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Veteran character actor McMurray has the best speeches and most interesting scenes, making his CEO a class warrior and a master of “the illusion” of “The American Dream.” The details are different, but the bottom line is so overly familiar as to make Americons feel, too often, like a movie we’ve seen before and a strident lecture we’re never going to pay attention to until the bottom drops out again.
Village Voice
Playing like the redundant child of The Wolf of Wall Street and Boiler Room, Americons has its heart and justifiably outraged politics in the right place; it just lacks artistry or real insight.
Director Theo Avgerinos seems preoccupied with making the film look expensive, but no amount of flair could make it less vacuous.
Mr. Avgerinos’s glossy, overripe take on high-flying, unscrupulous lenders — the wolves of Main Street — deteriorates into a hot mess of montages, trailer-ready one-liners and thudding drama.
Americons is a shady sub-prime loan you should not waste your time and energy on.

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