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Americons...perfectly REAL, incredibly SEXY, sadly TRUE
AyC_128 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Loved this film! It reminded me of the blurred world of fantasies, illusions and realities when I moved to Cali. Brought a date I thought would enjoy it based on what I saw in the trailer. He was a banker around this time…so he lived this life. Now he has a biz restoring old '63 Lincolns, so all the amazing cars in the movie were not missed. We were completely into the movie, but he almost came out of his seat when the song Innocence came on. Americons completely rolls out and shows us (or reminds us) of the the sexy lifestyle surrounding this world. The world of driving fast and taking chances. And the world that slammed into the wall and brought a lot of people crashing down. Sex, drugs, promises, lies, illusions, hits on it all. I can imagine the incredible amount of work that went into every bit of this film.

By the way, my screen is peppered with ads since I visited the site to get tickets. So they nailed it on marketing too.
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I agree with critics and not he shill upvoting -- this is awful
random-7077820 January 2020
I agree with the critics who panned this absolutely absurd film. the facts and timing of the real estate sub prime market explosion events in LA are all wrong by nearly a decade. And as a film, the directing is so overwrought and didactic as to be mind numbing.

Firstly what is with opening with George Bush in a film about the roots of the sub prime real estate boom in LA -- when all the data show it started under Bill Clinton?? The LA Times trend lines of the S&P Case Shiler real estate show the massive upswing in home prices and speculation from insanely heated sub prime start in 1994-1995. Between late 1994 to 1998 average house prices in LA more almost DOUBLED from an average of $89,000 to $164,000. That is in less than four years -- all under Clinton. It was virtually all driven by a massive release in sub prime housing loans for low income buyers.
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