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Good enough
pennyelenabooks16 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I've been watching some seriously disappointing manga turned movies these days, and fortunately the liar and his lover was nice enough. The story is about a guy who is considered a genius songwriter. His music is used by a famous band, where he used to play bass for but left them before they debuted, and so he is quite famous, but no one has seen his face. After breaking up with his girlfriend, a famous singer as well, he meets a high school girl. When they first start dating, he's not very interested in her, still he lies about his identity and he urges her not to sing, as he supposedly doesn't like women who can sing. Unfortunately, the girl is picked up by his agency and she is set to debut as a singer as well. However, that means that his lies would be exposed sooner or later. Okay, the movie wasn't badly made, but still I can't rate it over 3 out of 10 because: # The romance was super quick. They met three times tops and for a few hours and they became so close? It was seriously unreal! # The chemistry of the couple was awkward. There was something there, but it was too weak. No spark! # The twists of the romance were cliché # The sponsors that were thrown at the viewer constantly Of course I have just started the manga (I rushed to watch the movie first, as to at least get some suspense) so I don't know if they just copied the whole thing and the clichés of the plot supposed to be there. At least, and this is a tip if your subs don't suggest it, after the credits, the real conclusion of the story was presented, because the first ending was just a disappointment.
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Nice music romance
mister_bateman8 September 2020
This is more nuanced and slightly less cliché japanese romance movie. I liked the fact that music and the craft of making music played a large part in it. It makes it more interesting than your average high school love story and also, who doesn't like recording studios, instruments, songwriting etc. The ending could have been better, but overall I enjoyed it.
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Good material for a drama.
Me_KC6 July 2019
I (accidentally) watched the Korean drama adaptation first. This movie should have been turned into a drama as well. The cast did very well but the story left me hanging. This has been a common thing in Japanese endings.
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I loved it, but not recommended for people who love drama and are more into a progressing relationship
lina_hu20 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Aki was a genius songwriter that write songs for his former band Crude Play. Despite all the success and fame, he felt empty, lost, confused and depressed. To the point that he's about to go crazy. All because of his stupid music, yet the only thing that could keep him up was music as well, which made him even feel worse. That was when he met Riko.

Riko the other hand was a really simple high school student. When she's happy, she smiles, when she's sad she cries and when she wants to run away, she runs away. Even so, she's not naive or stupid which made her character really charming and different. It's exactly this Riko that could see right through Aki. From his small habits till his simple humming. Things that normal people would ignore or overlook. She described his humming as simple, sad yet intense. "It wasn't just humming, it felt like a scream to me" At first I didn't really get what she meant, but when the real song was played out I understood. The song was so straightforward that it hurts. It felt like you were right at his position at that moment. Which is also why Riko calls him an honest person, despite all his lies.

I think Riko is THE perfect girl for Aki. her simpleness has helped Aki to realize why he was so lost and made him remember the reason why he loved music in the first place "I thought leaving crude play was the only way to gain the freedom to create music, while in reality, I was just running away. I don't want to run away anymore"

Aki the other side. Is he the perfect guy for Riko? I'm not sure, but I do simply love them together.

Riko's simpleness is just so charming that I think made Aki fell for her without his realization. And when he realized it, he was already deep in love and when he realized how deep in love he was, it was already too late to go back.

I simply loved all the details of the movie yet how simple and straightforward they made it look. I mean yes, they could have gone into more detail with the characters to make it less confusing. Especially the chemistry between the two leads, but I think it's exactly the fact that the two are barely strangers that made Riko so confused about Aki for a moment. Thinking that Aki maybe wasn't the person she thought he was, while in reality just like how simple Riko is, was Aki just as straightforward in his own way

There are two endings for the movie and I think I'm one of the fewer people who would love it if the movie has just ended at the first ending. The second ending was more like a bonus of telling you if it was a bad or good ending, while in my opinion, the open and realistic first ending was really good. Especially Aki's thought about Riko is definitely one of my favorite parts of the movie.

I wouldn't recommend this movie for the people who love drama and are more used to a progressing relationship though. This movie is about love at first sight which made it so powerful, but also lack interaction of the leads. In my personal opinion, it was perfect, but it won't be for everyone
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