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Very fun and entertaining movie
Gexas11 January 2014
I think it's important to mention that it is probably the first "made in Lithuania" movie worth seeing for viewers outside Lithuania borders. As Lithuanian I would write whole 10 for it, but being realistic and thinking about international audience I will vote for something between 7 or 8.

Now about movie. Without spoiling anything: it's a criminal, little bit dark humor comedy about few English guys who decided to rob some gangsters and run to Malaysia. Everything went according to the plan except one thing- them flight was redirected to god forgotten eastern European country with unpronounceable name.

This movie took place in Lithuania and reflects myth and ideas about it, but in my opinion those myth would fit perfectly for any eastern European country and any viewer from there will find something alike in them homeland.

Because most of the audience will be from Lithuania there are some jokes that only Lithuanians will understand or understand it differently from the rest, but I think it shouldn't cause much problem for anyone.

I should mention that this movie is mostly in English, but also you can hear some Lithuanian language, some very "broken" English and even few words in Russian. Don't worry because everything is subbed. This kind of thing is done because in Lithuania older generation hardly speak English and it was the only way to show it. And also it's very fun to watch this miss-communications between main characters and natives. Maybe it will be harder for ones who do not understand Lithuanian language, but still it should be pretty entertaining because subs will let you catch the idea.

By the whole this movie is really entertaining and fun to watch. Maybe little bit to much nudity and curse words, but let's not forget that it is S rated move. Also some things shown are little to harsh and show eastern Europe from not the bright side, but this movie is not a documentary so it shouldn't taken seriously, it should be watched with little irony and wish to laugh at yourself (last part dedicated for eastern European viewers).

To sum up everything- if you like Guy Ritchie movies, if you liked movies like "Snatched", "Seven Psychopaths" or movie "Kiss kiss kiss bang bang" you will probably like this one too.
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It's not terrible
trashcan-e20 December 2014
It's not terrible, but that's also not saying much. The score also isn't very indicative of this film's quality, but on such a prominent site as IMDb - it is no surprise. 5 stars for the effort of trying to be something it clearly isn't - a Guy Ritchie style gangster flick.

Is it funny ? Yeah, at times - it is, but most of the laughs are accompanied by a cringe. Is it original ? Hardly. You always get a feeling you have seen all this before - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but in this case it feels like Re-Directed is awkwardly trying to mimic its bigger brothers from UK. The dramatic arguments in some of the scenes feel incredibly forced - clear over-acting steals the emphasis from what should be really important in the scene. That said, the pacing is okay, there's enough action for this kind of movie and it doesn't stall too much. Also, I found some scenes genuinely comical, but some were a bit too cliché-ridden.

What deserves some applause though, is that the director didn't attempt to paint a realistic picture of Lithuania, but took the satirical, "Looney Tunes" approach instead. It's one of the things I actually liked about this film - it's very light-hearted and doesn't take itself seriously, which scores it some very much needed points.

This is something you watch once, then remember how many times you had watched Snatch/Lock Stock, and then watch them again - because they are worth it.
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I honestly don't understand the high rating
joksa_yu200116 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of the worst high rated movies I've ever seen. Made me so mad, I gave it rating 1, just because it was so overrated. I mean 8,7 from 12.000 users? Have you actually seen the movie before you rated it? I read somewhere this is the first Lithuanian movie to be accepted internationally. Well, if it means this is the first Lithuanian movie I've ever seen, then it's probably right. It's a Guy Ritchie meets Emir Kusturica. The acting is very thin, though. It's full of Eastern Europe clichés, but it's so overt, it's not even funny. I knew what to expect in each of the following dialogues 10 minutes into the movie. I fast forwarded through certain parts.

In conclusion, if you want to see a bad ass, fast-cut, violent Brit movie, go see the Snatch. If you want to see an Eastern European movie, see the Underground. If you want to see a mix of the two, and a bad one if I might add, see this.
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Promising start, but then......Oh dear
steve-mason662 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This movie had quite a promising start, but unfortunately the writers ran out of ideas after less than an hour. The story is nothing original - bad guys had something taken from them, bad guys try to get it back, how original is that, it's been done a hundred times before (and a lot better) The story centres around 4 idiots who rob some guys with the plan to fly off to Malaysia, unfortunately because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland, their plane is diverted to Lithuania, and here's my first issue, The plane was diverted, yet it wasn't headed towards the volcano, which is north, Lithuania is east, as is Malaysia. Neither of those countries are anywhere near Iceland, so why couldn't it continue to Malaysia? And why Lithuania? The story kicks off at a pace with the feel of a Guy Ritchie movie, but slows quite quickly. The lads end up in Lithuania trying to get back to Blighty, being chased by all types of gangsters. The acting is very poor and unnatural, and instead of sounding like tough London gangsters they sound like posh boys trying to play the hard man, and it just didn't work for me. Vinny Jones was, well, Vinny Jones, and gave the sort of performance you come to expect from him, not exceptional, not bad, just...Vinny. The story runs out of steam, and the majority of the film has the lads running from place to place being chased, and that's pretty much the rest of the movie. For me it was a kind of nothing movie, easily forgettable. It tried very hard to be a Lock Stock kind of movie and failed. Don't be fooled by the 10 star ratings given by people from Lithuania, they are totally false and rated highly just because it was filmed in their country. Give this a miss, unless you have 90 minutes or so to kill.
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Once again disappointed.
nathansafetech18 December 2014
I got this movie one week ago and the rating was 8.9, today it is already 8.5, who knows how it will be 3 weeks from now. I seems as if people watch the trailer and and base their opinions on it. If this happened to be true Prometheus would have been the best movie of all times, well, it ain't. Bad comedy, they have tried to set the tone by using music on every scene which got obvious and boring quite fast. They also tried to use "The Hangover" for some part of the script and it was a nightmare.

In three weeks or less if people actually watch this movie through the end it could be a solid 5.7.
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Another untrustworthy IMDb score
CharlieHound16 December 2014
I was really looking forward to this, especially after seeing the cracking score it had on IMDb... but terminal boredom set in after 20 minutes and I was wishing I'd watched something more interesting... like grass growing!

I try to like English films but this one was a total disaster!

I know I'm going to get a load of dislikes from paid reviewers but I wouldn't give this more than 4/10, and that's being generous!

Where do these scores come from, and how much do they cost to buy?

It's getting to the stage where I can no longer trust IMDb reviews and scores, as it's quite obvious that this score wasn't obtained in the normal manner (where people rate something based on how crap it isn't)

Do yourself a favour and watch something that isn't this.
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loved it
egluze-lu12 January 2014
I never thought that a movie with such a small budget could ever be made so well. And it's not some haunting house horror, but a full caliber of action, movie. I will not say, that it reached an A level quality, but comparing this one with other E. Velyvis previous works, "Redirected" is almost brilliant.

The script on my opinion had few significant mistakes, but it did not stop me from enjoying the movie. Frankly, I couldn't stop crying while watching it, how funny that was from me. Though "Redirected" is orientated to the wider audience, I have to admit that there are some amazingly funny moments that will be understood only by a true Lithuanian (the scene with the emergency was crazy, but what is more crazy that it was actually based on a true story; or the old man in the forest making illegal hooch, witch is extremely popular in the country, I myself as a kid used to steal billets from there). The other east Europeans should also find something familiar.. :} but must not forget director uses lots of dark comedy. But overall I am pretty sure the West world will also enjoy the movie very much. They too will be able to recognize them self and how they look in the eyes of east ;] You know what, I can't wait to see it again.
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I didn't like it...
hdirenzo29 December 2014
Well...having read the last reviews about this film I am considering if my sense of humour has some sort of problem...but not. I just did not like it, I just could not laugh. The actors are incredible. The location is very interesting. The a mixture of styles I have already seen in films of Kusturica, Ritchie, etc....but when someone else just tries to "make a film like it was from another famous person" just doesn't work. the story is full of any kind of bizarre situations. And that's all you will get from this film. Very good music, I have to admit. but...¿rough gangsters walking in low motion? ¿again? ¿priest having sex? ¿funny? sorry don't invite me, I am not interested.
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Do not trust the high rating!
aivarasr23 December 2014
Looks like the whole cast wrote these highly positive reviews. It's a shame and disgrace to my native country Lithuania.

If you want to regret wasting hours of your life then I guess watch this movie, else it will be as or even less entertaining as playing with your belly-button.

The movie starts 'fairly' interesting and quickly dies off after roughly twenty minutes. After watching this movie you're left with a feeling that someone made a cruel joke on you or they intentionally stole your money or the amount of talent/work put in this movie is next to non existent.

It is not remotely entertaining or funny, unless you're actually some degenerate that is shown in the movie. If that's the case then it's a movie for degenerates about them.

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Weak Guy Ritchie Ripoff
kabukiman203224 January 2015
Very weak attempt to imitate aforementioned director's style with lame results. Some gags make you crack a little smile a few times, but that's all.

Vinnie is OK as the tough guy but he can't save this as the plot is the thickness of a rolling paper and probably could fit on one sheet of it.

It's just another robbers robbing each other story with characters who should be dead by the first 10 minutes but somehow survive in the most ludicrous manner everything that is thrown at them, including hails of bullets etc. No effort whatsoever at creating some plausible shenanigans. Save 2 hours of your life and don't watch this poorly written rubbish.
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Biased rating
osvazas19 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I am a Lithuanian myself and I had quite a few Lithuanian friends telling me that this film is going to have me in tears so I gave it a whirl. 20-30min into the film and I came to think that I am probably just wasting my time. I am sure that many Lithuanians will find it funny though. You have a priest that does the opposite of what is expected of a priest; you have lots of cursing and cliché characters who seem to be incapable of a normal human interaction other than shouting and screaming their lunges out. Once a new character is introduced into the film, you know that he is likely to be just like the characters we had already seen, meaning more shouting, cursing and screaming. Furthermore, the film does not do any justice to the Lithuanian culture etc. We were represented as a bunch of bigots. Having said that, the film does not take itself seriously and obviously it should be approached with a light-hearted attitude. Although, I personally did not find it all that funny, I am sure that many Lithuanians will and rightfully so. The most interesting element of the film was actually watching the interactions between English and Lithuanian bigots, which made for a rather funny and interesting dichotomy. All in all, a very much Lithuanian oriented film that will probably be unappreciated by the foreign audience.
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A very decent comedy from Lithuania
n2115 November 2014
First of all, the movie got me a lot of good laughs, especially in the beginning, where Brits get into all kinds of awkward situations and troubles in an Eastern-Europe country. I absolutely love the stereotypical depiction of locals, however they are too inhospitable and swear way too much -- people in Poland and Baltics usually are a lot more friendlier than the movie wants us to believe.

There are lots of really good jokes about the stereotypical eastern-European "love" of foreigners (means: you will most probably end up robbed, naked and find yourself in the middle of nowhere if you walk too far from city centre and trust locals too much), lots of funny moments flavoured with a good load of nonsense and stupidity.

I say, you should watch it. Well done, Lithuania.
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A good mix of Ritchie& Kusturica styles
tomaslangaitis31 January 2014
Finally, a Lithuanian directed movie I am proud to present to the international community.

Not another down-tempo super metaphoric berlin-festival-wannabe 'theather play' but a true global-standard entertainment.

Nothing much original: several B grade stars, lots of Guy Ritchie style swear-run-shoot scenes and Kusturica style humor. However, finally, two hours well spent with no sense of obligation to "support local produce".

The movie begins in London but moves out to Lithuania shortly after. To a disgrace (and even shock) to some Lithuanians, Vilnius is portrayed as a dirty and corrupted city with criminal elements roaming the streets day and night. Well, its wasn't that bad even in the 90s but, well, Balcan'ish chaos is much more entertaining to watch as compared to Scandinavian'ish modern and calm reality. Countryside is also shown at its ('somewhere in Siberia') extreme and reminded me the Russian movies, such as Osobennosti natsionalnoy rybalki (1998).

Don't trust the IMDb rating unless its has >20k votes, as the first 10k will be voted by patriot Lithuanians. In any way, to sum up, its a good film to eat some popcorn and to laugh with (or at) the eastern europeans.
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Not a brain teaser
viliusmoliu14 January 2014
I have to admit, I tried to go see it with no expectations, but the trailer pushed them up a little and, to be fair, I went out of the cinema satisfied with what I saw. It's not a brain teaser, don't expect to see something deep and thoughtful in this movie, because it's just a fast-paced action movie with a handful of dark humor.

When the four lads decide to make their life a paradise by take a job by robbing an underground poker game and running off to Malaysia with the goods. But in no way that can go perfectly fine and as their flight gets redirected to some small Eastern Europe country, they end up in all kinds of trouble with locals and the robbed mobsters on their tails and all the fun begins.

Aside from the far-from-perfect performance of local actors, the movie it self is really good and enjoyable. There are some jokes that get on a real dark side (because some are based on true stories), but you have to understand that this is dark humor with lots of foul language and you should expect no less, that helps to magnify the dark side of Eastern Europe and probably the rest of the world that's not on a travel guide.

All in all it's not a masterpiece of cinematography, and has no deep meaning, but it's enjoyable movie aimed at masses.
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Some bad reviews but I enjoyed it.
abowkley1 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this one, it was a mix of lock stock with The hangover, it was predictable but after 10000 movies they are all predictable. not a Vinnie Jones fan but he works well in movies like this, nice Tony Montana reference thrown in their. It could have been written better so not a 10er
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Not as serious as I expected
skirmay20 January 2014
The trailer makes really wrong impression about the movie Redirected! This is one of those movies to watch with your friends at Friday's night and just have fun. Nothing more just fun. It's really funny and entertaining but I think only Lithuanians (well, and some people from other Eastern European countries) can understand this kind of humor. I expected something more serious and I have to admit that some scenes are really stupid and unnecessary. In my opinion you wouldn't get involved in a lot of those situations staying in Lithuania. I prefer another Emilis Velyvis movie - Zero because it's more tense, realistic and not that goofy. I still give this movie an 8 because I laughed my ass off watching the COLOLO scene, It was the best, seriously. And I liked the camera work, the acting, Vinnie Jones with some great Lithuanian actors like Sapranauskas in it. Redirected is worth seeing , just don't expect anything too much. Just relax and enjoy it's craziness. Have fun!
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So annoying.
mk5721 December 2014
Although it is written the way it is, I found this film to be incredibly annoying. The situations are farcical and far fetched....but not in a good way. Never before have I watched a film that gets me screaming at the screen " Just shoot them !! " so often and with such passion. 9's out of 10 for THIS film ? Perleaaase ! Get real.....a FOUR at the very most !! I had NO sympathy with the 3 robbers and the guy who is unwittingly coerced into being part of their activities. They ALL needed shooting and I came away from this feeling sorry for Vinnie Jones that he had to put himself through this pile of do-do. If you intend watching this, be fully prepared to shout at the screen like I did. Enjoy, if you like to be wound up !
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Trying too hard to be something its not
crazytalk-499-25728328 December 2014
Just trying too hard to be a Guy Ritchie film.

I like Vinnie Jones but I think he needs to play a different kind of gangster, a little more smiles, a little more smug.

Had some good parts, acted well, but the story line is corny, I mean how do you get someone into Lithuania without a passport?

Surprised I lasted until the end, and it ended pretty poorly.

So many of these shows have potential but where do they get the script writers from? Surely they can see the holes? Cant they?

Can they just ring me and go thru it before they submit it?

SO many good parts to this show, but just not tied and ended correctly.
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giannife16 December 2014
This movie has been voted only by Lithuanians.

Why did you do that? The movie is quite bad.

The script is very simple. I did not enjoy it.

A lot of clichés.

Not even remotely funny.

Very few surprises.

Everything is very simple.

Maybe that it contains a lot of inside jokes.

Maybe you have to be from eastern Europe to like it.

Thanks for wasting my time.

This is the first and last Lithuanian movie.
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Emilis Velyvis can do better
krka1512 January 2014
I like Emilis Velyvis movies in general: the Guy Ritchie influenced tough characters interconnecting with one another, gritty street life, fast pacing, stylized action. They appeal to most Lithuanians, because they show a lot of nuances from everyday life of the country in a comic way (Zero being my favorite). I had big expectations from this movie and it was quite promising in the beginning, but as it went by it turned into a complete crowd pleaser, exchanging any subtlety for some cheap laughs.

The performances were pretty good on the English side, (Vinnie Jones never disappoints) but the Lithuanians were on a bit lower level overall. Some of Lithuania's best actors are cast in roles which don't use their great acting potential at all. The target audience can spot some funny cameos of characters from the earlier movies and Lithuanian show business, but I wouldn't call them interesting, to say the least.

The plot was quite simple and intriguing, but that also faded out into the banal. At some point you could start feeling that it won't get any better - the intrigue is getting drained with cliché situations and stereotypical comedy which isn't really clever. The dialog is, on occasion, well written, but it often seems unnatural and hollow.

The production quality, cinematography is one of the best I've seen from our country's movie-making, but again, there is nothing you haven't really seen before anywhere else. It's nice that this movie is helping Lithuania to get some attention in this field internationally and I hope it allows the creation of more quality films here. I feel like Emilis Velyvis finally got what he needed to make the movie he wanted and sadly in the end it came across as an another competition of who can curse better. Maybe it was the movie he wanted to make, but seeing his older work, I'd say he can do better.
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Absolutely dreadful.
You_Sunk_My_Battleship007 January 2015
If this website wants to be taken seriously it needs to start the reviewing process for this film again. The plot..... . . . . . . The acting - who are the actors? I think anyone who enjoyed this was from Eastern Europe Where do I start. Mark Kermode reviewed it perfectly. It's starts with some kind of English dross with lots of racist depictions of England and how we all drink tea and sit by Big Ben and then finishes in Eastern Europe where apparently the world is at war constantly and everyone hires hookers and commits crime. The film made lots of money and is probably only reviewed by people who live there. In short the film is utterly terrible. If you watch it I feel sorry for you. Quite how this is scored so highly is an absolute mystery. Thanks
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Half a movie
shoomkloom25 December 2014
Starts out OK in a Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels sort of way. The acting and action are quite good and the plot is coming along nicely. We see the protagonists getting in worse and worse trouble. They constantly go from bad to worse and you start waiting for the moment when there is some twist to give the movie some point, but then they get another dose of bad luck and the movie ends.

Wait what...?! What was the point?!

Sorry to say, if this movie had some better ending, I would have given it an 8 or 9, but it looks like the writers got fed up with it in the middle or maybe the budget got suddenly cut. It's only half a movie so I'm only giving it a 5...
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Adventures of four Brits in Rom country or the "beauties" of Eastern Europe
vladasulinskas26 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
All those who now raise their eyebrows seeing this near funny support from Lithuanians may be right. But they will have to find out themselves if this creation is as good as we say. Hopefully, it will not disappoint (Since non Lithuanian viewers will have to wait for few months in order to see it, I may include spoilers!).

This movie is not a sudden appearance into big screens of some idea which suddenly got financial support. It is a long walk of both director from former similar type domestic movies Zero and Zero II and all the cast which worked in them. Laboriously gathered cast and money made creators responsible for the movie to make it as good as possible.

As creators themselves best describe it, you can call this movie Hangover meets Guy Ritchie criminal action comedy with one peculiar thing - it happens as probably never before in post soviet country. It tells a story of John, Ben and Tim who plan on robbing illegal casino in London and fly to the sunny beaches of Malaysia. In the process they add unwillingly another friend who seems to be living a descent life with a descent job and loved girlfriend. The plan goes almost smooth until the flight as the movie title says is redirected to Eastern Europe. Here the four musketeers face constant threat for their life. Also, the four gangsters led by Golden Pole (who is played by one of the best possible actors for such task Vinnie Jones) find their trail and add additional Guy Ritchie spice to the mix. Here they face cunning prostitutes, corrupt policeman, cigarette and immigrant smugglers, alcoholics, asocial Polish, Russian and gypsy people with bad attitude, unique for this part of Europe guys with sweat suits and baseball bats. They even show perverted priest and molesters emergency medics! Most of the film action takes place in full of rubbish and debris places, almost like in Gypsy encampments. All of this is factual but rather reflects single events and the past rather than tendency and present situation in the country. Actually you would have to search deep in Lithuania in order to still find such behaving people and places. However, the director knows that it is what audience want and that he is the best at delivering it.

Although this is a gangster movie with a lot of dark and asocial material, its main merit is humor. In this movie you will not find longer than one minute length stretch without a joke. More importantly, the jokes are not lame. Some are seen in previous movies like tattoos after hangover or shooting the bad guy just before he kills a good guy. But others are completely original. Only in "Redirected" you can find naked guy handcuffed to the radiator which he carries around in the city, strong as Liqueur beer in plastic two liters bottles, real mob shooting guns in countryside where chicken and piglets share same space with humans, statue of Lenin hidden in the woods.

Movie has well thought out plot and structure. Four friends in Lithuania get separated. So the movie is also fragmented into four parts. Probably, because creators wanted to show more aspects of Eastern Europe exotica. In the fourth part they finally meet up again in "Lithuanian wedding". The flop here feels only at the end of the movie. The ending is quite sudden and completely does not fallow the pace and expectation (Lithuanian movie endings have tendency to be bad). Special credit should be given to cinematography which is unequal in whole history of Lithuania. Landscapes, shots, all look great. Editing is also great. These aspects make movie watchable alongside large budget Hollywood blockbusters.

Cast with the exception of Vinnie Jones playing well his casual character is little known outside Lithuania. But they manage to prove that less popularity does not mean less quality. Brit actors, especially Gil Darnell (Johnny), Scot Williams (Michael) acted great and are worth of working in bigger projects. From Lithuanian part of the cast exceptional quality acting is delivered from those who played Staska, Simona, Vycka with Algis (as Vytas Sapranaukas) in the lead. In overall, actors played characters which very well fit them making their performances more convincing. Be aware that the movie contains a lot of bad words in Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and English languages! To sum up, if you are a fan of "Hangover", "Snatch", "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" you will not get disappointment and even will see something unseen anywhere else. This is a fresh unique peek into post soviet countries social problems. Provoking, exotic and full of guilty fun. However, you mustn't form your opinion about the country itself form this movie as it reflects the worst situation about twenty years ago. Today Lithuania is a typical peaceful European Union nation. This movie is not a real travel journal. I urge you not to miss it and get your really positive and fun boost.
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Funny, in a pantomime-like kind of way
pauly_c27 May 2017
This is a violent movie, true, with plenty of four-letter expletives, but the violence is a little bit cartoon-like really. If you can forgive that, then the movie is worth watching for the humour, because it is very funny in places. Vinny Jones is his normal menacing self. Jolly good fun.
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Total sh't
begob9 January 2015
Is this it for UK cinema?

A bunch of Thatcherite w'nkers treat the entire industry as a tax write off. AND they get a laugh funding a bad story that approves their thieving Thatcherite ways.

Everything about this is weak and pathetic. Directing, acting, editing. It's incredibly sh't.

The weak humour is a symptom of so many English productions. Looks like they're proud of the Carry On tradition. FFS. Sadly Lithuanian crooks agree with them.

And the IDMB rating? Ridiculous - bought and paid for.
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