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Highly entertaining and funny as I expected.
Atdheu9019 August 2013
Clear History is like an extended episode of L.D.'s Curb Your Enthusiasm, it has the same spirit, the same jokes, but yet it works. How could this be ? I think it's all thanks to a brilliant vision of a genius of comedy, Larry David.

  • Clear History centers on Nathan Flomm (L.D.), a marketing executive, who works for and is also a partner with Will Haney (Jon Hamm); they're working on an idea of a revolutionary electric car, but when the name of the car becomes an issue for Nathan, they part their ways. Nathan regrets it and wants to get back on the business, but Will refuses him. Nathan, in order to avoid the humiliation of having missed out on a hugely successful business, assumes a new identity on Martha's Vineyard. One day (after 10 years) a well known face shows up in town (Will Haney), and leaves Nathan no option but to plot revenge.

  • Any "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fan won't be disappointed with what "Clear History" has to offers, and anybody else who watches the movie will enjoy it too, cuz the movie is funny, the jokes hit the mark, the story is simple (it's easy to follow it), the ensemble cast dances with L.D's tune and also the soundtrack (mostly supplied by Chicago's discography) make it a "Clear Triumph". * Now, I think, it's time for the next season of "Curb..." !!!
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Clear History: It's history is clear
gjtoon-111 August 2013
If you're a fan of Larry David's (and I am) this feature film should make you very happy. It's very much like an extended episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with the same sort of quirky observational humor and dependence on Larry's obsessions with the minutia of every day life. The revenge plot, the back story are just scaffolding on which to build the kind of gags that made Seinfeld and Curb so satisfying. Is Larry exploring new territory? No. But expecting LD to be different is like expecting Woody to be a different person in his films. One can argue that Woody and Bob Hope and Danny Kaye are always themselves (or at least their comic personae) in all of their movies. And I wouldn't have it any other way. There are lots of laughs in this film and Larry delivers in his signature style.
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Absolutely hilarious
phd_travel14 September 2013
There is a whole bunch of comedic talent assembled for this original and hilarious HBO movie - it's a must see. It is funnier than many big budget feature film comedies. The jokes are so frequent it's sometimes easy to miss some of them. Larry David (unrecognizable at first) plays an obnoxious man involved in a start up electric car company. He cashes out just before the big success. Jon Hamm plays the company's boss.

Standouts in the cast include the always funny Eva Mendez, the not often seen enough Michael Keaton, and the surprisingly hilarious Liev Schreiber doing a Chechen character. They are all so good in comedy.

Attractive setting in Martha's Vineyard.

Hope HBO starts making more excellent movie length comedies like this one.
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Well-Acted, but not Hilarious!
namashi_129 July 2015
'Clear History' is certainly amusing & also well-acted, but its not Hilarious. Despite some funny moments & an ensemble to die for, this Larry David comedy doesn't really bring out the hilarity one might expect from it.

'Clear History' Synopsis: A disgraced former marketing executive plots revenge against his former boss, who made billions from the electric car company they started.

'Clear History' clearly lacks wit & top humour. Larry David, Alec Berg, David Mandel & Jeff Schaffer's Screenplay has a terrific premise & some sequences, especially when the revenge is plotted against the antagonist, do hold you interest. But, overall, its strictly average. The sub-plots are too many & sadly, not all of them even work. Even the culmination to this twisted story, isn't well-done. A far superior Screenplay could've made things better! Greg Mottola's Direction is standard.

'Clear History' is led by a very fine cast. Larry David is in his element & performs marvelously well. Michael Keaton is simply astonishing as the angered hillbilly. He steals the show & brings the house down. Bill Hader is first-rate. Jon Hamm is effective. Kate Hudson is genuine. Live Schreiber is superb. Eva Mendes is excellent. Philip Baker Hall, Amy Ryan & Danny McBride shine, as well.

On the whole, 'Clear History' has stellar performances, but thats about it.
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Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque
indiemovieenthusiast14 March 2014
If you are a Curb Your Enthusiasm fan as I am, you will like this movie. I absolutely love Larry David (hilarious) and Jon Hamm (a feast for your eyes) - and this was definitely an interesting match up. It is nice to see Jon Hamm outside of Mad Men, and Larry David in movies. I knew this was a must-see. There are many star surprises, including Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Eva Mendes, and J.B. Smoove. I found the Larry David's character to be very "Curb Your Enthusiasm" - which I find real, honest, and relateable. Perhaps the story line is a bit goofy at times; however, I laughed over and over. If you're looking for a light-hearted laugh fest (and you're a Larry David and Jon Hamm fan)... this is the movie to see!
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Before You Watch This, Curb Your Enthusiasm About It
markdyerncafe15 August 2013
I love, love, love Larry, and "Curb" is pure television gold, but this didn't work. Cast was really good, but this would have worked better as a movie version of "Curb." It just doesn't work when Larry plays his "Curb" character, which he clearly did in this movie, without the "Curb" treatment and texture. This doesn't mean the movie didn't have some clever and funny stuff, which it did, but it just doesn't work. Now, am I still grieving over the (at least temporary) demise of "Curb?" Absolutely, yes. And, there should be a federal law that if Larry is going to play anything this close to his "Curb" Larry, that Jeff must be part of the cast. It just seems this movie got hijacked by a hokey script.
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If you like Seinfeld & Curb Your Enthusiasm you will love this movie. I highly recommend this. Super Funny. I say A.
cosmo_tiger8 September 2013
"You can't name a car Howard!" Nathan (David) is an ad executive who is the best at what he does. After getting into a fight over what to name a new model of car with his boss Will (Hamm) he quits. When the car hits big and makes everyone involved with it very very rich Nathan moves and changes his name. Ten years later, he is content and happy with his new life in Martha's Vinyard. When Will moves to the Vinyard Nathan begins to think of ways to get him to leave. His best idea is to blow up his house. First and foremost this movie is hilarious. But like I have said before I have a specific style of humor that I love. The humor in this one is very Seinfeld like, which makes sense since 4 of the 4 writers wrote for Seinfeld. There are long tirades and running jokes about which car should back up on a one lane road, the placement of electrical outlets and the band Chicago. I laughed a lot throughout. Overall, if you like Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm you will love this movie. I highly recommend this. I give it an A.
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Better than "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
airfoyle1 September 2013
Not everyone is a raving fan of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." The show is often like watching a root- canal procedure as Larry David's character plunges himself into one unnecessary, painfully embarrassing situation after another. There's some of that in "Clear History," but the character has mellowed. You can understand why people like Rolly, the name of the hard-luck case Larry David plays here. He's irascible, but then the other people in his little community are just as irascible and just as quirky; he fits in well. "Clear History" is a farce, a word that I wouldn't exactly apply to "Curb." It's a sequence of disasters based on carefully timed misunderstandings. The scene where Rolly is on the way to stop one such disaster when he has to pause when he encounters two friends who have just been in a motorcycle accident is priceless. He tell the two friends that he just doesn't have time to help them; the two friends are incredulous and angry, but he's actually right! If you were in his situation, you wouldn't help them and you wouldn't be able to explain either. The crush Rolly develops on Kate Hudson's character is also believable and funny, especially the way it (of course) comes crashing down around him.

The cast is terrific. Watch for Liev Schreiber in an uncredited role.
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clear history , clear this show!
mitchco1013 October 2013
I suppose you could say the show "Clear History" was an extended episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" , but without as many laughs , and you'd be right. I enjoy "Curb" ' was a big Seinfeld fan , but to watch a Larry David joke go for over 90 minutes , or however long it went was a bit too much. OK , it was funny to see Larry in a long haired wig for the first 20 minutes , but , this show is overall NOT FUNNY! It was basically an exercise in how long you could tolerate the obnoxious Larry David persona , and after about an hour , I said "enough". I don't know what else to say , but , maybe the idea of a car called The "Howard" was funny , but that's all I'll say. Larry , go back to "Curb" , I think we'd all be better off if you did!
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kathyb217 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Just really unfunny! Stellar and seasoned cast but terrible "script". The acting was just really really bad. Michael Keaton was good,of course.

It seems that even the worst script cannot keep him down. Keaton obviously revived his Beetlejuice persona for this performance. He acted with style and believability.

I never thought I could see Kate Hudson in a sub par movie, but there she was in all her glory. Terrible script and truly horrible acting.

Larry David is his normal annoying bi-polar self. There's no stretch here. He is always the same. It would have been nice to see him actually "act". Larry David always comes in the same old tattered box.
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A very disappointing movie from the master of comedy
josephsoap2130 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I looked forward to this movie having watched every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and never laughed more. So when I knew he was essentially playing the same character I was optimistic. What a let down, he should have played it as a different character because what makes Larry David funny in CYE is that he is comfortable in the world of wealth and leisure where things annoy him. He has an air of authority which is continually undermined by his need to confront. The cast around him are excellent. As a poor man in Marthas Vineyard he has no credibility, you feel he wouldn't be tolerated as Larry David because he has no kudos, no Seinfeld behind him. The people around him are bland except for the fantastic J.B.Smoove maybe he should have included more of the original cast. It just didn't work for me even though I wanted it to. I'm still waiting for Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
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A fun & entertaining movie with the genius of Larry David
BobS-815 August 2013
This is a fun movie that is perfect feel good entertainment. I will be the first to admit that it shines with the humor of Larry David but I wish people would stop saying it is another episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". which it is not. Of course the humor of Larry David runs from start to finish but that is what makes it entertaining. Just like every Abbott & Costello movie ran true to their humor so does other projects by Larry David. "Curb You Enthusiasm" is perhaps the best comedy television show ever made and running neck and neck wit Seinfeld which is also reflecting the genius of Larry David. So it is unfair to compare the movie with "Curb Your Entusiasm". which exceeds all expectations of great comedy. Nonetheless, you will get some good chuckles from "Clear History" and come away feeling quite content with both the story and the characters!
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Good: music - Bad: rest of it
librau210 September 2013
I must have a vastly different sense of humor than the writers. Sorry, I hated this movie. The Chicago music was great, though. I am not a Larry David fan. However, I thought I'd give it a shot. I had to fast forward through a few of the excruciatingly long, rambling, stupid scenes. The scene with the nanny's hair "issue" was just plain dumb and painful to watch.

The fellatio premise was overplayed and added to the annoying features in this movie. The fact that the the co-founder was dumb enough to sell his stock just before the company's release of a new electric car was unbelievable. If I had known that the Seinfeld writers did this movie, I would have passed. I hated Seinfeld, too.
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Three Laughs Out of a Hundred "Jokes"
steve148029 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Kate Hudson actually cracks up entirely out of character in this movie and it's been left in, the filmmakers having presumably convinced themselves that the audience has so thoroughly bought in to their stick figure reality that it will just accept the moment as quirky/delightful. No. This is just another vastly self indulgent pastiche of over acted improv bits making it clear again that there is some kind of illiterate, crap-comedy virus weaving its way through Hollywood. One's jaw drops to find a community filled with movieland celebs plotzing over the remade "history cleared" Larry David. How could it be possible that anybody likes this Constant Whiner? They don't go into it and in fact give ample evidence for the absurdity of the idea. This is not a half-hour episode of quick jokes in an imagined environment whose history we well know, such as Curb or Seinfeld....this is a full length movie and the non- sequiturs start to add up very quickly. Nothing grates like seeing real movie stars giving performances worthy of bad community theater often too serious and too "funny" at the same time. The many testimonies on the movie website to the joy and creativity of doing improv with Larry give additional evidence as to the addled and deluded world these people live in. Philip Baker-Hall thinks the David Method is superior to Stella Adler etc. Bwahahaha. The characters in this film are the Walking Comedic Dead. Reality Score on a scale 1-10: 1 Giving it a 3 for the scenery, Larry David's make-up and the star sightings. Only guy missing is Michael J. Fox, God bless him for staying home.
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Loved It!
plex11 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
So, its a ninety- minute Curb Your Enthusiasm skit? I never read its intent was to be the next Annie Hall. So its about nothing? Who gives a damn? I don't. We all knew watching it, it was going to be a Larry David vehicle, and that's what we got, so why all the complaints? Were you expecting a Noam Chomskey diatribe? Why does the format length dictate the relevance? It was classic LD as far I was concerned: the shopping cart, once-a week shampoo, eye- level wall outlets, the car name, silverware on bare table, the tooth and cheek examine, the Chicago BJs, abandoned people in distress, fat bet, failure to pay car damage, using injured kids to get brownie points, using rescued dog to get a job, the detonator, racial misunderstanding,stalemate on single lane road, and as always, implausible coincidences. Well directed, good pacing, great cast. I was entertained and laughed a lot. Sorry for those who did not. Lighten up people.
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not nearly as entertaining as curb or sour grapes
m38725 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge fan of curb your enthusiasm, and have seen all the seasons and episodes, and also Larry David's Sour Grapes which was decent. When I heard about this I was looking forward to it because he hasn't made a movie in a while. However this demonstrates what some of the other reviews have already mentioned. This was an attempt of Larry applying the same kind of humor and jokes we see in Curb, to a full length movie, but like others said, the Characters are completely wooden and you could care less what happened to them. The premise was interesting but then it goes downhill quick. The twist at the end was cool, where you realize if he hadn't burned the house down he would have been able to collect the money after all. Other than that the script was unoriginal, lame, and predictable. In sour grapes at least the 2 guys are somewhat likable, and the premise somewhat realistic, but here the movie just drags waiting for you to end and proves Larry should not have starred in it, someone else would have probably fit the role better.He could have made a cameo appearance such as in Sour Grapes and with a better script it would have had a chance. 0/10 a horrible film and waste of time.
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Just like the show - "a work of television brilliance
StevePulaski11 August 2013
Several hours ago, I typed my review of the new comedy We're the Millers and remarked how it does something a bit different than many modern comedies and it was the fact that the film didn't seem to obsess with being the raunchiest, most offensive film ever made. It didn't rely heavily on sight-gags and overwrought sequences of sex to get humor, but rather, on character personalities and dialog. Now, later today, I review Clear History, a terrific comedy of errors that relies completely on dialog and situations that work against its lead character in every possible way. It's depressing, cruel, and undoubtedly self-deprecating, but you simply can't look away.

I've said it several people and have published it many times, but I'll say it reiterate my point that Larry David's program Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is now on hiatus after eight seasons, is a work of television brilliance and quite possibly the funniest comedy ever to hit television. This is because the show relies on the building blocks of comedy, which are putting a character in a situation he doesn't want to be in and putting him through obstacles he either isn't fit to go through or simply doesn't want to go through. Because the show is heavily improvised and not formally scripted, this allows for authenticity in emotion, humor, and dialog, showcasing the characters' (and for that matter the actors') personalities. Every laugh is authentic and every true moment is genuine, rather than being outlined in a complex script. Moreover, even the show raises brilliant ethical debates and questions personal etiquette because of situations Larry David winds up getting into. I can't tell you after how many episodes of the show I argued with myself over what option in a specific situation was better.

Clear History has been called the unofficial Curb Your Enthusiasm movie and that is a fair and accurate summation. It possesses the same tone as the program, which is often self-deprecating and personal, it has some of the same actors, the same naturalistic way of filming, the beautiful Italian score, and the countless number of situations that do not work out in the lead characters' favor. David stars as Nathan Flomm, a marketing agent for Electron Motors, a renowned car company, who decides to give up his ten-percent share in the company when the owner Will Haney (Jon Hamm) unleashes a new model car he does not agree with. He doesn't mind the fact that the car is compact, electric, and a little odd-looking (sort of a goofier-looking Smart-Car), but the fact that it is named "Howard," after Will's son.

"Nobody's gonna buy a car named 'Howard'" Call it 'Duey' - 'Duey''s a good name - call it 'Duncan,'" Nathan says to try and change his mind. But Will is set with the name, claiming it will bring in untold millions. And, boy, is he right. After selling his share back, Nathan realizes he has made a colossal mistake, as the "Howard" is now the biggest car in the world and the idea has brought forth over a billion dollars. Shamed, humiliated, and made an outright joke for a simple misconception, Nathan moves away and starts a new life. Ten years later, he looks completely different and lives under the name "Rolly DaVore" in Martha's Vineyard, living a more peaceful, quiet life. Everything seems great until Will, his old boss, visits the area and plans to erect a giant home in the Vineyard. This allows for "Rolly" to hatch a plan, which is more asinine than anything he has ever come up with.

The film works because it relies on its characters and, like Curb Your Enthusiasm, the idea that a character has to partake in something he doesn't want to and winds up being humiliated in every setup. This irony, combined with David's familiar but instantly lovable character who has to make a comment about trivial things like shampooing once a week, the lack of eye-level outlets, how silverware can not be placed on a table that has just been wiped-down with a rag, and how there can't be a "tat" when there was no "tit" is precisely why the film is so engaging and entertaining. These ridiculous setups provide for hilarity and nonstop fun, which is what the film is all around.

Fueled by a tremendous cast featuring comedy greats such as Danny McBride, Bill Hader, and Curb's underrated but quick-witted J.B. Smoove, this is as close-to-home as an unrelated film on the series you could get. I was heartbroken at the fact that season nine of Curb Your Enthusiasm was not even in Larry David's sight, but the fact that we got a genuinely entertaining, uproariously funny film in place of the season is more than enough. This is one of the funniest comedies - and possibly one of the strongest films - of the year.

NOTE: Clear History will air throughout the remainder of August and September on HBO.

Starring: Larry David, Bill Hader, Philip Baker Hall, Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan, and J.B. Smoove. Directed by: Greg Mottola.
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The story of how to mess up the second chance as well.
Reno-Rangan14 January 2017
A much better film than I anticipated from the director of 'Superbad'. This is a television film, that's the sad part, but the production quality was like made for the big screens. From the title to the performances and the locations, all were very good. This is the tale of a man who gave up his share in a startup to realise it a few years later that he had lost a big fortune. And his second chance, how he's going to react and what he gets is what the film was focused.

The casting was really good. Even for the tiny roles, many big names came in. But Larry David ruled as the story presented from his perspective. Don't ignore it thinking it is a small screen product, because this was a unique story and very entertaining. Almost a perfect flick, including a fine pace. But in a few segments, it dragged with unnecessary scenes. More like unneeded developments to stretch the runtime. Though there's no complaint for the overall film. It's not a must see film, but if you miss it you are going to miss out a good entertainment. And finally, I liked the end credits.

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Maybe The Worst Movie Ever Made
BorisKarpov21 May 2014
I have seen many bad movies, but this one might be the worst. I am only going to describe the first scenes to explain my point.

1st scene: Old man with (obvious) fake long hair and fake beard drives in a Porsche, listening to a song. He is pulled over by the police, who thinks he is drunk. But he is not. That is the 1st "joke" we are presented with, which is not funny, not even remotely. What is funny about a policeman thinking hes drunk but hes sober? Nothing.

2nd scene: He is in his office now where he tells a nice Hispanic lady (hidden racism), that she should shampoo her hair more than once a week, because it smells. Thats the joke...he even repeats that sentence: " Twice a week---shampoo, you know?".he shampoos his hair every day. Now that is not funny or anything that is just stupid. In real life this old man has NO HAIR, but he is giving her advice about shampooing. Every Dermatologist will tell you if you shampoo you hair too much it will fall out. I could go on and on but this review would be too long.

In summary this is the UNfunniest most boring and utterly stupid movie anyone has ever made.
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W.C. Fields would be proud
WoodrowTruesmith21 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS - so don't complain later.

As much as I admire Curb Your Enthusiasm, Clear History is funnier. For one thing, it moves like lighting, with a season's worth of Curb's big moments, one after the other and all part of a logical plot. Instead of loose improv, each is a tight comedic scene with sharp dialog (by David, Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer, his old Seinfeld brain trust) delivered by a stellar supporting cast: Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride, J.B. Smoove, Eva Mendes, Philip Baker Hall, an unrecognizable Michael Keaton as Joe Stumpo, an unbilled Liev Schreiber as a scary Chechen...and an unfortunately underutilized Bill Hader.

One classic line comes when Larry's Nathan Flomm tries to undo his rash resignation, arguing that the act of apology is sufficient and whether he really means it is irrelevant. Hamm is appalled: "That is literally the ONLY thing an apology has to be, is sincere." And then, of course, Nathan can't resist pointing out his boss is making an insincere apology, just to pound the final nail in his own financial coffin.

That other great comic misanthrope W.C. Fields said there is nothing funnier than a henpecked man. Fields was famed for playing braying drunks and con-men in most of his movies (My Little Chickadee, International House, Poppy, The Big Broadcast, etc.), but in his three greatest comedies (It's a Gift, The Man on the Flying Trapeze and The Bank Dick) Fields played the flip side of that character - the put-upon family man and frustrated dreamer.

By the same token, David is best-known for Curb, portraying himself as a privileged idler who irritates everyone. But he's much funnier and more relatable as Nathan/Rolly...the guy who blew his big chance and is now contentedly scraping by under a new name in idyllic Martha's Vineyard. Yes, he has the same annoying Curb persona: the racial and sexual hangups, the tin-ear for others' feelings, and the OCD persnicketiness...but why wouldn't Rolly be as popular with these friends, who are themselves cheerful slobs, cranks and resentful townies? It makes as much sense as the meta-Larry on Curb having friends.

The writing is fiendishly clever; what seem like simple jokes turn out to reveal character and propel the plot: I laughed out loud when The Fountainhead came Rolly's TV halfway through - inspiring Rolly's revenge plot. It looked like Jon Hamm's naming both his kid and his car after Howard Roark was finally going to bite him in the ass. A few twists later, we learn Hamm's character has repented his Ayn Rand ways and David's Nathan/Rolly is undone by his own pride -- Clear History is like the farce version of Breaking Bad.

But the Fountainhead scene was when I decided this film is Larry David's The Bank Dick.

The fight on the road with Kate Hudson, building to a perfect reversal of expectations - and then the most hilariously mean use of a motorcycle accident in any comedy - suffice it to say, I found this the funniest movie of 2013, even though it wasn't in a theater.
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What's the point?
baconbit10 August 2013
If Larry David wanted to make something EXACTLY like Curb Your Enthusiasm, why not just make another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm? Sadly, not only was this exactly like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but it is exactly like the later (terrible) seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm rather than the first few seasons. JB Smoove ruined CYE and he ruined this movie that should never have been made in the first place.

Mr. David...stick to half hour comedies. You have now attempted to make a feature length film twice in your career and have failed miserably both times. And if you insist on acting, then stick to playing yourself or at least a fictionalized version of yourself like in CYE. Don't bother trying to play someone else since every character you play is exactly the same

No, you want to know how bad this was? Think Seinfeld finale bad.
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Light, Intelligent, and Entertaining Parody of The Fountainhead
bbrebozo21 September 2013
I was initially upset when I heard that Larry David was going to skip another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm to do a made-for-TV move. Well, Clear History is that movie. And it's great. David's decision to take himself and much of his cast out of the familiar Curb Your Enthusiasm environment, and place them into a parody of one of Ayn Rand's best known and most controversial novels, was an excellent one.

The casting of this movie is terrific, and each member of the cast has moments of brilliance. For example, check out Kate Hudson's reaction when Larry David kisses her, or Michael Keaton's just-a-slight-hint-of-Beetlejuice performance as a mad bomber. And, of course, J.B. Smoove joins the cast as ... well, I don't know exactly why he's there, except that he continues to demonstrate that he is far and away David's best, most creative improv partner. I'm no actor, but it looks like it takes a special talent to ad lib, particularly through a Larry David comedy. And David has assembled an exceptionally talented group of actors who can roll with his punches and make it look easy and fun to watch.

Most of the Ayn Rand parodies I've seen have been ham-fisted and humorless, but Clear History's parody is light, intelligent and entertaining. The idea of Larry David as a comic version of The Fountainhead's Howard Roark really pays off. The parallels between The Fountainhead and Clear History are woven smartly throughout the plot -- and they're humorous. (For those familiar with the book: Think of Jon Hamm and Kate Hudson as Peter Keating and Dominique Francon, when you're watching the movie. Oh, come on: I know Ayn Rand wouldn't approve,'s funny!)

Whether Larry David's develops season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, another made-for-TV movie, or some other project, I'll be eagerly awaiting his next move.
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Curb in the Hamptons
MLDinTN11 August 2013
Larry David is back basically playing his character from Curb Your Enthusiam in a new HBO movie. He plays Nathan, a guy whom foolishly gave up some stocks that turned out to be worth a billion dollars. He was so humiliated, that he changed his name to Rolly and moved to the Hamptons. Years later, Will and his pretty wife show up, Will is the guy that owned the company. So Rolly is out for revenge. What he doesn't know is that Will has good intentions.

As in Curb, Rolly complains about the simplest of things and JB Smoove is back with Larry. They are great together.

FINAL VERDICT: If you like the humor in Curb, you'll surely like this. It has the same type of funny moments.
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Clear History
lambiepie-217 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Make no mistake, this is a Larry David film with Larry David being Larry David. The thing about Larry is, it would be hard pressed for him to act into any other character, and that is a great deal of his charm.

Here, he takes on the role of a marketing genius who was hired for his expertise in making a product a part of the consumer idiom. Nathan is apparently excellent at doing just that. However, he gets hired by a boss, played by Jon Hamm, who is very obnoxious and egotistical and names the product, an automobile, after his son, Howard. Nathan's marketing instincts tell him that is a bomb of a name for the automobile, which will make the marketing of it very hard to consumers, and he tells his boss so. His boss takes it personally, so Nathan does what he feels is best, quit. Even though he owns a percentage in the stake of the company, he gives it all up.

Suffice to say, the car actually becomes a success to consumers regardless of the marketing used/needed, and Nathan is branded 'the stupidest person' in the world for giving up his stake which would have made him extremely rich. Years later, Nathan has moved to a small, quiet "island", changes his name and gets a menial job to live the rest of his life out to try to forget his biggest mistake, but his ex-boss and his wife moves to the island and proceeds to build a 'McMansion' Nathan is hell-bent on revenge and precedes to exact it.

Now, that sounds like an entertaining premise, and it is. However for me, the execution at points became uneven and really over worked. Larry brings his humor and pathos to the character of Nathan, but unlike other characters Larry has developed, I didn't want to root for Nathan. I became uninterested and this got grading as it went along.

Also the sub-sub-sub plot of Larry finding out about the goings on of a girlfriend he had ions ago, and her association with the band Chicago could have been excluded. It was over wrought, over used and unneeded. I do appreciate hearing Chicago's music, but not as part of this film as it didn't seem to "flow" to enhance the story in any way as soundtracks can/do. It just seemed like a bunch of their wonderful materials placed in a film haphazardly. Didn't do them justice at all.

Clear History was a 50/50 for me as I like watching Larry David because only he can bring a perspective to a character that you can 'get' every now and then, even if his character makes stupid decisions or makes stupid moves. Larry's characters have an interesting way of overcoming shortcomings. It fell short in Clear History, but surely didn't have to. Larry is also good at producing ensemble pieces that revolve around his character's bad decisions, etc. Here, he had a small ensemble piece, but drifted away, trying to add material not really needed.
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nogodnomasters30 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Nathan (Larry David) works for Electron Motors, an up and coming electric car company. When the owner (Bill Hader) decides to name the car "Howard" Nathan objects and quits the company. When the "Howard" becomes the next greatest innovation, Nathan become the brunt of national humor. Nathan changes his name to go live a quiet life on Martha's Vineyard...until his former boss decides to live there too.

The comedy was light and the Chicago music was heavy. I enjoyed some of the initial humor, but as the film went on some of the fresh humor became stale as they ran out of new ways to make fun of Nathan's neat compulsion. Howard inadvertently becomes a nemesis to Jaspar (J.B. Smoove) a bit that I liked. The film was able to tie together bits and pieces, i.e. circle around, something I expect in good writing. The problem was that the jokes were not that good and the sexual humor wasn't that funny.

Works as a rental.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity. Sex talk.
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