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A movie with power packed smoldering intensity
veeresh12096 April 2018
Reboots can be tricky. While some click, most of them crumble under the pressure to shake off the barrage of comparisons that would be thrown at the movie. Last couple of years saw such horrible reboots like Jurassic World, The Mummy, Kong: Skull Island. But much like Spiderman: Homecoming, Jumanji succeeds to impress the viewers. Jumanji gets a modern age makeover where now instead of a board game it is a video game. Four teenagers with varying personalities are put together in a detention. Here they discover the Jumanji video game and enter the world of Jumanji as their avatars. Then starts the fun ride. There are enough plot holes like how did the video game end up in a high school from Alex's freak house. The movie uses time tested cliche - Four teenagers with some flaw realize their shortcomings when (literally) seen from some other's point of view. But the fun parts of the movie makes us forget them, at least till the movie ends.

The movie does not take itself seriously, and that is a huge plus point. The plot of the movie is crazy, there are man eating albino (what?!) rhinos on one side and villainous henchmen with crazy mud racing bike skills on the other side. But such craziness has been ridiculed in the movie itself, which makes you fall in love with it more.

The bigger plus for the movie has been the performance of the lead actors. All of them have created niche for themselves in the film industry. Jumanji has used such niche beautifully and built very funny characters. Parts where Dwayne Johnson(Spencer) stops to admire his own physique will have you in splits. Not to mention his hilarious display of 'smoldering intensity'. Kevin Hart is Kevin Hart and Jack Blake as a women in a man's body is perfect. Karen Gillan, who is this mean Nebula in MCU, comes up with a very charming performance.

All in all, Jumanji is a movie that you can watch without any regret. It will make you gasp, wonder and laugh hysterically. It is definitely worth a watch.
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A Most Enjoyable Film Which Endlessly Pulls at the Corners of Your Face
Her-Excellency7 April 2018
Who would have thought that the sequel to a much-loved classic would, in my opinion, turn into such a stand-alone powerhouse!?!

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle, does just that.

Not only is it a virtual non-stop ride of hilarity and laugh-out-loud moments, and it is, but the chemistry among the adult cast members is practically flawless and lends to the easy banter and overflowing, genius, COMEDIC DIALOGUE which just SHINES. Every look, every gesture, every note from The Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black are perfection in that at no time do you doubt they are who they are supposed to be. Karen Gillan is adorable and gorgeous at the same time. The obvious fun they are having, despite what I imagine to be uncomfortable filming locales, is palpable, and as an audience member, _if you allow yourself to be_, you WILL be swept up and transported by it.

So, why ANY low ratings?

While the first Jumanji was 'fun', underneath the fun, there were dark layers. There is none of that here and perhaps, this is where some of the disconnect from its detractors comes from. Unlike the original Jumanji, Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle is a fun, and funny, film throughout.

In closing, quite to the contrary of what a couple of reviewers are saying about Robin Williams, such as: 'he'd be rolling over in his grave (over this movie)', Robin Williams was one of those rare and amazingly special individuals who found joy and humor in most everything, and who chose to share that with those of us who are lucky enough to be witness to some of the favorites he left behind. Personally, I find it in very bad taste and verging on offensive, that those who seem to not share the capacity to laugh or live the way he did, or the ability to laugh with the rest of us, and who lack the gift of both being able to give or receive the very humor which exuded from Mr. Williams, would dare say he would be doing anything other than laughing riotously while munching on some popcorn and watching this film.

Thank you, Robin Williams, for the precursor which was so fantastic, it brought about an equally wonderful sequel.

You are missed.
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BETTER than the ORIGINAL BY FAR!!! Loved it.
MajorMAlice13 March 2018
I would say I gave it a 10 to balance out the bobo-heads with no funny-bone in their body's low scores, but no; this movie deserves a 10 and more.

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle is a stand-alone, HILARIOUS romp which leaves the original in the dust. Heck, HILARIOUS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. Note that this is not to say that the original Jumanji was bad. On the contrary, it was great, especially for when it was filmed and who better than SIR Robin Williams, but in terms of laugh-out-loud good fun and non-stop smiles, this Jumanji far outpaces and outdoes the original.

While my BF and I have somewhat different tastes in movies, and he is not a Rock fan (he loved him as a wrestler, not so much as an actor), we both laughed SO MUCH while watching this. The Rock knocks it out of the park with equally stellar performances by Jack Black and Kevin Hart. What is even more fabulous is that it has kids humor, yes, but also 'thinking-people's humor' in the form of obscure little tidbits which are dropped here and there and keep you on your toes and grinning ear-to-ear. There is hardly any scene where you step out of the roller coaster ride of fun it sets you on from the moment they (and you) are IN Jumanji.

Do yourself a favor. Watch this, and if you don't laugh raucously at LEAST six times, seriously, consider what else might be wrong. In fact, if you read through some of the negative comments, you see the same old, bored, stagnant people complaining about it being "too PC", AND BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Cry me a river. If you notice these people's other reviews, it is easy to see that anything that they consider too scary (read: progressive) to fit in the mold of their little minds and world, automatically gets relegated to the 1/10 pile. Shame.

In closing, this Jumanji gained a place within my favorite movies of all time, and the only thing which makes me sad about it, is that 1. I wonder if upon a fourth viewing (we saw it three times) through my 20th it will lose some of its luster; and 2. that it wasn't much, much longer, as I did not want the fun to end.
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Way beyond expectations!
mathijsschaap6 January 2018
We went to see this movie today with the kids, and MAN: I had a blast! I expected it to be a nice movie, but I was so surprised by every single minute.

Jack Black is at his best in this kind of comedic roles. He's hilarious in this one too. Dwayne Johnson and the rest also give a very entertaining performance.

It is so much fun: I cannot stop talking about it!

I did have to force myself to stop thinking about Robin Williams, for emotional reasons. This movie is a great tribute to Robin.

Yes, it does have some continuity problems with the Robin Williams movie, but it's forgivable. The movie is full of action, good humor and special effects you'd wish they had back in 1995 with the first movie.'

Go see it!
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Just plain Fun!
dontpanik9 December 2017
We went to see this as part of the early screening for Amazon Prime members. I always worry that all the funniest parts of a movie are spoiled in the trailer leaving nothing left in the film. That isn't the case. I was either smiling or laughing the entire movie, as was the rest of the theater. Is it Citizen Kane? No. Was I going to the theater wanting to watch a drama that delved deep into the characters' lives? No, again.

Our 4 heroes are sent to detention where they discover and are consequently sucked into Jumanji. They become the avatars they chose for the game and must complete the object of the game without using up all their lives. They have to work together, as a team. It is so much fun. It's predictable, funny, cute and the most important, entertaining. The actors are great in it, including a few cameos that were unexpected.

The humor isn't too crude, but still slapstick-y and funny. It was along the vein of Shrek, Rat Race, or Clue. Again, if you're looking for deep and can't stand watching a movie without questioning everything, skip this one. This is one of those movies I'll be buying just so I can put it on and laugh.
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You're Going to Need a SEATBELT
ThmellyAthole8 April 2018
I used to have an IMDB account when I was a teen - or at least thought I did, but couldn't log on. In any case, I think I've visited here maybe twice in the last five years. Today though, after just getting back from watching this with my almost-grown kids, I had to make an account just to leave this review.

To begin, I'll never understand people. I can't believe the negative reviews. How could anyone not have laughed like hell while watching this and still have a pulse? I didn't go in expecting much, but I came out with a smile on my face. The girl is hot, Jack Black "owns it", I've never been overly enthused about Kevin Hart, but he was fantastic. and The Rock just knocked it out of the park.

I saw one review which reads: "not a wrestling fan ever so to see 'the rock' in movies, instantly puts me off!" Does anyone else want to vomit at the inanity, irony and ludicrousness of that statement? Then you have the user who out of 40+ titles he/she has reviewed in the past has only ever rated TWO above three stars. Seriously, if you don't enjoy films and find them so terrible, find a new hobby already. You've got one guy saying the shirt one of the kids wore was outdated. So, I'm guessing one can only wear clothing depicting the current year? Then you have the reviewers who maybe didn't understand the dialogue since they can barely communicate correctly themselves (such gems - I kid you not - as: 'averege'; 'what so ever'; 'family fair' (fare); 'are just wasn't'; 'due to it has'; 'all of there' {their); 'coz it is boring story'; 'no compare with'). Finally, you have the maybe half dozen reviewers who are so caught up in their bigotry that they can't relax and enjoy a film if it isn't whitewashed and who complain about the "Hollywood liberal agenda of diversity". Leave the politics at the door, man. In short, Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle was a fantastic hour or more of rip-riding fun and laughs.

Except for one very funny moment, Dwayne Johnson retires his wrestling persona for this film and instead, provides a smoldering and intense performance, riddled with good-natured hilarity as the lead in this film. Gillan was great in Doctor Who, and although I thought she was the weakest of both characters and actors in this film, she still held her own and looked fantastic doing so. She has one of those faces you can't help but love. Kevin Hart was fantastic as the diminutive valet and looking back, I think he was somehow involved in every funny moment in which I laughed the hardest. Finally, the master, the maestro (though I never really was a fan prior to this), Jack Black plays the teen beauty queen with 100% commitment and to perfection.

10/10 and definitely a film I will be purchasing right after I click "Submit". You can never have enough laughter in life, and Jumanji, Welcome to the Jungle delivers barrels-full.
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Well done
Jack C24 December 2017
We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of this remake. The jokes are nonstop and witty. Characters are well fleshed out with each person playing a physical opposite of their persona outside of Jumanji. A little homage is paid to Alan Parrish at the beginning of the movie, and the movie continues, 20 years after the events of 1996.

The Rock is always fun, but shines as a scared nerd with no confidence. Karen Gillan is adorable as the socially awkward nerdy girl. Jack Black playing a self obsessed popular girl is laugh out loud funny. Kevin Hart as a shrunken jock with many assigned weaknesses is classic.

All in all a nearly perfect family comedy that rises above lowest common denominator humor. Worth the trip to see it on the big screen. You do not have to see the original to appreciate it.
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Much different than first but Smashing film 8/10
Tigerbai15 April 2018
Jack Black steals the show and Karen Gillan as Martha WOW talk about easy on the eyes -- I thought she was pretty as Amy Pond in Doctor Who - I believe she's getting more beautiful. I didn't even know she was in the movie. I don't think you can really compare it to the original because they are so different -- the first one was more dark & not as much comedy, but I love them both. If you have not seen the original go back and watch it. Enjoy.
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Critics undersell a fantastic movie
alessandrowoodbridge24 December 2017
I would watch this movie two more times at least. This was a very funny movie. Arguably one of the best performance Jack Black has done. When I watched this with my family, in a packed movie theatre, I kid you not, the entire cinema was laughing during quite a few of the scenes. The humour is excellently tailored to the audience and is a beautiful tribute to the original Jumanji with Robin Williams. The way it fantastically coincides with the original movie and moves onto a sort of sequel to this is beautiful, and a rare thing these days. The movie is very funny and easily one of the greatest movies to have come out this year. It is certainly in the top 15 movies that have come out, post 2010, accompanied with the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool and now the recent movie that just came out, Bright. If you felt that Bright was also under-appreciated by movie critics, the exact same thing has happened here as Jumanji is a 100% gaurantee, a movie that will be appreciated after watching. Personally, I would watch it again and again with people. It is not just a movie to watch and discard, this is one to put on the bookshelf and watch again in the future. Loved it. Thank you for such a great movie with a fantastic and fun cast who clearly have great chemistry on and off the screen.
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Hilarious reboot!
andrewcepeda1 April 2018
I was skeptical at first but found myself in full belly laugh within the first few minutes! Cool idea, amazing actors, unique story arc on the Jumanji name. And it's a family movie too, despite a few words from Kevin Hart... I recommend!
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Loved it. A great family show.
jokejong15 March 2018
I think the concept of how teenagers get transported into seasoned actors in a different world is something new to me. I really enjoyed the humor and the way the story flows. My wife and I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and we left the show feeling satisfied.
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Excellent Cast and a Great Show!!
freelivingform22 December 2017
Dwayne Johnson just keeps getting better with age. Jack Black and Kevin Hart are very talented actors who know how to temper their roles just enough to compliment the movie. Enjoyed this movie with all the action, unpredicatability and creative direction and scenes. High Recommend!
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Laughed so hard !!
leira_joy881 April 2018
It's so good !! All the actors were excellent specially the rock pretending to be the 'nerdy gamer'. If you go into this thinking it's gonna be like the old one you will be disappointed, but if you want a great laugh and light hearted movie it's good!
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One of the best movies ever created
inko-3081123 January 2018
This is a great movie and I have watched it over many times. Highly recommend this movie.
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Healthy humor! :)
yana-melan6 April 2018
I would honestly say it's the best comedy of 2017! I went into the theater with veeeeery low expectations and no enthusiasm at all, thinking it will be another dumb comedy with low level jokes (people throwing up, sex jokes, etc). 30 mins into the movie - Boy was I glad I went!) the speed of the movie was just right, visually pleasant scenes, the actors were all amazing, tons of healthy humor, overall I haven't enjoyed a comedy so much for a long time! I'll most probably watch it again several times in the future :)
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Top 10 list
amuboldi29 March 2018
Hilarious. Has me laughing the whole movie. Very clever script and my favorite asctors. Doesn't get better
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Better than I expected
jcastin-2428310 March 2018
I saw the previous Jumanji (95) and it was always dearest to my heart. I was REALLY skeptical in watching this one. It looked like they were going to ruin the first one and make it more commercial. At the end of the day that is exactly what they did! But I did not expect it would be so but so much fun to watch! Could barely stop laughing! Enjoyed it <3
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Very Good
Nicholas J. Wallis29 March 2018
I didn't have high expectations for this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. People have been commenting on it not being like the first movie, but I never expected it to be, it is just another take on the story and I don't think it should be compared to the first one in order to rate it.

The characters are fantastic and the writing is great. The humour is just perfect and very well done, with nonstop, very witty jokes. The actors were amazing and the effects were very well done.

Extremely good movie, would recommend it to everyone.
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Great Movie. Go see it already!
scott-8244322 December 2017
Fun movie for family. Silly at times with decent action and interesting people. If you are a guy wanting to bring wife/girlfriend to movie you'll both walk out feeling you got your money's worth then this is a great pick. It won't win any fancy awards but best movie in theaters right now.
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Awesome, just awesome!
vengeance2023 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Heard about another Jumanji Film being made, but thought it was going to be a remake of sorts. Well, through years of development it seems to be more of a different take on the 1995 classic! And a good take it was!

Starting at 1996, a young man finds a "board game" on the beach after hearing the iconic "jungle drums" sound emitting from the box partially covered in sand. Like the original, he finds it, takes it home with him, & then finds out it's an Nintendo like game & plugs it into his console & starts playing, he gets sucked in & is trapped in the game, similar to the original, but as a computer games console, not a board game, interesting take.

So fast forward 21 years later, & 4 young teens who all come together via detention play the game & get sucked in after finding it in a store room in the school. It's then they find themselves in different bodies & each have 3 lives like that of a computer console game. They then learn of the curse of the jungle via a green jewel & must place it back where it was & shout "Jumanji!".

The film I thought was pretty good! Of course it wouldn't be nearly as good as it's counter back in '95, but it's pretty damn close to be an original & somewhat is! The story was simple & easy to follow, the characters were great & likable, Karen Gillan was a babe in this film! (sorry had to say it!), but she & the others were great! I also liked the humour in this film too! It was funny & fitted well!

I was kind of peeved it wasn't set in the real world as appose to a jungle, but I suppose it was because they were sucked into a different world so it made sense in a way, & it wasn't too bad either!

Overall this film was a good watch & matches pretty well with the original film! 9/10 Go watch it!
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It was surprisingly good.
lunalovitt8 April 2018
When I first heard they were making a reboot of Jumanji, I was skeptical. These days it seems like everything is getting a half-assed reboot or spinoff so when I went in to watch this movie I didn't expect anything life changing or original. And I was shocked with the results. This story was actually GOOD. It took the original concept that was Jumanji and made its own twists and turns and didn't actually butcher the original source. And I really enjoyed all the characters as well, which is something I couldn't exactly say about the original film. I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie that honestly I find myself wanting to go back and re-watch it. When it comes to movies starring comedians, I don't really get very hopeful about the content and quality of the movie, especially these days when "comedians" turn out to mostly rely upon profanities and slap stick more than wit and actual humor. However, the jokes in this movie were on point and I really enjoyed Kevin Hart's performance as well as Dwayne Johnson's. They played well off one another and it wasn't over the top. And wow... I really did think Jack Black had hit the high point of his career back in Kung Fu Panda and was on the down slope, but he was easily one of the best parts of this movie. The casting for this movie was great overall. Not only that, but this movie was more than the typical "comedy" movies you see nowadays that are all about getting drunk/spitting out as many curse words in a sentence as possible/being "shocking". There was a serious plot behind it with actual stakes and it played its serious moments very well. All of the characters went through important evolutions that were believable by the end of the film.

Now, it wasn't perfect. There are things that were a bit off in terms of continuity and if you know the first Jumanji then you might see where I'm getting at, but it wasn't enough to take away from the film itself. Overall this was a very enjoyable movie and I'd definitely watch it again. The movie was a tasteful update to the Jumanji franchise, and to be honest I'd love to see if they have plans for a sequel. I'd certainly watch it given how well they treated this movie.

Then again, I did watch Pitch Perfect 3 in the same night as this one, so this positive review might be a little biased when taking in both movies side by side in a short period of time.
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Incredibly hilarious, stunning visuals, impeccable acting, great details.
soumyadeepkoley7 April 2018
First of all, the acting skills of Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart deserve a standing ovation. Kevin Hart was absolutely in his best self in this movie. The superb cast of Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart coupled with Karen Gillan's beauty makes this movie most interesting. Once you are into it, you can't help but notice the stunning visuals; thanks to the Kualoa Ranch private nature reserve, where the movie was filmed. The storyline is excellent, with every detail taken care of - right from how swash plates of a helicopter blade control the pitch of the blades, creating thrust, to how game environments often defy real world physics. The slapstick humour adds to the comical charm of this wonderful movie - a mind freshener for the whole family.
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Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots of Fun!
Movie Paradise22 December 2017
All of the performers are fantastic in this film, and are perfect fits for their roles. The group dynamics are excellent, and they all have hilarious back-and-forths with each other. Some of my favorite moments in the movie are when everyone is simply standing around talking. Dwayne Johnson really shows his comedic talents here. While he does have a few scenes where he gets to show off his action chops, most of his role is comedy-heavy, and he delivers on it. Kevin Hart plays the same character he always plays, and more times than not it annoys me, but for whatever reason here it works. Maybe it's his chemistry with the other actors, but he's hysterical in this movie. I'm not a huge fan of Karen Gillan's character of Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, so I wasn't sure how she was going to be in this. But she delivers as well. Not only does she nail the action beats (and she has some of the best in the whole movie), but she also has some great comedic moments, comedy that I didn't know she could pull off as well as she did. But the true star of this movie is Jack Black. I thought he was hysterical in the trailer, but I was afraid that the concept of him actually being a teenage girl would get old and annoying quick, but it doesn't. Black is perfect for this role, and nails every comedic moment he's given. They are all fantastic together, and it makes for some great entertainment...
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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Funny Movie
karanshingre29 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Jumanji 2 was an awesome movie. It was better than Jumanji 1. When I sat in the theater to watch it, there was laughter everywhere. The movie was really funny. I thought all the funny parts would be in the trailer but not in this movie. In Jumanji 2, 4 characters get stuck in a jungle. Each character has 3 lives. They need to put a stone in a statue to go back home. When I went to the the theaters to watch this movie, the line was very long but it was worth waiting. The movie was the funniest I have ever seen. There was lot's of action but also a lot of humor. Laughs came everywhere. Clearly, I thought the movie was amazing. There was humor, action, and a story. You should watch Jumanji 2.
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Nice sequel! Better than my expectation
Misstumbler22 December 2017
I actually come to watch this movie with low expectation. I watched 1st Jumanji and it was really great (and I watched it a couple times). The sequel is a little different with it's successor, with the theme is still same, a game that involved real adventures to it's player. Four teenagers sucked into the game, and they become a character they chose (which is very different from their real life). The movie is so funny, and if you played RPGs game you will find this really entertaining. The humour is still suitable for young audiences, so it's a family movie too. And while it's a humour adventures movie, it still have a good message. So I really recommend it, hope you'll enjoy it too.
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