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Language oversight
viki_rs_8922 March 2013
Wonderful episode, as always!

I just want to make a small remark about the filming sight. It is stated in the episode that that specific territory has been colonized by Portugal, and yet, the "natives" speak Spanish in the episode. Spanish and Portuguese are amongst the most spoken languages on the planet, so quite a few viewers can notice the mistake.

My vote for this episode would have been a well deserved 10, if it hadn't been for this detail. But details are also important, especially in such a production, so it's a 9.

Other than that - the show hasn't had a single boring episode so far! This one also falls in the same "category". A pleasure to watch, always, and season 5 is quite anticipated
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Very inaccurate
juliana-daud3 April 2015
This is not a "small mistake", this is an insult to Cape Verde, its people and the show's viewers. Not only the official language in Cape Verde is Portuguese (and not Spanish), but the population there is mostly of African descent. 

Also, the landscape in Cape Verde is different from what you see in the show. It looks like the episode was filmed in San Jose, Puerto Rico, so they should have at least chosen to portrait a island where the official language was Spanish.

Instead of educating its viewers, this show is doing them a big disservice. But I guess this is not the priority here...

Big goof..
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Cabo Verde language is Portuguese not Spanish
heliofil-imdb3 October 2014
Cabo Verde was one of the Portuguese colonies. The official language is Portuguese but the habitants have a distinct language 'Criolo' that is a mix of Portuguese and African origins.

I liked the fact that Cabo Verde was chosen for the start of season 4 but don't spread bad information, language and music are completely wrong.

Because they didn't check facts or didn't care about this big mistake this was for me one of the worst episodes.

Do they care about facts when they write the episodes? What about the artists mentioned in the show, are the facts correct?
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I'm Really Disappointed With This Episode!
CatarinaSeabra2 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show, specially because of its cultural references but this one and the next episode annoyed me because of it's poorly thought information about Cape Verde!

As said very well on the show, Cape Verde was discovered and colonized by Portugal so the language spoken there is Portuguese and Crioulo (their dialect that comes from the Portuguese). None of the natives speaks Spanish as is shown on the show.

So it is obvious that they filmed this in some Latin American country. The architecture is not from Cape Verde and the locals are clearly Latin-Americans, since in the Cape Verde's natives are African.

Even the music they play is wrong!

Since they were filming in Latin America they should have put Neal run for one of those countries or islands, or check the facts before making two very important episodes based on incorrect information.

This is incomprehensible specially for a show like this one! It makes you wonder if other information they give in every episode (about art, artists, treasures, etc) is true or they didn't bother to check those facts as well.
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