applauded and then some. The cast consisting of Kristen bell (Veronica Mars) and Idina Menzel(Wicked!)among many others bring winning charm, superior voice acting and magnificent vocals as well as heart to this tale. The sensational wit and humor, the arrays of different personalities, their emotions, their triumphs and falls make them some of the most interesting characters that people can relate to and some of the best i have seen in animation. The cast fully become the characters.

The score and music is perfect. The score is grand. The sound, the texture, the harmony, the melody is in a class of its own. Above and beyond anything attempted by the animation studio in the past decade. I would place the songs up there with those of the 90's movies and 2000's Enchanted. A true all round musical triumph. Songs that will be stuck in your mind and you will be humming them and you won't even know it. And some you will be belting out at the top of your lungs because they are that good. Songs that progress the story and an essential part of it.

So you have meticulously crafted breath taking animation, an affecting tale of the bond of family, romance, hilarious wit and humor courtesy of the characters especially sweet Olaf and heart stopping adventure. A true fairy tale that i would say could very well be The Little Mermaid or The Beauty and The Beast of this generation.

FROZEN has that Disney MAGIC that has been missing for so long and it comes in full force here.
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Message of the movie is Love.
mollyjanssen9 January 2022
Frozen is a heartwarming movie. With a fantastic animation and ofcourse Elsa&Anna and Olaf who makes it fun to watch. I've seen several times with my kids and they still think it's a good movie.
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A decent and enjoyable movie for kids
skoobydoo67893 February 2015
I've been a big Disney fan since I was a little girl. Sadly, I didn't see Frozen when it was in theaters. The main reason was I didn't really pay much attention to advertisement for the movie. After hearing how Frozen was getting reviews about how amazing it was, I bought the Blu- Ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack in April last year. When I watched the movie, I thought Frozen was a decent entry to the Disney library.

My main problem with the movie is the storyline. Some parts were far- fetched like how the parents handled Elsa's powers after the accident. Separating the two sisters and isolating Elsa only caused her powers to get out of hand at times. At least, Anna and Elsa turned out just fine after a decade of barely seeing each other. The addition of Grand Pappie and the other rock trolls was ridiculous. The rock trolls add nothing to the story. Also, they could've explained how to handle Elsa's powers better which would've made things a lot easier for the royal family. I really hated the twist with the movie's villain. It was obvious that it was tacked on last minute.

I do like Anna and Elsa a lot. They're both great princesses in their own right. On the other hand, they do make stupid decisions that make no sense. One example is Elsa just running away from her problems and singing about how she doesn't care about what others think and acts like an idiot when Anna comes to see her in the ice castle that she created. Also, Anna stupidly decides to marry a prince that she barely knows. Despite their stupid decisions, I still like the two sisters along with Olaf the snowman.

The movie has beautiful animation like Tangled. It also has some great songs like Do You Want to Build a Snowman, For the First Time in Forever, and of course, Let It Go. Other songs should have been cut out like Fixer Upper because they add nothing to the story. I can't see how Frozen is anything like the movies from the Disney Renaissance era. It's good, but not that good. For a kid like me who grew up during the 1990's, it's hard to top movies like Aladdin, Lion King, and Mulan. Despite its flaws, I will still recommend Frozen to others.
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Definitely Understand the Hype
ryanpersaud-5941514 November 2021
The Good: Back in 2013, Frozen became a bona fide phenomenon, on the level that I honestly can't recall for an animated movie. Watching this 8 years later as a grown adult, I can say that I totally understand why this movie became a phenomenon.

Frozen has three big things going for it...the songs, the characters and the interesting subversion of tropes. I personally don't *love* all of them, but the musical numbers give the movie a bouncy, fun vibe. The characters are lovable and well written; it's hard not to like SOMEONE here, if not the entire roster of characters.

The Bad: I don't think the movie does a great job with establishing the central conflict. Despite the first portion of the movie covering it, by the time the movie gets into it, I just didn't buy the relationship between Anna and Elsa until the halfway mark of the movie. Anna's motivations are quite poor and while I get that we wouldn't have a movie without this central conflict, it could have been communicated with a bit more patience.

This might also be a nitpick, but I also felt the environment lacked a real presence; Arendelle sort of gave me "Asgard" vibes, which means: devoid of people, we move on from it too fast and it doesn't feel like a living breathing world. Maybe it's the cold setting, but I prefer my fantasy worlds to be brimming with life and character.

The Ugly: Yeah, it's good. I still think Let It Go is a bit overrated and I've definitely seen better looking animated films, but Frozen is a solid movie and fun for the whole family.
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Great Visuals, Unremarkable Script
brent_or9 January 2014
First of all, I strongly disagree with any assertions that Frozen hearkens back to the great Disney films of the late 80s and early 90s. The music is nowhere near that level, and the storytelling is not nearly as sharp. Even suggesting that this is the best *since* The Lion King rings false with me. I have not seen every Disney film of the past twenty years, but offhand I can say that Tangled, Bolt and Meet the Robinsons are all far superior examples well-written stories than Frozen. In my personal opinion, of course.

Second of all, Frozen definitely skews towards the younger crowd, with little to none of the sophisticated touches or wittily mature humor that have come to be somewhat more commonplace in recent animated films. This one is aimed at the pre-teen crowd. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but it is worth noting.

The overall story is an interesting one, but the execution is rather sloppy and the narrative meanders a bit too much. The dialog, in particular, is not a strength. Unlike the best films, in which every line and every scene feels both essential and perfect, Frozen is more of a loose joyride. Again, there is nothing inherently wrong with that approach, but in my personal estimation, it earns lower marks as a storytelling method.

The songs are for the most part unremarkable, and some of the musical sequences suffer from not fully committing to dialog or singing. They just feel hastily-choreographed and not fully thought out. And do not even get me started on the troll song. Yikes.

Two of the songs, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" and especially "Let it Go," do work very well. The latter ties into what is unquestionably the best scene in the film on every level. It provides the one glimpse of true majesty, the sort of quality that would explain all of the extremely positive "this is the greatest" reviews that are being posted by others. Unfortunately, the film descends most of the way back into mediocrity after that scene.

On the positive front, however, Frozen offers a fantastic, gorgeous take on the visual elements of winter. Deep blue ice, snowflakes, white mountains contrasting with colored skies. It is an unspeakably lovely display of a subject matter than CGI animation has never (in my experience) turned its energies to before, at least not like this. Of course, it goes without saying that all of the animation in Frozen, characters and landscapes alike, is excellent.

For me, Tangled was much more satisfying than Frozen. I applaud Disney for honing their CGI skills, and for finally adapting The Snow Queen to screen. I just wish that they would have spent more time on the script.

With films like this one, a distinction needs to be made between loving it for the visceral takeaway ("it was sweet"/"it had a great message"/"it made me feel good") and looking at it from a critical standpoint. Now, I understand that one needs to just "forget about being critical" and enjoy a film - for me, the best films take care of that themselves. It is the ones, like Frozen, that seem like they clearly could have been much better, that get me thinking about just that.

This film is a fun one for kids, and great to look at for adults, but it is far short of being great, or a masterpiece. More focus on an truly excellent story, and it might have been.
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Disney's Best in 20 years.
fyeroledezma24 November 2013
A lot of people criticize Frozen for what it isn't. Their preferred setting, cast, etc. Not for what it is. It is an incredibly touching story with fantastic music, score, script and performances by Menzel and Bell we haven't heard in a long time. I took 117 nieces and nephews ages 18 months to 14 and not once did any of them get up to ' go to the bathroom' or get more snacks. Boys, girls were both drawn to the film the whole time. The younger kids responded more to Olaf than the thematics of it all.

The story centers more on the sisters relationship than a romantic one and has a great message. I would recommend this to any family or Disney fan.

You will be singing the songs over and over.
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Love Frozen
katehendry-4628623 January 2022
Fantastic movie with a lot of magic. I love the story, the characters and the songs. I can understand why Frozen has become so popular. Now it deserves a nice sequel not that junk that Disney released in 2019!
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The directorial
ildarabsalamov19 January 2022
The directorial duo managed to make another Disney animated film an event. Thanks to the fact that they shared the responsibilities very well, they managed to develop a simple story through characters, music, humor and soul that goes into all the projects of this company.

The script, which began with Andersen's fairy tale, quickly turns into a disparate block. The writers use only a dramatic basis, which they turn into a completely different story. A distinctive feature of any Disney project has always been not plots, but the subtle skill of artists, the ability of screenwriters to create images, their ability to balance on the border between sad and funny.
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about film
dremnyjaleksej19 January 2022
Sister support, when you are so different and have not communicated since childhood, when you lost your parents, is extremely important. But it is equally important when loved ones allow you to become yourself, even if with each step on the way to yourself you are further from their understanding. Love is in spite of, not for gain. I advise everyone to see.
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Do You Want To Build a Franchise?
aciessi13 July 2020
Many have hailed Frozen as a Disney Animated Film worthy of belonging to the 90's renaissance. I don't agree. This is not The Little Mermaid, or Beauty and the Beast, or Aladdin. Frankly, it has more in common with the musical Wicked than any of those films. This is Disney's most Broadway-centric animated film. Tailor made for a Times Square marquee that, eventually, became a reality. But that's not a criticism. The music is great here. Save for the worst ear worm of 2013, there's quite a few toe-tappers that showcase the nimble lyricism of Broadway legend, Robert Lopez. Surrounding is a Norwegian, fairy-tale land of snow and castles that can only come alive from the house of mouse. This was a recipe for a monster hit, and even Disney themselves knew it before we all did. You can't scoff at that.
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Practically magical in every way!
sadie-harring25 November 2013
This is a huge movie, seriously huge. You can tell the Disney animation studio really put mountains of effort and it shows they're firing from all cylinders now. Music and awesome sisterhood story separate this from many animation offerings of the past. Also the computer generated animation is really cool, pun intended. The quality is top. I have a sister and so i felt this deep connection to this feature. I won't lie i was moved to tears. I ended up visiting my sis and giving her a huge hug which totally caught her off guard. I am really happy to see a movie that can connect worldwide and with something so simple and profound and that is sibling bond and its special quality is demonstrated really amazingly and with a lot of tenderness. I have been singing part of your world and reflection for years and i feel that let it go and most songs i will be singing for years to come. It was new and yet nostalgic and took me back to my childhood years and recreated the spirit of the movies i adored tenfold. It has something for everyone and that is why i loved it so much. Everything from action and romance and comedy and fantasy and not forgetting the tears. Many movies from Disney are always uplifting and this one was even more so and that made this a very special experience.
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I can't wait to see it again!
hesslop3926 November 2013
The last time Disney adapted a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, we got one of my favorite films, The Little Mermaid. Now, we have a movie that has very much the same feel as Mermaid. Frozen feels like it could fit right in with the Disney movies of the late 80's/early 90's, like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. The music is great, and I left singing it; the lead characters are very likable, with memorable sidekicks; and there are even surprises, things you would never expect to see in a Disney animated film! This is my favorite movie of the year so far, and may even be my favorite movie in years. I highly recommend this one!
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Solid, enjoyable, classic in my book
crowfam9427 November 2013
All I can say is we took 4 kids with us, our own and friends. The audience consistently laughed, reacted, and clapped enthusiastically at the end. My kids and I had the same experience. Funny, touching, decent storyline, fairly good songs (nothing extra special - but it doesn't have to be every time!), beautifully animated. Sidekicks were memorable, hysterical and lovable.

My tween boy, who I thought would grimace at the idea that he had to see a musical with two girls perpetually singing their feelings... walked out of the theater saying it was the best movie he'd seen in a long time - and LOVED it.
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auuwws2 November 2020
A fun movie and one of the best Disney films in the last ten years and it contains funny characters, especially Olaf and Kristoff. The songs in the movie are very beautiful and the story was good.
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Trying too hard
jc5770421 April 2014
I have seen this movie about a hundred times now because my significant other is obsessed with it. I, however, dislike it more and more with each viewing. I'm not so much picky about plot and don't nitpick too much when it comes to children's movies, but this movie was so far below par for Disney it's unbelievable. There is very little character development throughout the feature, I find that at the end of the movie I couldn't care less about the heroines or their relationship. I also agree that this music is hurting for substance. The songs aren't memorable at all...unless you've seen it a billion times.

I'm also disappointed at the lack of interest Disney has in developing compelling male characters. This movie felt like a huge dig on men I'm general, either they're stupid or scheming or nondescript. There's no substantial male figure in it at all, and I get that the focus was on the female protagonists, but I felt it was a huge disservice to the other gender in general.

And the "you're a snowflake" undercurrent is getting very verrry old. Seriously. It portrays feelings as the ultimate compass for people (I.e. Elsa's character) "just go with how you feel and everything will be great yo!!" Yeah... Not so much. When are feelings reliable?

It just felt like they tried to replicate the success of Tangled, but then majorly slacked off when it came to putting in the effort of crafting a compelling story, score or characters.
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Admirable Twists
billygoat107127 November 2013
Walt Disney Animation gives Hans Christian Andersen's story, "The Snow Queen", their own take by rather telling it as a traditional Disney princess movie, since it's probably too difficult for the original story to a have a faithful film adaptation. The film, like any of the genre's classics, is purely delightful and undeniably heartwarming. Putting all of its traditional elements is no doubt its best feat. It's probably a little too swift and somewhat predictable, but it always hits at the right heart and it really felt genuine. Frozen is getting there as one of Disney's classics, but despite of some flaws, it's difficult to not love the film overall.

The major part of the story that has changed is it's now about a relationship of two sisters. It's an interesting choice for the plot, providing more themes to fit to the other. There is a sense that it might break some grounds to the usual form of the genre, though halfway through the film somewhat follows the same mold, which there's the typical fairy tale question about what true love really is, but eventually it manages to deliver something much clever in the end. Instead of fulfilling romantic dreams, it rather acknowledges how powerful real love can bring. It's sometimes a bit obvious, but that certain kind of heart feels quite sincere and it triumphs for it. Whatever else is left about the storytelling is it needs to work more on its pacing. It seems too quick, though animated movies have always been into faster pace, but this one palpably doesn't have enough time for breathing unless it importantly needed to. It's a very minor thing to complain about, but it's hard to avoid noticing it.

One thing that it never fails recapturing is definitely the traditional magic. All the things you loved are right here!: great characters, adventurous tone, and magnificent musical numbers.The film benefits by its cast: Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel are both admirable as Anna and Elsa, while the rest are also full of personality. What brings it to the table even more are the songs. There is a sense of Broadway indeed, blending it with its wondrous animation makes it more captivating. The most memorable among is the "Let It Go" scene that brings a lot of impact, it's easily the best of its musical set pieces, giving a grand scale of bombast and emotion. The rest of the plot are just comedy and action, but the film has a better core which made these parts the least of what we should talk about.

There's plenty of magic and heart to be found in Frozen, in spite of a slight mess through the storytelling. As an adaptation, it is able to be inventive, otherwise it's simply a lovely fairy tale movie that has the charm of the old Disney classics, but really, it's not in those heights yet. It's just a reminder that these movies can still wake up our inner child no matter what age we're in. I mean, why doubt quality?; rich setting, compelling characters, and all. Having these kinds of cinematic experience always feels like a rewarding treat. There are also remarkable songs that are worth listening within its visual splendor. And so, Frozen turns out to be as spectacular as we wanted to be.
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Good cartoon
olesakrivonosova19 January 2022
Animation - that's why you can praise the "Frozen" for a long time and hard, because from a technical point of view and visually there is complete order (not counting a couple of small shoals that do not play a big role). After all, animation is a long and painstaking business. This is not a movie where you were filmed on camera and repeated several times if you didn't like something. Snowflakes, snow-covered expanses, weather effects, characters, environment, magic, atmosphere - all this is clearly done with love.
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