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Well above average found footage horror
The Possession of Michael King is an entertaining, thrilling, and well thought out horror film. I was hesitant to watch at first, expecting another generic possession movie, but the premise is original and catches your interest off the bat. Instead of the typical wrong place wrong time possession this is a case of curiosity killing the cat. There are a few scattered jump scares but seeing Michael's descent is what sticks with you after the credits have rolled. Overall this was well shot and acted, my only real complaint is that they could have taken their time and dug more into the religious exploration scenes in the first act.
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Nicely done possession flick
hayduke056 September 2014
I was highly skeptical (but also bored) and so I decided to give this film a try and I'm glad I did. After seeing the low score I was expecting something boring, with cheap scares and bad visual effects. But quite the contrary, the main character acting is believable, visual effects though scarce are well made and add to the scariness of some scenes, and it's overall a refreshing horror flick that makes good use (but doesn't abuse) of the "found footage" format that is so popular in horror movies these days.

The only thing that I found annoying it the LOUDNESS of some scary parts. I was watching this movie with headphones on and at a moderate volume and after the first official scare I was nearly deaf. I think they went a little bit overboard with the sound contrast, so be warned..

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lucas-scott-rodriguez15 August 2014
Watch this one. Just another possession flick right? Nope. Hard to synopsize too much without revealing plot points, but just know that this is a "found footage" flick in the best way. No shaky hand-held stuff. The film follows a film maker that uses multiple cameras. So that gives us different angles and legitimate cinematic quality that sets this miles ahead of your average POV flick. In fact, its very rare that there are 1st person POV shots. Excellent writing. Excellent production, Excellent acting.

I gotta say - Im tired of found footage and possession stories, but I'll be damned if this doesn't prove there is still room for both if done correctly.

I cant wait to see where David Jung goes from here.
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AranxL1 September 2014
"Wow, here we go again: another generic possession movie" is what I was thinking before watching this movie, but man was I surprised.

What we have here people, is possibly the best possession movie since The Exorcist. After years of disappointment, we get a gosh darn thrilling, creepy, and interesting movie of this sub-genre. If you're a skeptic of the found footage style of filming, I would say this movie will change your mind. You get up close and personal with the protagonist and his descent into madness. And speaking of the protagonist, kudos to the lead actor because he carries the entire movie (as he should).

The only gripe I have would be that the plot is underwhelming because if you watched any other possession movie, you know what's going to happen. Other than that, this movie represents the genre extremely well. It's a must see for horror fans!
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Like having someone honk a car horn in your ear.
rushknight2 October 2014
A halfway decent plot is the only thing that really ties this movie together. The acting is actually pretty good, and there are even some very interesting characters that you can tell are having good fun with their parts. It's a simple plot, but grows on itself in an organic sort of way, consistently adding cohesive elements that work with the original idea. It's good writing.

Then there are two very real negatives to address. This is supposed to be a found footage feature, but when the camera hops too and fro and flips scenes so that you can see better, it really just destroys the illusion horribly. There are even instances where the camera appears to defy the action in the scene, such as remaining perfectly still while a crash has apparently happened. This sort of thing asks you to "turn off your brain" while you watch it. But honestly no one can really do that. There's always a little voice that says, "Hey, the camera can't do that! Oh yeah, this is a movie." It serves to impolitely yank you out of the immersion.

Make up your minds people. Is it, or is it not a found footage film? If it's not, then stop pretending that it's supposed to be.

Ultimately, the real problem is that this movie ends up being a simple jump scare feature. It's like having someone periodically popping a balloon in your ear while you are reading a scary book. Your adrenaline rushes, your heart pounds, your ears ring, and you exhibit all of the symptoms of "being afraid" without actually having a reason to be afraid. It's a cheap trick, and honestly it's very disappointing.

What's worse is that the "scare" volume is so incredibly high compared to the rest of the film that it's almost downright rude. After the first few times, I felt compelled to turn it off, but stuck it out instead only to have it periodically blast me throughout the rest of the feature. It's downright irritating.

All in all though, a pretty fun movie. I'm giving it a 7.
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ronancraven25 August 2014
Just finished watching this movie. I didn't think I would like this film at all and almost turned it off right at the start because I read its similar to the blair witch project and paranormal activity. I watched this late at night on my own in the dark so conditions for viewing this type of film were pretty good.

The film didn't disappoint. It's very intense, fast moving and quite scary. This film was the exact opposite to what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be a waste of 90 mins like 80% of horror films. I couldn't fault anything about the movie. Very impressive work by Yung and whoever else was involved. Acting all round was top notch. Well, give it a shot. I doubt many will be disappointed.
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deric-151245 May 2020
This little gem has been hiding from me since it came out. I just happened to run across this flick the other day on Amazon Prime after watching The Taking of Deborah Logan (Which is also a very good hidden gem). I went into this movie with low expectations and kept my finger on the exit/back button for at least the first 20min. Let's just say that my expectations quickly changed. This is one of the best possession movies I've seen and I've practically seen them all. It had a cool story and special effects were on point!
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Classic Horror it ain't...but worth a watch
billybonkers198824 August 2014
I have noticed that some of the reviewers of this film on IMDb seem to have 'slated' quite a few films...without posting anything positive about any film. You would almost think that they choose films that they know they won't that they have something to complain about!

I am not a big fan of horror films generally. More so with recent releases. I do like the classics. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was intense! Very few modern day horrors seem to replicate these classics. If you think the 'The Possession of Micheal King' will do this, keep looking.

Having said that, the film is different from the usual 'slasher' tripe that seems to get rolled out year after year. Having experienced the boorish 'Saw' series (and other titles) and the endless graphic violence in other releases, 'The Possession of Micheal King' was a refreshing change.

Clearly it was not made with a huge budget. The acting is not 'Godfather' standard. Despite this, it's directing and themes reminds me of the Playstation Game 'Silent Hill' mixed with 'The Blair Witch Project' The 'Blair Witch Project' was another renowned film, 'slated' by many because of its poor production values and large marketing campaign. I almost sensed reviewer's anger that filmmakers could spend so little on producing a movie whilst also expecting artistic praise. As if poor production values automatically means a film is not worth watching. With care, this approach can produce something interesting that is worth watching.

So I commend the makers of 'The Possession of Micheal King'. The film keeps pace. It does not dwell and draw out scenes of violence. It does not treat the viewer like an idiot and explain every internal reference. Overall it is entertaining and worthy of a watch.

Perfect it ain't. Classic horror it ain't. It probably isn't everyone's cup of tea. But for a modern day horror that ISN'T a 'slasher'. I would say that is worth a watch.
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Excellent. The hardcore, graphic, disturbing film we need.
unitythroughterror15 August 2014
Horror fans, gore hounds, thrill seekers, chill seekers - listen up. This film ROCKS. It's got disturbing deaths, frightening images, and truly horrifying moments that made my blood boil. The Possession of Michael King doesn't break any new ground, but what makes it above average - and therefore the frightening scenes much scarier - is that we are invested in the story. In many ways, the film is a horror-bloated allegory for a man coming to terms with the death of his wife. Throw in a daughter in peril, an insidious demon, several horrific voodoo and satanic rituals, several horrifying deaths, and buckets of blood and terror and you can still see the actual emotional meat of the story shine through. Shane Johnson did a solid job as the titular character, whoever played the wife did a great job although her scenes were obviously limited, the little girl was very good. But I have to hand it down to the director. With sparsely used but effective graphic images and effects, this low budget film delivers classic, old-school, emotional suspense that typically doesn't make it into the Hollywood sandwich. An awesome job from a bunch of creative and unique people who like to ask questions and push the envelope.
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Not bad
anasomar375 September 2014
unexpectedly good.

I've watched this movie yesterday at night at 1 am .This movie was unexpectedly good ! I am not a fan of found footage movies but this movie entertained me .

The plot wasn't that good ! i've seen a lot of movies with similar idea and the movie isn't that scary but it was was entertaining from first to last minute with really good acting.

If you want to see a " good " horror movie that might scare you

i would recommend watching this movie.

6/10 for me.
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Unexpectedly Awesome
marquettemcneal11 September 2014
Very Refreshing Horror flick. It actually gripped me for a moment==had my heart pounding when he appeared in front of the camera from out of nowhere. Psychologically captivating, because it plays with your mind ==making you want to see whats gonna happen next, and just when you loose interest....BOOM!! Outta nowhere. Classic use of horror. The same classic method, but used to perfection through artistic timing. This is a breathe of fresh air compared to the recent and usual string of tasteless horror films. Not to get me wrong...there are a couple good ones. I can name a few more Oculus.....get back to you on that. David Jung hit a home run on this one. Great directorial debut!!
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Well Done (to the director)
baphorock27 August 2014
It is a fresh new air for this kind of movie, and im not a fan of found footage movies, i love horror movies, and this is exactly what you want to watch with some friends on a night indoors. Im more for thrillers, but this movie was entertained, fast, always something was happening, i would stay with the feeling of the extasis experience, or make every experience a bit more important. Characters a bit more developed, but again, this work perfectly OK for this movie. i didn't knew this was the first movie that Jung directed and that's amazing, looks really professional, nothing to envy to top chart horror movies! I gave it a 6 cause it filled my expectations )i was hopping for more than a month to watch this) still think that could go a bit more serious and scary. Congrats anyway to the Director, big future!
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Factually closely accurate
thomashee25 November 2014
I believe the producer/director have got some background on this subject. I have helped people who were demonic possessed and what this movie portrayed have been very accurate.

I have met a man who was "commanded" to kill his own son and he resisted badly like this actor did. And how he got such possession? He did exactly what Michael did... he invited the spirit in because he never believed them. When the demons are invited in, it does not matter if u believe or not. They take control and they take possession.

Forget about the stupid arguments about why Michael can film himself while he has possessed... obviously this is not the main subject.

Do not play with the demons. Do not touch the occult. They are as real as your mother and father who gave birth to you. I believe this is the message from this movie. You have been warned.
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One Of The Better Shaky Cam Possession Horror Movies.
Stephen_A_Abell4 August 2017
This film surprised me... and in a good way... I liked it!

I was interested in the concept of the story and this brought me to view the film. A family man loses his wife and is understandably absorbed by the deep loss he feels. He believes that her death could have been negated: They had previously been to a fortune teller-come-medium who had informed them to stay at home when they should have been on vacation. Had they ignored her advice his wife would still be alive. This sets off a train of thought in his brain and he decides to prove that the occult and paranormal are not real. Being a documentary film maker he resolves to get the evidence on film.

You know that he's going to be proved wrong and in a very dark and nasty way. Though, this is the case you don't know exactly what is coming. King then heads off to different people and groups who purport to be able to conjure dark entities and demons.

What I liked most about this film was the standard of acting which is of a high standard. Shane Johnson does well to hold the story and the film together as the lead. His portrayal of King and the many emotions he goes through is believable. There are also a couple of actors you may have seen before - Dale Dickey who plays the Fortune Teller and Cullen Douglas who is the mortician, he gives the character a suitably creepy feel.

I also loved the fact that on his visit to the Satanists they tell him what to expect from the demon he has chosen through psychography... and then we see this manifestation appear and grow slowly... then when they are later confronted we learn they never believed in it, it was just a way to get laid - a bit of kinkiness. This was just a little thing but it added a depth and a moral.

The drawback is that the film is done similar to found footage films so there is a lot of shaky camera work. Though there are some nice camera angles which add to the atmosphere of the film. There's also an overuse of grey filters. I know this is to create a bleak atmosphere but it would have been nice if this could have been done differently. Coloured filters are tired and old - they need to be retired or at least take a rest. God gave you an imagination and artistic licence, come on and use it.

There are some scenes that run on too long when the action should be starting to pick up and a couple which appear superfluous to the film. These just niggled me as they felt like time fillers - we could have had character and story development instead.

The special effects are superb and the pentagram carving is disturbing. I don't squirm much - I would have normally said, at all - but this had me agonizing with him; so a big thumbs up for that.

This isn't the best possession film out there but it is worth a viewing and I would recommend all fans of horror and possession flicks to give it a watch. I may even give this another viewing sometime.
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A good way to spend the evening
PatrickP29 August 2014
I'm not a huge fan of found footage flicks, but I really don't hate them outright. All it really takes is some suspension of belief, and considering the types of films that usually use this tactic, I'm already suspending some belief in the first place.

The movie has a really intriguing setup: a man loses his wife in an accident, and becomes more disillusioned than he already was regarding the presence of God. Already having no faith in God, He decides to devote his time to disproving the inviting any and all demons and other nasties to take over his body and soul.

Mayhem ensues.

The premise is fun, and even though you know what's going to happen (by the title alone) it's fun watching it all unravel. Good acting, effects and atmosphere make for a fun 90 minutes.

Try it, you'll like it!
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Sucked in again
lauriey-6182714 July 2019
Well I read some of these reviews and went by all the good things that were said. I did not enjoy it at all. It started out ok with a good premise to the story. Half way through it was going the way of the rest of the possession movies. Very silly and laughable.
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Annoying Camera with Unoriginal Story
claudio_carvalho16 December 2015
The filmmaker Michael King (Shane Johnson) is grieving the loss of his beloved wife that died a couple of months ago. He is atheist and decides to make a film about the existence of the supernatural. He challenges the evil using people that worship the Devil to show that the belief in religion and the supernatural is superstition. However something goes wrong and Michael is possessed and becomes a threat to his little daughter.

"The Possession of Michael King" is another film with annoying camera associated to an unoriginal story of possession. The storyline is interesting since the lead character does not believe in God, Devil or supernatural and decides to challenge the dark forces. The trailer shows a scary scene – when his daughter tells that he is a monster. But the film is totally disappointing. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "A Possessão do Mal" ("The Possession of the Evil")
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Clichés, cheap
tbahri-380-57282421 August 2014
When I saw this movie it was rated 6.5 on IMDb , by around a hundred users, after I saw the movies I made an opinion about those users who gave this movie a high rating, they have either participated in the movie or knows someone who did ...

This is a very cheap movie, which has a good starting that developed into one of those cheeseburger movies ... full of Clichés about believing in God and the American family and all kind of these things that seems to be the only thing that Hollywood can make in the last 5 years apart from the Super hero movies ...

If you have around 2 hours of your life to waste, then believe me there are at least a hundred more exciting things to waste them on except watching this movie.

By the way, the Director is also the writer and the screen play guy (who did nothing apparently as this is one of the very cheap footage style movies).

2 out of 10 (instead of 1) just because the first 10 minutes of the movie were slightly fine
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Dreadfully boring!
Patient4444 September 2014
What's all the fuss about?!? Something I've seen a million times already, cliché, cliché, typical, typical and boring as it gets!

I strongly believe those who upvoted this and gave positive comments are quite strangers to found footage films, cause I simply can't find a logical explanation. It goes hand in hand with too many other productions, a semi decent attempt, that moves very slow, bores the viewer to death and has an ending that could be predicted after 30 minutes into the movie. The possession of Michael King, or, The boredom the viewer goes through, is something to be neglected. I could not believe once everything falls in place, it still denies itself a medium action the least!

If you just have to watch, you will regret it once it hits the ending. Don't get me wrong, I love horrors, but if you wanna recycle the same plot over and over again, either do it with a different approach, or maybe think of a different action that will incite the viewer. I barely made it through.

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Beware of the fake reviews, one of the worst found footage films ever.
Manpreet_S13 October 2018
In the beginning, movie shows a little promise, but soon after the bad acting, bad direction, bad cinematography, bad script and very bad visual effects take over. Every few seconds, there is some extremely poor and cheesy forced camera glitch effect which becomes highly annoying. There are some completely pointless jump scares, which don't even work. The whole film feels very amateurish. I don't recommend to anyone.
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"The Possession of Michael King" mistakes loud for scary
samgiannn4 August 2015
This is just one of those movies I found on Netflix that looked slightly interesting. In this sudden resurgence of the possession genre, The Possession of Michael King is just another lame entry. The Possession of Michael King concerns an atheist who is making a documentary trying to disprove the supernatural. He participates in multiple satanic rituals to show that even the darkest magic is fake, and realizes that it's actually real. And then demons. Despite its admittedly interesting premise, The Possession of Michael King is just another boring assault on the ears since every five minutes the movie decides to throw in an unnecessarily gratuitous jump scare without any sort of suspense leading up to it. I actually had to turn the volume down on my computer so low that I could barely hear the dialog. Instead of delving into the science vs religion themes presented in the first act, the film just goes straight to the satanic rituals, bodily deterioration and gross-out scares. It never really entertains, scares or gives the viewer something original and rather gives us a barrage of pointless jump scares and a been-there- done-that story. If you want an exorcism movie that does the science vs religion trope correctly, I suggest The Last Exorcism. Otherwise, stay away from this generic and dull flick.
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A man embarks on an underwhelming journey to find proof of the supernatural
hollyhiginbotham28 December 2014
I found this movie extremely underwhelming as far as the story goes. It lacked in a lot of areas including scare factor. The only time I truly jumped was when the sound of the movie was raised 20 times its original amount just to get a shock. I found it irritating personally. There was a major gross out factor which I think would be a better way to advertise this film. I don't mind the gore personally but I did find it a little over done after a while. This film definitely does bring a level of uniqueness and also tailors to the fans of the possession genre but it is definitely NOT for the squeamish. If you want to watch a movie with a underwhelming plot and plenty of grotesque scenes then this is the movie for you.
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Come on, another found footage made for 5 dollars crap horror film!!
joiningjt9 March 2021
Read the reviews before watching as I rarely agree with the critics especially when it comes to horror movies. They were right here this was a cliched possession story which is fine if its done well and this wasnt it featured poor effects cheap filming, lots of shaky camera close ups, stupid story. Trust me pass if you want to watch a possession story watch possession of Emily rose!! Pass on this 5 dollar found FOOTAGE camcorder filmed garbage!!
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They wasted a very good idea.
chamberlainzoe27 July 2019
I was really excited to watch this one. The storyline was everything I love in a horror movie. Had a good start, and although it was maybe something we've seen before, it came with some interesting twists and ideas. However, it started and never evolved. I felt something was missing the whole movie, and though it wasn't a bad one, the actors were good and had some clever things here and there, it just didn't make it for me. This was like a waste of a very good idea 🙁🎃.
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good premise poor execution
amonteirojr6 March 2019
Having someone document his own possession is a neat idea, unfortunately this movie just didn't quite work for me, I don't mind the low budget but the film uses too many cheap jumpscares and it takes way too long to get to the interesting part as well, there's also a tone problem in which you don't know if this is something to laugh at or to take it seriously and it ends up not being satisfying in any way.
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