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Below par money spinner
flint196127 June 2015
I don't usually write reviews but this was such a disappointment that I felt I had to put something. Most of the good jokes were shown in the trailers, so if you've seen the trailer then it's probably not worth the money. There were 3 of us watched this and although we all loved the despicable movies none of us enjoyed this. My son (11) said it felt like it was 2 hours long it was so boring. I can't really explain why it came across as so poor - but it just seemed really lazy and without Gru to play against the Minnions were just to simple. It was slapstick with no soul. The music although quite good didn't really seem to fit the film - just seemed to be tacked on at bit were they felt they should have a soundtrack and a famous song. Buy yourself a copy of despicable me and watch it again and again. Much better value for money! This just felt rushed, with loads of stock jokes, maybe hoping enough of them would hit the mark - they didn't.
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Vast Potential Fun, But Frustratingly Underplayed
ken55825 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
What an enviable list of voice-over stars.

What fun characters mouthing multi-language pseudo-meaninged gibberish (as opposed to just gibberish).

What a great start with a series of interesting minion history snippets (all of them already in the trailer - yes, those are the best bits and nothing else in the rest of the movie comes close).

What frustration when the gear just gets stuck - and the whole thing numbingly grinds into predictable land with uninteresting plot, an array of boring characters … blah blah … and ends up just another multimillion gibberish animation.

After the first 10 mins, Minions is plagued by too many unnecessary pointless characters, plain villains, inconsequential dialogue and actions … and the boredom (and depression) that the Minions experience on screen is unfortunately also paralleled at the same time by the audience and never really lifted up after that.

Surprisingly, Allison Janney's character and voice was the most distinctive, but it was only a minor role. Sandra Bullock's villain Scarlett Overkill is way underdone, and the character visualization lacks any wickedly engaging factor, just boringly unlikeable. Jon Hamm's character adds nothing at all to the flimsy plot and his voice is too generic to matter as to who is doing it. All the other stars had inconsequential and indistinctive who-cares voice-overs.

The whole thing is so bland that the leery voice of Young Gru (Steve Carrell) right at movie's end was such a welcomed relief - at last (and alas it was the end) a little promise of inventive fun … but way too late.

Watch it, but don't expect too much and you'd probably be mildly entertained.
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Good family movie - Minions
suzj-367421 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I avoided watching Despicable Me for a long time. I just didn't like the look of it. But as it turned out, I loved the film when I was eventually coerced into seeing it by one of my nephews. It was thanks to him that I also liked the second movie. As for the third movie, I don't know why some IMDb users are complaining that this movie is more suitable for 'kids and families'. It seems odd to expect anything more from The Minions when that is the main target audience! I watched this film with my own family and since this was the first time I took my toddler to the cinema, it makes it extra special. I enjoyed the movie, laughed out at several points and liked it even more to see how much my daughter loved it. We all had a good time and there were no complaints at all. This one, like Despicable Me 1 and 2, was great entertainment, lots of villainy and slapstick humour. It is the best kids animation I've seen in a long time. A lot of fun.
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Not as Funny as Despicable Me
captainmike-michael20 June 2015
The popularity and the huge profits of Despicable Me franchise has driven the eagerness of Illumination Entertainment to produce a minions spin-off solely to entertain the fans. Caught in variations of the same scenarios, the decision to put more focus on the three minions - Kevin, Stuart and Bob might remind audiences about Alvin and the Chipmunks or the three daughters of Gru. While the animation does remain the fun, hilarious and ridiculous behaviors of the characters, the theme of the scores and the nonsensical language of the minions, it does not have a strong villain to support the three, also it lacks of character development, warm emotional engagement and moral values. The cuteness of the minions is the main element for entertainment rather than the dialogue itself in which the jokes aren't as funny as Despicable Me's series. Nonetheless, it is still energetic, actions packed, visually stunning and colorful for family audiences even its creative mistake drags its overall quality, proving that these banana lovers are far more effective and surprising to be supporting characters just as in the main franchise.
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propaganda wins
chengkinkwan11 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
with all the sponsorship of all kinds of commercial products and exhibitions and promotions this rubbish has become a must-see and nobody dares to say a bad word against it because you are not sure people dare to agree with you while in fact almost everybody falls asleep in the theater. you could only keep quiet during and after seeing the movie. the story is not suitable for children. the plot is so weak it can hardly called a comedy. the characters are a bunch of scrambles. a total disappointment. the only thing i could do is to sigh. in this generation we are living in a pool of propaganda. popularity rules.
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This was so bad
standlucian8 January 2016
Words fail both me and my girlfriend in describing this awful piece of digested food. This movie is bad even by kid standards and, frankly, I don't think they could've managed to ruin the Minions any better. Half the dialog in this movie is in Minionese, of which nothing can be understood. The jokes are so bad, all they managed was get a single l.o.l. out of us. Nope, not a laugh, a l.o.l. The "villainesse" is boring, overdone and, frankly, unforgettable for how bad she is. Even the Minions are boring (how they accomplished that is beyond me). To say nothing of the way they portrayed the Queen of England and England itself. I'm Romanian and it still made me angry! If you want to watch this, just don't. Spare yourself the time, boredom and probably money and SEE SOMETHING ELSE.
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What a garbage movie
billa4818 July 2015
I just saw this movie with my 5 year old, even he was unimpressed. Despicable me 2 had him do the bee do thing for days. He's already forgotten about this one and we're watching cartoons now. Such a large marketing campaign, such fan fare, such boat loads of horse, over this BS. Nothing but silly noises and stupid story line. Even the older kids in the theater were like what. Movie got repetitive and boring very quickly. You have such an excellent idea and product here, why waste it like this. The minions are everywhere, ice cream, cereal box, underpants, happy meal, not a thing without them, and they are lovely and adorable characters. The kids will love them if you can please have a story line instead of them running around making noises. Please do a better job with Despicable 3.
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One in a Minion
coreyjdenford26 June 2015
This is my review of the lighthearted fun for all the family Minions (spoiler free). This film is set way before the time when the Minions meet Gru (Steve Carrell from Despicable me 1 &2). With a comedic edge the film will probably keep you laughing for ages. There were moments when I was just crying with laughter.

The Minions (Piere Coffin, voice) are basically on a quest to find the perfect boss/master the minions in their silly yet hysterical ways try their hardest to keep a master for just longer than a week but it goes horribly wrong for them. The three main Minions (on the poster) are Kevin, Bob and Stuart set off on a journey to find their new master in 1968 (42 years BG, Before Gru) Kevin is the smartest Minion, Stuart is the most ambitious and finally Bob is the cutest and plus the one that is the most clumsy.

Minions is a silly yet hilarious prequel to Despicable Me which as you all know is the story of Gru and the Minions. There are three reasons on why I that this film is a must see.

1. Original plot and storyline: This film has an original which basically starts off with the Minions evolution and basically explains more about how the Minions came along in their own funny ways as told by narrator Geoffrey Rush.

2. Dialogue: The dialogue is hilarious because it starts off with the Minion language but it isn't off putting it's funny and sometimes witty but there is human dialogue as well. Voices by Sandra Bullock, Steve Coogan, Michael Keaton etc.

3. The Minion: The Minions are the main part of the story (obviously) but the Minions are witty and well probably the most hilarious characters in any animation.

Overall this film was really enjoyable and really put a massive smile on my face and it filled the entire cinema with laughter. This is fun for all the family a must see hilarious animation that will put a smile on your face and will keep you laughing from start to finish. This film was especially good in 3D. 9/10 One in a Minion.
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soodratik11 July 2015
Having read bad reviews I went with low expectations. But as the movie started my laughter overshadowed my expectations.

Kevin, Stuart and Bob go on a journey to find a super villain to be their tribe's boss.

Yes, the story was predictable and it may not have been as good as Despicable me 1 and 2 but to be honest it really didn't matter. It was amazingly funny and there was not a single moment in which I got bored. Also the jokes were not at all kiddish and would make a person of any age laugh. 3D was also pretty good.

So i would recommend you to leave the serious part of your brain at your house and watch this hilarious and light hearted movie of the adorable minions.

P.S If you haven't watched the trailer, don't.You will enjoy the movie much more.
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Why was this movie made?
RNMorton10 July 2015
I'm sitting in the nearly vacant theater on premiere night and thinking somewhere there must be a struggling movie maker pondering how Hollywood could pump millions into this pedestrian cartoon babble and not into his or her creation? If you feel like you have to see this movie I have four suggestions: 1) pop in any CD of Back to the Barnyard and watch 3 episodes, 2) pop in any Penguins of Madagascar CD or its variants, 3) watch the Croods, but with the sound off, or 4) bang your head against the wall with medium impact for 1 1/2 hours. The best thing about this movie was the short running time, even with the pressure these days to fill and expand movie lengths this was so spare to begin with that they had no place else to go. One other alternative is to watch the trailer 100 times. My son just barely made it through, he gave it a 6 1/2 on the way out. Most of the (unintelligible) lines are in Minion gibberish, maybe this was a good thing? I mean it when I say pass 'em by.
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A different perspective for you folk
punishable-by-death4 July 2015
I live under a rather large rock. I don't have TV reception and I am horrible with pop culture. I just follow movies, obsessively, and that has only been for the last two years. So in my world, until not long ago I had no idea what the Minions were. I now feel a little foolish, as for once my friends answer 'yes' when I mention the last film I saw. This is not the normal reaction I get. Apparently this movie is a massive deal. But none of this bothers me. Is this a good film to become a child again for 90 minutes while giggling yourself stupid? Well... A thousand times yes!! I even find the very purpose of their existence to be a funny, somewhat dark joke. They live to serve tyrants. If these guys were people, they'd have served in the S-freakin-S. Which the movie conveniently ignores when going through the Minions' history, good decision. But hey, they are little, adorable yellow things so its hard to ever picture them in a bad way. They just want to help! Even if it is the SS! This film is filled with slapstick comedy, which is great for all ages, while there are some great jokes early on for older viewers: my favourite, a giant poster saying "A MAN YOU CAN TRUST", and under those letters is a giant face of Nixon. Ha!! There is a lot packed in here, but if it has a flaw, and it does, it is the second half. Sandra Bullock sounds like she phoned in her effort - literally - and the humour simply wasn't as rife as it was during the first half.

The best thing about Minions is it is achingly funny, the second half still great, but not compared to the first, which is simply a riot. I love the fact that their language can be gibberish, but we can follow what they are saying most of the time. I find it to be an amazing achievement honestly, especially given it is animated. But the truly great thing about this movie is it is 90 minutes of being a child again. Personally this is kind of great for me, as I have zero memories from before I was thirteen. So to watch a movie that truly makes me feel like a child, in the best possible sense, is a damn good experience.

  • jordy
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Super Cute.
shinraturk8888 July 2015
Minions isn't as great a story as Despicable Me, but it's definitely a lot of fun. It's just a silly little story, giving some background to the little corn pops.

I really had a good time watching it. There's lots of goofy action, and thank god, it wasn't full of stupid bathroom humour. It was actually pretty funny. The kids will like it.

My favourite part of the movie was the soundtrack. The movie takes place in the 60s, so the songs comes from that era. It's going to introduce so many kids to a lot of good music, and you can never go wrong with that, especially nowadays.
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A treat for the whole family!
iRoswell11 July 2015
My wife and I went to see this, we loved both Despicable Me's, and had high hopes for the movie. Thankfully, while it wasn't as good as either Despicable Me's, it was a good movie. It is very kid oriented, duh, so don't go thinking you're going to get an in-depth plot line. The minions are corny and their antics are as slapstick as they are in Despicable Me. While you would think that it would be difficult to relate to, due to them not speaking English, it's not a problem. They did a great job at making everything understandable through context, even for a small child. The biggest issue I had was in the form of Scarlet Overkill. I didn't care for the angle they chose to go with her. I'll leave it at that so I don't include any spoilers. If you have small children, they will love every minute of this movie. Minions is simple, fun, and safe for anyone!!!
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Really quite disappointing
tommyshoe26 June 2015
I was really looking forward to this after really enjoying Despicable Me and Despicable Me II.

If this had been a standalone film rather than a spin off i'd say it would warrant 7 out of 10 but following on from the minions being major highlights in both Despicable me movies this was really disappointing.

Just not enough of the silly shenanigans from the minions that you'd expect and a lot of quite pointless and quite frankly boring dialogue in parts.

I'm taking my nephews to go see this soon and I really doubt it'll hold there attention - that's how boring it is.....

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Simply perfect
shootingstarforgiven14 July 2015
This is not a complicated film. There is no sophisticated humour. Most of it is toddler level.

The plot is summarized on the trailers. The minions are a tribe of yellow round things that want to assist villains in their villainy. They have been doing this since the dawn of time. Historically they have run in to difficulties in their quest to identify the perfect bad guy to serve. After repeated failures they withdrew to the arctic and attempted to entertain themselves, putting the concerns of other life forms to the side.

The protagonists, Bob, Stuart and Kevin are three minions that decided to brave the unknown and seek out a new leader. They depart and arrive in New York, in 1968. Essentially, we then follow their adventures throughout the film.

Wackiness ensues. The laws of physics are suspended. Gibberish is spoken to wondrous effect.

You don't have to be 2 years old to love this film. I personally love it, and I'm an adult without children. I don't even really like children, but if I had a child I imagine they would like this film. The Minions have this magical quality that forces the rational mind to check out, like anything adorable. They're mischievous, clumsy, and sweet - they want to do good, and this makes them endearing.

Some have complained that this movie lacks substance. I would respond that you don't need substance with a movie like this. It is gold, yellow gold.

But, I am sorry for all the mass marketing.
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reggie-at-random12 July 2015
Perhaps I am not as jaded as so many reviewers or even just viewers are...not yawning at the fantastic animation in Minions, the brilliant use of allusions and satire side by side with slapstick and so many side bits. I really have to believe that those who didn't like this movie simply didn't have the knowledge or the media/social historical savvy to GET all the stuff crammed into this wonderfully delightful film. It's possible that the 50+ crowd would embrace this film faster and more readily than the 30-40 something crowd who actually have little ones who would just love the basic silliness. I wanted to stop action constantly...hey, wait, did I see Brezhnev AND Nixon in those front rows at the villancon!? I simply will have to get my own copy and enjoy the details at home. Loved that Queenie was having a jolly pub crawl on leave as it were. The Corgy has a short tail by the way chaps, and our English sterling wasn't decimalised until 1970 but why quibble over little things like that? So grandparents? Grab a kid and see this! You won't regret it!
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Best film I've seen all year (and the perfect film for my mother's 49th Birthday)!
cheerio-lauren27 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I loved both of the Despicable Me films, and had looked forward to the Minions Movie for months. It certainly did not disappoint! Bob totally steals it for being adorable and funny, and the ending is perfect! My mum doesn't normally enjoy comedy, but the Minions sent both of us and my brother into hysterics that were louder than the collective laughter of the children in the theatre! There are a few jokes in it I don't expect children will understand too well and a couple of risqué moments that are obviously intended for older viewers, but I do believe that it engages viewers of all ages well and tells a lovely story with plenty of hijinks to entertain everyone! Illuminations are well on track to surpass the likes of Disney with their animation, and I would not be surprised if this is considered a permanent fixture of children's classic films for generations to come.
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An good and interesting prequel.
ofpsmith12 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Apparently the minions in Despicable Me weren't created by Gru. They're a group of being that date from prehistoric times to serve the most evil people imaginable. From the Tyrannosaurus Rex to Napoleon Bonaparte. But they find they always inadvertently kill their masters. They feel depression and isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Until one day in 1968 Kevin (Pierre Coffin) goes to the world again with two other minions Stuart (Coffin) and Bob (Coffin) to find a master. They get to New York, New York where they hear about Scarlet Overkill (how subtle) (Sandra Bullock) who is aiming to be the world's first female super villain. What follows is a big series of jokes and quite the story line that makes this a great movie. To those reading this review look at your schedule and make time to bring your family to this film tonight. You won't regret it. It has fun characters, comedy, and all the minions that made the last two films so great.
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Not Sandra Bullock's best
yengahan-254-25737411 July 2015
Really funny movie. Lots of little quirky links to other movies, well-known music, famous people. You'd have to see it a few times to catch them all. I was somewhat disappointed at how the director chose to use Sandra Bullock's voice. I didn't find the character of Scarlett Overkill frightening enough, and as a result Sandra Bullock's voice was somewhat plain, there wasn't much sweetness versus angryness/threat in the voice, like you find with other movie villains. Scarlet Overkill's plans for the crown were crazy, but that didn't really come out. Nevertheless, I think I'll need to go again sometime. There is so much funniness in this movie.
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Best Movie With lot of Minions
satishchandrap10 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly,Thank to Pierre Coffin to design the Minions, the best animated characters we ever had. As they are obviously funny to watch,the movie is quiet good with most of their presence,but gone eager for the first 20 minutes for the kick start entry of Minions.A Must watch Perfect Family entertainer. The Character of Sandra bullock is pretty good and the dialogs in the movie are written well.The story was framed clearly and the voice of all 899 minions given by the Pierre coffin is awesome.The other crew of the movie also acted well.Especially the three major roles of the movie Kevin,Stuart,Bob are the strongest traits for the movie. The screenplay is well done and great editing.

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Minions good idea to do a movie.
hjpog20 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
First, as I mentioned in the title of the minions movie definitely had to be done. Because it is one of the most important elements bearing the serial Despicable Me minions. Despicable Me minions in the series of the effect of being so famous too big. This film has been put very clever jokes. And Despicable Me keeps it also replaces the series has been really fun. England have made a nice joke. But I think that members of IMDb get a little serious. Because it shows voting. Overall I think this is an animated film would not hurt a little joke. Here I saw a lot of flying animation and animation scores this could be a bit better. But unfortunately IMDb's not tolerate this kind of thing. Despicable Me series of lovers almost think I will get the same pleasure. In addition, this film is graced with great rock musics director for Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin thanks.
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Minions Movie Magic
randaashraf-7007510 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie takes the cake because it made $6.2 million this past preview on Thursday before the opening weekend, which makes this the best animated hit of all time.

Meet Stuart, Kevin and Bob indeed. The minions are majestic companions. So they deserve their own spin off movie and finally got one. This movie is a prequel, which is something cool. The Minions high energy and enthusiasm portray their naiveté and purity. Their silliness and clumsiness comes with ease and how they copy people and each other as if it's contagious.

To put a movie like this again and again in different ways must be difficult through directing and editing as well as the acting and character design. The soundtrack is fitting in with the times. Truly applaud the cast and crew.

The Minions are movie magic that as expected had us glued to our seats. The animation is top notch as always. For it to be in 3-D makes it all the more enjoyable. This movie has non-stop action and laughter for all. The minions are immortal henchmen creatures that try their best to be handy and helpful. That will try their best to lead champions from the Ancient Egyptians to Napoleon

The minions have many mannerisms that make them accessible to kids. For example, their language is so fun for kids to hear and their fascination with bananas are hilarious. Very well planned, organized and executed.

It is very educational in that it teaches never to give up regardless of the number of mistakes because giving up is depressing on the long run. The Minions learned this lesson the hard way. Then the importance of family is another lesson. For instance, the villain family as well as the Minion family - all focus on helping the family first. Helping those in need but with a bias is not an intended lesson but funny to watch.

Overall brilliant the minions can carry a movie. Yet a sequel on their own is not needed. A show without Gru or other funny character that are not villains is perhaps a better addition.
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A Lighthearted and Unexpectedly Great Movie.
pcobipad2 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the Despicable Me movies, and while I was highly anticipating this movie, I did have some doubts. But after seeing it twice, I can say that this is a great spin-off to a fantastic franchise.

Firstly, the animation looks gorgeous; each character is nicely detailed and coloured and the backgrounds look astonishing in their own ways. In addition, the character models look very unique and distinguishable, with no one model looking similar to another. But the main part that makes this movie great is it's clever humour and witty dialouge. The jokes are funny without being stupid or predictable and the dialouge definitely feels like it was written in the late 1960's, which is when the movie is set. The movie is also very historically accurate. When the Minions that where left in Antarctica make it to Sydney, the Opera House is still under construction. The Opera House wasn't complete until 1973, making the movie accurate and well researched.

Unfortunately, the movie wasn't perfect. One of the biggest problems with this movie was the main villain Scarlet Overkill. Now don't get me wrong, I thought the character and her motivations were fine, I just felt that her personality wasn't as exciting and playful as the trailers told us. While Sandra Bullock did a great job at voicing her, she occasionally sounded bored and uninterested. I wouldn't have actually minded if her husband, Herb, was the main villain, as he felt cool and energetic throughout the entire movie. Another thing I didn't like was how under-utilised the Nelson family was. They were funny and matched the tone of the movie perfectly, but their only purpose was to give Kevin, Stuart and Bob a ride to Villain- Con. What made it worse was that the father, Mr. Nelson, was voiced by Michael Keaton, one of the most talented people in this movie, and he felt completely wasted.

But overall, I thought that this was a great movie. Beautiful animation, clever humour, witty dialouge and historical accuracy all make it a blast to watch with your friends and family.
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The minions have their spin off movie, and with it, lots of moolah from massive merchandising
moviexclusive20 June 2015
It has come to this – we are giggling ourselves silly at some yellow blobs which speak gibberish.

If we had to be the ones to jog your memory, here goes. In 2010's Despicable Me and its 2013 sequel, the protagonists were Gru (voiced by the ever reliable Steve Carell) and his three adopted daughters Margo, Edith and Agnes. How many would actually remember the names of these characters? What you probably brought home were memories of the yellow minions, which, to be fair, are adorable in their blabberish ways.

Oh, you also brought home lots of merchandise (admit it: you have an irresistible urge to join the long queues to own every one of those plastic yellow fast food toys), and boasted to your friends how much you love the minions. As a lead up to this prequel and spin off to the original movies, have you collected all three limited edition yellow cases containing banana flavoured candy?

Ah, the power of marketing, cuteness and gibberish.

So what's in store for viewers in terms of, well, story development? It's sort of like Batman Begins, actually (we kid you not!) because it explains the origins of these yellow creatures. History has it that minions have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from one single celled organisms. They only have one purpose in life: to serve the villainous masters. You probably didn't know T Rex, Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Dracula were served by these creatures, and had their lives destroyed by them too.

The brief but cheeky introduction is really the best bit of the 91 minute movie. Sad thing is, you probably have watched the scenes in the marketing trailers. Moving forward, the minions fell into depression and over the centuries, they managed to remain cute, but never managed to pick up a proper language. Before long, three of them (you can be sure viewers will remember their names long after the credits roll: Kevin, Stuart and Bob) find themselves in New Yorkto serve the world's first female super villain, Scarlet Overkill. Their adventures begin, crossing paths with Queen Elizabeth II and her crown, as well as the mythical Excalibur from the tale Sword in the Stone.

Sounds like a whole lot of fun? For the kids, that's a guaranteed yes. The misadventures of the minions are funnier than the humour from your average weekend morning cartoons. The minions, needless to say, continue to spout nonsensical blabber, and that should have viewers chuckling too.

It is evident that this movie is a money milking cash cow when you see stars like Sandra Bullock voicing Scarlet Overkill (nothing particularly spectacular here, by the way), Jon Hamm as her inventor hubby (his character is a little more fun to watch), and Michael Keaton and Allison Janney as a rather underused bank robbing couple. Geoffrey Rush narrates the story of how the minions have travelled through time, while co director Pierre Coffin is the best voice actor of them all, providing the countless gabbling lines (listen out for something close to home towards the end of the movie!) to entertain his viewers. Big Hollywood names and colourful animation should get the adults' attention, if they aren't already going gaga over the cuteness of the minions already.
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The Three Stooges meet 60's Music
mgfuchs9910 July 2015

Three Stooges meet 60's music. Really simplistic plot (if any) that likely will put off adults. This is not Despicable Me, Wall-E or Incredibles, it is more of a classic cartoon - fun but pointless. Frenetic enough comic action for little ones. Enough rude & crude stuff for older kids. Great soundtrack of 60's music for grandparents (with a really disturbing but funny performance of "Hair".). There are many slow parts that I guess are directed at adults, and I was surprised my theater full of toddlers didn't get bored during those.

None of the families with kids stayed through the credits, missing out on the "cast" party set to The Beatles "Revolution" - loaded with (as the Muppets put it) cheap 3D gimmicks. Unlike Wall-E there was no visual action through the credits roll to keep anyone's attention, which is a shame because the post credit madness was well done fun.

I give it a B-. It's got a beat and you can dance to it.
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