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Podtalk: Writer/Director Paul Schrader Blesses ‘First Reformed’

Chicago – Paul Schrader can absolutely claim the title of Cinema Icon with his 40 plus years of influence and involvement as writer or director in memorable films such as “Taxi Driver,” “American Gigolo,” “Raging Bull” and “Auto Focus.” His latest written-and-directed-by film is “First Reformed,” featuring Ethan Hawke.

First Reformed” centers on Reverend Toller (Hawke), whose past includes a role as a military chaplain, and later as a father of a soldier who dies in battle. He ministers at a First Reformed Christian church, but the ministry is carried out mostly through historical tours (the church was a prominent stop for the Underground Railroad of the American Civil War era) and less through church membership. Toller’s life is altered when the wife (Amanda Seyfried) of a troubled environmentalist (Phillip Ettinger) seeks counseling for her husband. The results of that counsel upends all their lives, especially the minister who suddenly cannot face his own difficult circumstances.
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Paul Schrader Back and Kicking with First Reformed [Trailer]

Over his decades long career Paul Schrader has continued to be a part of the film conversation, usually ruffling a few feathers along the way. Be it with creepy classics like Cat People and Taxi Driver or the debacle that was The Canyons, he continues to create content which gets people talking. His latest is no different.

First Reformed stars Ethan Hawke as Reverend Toller, the pastor of a slowly-dying parish which now sees more tourists than members of the congregation. When one of his parishioners, played by Amanda Seyfried, asks him for council about her eccentric husband who she thinks is on the verge of committing a horrible crime, the pastor finds himself plunged into his own tormented past which appears to include more than a handful of sins.

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‘Truth or Dare’ Film Review: Blumhouse College Horror Doesn’t Make the Grade

  • The Wrap
‘Truth or Dare’ Film Review: Blumhouse College Horror Doesn’t Make the Grade
The title of this horror movie on-screen is officially “Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare,” maybe to differentiate it from, say, “Madonna: Truth or Dare” or some other film based around this game, which may still be popular among more repressed high school and college students. Anyone who played truth or dare as a teenager will know that it usually ends badly, but not quite as badly or ludicrously as it does here.

The concept in this horror movie “Truth or Dare” is that the game itself is somehow possessed by a demon, and this means that, whenever a participant is possessed by said demon, they are forced to make the face that Karen Black makes at the end of the cult TV movie “Trilogy of Terror.” Black pulled that face just once at the end of the Zuni doll segment, but the unfortunate cast of “Truth or Dare” is forced to make it continually throughout the film, often with laughable results, even when it is accompanied (as it sometimes is) by red demon eyes.

Truth or Dare” begins with a battered-looking woman who grimaces into that Karen Black mug before lighting another woman on fire. We then meet the main characters of the film, young people who are all going down to Mexico for spring break. Director Jeff Wadlow (“Kick-Ass 2”) indulges in some split-screen effects under the credits to show us their progress and their drunken, obnoxious spring break revels. If the intention was to make us hate them and want to see them suffer, mission accomplished.

Watch Video: 'Truth or Dare' Trailer: Watch Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey Play Deadly Game

Olivia (Lucy Hale) is a petite brunette moralist, and her best friend Markie (Violett Beane, “The Flash”) is a blonde who is in mourning for her father, who recently committed suicide. Penelope (Sophia Ali, “Grey’s Anatomy”) has a drinking problem, and her boyfriend Tyson (Nolan Gerard Funk, “The Canyons”) is a medical student who sells prescriptions of Adderall and other drugs to fellow students. Lucas (Tyler Posey) is Markie’s boyfriend, and Brad (Hayden Szeto, “The Edge of Seventeen”) is a gay guy who is closeted to his family. Rounding out the cast is Ronnie (Sam Lerner, “The Goldbergs”), who acts aggressive to compensate for his feelings of inadequacy.

All of them are roped into playing a game of truth or dare by Carter (Landon Liboiron, “Frontier”), and the results are as expected, at first. Ronnie is made to give Tyson a lap dance, and Brad admits that he wouldn’t mind making out with Carter, but “Truth or Dare” is squeamish when it comes to sex or nudity. When Lucas is made to get naked, he runs around in the dark in such a way that we barely see any of his body.

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The editing here by Sean Albertson (“Warrior”) is expert and fast and helps to move this enterprise along, but it can be a little abrupt, as when Brad moves in to kiss a guy during spring break, and the camera cuts away as soon as it can. (Does this count as some kind of progress in depicting a same-sex kiss of any kind in a studio movie?)

There is a very suspenseful and well-shot sequence where Penelope is walking along the edge of a roof of a house while drinking, and Olivia and her friends have to try to save her, but Wadlow falters whenever he has to rely on Google searches and Facebook clicking to give us plot exposition. You can’t avoid texting and online searching in movies now because that’s the way we live our lives, but no one has been able to make this cinematically exciting yet, unfortunately.

Also Read: Kevin Bacon, David Koepp to Team Up for Blumhouse's 'You Should Have Left'

The premise of “Truth or Dare” is needlessly convoluted, and it is overloaded with information and side characters. By the time Olivia is driving down to Mexico to meet a deus ex machina nun named Sister Inez (Vera Taylor) to solve the mystery of why they have been possessed by this game, “Truth or Dare” has entered pretty absurd territory.

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Teaser posters for werewolf thriller The Shadow Within starring Lindsay Lohan

Having been absent from the big screen since 2013’s The Canyons, Lindsay Lohan is set to make her return this year with the werewolf thriller The Shadow Within. The project is being shopped to buyers at the European Film Market, and we’ve got a look at a couple of teaser posters doing the rounds in Berlin; check them out here…

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“In a world where supernatural creatures roam amongst us, Kristy Wolfe (Beckett), a tough private investigator, tries desperately to keep her secret hidden. She has descended from a long line of werewolves. When her uncle is brutally murdered, Wolfe must use her natural instinct and risk her secret to unravel the mystery before she becomes the next victim.”

The Shadow Within is directed by Tiago Mesquita, and sees Lohan joined in the cast by Charlotte Beckett, Gianni Capaldi,
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Paul Schrader’s Secret New Movie: How the Director Resurrected a Wild Nicolas Cage Performance Without Permission

Paul Schrader’s Secret New Movie: How the Director Resurrected a Wild Nicolas Cage Performance Without Permission
In September 2014, veteran filmmaker Paul Schrader was livid. He had recently directed “Dying of the Light,” a grim thriller starring Nicolas Cage as CIA agent Evan Lake, who obsesses over tracking terrorists while suffering from a brain disease and losing his mind. The movie’s financiers wanted a more conventional espionage thriller than Schrader’s experimental, subjective narrative, so they took the movie away from Schrader, who sent an email explaining the conundrum to Cage. The actor struck a note or resignation.

“The unfortunate aspect to my having had so many careers in so many genres is that they can make a case to put me in box b instead of box a for money’s sake,” Cage wrote, in an email shared with IndieWire years later.

Schrader could relate. “Dying of the Light” arrived nearly 40 years after Schrader catapulted to fame with his screenplay for “Taxi Driver” and maintained
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Paul Schrader Slams Harvey Weinstein for Recutting Films in Bizarre Facebook Post

Paul Schrader Slams Harvey Weinstein for Recutting Films in Bizarre Facebook Post
While most of the scathing criticisms of producer Harvey Weinstein involve his inappropriate sexual conduct towards female employees and stars, writer Paul Schrader’s biggest issue with Weinstein is his reputation for drastically recutting movies.

Schrader added his voice to the angry outcry against Weinstein with a rather tone-deaf Facebook post that downplays Weinstein’s personality as a “sexual gangster” since “most people who crossed his path” knew about it.

“Of course I knew Harvey Weinstein was a sexual gangster. So did most people who crossed his path. It was an odor that preceded him,” the post says. “That’s not what offended me most about the man. It was the fact that he purchased films by both Bernardo Bertolucci and Wong Kar Wai and then recut them. TWC offered to purchase Bret Ellis and my The Canyons on the proviso that Harvey could recut it — Why would Bret and I, I screamed
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Film News Roundup: Crispin Glover, Ronen Rubinstein to Star in Horror Movie ‘Smiley Face Killers’

Film News Roundup: Crispin Glover, Ronen Rubinstein to Star in Horror Movie ‘Smiley Face Killers’
In today’s film news roundup, Crispin Glover is starring in “Smiley Face Killers,” “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” will open the Hawaii Film Festival, and a virtual reality advertisement is launched for “Jigsaw.”

Production Start

Ronen Rubinstein and Crispin Glover are starring in the independent horror movie “Smiley Face Killers,” scripted by Bret Easton Ellis, Variety has learned exclusively.

Production has commenced across multiple states with Tim Hunter directing. Braxton Pope is producing with David Wulf and Ellis. Jason Miller of Silver State Productions is executive producing.

The film’s plot has been kept largely under wraps, but is based on actual events and the conspiracy theories that have arisen on the internet as a result of serial deaths of young men that shared common characteristics.

Rubinstein will play the lead. The film reteams Glover with Hunter, who directed him in “River’s Edge.” Pope and Ellis teamed on “The Canyons,” the
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Tiff Review: ‘First Reformed’ Acts as the Full Realization of Paul Schrader’s Vision

Paul Schrader has been open about the original intentions for his most famous work, the screenplay to Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. Writing it in the vein of Robert Bresson films like Diary of a Country Priest or Pickpocket, it was his full intention for the film to be directed in a similarly austere fashion. This writer perhaps doesn’t need to further recount what actually happened in the end result of one of the most famous American films of all-time, but nonetheless the multiple authors involved put it in a different direction.

It seems that some of Schrader’s own directorial efforts, be it American Gigolo or Light Sleeper, were certainly an attempt to complete the “Transcendental” experience to one degree or another. Yet four decades later, First Reformed — which, should be mentioned, also seems to be taking from Bergman’s Winter Light and Tarkovsky’s Sacrifice in the
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Ethan Hawke-Amanda Seyfried Thriller ‘First Reformed’ Bought by A24 for U.S.

Ethan Hawke-Amanda Seyfried Thriller ‘First Reformed’ Bought by A24 for U.S.
A24 has acquired U.S. rights to Paul Schrader’s thriller “First Reformed,” starring Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried.

The film premiered on Aug. 31 at the Venice Film Festival, followed by screenings at Telluride and Toronto. A24 plans a 2018 release.

Hawke portrays a mysterious reverend based in a small town in upstate New York. When he’s approached by Seyfried’s character, who’s pregnant and struggling with a seemingly unstable activist husband, Hawke’s character gets embroiled in a treacherous scenario that forces him to confront his troubled past.


Paul Schrader on the Extinction of the Human Race and His New Film ‘First Reformed

Variety’s Owen Gleiberman said in his review, “Paul Schrader courts respectability and leaves it in the dust, getting stoned on excess. But make no mistake: He’s still one hell of a filmmaker.”

The producers are Christine Vachon, David Hinojosa, Frank Murray, Jack Binder, Greg Clark,
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Venice Film Review: ‘First Reformed’

Venice Film Review: ‘First Reformed’
Paul Schrader has always been an amazingly protean filmmaker — going all the way back to the late ’70s, when the screenwriter of “Taxi Driver” first stepped behind the camera, leaping from “Blue Collar” to “American Gigolo,” from “Cat People” to “Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters,” from “Patty Hearst” to “The Comfort of Strangers,” from “Auto Focus” to “The Canyons.” Throughout his career, though, there are myths, memes, and motifs that remain quintessentially Schraderian: the repressed Calvinist upbringing that resulted in his never seeing a film until he was in his late teens; his fixation on the “transcendental” high rhapsodic austerity of Bresson, Dreyer, and Ozu; and, through all the pointy-headed fixation, the way he retained a down-and-dirty B-movie grandiosity.

Schrader’s “First Reformed,” which premiered tonight at the Venice Film Festival, spans those high/low, art/pulp obsessions with a reach as arresting as it is (knowingly) nutty. The movie is about a pensive, melancholy
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Critics Pick the Worst Movies They’ve Ever Reviewed

Critics Pick the Worst Movies They’ve Ever Reviewed
Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of film and TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Monday.

This week’s question: “The Book of Henry” has been assailed by critics. But let’s look beyond this particular reviled new release. What’s the worst movie you’ve ever reviewed?

Alissa Wilkinson (@alissamarie), Vox

It’s unfortunately not even a contest: “God’s Not Dead 2,” which I reviewed for Flavorwire and then wrote about it further for Thrillist. (The first movie is actually far worse, but I didn’t review it.) They’re actually not the worst-made movies I’ve seen, but as a Christian and a film critic, I find them so actively offensive and cynical that it’s somehow even more depressing. I didn’t derive any joy from the process, but it felt important that I write about it.

Kristy Puchko (@KristyPuchko), Pajiba/
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Lindsay Lohan Is Returning to TV, and This Could Be the Low-Key Comeback Vehicle She Needs

Lindsay Lohan Is Returning to TV, and This Could Be the Low-Key Comeback Vehicle She Needs
Lindsay Lohan is heading back to television, but she’s doing it across the pond.

The “Mean Girls” star has landed a role on “Sick Note,” a British comedy series that will air on Sky Atlantic and streaming service Now TV sometime this year. The show has already been renewed for a second season, which is when Lohan is slated to show up.

Read More: ‘Mean Girls 2’: Lindsay Lohan Has Written a Treatment and Hopes Tina Fey Can make Time for It

Sick Note” stars Rupert Grint as Daniel Glass, whose life hasn’t been going so well lately. He’s struggling to care about his dead-end job with his demanding boss Kenny West (Don Johnson) and is also in failing relationship. It all comes to a head when he’s diagnosed with esophageal cancer, supposedly a fatal case. Upon learning the news, everyone begins to treat Daniel better,
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Lindsey Lohan's Ex Accuses Her of Theft

  • Yidio
2017-06-12T13:48:27-07:00Lindsey Lohan's Ex Accuses Her of Theft

Lindsay Lohan’s ex-fiancé Egor Tarabasov has accused her of theft, Page Six has learned.

Allegedly after a major fight at Lohan’s pricey London pad last summer, in which she accused him of strangling her, the Russian businessman, 23, left several items behind in Lohan’s apartment.

Months later he called the police claiming Lohan, 30, stole his property, which according to The Sun included a Rolex watch and consisted of up to $30,000 worth of stuff.

The matter was swiftly resolved after police contacted the star and the property in question was recovered and returned to Tarabosv without incident, a source told us.

Read the rest of this article at Page Six.

Lindsey Lohan has appeared in The Canyons and Mean Girls.
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Lindsay Lohan Posts Half-Naked Pic on Instagram

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2017-06-05T12:44:57-07:00Lindsay Lohan Posts Half-Naked Pic on Instagramclass="mol-para-with-font">

She's flirted with a more conservative sense of style in recent months.

But on Saturday Lindsay Lohan, was back to her old tricks, as she took to Instagram to share a provocative picture.

The 30-year-old star was dressed in a revealing ensemble as she crouched on all fours for the colorless snap.

'Night Time,' read the photo's caption.

Lindsay wore a sequin dress, which featured a sheer side paneling.

The frock of the Herbie: Fully Loaded star was strategically unzipped to reveal the right side of her chest.

Read the rest of this article at The Daily Mail.

Lindsay Lohan has appeared in Mean Girls and The Canyons.
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Bret Easton Ellis Recounts His '90s-Era, Celeb-Filled Cocaine Parties

Bret Easton Ellis Recounts His '90s-Era, Celeb-Filled Cocaine Parties
From cocaine-fueled parties in New York to Lindsay Lohan's troubles on The Canyons, writer Bret Easton Ellis is opening up on a lot of salacious topics.

As interviewed by friend and 429 Magazine editor Maer Roshan, the two reminisce about their shared history in New York City (a friendship that began 20 years ago), including the wild times partying at Ellis' apartment. Roshan recalls many long nights at that address to which Ellis, the best-selling author of American Psycho and Less Than Zero, dishes some dirt on famous names who allegedly used to party there, too. 

"It's amazing how many people I see on TV...
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Watch: Jonah Hill-Directed Music Video for Danny Brown’s “Ain’t It Funny”

After working with Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, the Coens, Bennett Miller, Judd Apatow, Duplass brothers, David O. Russell, and more, Jonah Hill will soon take us to the Mid ’90s with his directorial debut, but first he’s testing out his skills in capturing the time period with a new music video. For his latest project, he’s helmed a new music video for Danny Brown‘s Ain’t It Funny.

In bringing to life one of the best tracks off his album “Atrocity Exhibition,” Hill uses a 90s-esque sitcom aesthetic to explore much darker problems lurking under the surface. An element perhaps most appealing to readers of this site, director Gus Van Sant — last seen on screen in The Canyons — makes an appearance as “Dad.” Check out the full video below and get ready for Hill’s debut, likely arriving next year.
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Beauty and the Beast Director Responds to Lindsay Lohan's Little Mermaid Pitch

Beauty and the Beast Director Responds to Lindsay Lohan's Little Mermaid Pitch
Last month, actress Lindsay Lohan made headlines when she sent out a side-by-side Instgram photo that featured both the actress and the animated version of Ariel from the Disney classic The Little Mermaid. The studio is currently developing a live-action version of this classic tale, with the actress throwing her hat in the ring to play Ariel, although it may be quite some time before this project reaches the casting phase. The actress also revealed on Instagram that she wants Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon to take the helm, and now the filmmaker has responded. First, though, take a look at Lindsay Lohan's full statement from Instagram last month.

"I will sing again, as #ariel #thelittlemermaid. @disney approve that. #billcondon directs it along with my sister @alianamusic singing the theme song for the soundtrack. Also @kgrahamsfb plays Ursula. Simply because, she is the best. Take one. @disneystudios.
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Cedric the Entertainer Joins Paul Schrader’s ‘First Reformed’ (Exclusive)

Cedric the Entertainer Joins Paul Schrader’s ‘First Reformed’ (Exclusive)
Cedric the Entertainer has been cast in Paul Schrader’s upcoming religious drama “First Reformed” opposite Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried.

Cedric will portray a pastor at a mega-church and a rival to Hawke’s character, an ex-military chaplain wracked by grief over the death of his son. Seyfried plays a member of his church whose husband, a radical environmentalist, commits suicide and sets the plot in motion.

Killer Films is the production company. Producers are Gary Hamilton, David Hinojosa, Victoria Hill, Frank Murray and Christine Vachon.

Schrader is directing “First Reformed” from his own script. His writing credits include the Martin Scorsese films “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “Raging Bull.” His directing credits include “Hardcore,” “American Gigolo,” “Affliction,” “Cat People,” “Auto Focus,” “The Canyons,” “Patty Hearst,” and most recently “Dog Eat Dog.”

The project was unveiled with the Hawke and Seyfried castings in September
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‘The Deleted’ Review: Bret Easton Ellis Delivers With Softcore Porn Thriller For Teens

‘The Deleted’ Review: Bret Easton Ellis Delivers With Softcore Porn Thriller For Teens
Judging solely from the number of bare butts in the first five minutes of “The Deleted,” one might think Bret Easton Ellis assumes there is a direct correlation between cheeks out and thumbs up. Adding the intrigue of a nefarious organization chasing down and drugging the randy would-be models in hiding, and “The Deleted” exploits just about every Hollywood trope imaginable. It’s clickbait storytelling — told with classic Ellis flair.

Read More: ‘True Detective’ With Teenage Girls: New Web Series ‘Cold’ Shines Light On a Murder Mystery

The Deleted” is the latest and buzziest original series from Fullscreen, the subscription service that launched this year from Fullscreen Media, a multi-channel network (McN, for short) which manages top YouTube channels. So far, most of Fullscreen’s original programming has leaned heavily on the YouTube talent at their disposal, with projects from Grace Helbig, Shane Dawson, and Jack & Dean. With Ellis at the helm of “The Deleted,
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Lindsay Lohan Teases Her Return to The Big Screen With Trippy Movie Poster

Lindsay Lohan Teases Her Return to The Big Screen With Trippy Movie Poster
LiLo fans, today is your lucky day!

Lindsay Lohan teased her return to the big screen with a psychedelic movie poster for her upcoming film, The Shadow Within.

Watch: Lindsay Lohan's Parents Explain Her Bizarre New Accent: 'There's Nothing to Be Concerned About'

“#yes #comingsoon to a theatre near you,” the 30-year-old actress captioned a photo of the film’s new poster on Thursday.

This will be Lohan’s first big film since starring in the R-rated flick The Canyons in 2013. While very few details of her new indie film project have emerged, Dread Central reports that it will follow a private investigator who’s also a werewolf. Production for the film began last November, details of Lohan’s character or release date have yet to be announced.

In October, the former Parent Trap star opened her own nightclub in Athens, Greece. According to a spokesperson, the club will feature commercial and R&B music and a show
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