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‘Doctor Who’ Stars Catherine Tate & David Tennant Prep Sky One Series ‘Americons’

‘Doctor Who’ Stars Catherine Tate & David Tennant Prep Sky One Series ‘Americons’
Exclusive: Doctor Who fans rejoice… David Tennant and Catherine Tate are set to be back on screen together in Americons, a new series being developed by His Dark Materials producer Bad Wolf for Sky.

The scripted comedy drama, which is being written by Tate, who previously starred in NBC’s The Office, follows the pair as they move to the United States. It is thought to be in the advanced stages of development for Sky One.

The pair first starred together in The Runaway Bride, the 2006 Christmas special of the BBC sci-fi series, before becoming the Doctor’s regular partner for the fourth season starting in 2008. They subsequently worked together on stage in a British theater performance of Much Ado About Nothing in 2011 and most recently have both worked on the reboot of Disney’s animated series of DuckTales, where Tate voices the character of villainous sorceress Magica De Spell and Tennant voices Scrooge McDuck.
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Americons Movie Review

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Americons Movie Review
Title: Americons Blacklist Digital Director: Theo Avgerinos Writer: Beau Martin Williams Cast: Beau Martin Williams, Matt Funke, Trai Byers, Sam McMurray, Jon Gries Running time: 1hr 28 min, Rated R (language, drug use, sexuality) Limited Release January 23, 2015 Americons is a cautionary tale based on a true story about the mortgage boom and economic collapse of 2008. Jason Kelley (Beau Martin Williams) was a one time football star, now working as a club doorman. Walking up to the velvet rope is Devin Weiss ( Matt Funke), who recognizes Jason from his football days and asks him what happened to him that made him to be a doorman, y’know like [ Read More ]

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Review: 'Americons' Takes On American Greed And The Sub-Prime Mortgage Boom

A morality tale/satire about American greed, “Americons” is a low-budget feature written and funded entirely by its two stars, Beau Martin Williams and Matt Funke. The duo, who poured some of their personal experiences working in the real estate market into the screenplay, obviously set out to create a cautionary story revolving around the many shady, immoral, and nihilistic behaviors that plagued the rise and eventual crash of the sub-prime mortgage boom that almost single-handedly created the economic collapse in 2008. Their hearts are in the right place, but unfortunately while that gives them an “A” for effort, they get an “F” for execution. Even though we’re fairly early into the year, I can say with enough confidence that "Americons" will go down as one of the dullest, flattest, most on the nose, and didactic indies of 2015. It’s as if Williams and Funke, along with director Theo Avgerinos,
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Bush-Era Business Satire Americons Is Toothless

Bush-Era Business Satire Americons Is Toothless
The obvious wordplay in the title is a tip-off that this based-on-a-true-story tale of avarice and corruption in the world of Bush-era real estate speculation will be short on wit or nuance. Playing like the redundant child of The Wolf of Wall Street and Boiler Room, Americons has its heart and justifiably outraged politics in the right place; it just lacks artistry or real insight. Faded college football star Jason (Beau Martin Williams, who co-wrote the screenplay with Matt Funke) works as the doorman at a trendy nightclub that caters to rich young jerks. One night Devin (Funke), an especially smarmy speculator, recognizes him from his glory days and decides to hook Jason up at his sleazy but profitable agency. Soon Jason, a melancholy naïf,...
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'Americons' Clip with Beau Martin Williams and Matt Funke | Exclusive

Americons tells the story of a broken down collegiate football star who gets a shot at real-estate stardom during the eleventh hour of La's nihilistic sub-prime mortgage boom. Directed by Theo Avgerinos, we have a clip from this true story drama which was written by and stars Beau Martin Williams and Matt Funke and produced by Michael Masini, who also appears in the movie.

The year is 2007 and twenty percent of the state of California is employed in real estate. Mortgage banks are on a hiring frenzy when hotshot Mortgage Broker Devin Weiss lures the financially burdened Jason Kelley into this world of financing other people's dreams. He convinces Jason that to win in this business cheaters do prosper and everyone is doing it from the Appraisers to the Bond Traders. Jason throws his moral compass to the wind and spins out of control all the way to the Mortgage
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