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  • The machine dispenses five numbers belonging to the five biggest Italian mafia bosses in the city, including Moretti's son and Elias' half brother, Gianni Moretti, Jr. Reese and Finch surmise that their numbers can only mean that Elias is targeting the five, he planning to consolidate their operations under his leadership. Because Elias is involved, they want to inform Carter, but she still is not taking their calls. Meanwhile, Carter learns that a bank account they are tracking that is believed to belong to Elias has just been drained of all its money - $4 million - with the transfers made to several unknown sources. She too surmises that the five mafia kingpins are being targeted by Elias, with the money going to Elias' associates for their parts in taking out the kingpins. Carter plans on taking the five into protective custody whether they like it or not. The race becomes who can get to the five first. Through the process, Carter learns that her job is made all the more difficult because of HR's support of Elias, meaning that she doesn't know who within the police department she can trust beyond Fusco. She also has to make a difficult decision when her personal life gets intertwined in the case. Reese vows to her that he will take care of the personal end for her while she focuses on the mafia kingpins and Elias.

  • Elias is finally ready to eliminate the dons and become the leader of the underground.


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  • Open with Carter and her son Taylor talking about him being bullied.

    Finch tells Reese they have new numbers -- the heads of the Mafia's five families. Reese assumes Elias is targeting them in an attempt to take over organized crime in the city. Considering the collateral damage that could result, Reese wants them to babysit the dons.

    Finch goes to the Brooklyn building where the dons hold a regular meeting and manages to install a listening device. We hear Moretti's son (who has taken over) asking about retaliating against Elias for kidnapping his father. The other dons aren't interested because they feel like he's brining in money. Reese thinks they need to let the dons know Elias will be coming after them.

    Carter sees that Elias money was withdrawn in the form of cash and wire transfers. He's planning something big, it seems.

    We see Elias is holding Moretti hostage. He tells his father he wants to keep him alive for the "the show," which will be him uniting the families. Elias says the dons won't have a choice in the matter.

    A cop with HR tells Fusco they want info on Reese. They're interested in what the feds know, so they can help Elias. He also tells Fusco that he should call in sick for a few days.

    Reese tells one of the dons that he is in danger and the only way he'll be safe is if he comes with him. The don turns him down and is almost instantly killed by a car explosion.

    We see a flashback to young Elias with the woman who raised him. He's struggling with his identity and wants to know more about his father and what happened to his mother.

    Reese calls Elias and asks him to "end this." Elias thinks he's doing what is in the best interest of the city. Reese says he can't let him finish his plan without trying to interfere.

    Finch tells Reese that Carter is looking into Elias, but isn't aware of the connection to the dons and HR. Reese leaves to try and protect her.

    We see Carter attempt to place another of the dons into protective custody. The don is killed, but Reese shows up just in time to save her.

    A teenage Elias tries to get work with Moretti. Moretti tells him he didn't know his father either and thinks that a hard life is the best way to achieve success. He tells Elias to keep his head up and there will always be a place for him.

    Carter meets with Reese and Finch. She tells them about Elias making the transfers and her inability to access the accounts. Finch offers to use his resources to help and Reese gives her a military-issue weapon.

    Reese follows one of the guys on Elias' payroll. He's following the families of the HR cops.

    Carter and Fusco meet with the last three dons. They still aren't willing to accept her help. She pulls out a gun, planning to take them into custody by force. They have to shoot their way out of there. Finch calls and gives her a safe house location.

    Elias talks to Moretti about his mother. It seems he witnessed her murder when he was four years old. Elias is told about Carter's intervention and he says they need to turn to their friends on the police force.

    Finch tells Reese about Carter's plan with the dons. Reese then asks about Carter's son. We see one of the dirty HR cops take Taylor away, having told him his mother is in the hospital.

    Finch calls Taylor's cell phone as the kid is headed to the car. The cop realized what's happening and grabs Taylor. Reese shows up gun blazing but can't get to Taylor before he's taken away.

    Elias calls Carter and tells her he has her son. He will let Taylor go if she lets the dons go. He explains the evil that the dons perpetrate but she won't make the deal. Reese promises Carter he won't let them hurt Taylor. One of the dons tries to convince Carter that Fusco had something to do with her son being taken. Elias shows up at the safe house in person.

    Finch meets with one of the HR cops named Simmons. He shows up pictures of Elias following the dirty cops' families, including the former rapist who has been watching Simmons' wife and kids. He warns him there is no telling what Elias will do once he has no use for HR. Finch asks him to find out the location of Taylor and severe their relationship with Elias.

    Elias begins breaking into the safe house.

    Several of Moretti's men take young Elias to be killed, referencing the murder of his mother along the way. Elias talks about his strength coming from being alone and kills both of the henchmen.

    Finch bravely offers to help Reese get Taylor back, but Reese declines.

    Elias breaks into the safe house just as Reese breaks into the place where both Taylor and Moretti are being held. While Reese battles through Elias' men, one of the dons takes Fusco's gun and points it at Fusco. He says he's made a deal with Elias. Carter places Elias under arrest, just before Taylor calls to say he's safe.

    Carter thanks Reese and we watch as Elias is processed. Moretti and his son get into a car and a phone rings. It is Elias from prison, calling to tell them good-bye. The car explodes.

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