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The Spirit of the original Dragon Ball lives on, A great mix of classic elements
Abir-Xtreme31 March 2013
Well before starting this review i would like to say that there are some technical aspects that i am going to intentionally avoid, you may ask why and the answer to that is simple. The Dragonball Series has been a part of my childhood , it made me love anime's and if it wasn't for this i would have never watched other amazing anime's such Death Note, Code Geass, Naruto, Bleach etc. Simply put Dragonball is the series that made me understand anime in general and judging it from a technical view point is simply not fair, So when i first received the news that a new DragonballZ movie is going to be released and is actually going to be canon , my excitement went through the roof. I did not want to lose the chance of seeing the premier and was willing to go to any logical limits for it and let me tell you it was worth it. The movie is everything a classic Dragon Ball fan like myself wanted, the classic planet destructing battles, overpowered villains with ridiculously edgy personality and Goku once again doing whatever it takes to beat the stronger opponent. The animation and visuals are as good as ever and the voice acting is also very consistent with the original ones, the sound was used very cleverly and suits the whole Japanese classic theme very well. The story is also very intriguing and oozes a certain sense of adrenaline throughout the whole movie and the ending was something i didn't expect(at least from a Dragonball movie), I was like wait that can't be right and It took me a while to understand why the ending is being played out the way it was , until i heard some of the last lines/dialogs. Those last few lines made me realize that this ending just opened up a ton of new possibilities for future Dragonball series and movies, i can only hope that this movie succeeds worldwide and that success will provide enough motivation for Akira Toriyoma to get going again, so we can all enjoy another era of Dragonball !
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Dragon Ball Z
MR_Heraclius15 February 2020
This was a great movie! It had really great action scenes and there was surprisingly a ton of hilarious humor and gags in this movie! I never thought a DBZ movie could be so funny! I love this movie!
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Dragon Ball Z is the Best Ever!
hucy0074 June 2013
Finally for all these days it came true, A new Dragon Ball Z Movie came up.I was so happy to hear the news for the first time, guess what? i was the one who requested and added this page to IMDb just to let the world know about the movie more and share its information as IMDb is the best for it.I love the Akira Toriyama's story in this, the battles so intense, loved watching it :D and the way story lines ended, seems as in Future we could see more of Dragon Ball Z, hoping for a new Series just like before and i am hearing rumors that there will be one? i believe there should be one as now we know there is 7 other Universe in it, wow hoping that there will be few more people like Goku who are just as or more powerful than him, Akira PLEASE WE WANT MORE!!!
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Enjoy it!
llekjam16 September 2013
This movie isn't about plot, if you start to watch it hoping for a good plot you better stop here. This is a trip, a trip in the past, we see almost everyone of the Z-fighters here. The movie is actually funny and Bill isn't a villain, he is simply e bored god, so don't expect majin buu bada*s character here. However the movie ends will an explanation from bill which leaves the DB adventures yet to continue or at least I hope so...

In few words if you are a fan and watched everything that came out in from this series you will love what this movie offers, otherwise it will seem just a plot less movie!
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Honestly, how could you not LOVE this movie?!?!
AndWon7 August 2014
I went into this movie not expecting much. I was a huge fan of the cartoon growing up, but it'd been so long I had no clue what I was getting myself into at the theater yesterday. I went with my youngest brother who inherited my DBZ VHS tapes so many years ago.

I really don't even know where to start with the things I loved in this movie. They showed you pretty much everything in the Z Universe in the span of 1 hr 30 minutes. It honestly felt like I got to catch up with friends I haven't seen in over 10 years, totally bizarre but lovable, quirky friends. This movie floored me.

The thing I love most about DBZ is that on the surface its an anime for bros, but underneath its deep, introspective, and full of symbols. The show is brimming with positivity and heart and sets incredible examples for any child growing up in the world.

When there is a fight and it's seemingly dragging on forever, the show is encouraging the viewer to think deeply. Goku, although daft and possibly insane, always makes the right decision in the end. Most times, his enemies become his allies, out of shear respect for the person he is, regardless of his power. On the surface there is nothing subtle about DBZ, but underneath there is a blueprint for life. Battle of the Gods captured that perfectly.

One thing I really liked about this movie was it was very self aware. You saw many regular people's reactions to what they would be thinking if the Z fighters really existed (mostly befuddlement), plus there were 4th wall breaking aspects littered throughout, which I always appreciate.

Yes, this movie was total fanfare, but still the most heartwarming movie experience I've had in a long time. I'm honored to have been able to see this film on the big screen, even if the sound wasn't made for that venue.

Loved it, just wish Gohan had put up more of a fight against Beerus, as he was the most powerful fighter at the end of Z and my favorite character. He definitely had his moments though in the film. I don't want to spoil anything.

10/10; I was a true fan of the DBZ cartoon and this movie made my week. Toriyama still knows what he's doing!
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Exceeded expectations
gabkoost18 September 2013
After having seen so many DBZ movies i wasn't expecting much out of it.

Nevertheless, as an adult hardcore fan of the Anime than rocked my youth, i feel compelled to watch every single one.

And i am glad that i did.

Most of previous movies didn't made a lot of sense to me. My main problem was in the fact that chronologically things didn't had up or where confusing. And this only made think that they were making movies just to profit of it.

Regardless of that, this time, i felt the history well placed and full of meaning. Some light facts were also revealed from older Sayan history.

The plot was indeed interesting and was not only about some lost Sayan coming to earth looking for a fight.

I used to criticize the pace of the history on other movies. They usually go to fast and we are often taken from peace time to world destruction warning in 5 minutes.

This time, even if the length of the movie does not allow a deeper build to the history, the transition a lot more smooth.

I'll give it a 9 because is probably the best movie ever from the DBZ saga. I only disliked the fact that, like almost every sequel from any genre, they felt compelled to give us a glimpse of almost every character in DBZ saga.

Even the most irrelevant living being had to show up. In my opinion this is utter useless and transforms a legit story in some kind of parody.

Anyway, it's definitely a great addition for DBZ fans. If you are too young to have followed DB or have been living in Jupiter's moon for the last 20 years and do not know the saga, this is not for you.

Otherwise enjoy the show!!
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Battle of the Gods was a perfect movie.
rant876 August 2014
Going into this movie, having been a fan of DBZ for probably 15 years, I had mixed emotions. All of the DBZ movies of the past were really rough and never felt like they were as good as the show itself.

That being said, this movie blew me away.

It had everything. From old characters popping into the storyline to a new villain who is nothing like anyone who Goku has ever faced before - in power AND personality...all while being shrouded in mystery.

Its rare when you can watch a movie that can give you such emotions. I know I might just be a nerd, but....wow did I feel so much while watching this. When Vegeta stepped in to defend Bulmas honor (might be a spoiler but REALLY vague), I was like shaking...and this is just one specific example. Not only did the intensity of the movie spark emotions, but the humor. The movie could be sub classified as a comedy. There were about 15 occasions during the movie where the whole theater was cracking up - and I along with them (considering movies usually don't make me laugh, that's pretty awesome) Right down to the end..where they left an INFINITELY large room for future episodes/movies, it was perfect.

If you don't see this movie - you're missing out.
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A Nostalgic Way Back
verndougall12 October 2013
Dragonball Z hasn't had any installments, or fan hype like this in a long while. To be honest, after finishing GT, I grew skeptic to view this, but could not contain my excitement. One key factor to this success, was the factor, of visuals, and the nostalgia one could receive in watching this. It holds much promise, and even gives reason to debates on a possible future series with our resident Z-Fighters.

The colors, the voices, I witnessed them in Japanese, but in due time of dubbing, I will gladly see this again. Easily compared to an action flick, with a decent story, it is true to what this series represents. Inner strength.
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A Dragon Ball Z Movie with actual meaning and character development.
jadenchandler15 September 2013
Yes, listen to Brandon Christie: Only the Main F#$king character is fully utilized and that's a problem. Idiot!

This movie was surprisingly deep and well balanced. I really don't like every other DBZ movie mostly because they don't have anything to serve for the main characters and arcs, this is the first time where that changes for the better. All the characters have their shining moments in this, either be it badass or completely hilarious just in old tradition of Dragon Ball!

I loved this movie and I'd recommend it to anyone tired of the old DBZ formula and are looking for something fresh and new. Toriyama's SSG design was fantastic, and Bills is up there with Broly as one of the more interesting villains!
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Heck of a party! (though you'll have to be a big fan)
Jangobadass7 August 2014
DBZ: Battle of the Gods is a totally hoot with really nice animation, really cool battle scenes, fun & lively characters, and a ton of cameos and references for fans of the series to enjoy. If you like DBZ, you should really like this! After being asleep for several decades, Beerus, the God of Destruction, awakens and remembers a prophecy about finding a powerful challenger in the form of a "Super Saiyan God". Eager to face a foe who could provide with a challenge or amusement, Beerus sets off in search of such a person, which puts Goku, Vegeta and their families & friends in his cross-hairs...

Aside from the fantastical, frenetic action this series is known for, this most fun the Dragon Ball franchise has seen in a loooonnngg time. Thanks to series creator Akira Toriyama bring involved, there's a lot of humor and personality that was lacking in previous movies and even the later part of the manga & TV Show. Even minor characters are given some personality and spot on dialog.

Here's the catch: You have to be a fan of Dragon Ball Z--a big one at that--to fully enjoy it. There are cameos, references and even in-jokes--with no explanation at that--that only fans who know almost everything about the series will get. Some characters even show up for the sole purpose of showing up and play no role whatsoever. Non-fans need not apply here and casual fans may want to brush up on their DB history.

So if you're a fan of DBZ, chances are likely you'll have a pretty good time here. Though you might need to jog your memory a little first.
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Everyone reviewing this is wrong
andres8915 September 2013
How are people praising this movie? it has awful writing, awful pacing, and an awful ending. I think nostalgia is getting in the way of good judgment. It clearly shows that they were making things up along the way since most of this stuff makes no sense. The animation is OK for the most part but some of the 3D stuff just does not work. Bills is considered to be a villain but he's hardly threatening at all. How are we supposed to be scared of him when he acts so petty and childish while he's on earth with the Z fighters? Who are once again, just like in GT, all rendered absolutely useless. Kinda like the writers of this movie.
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Not Worthy of Dragonball
FreedomFighter0830 November 2014
I need to post this review to correct the other ones giving this movie high score and explaining how amazing it was, no let me tell you die hard dbz fans how disappointing this movie was: There was no "dbz-feeling" in this movie, i'm very disappointed. I was so excited for this movie because there haven't been any dbz movies for a long time and since the series got finished, dragonball universe has been for a long time. I was hoping for this movie to revive it for a bit at least but no, that's sad. An unnecessary movie if you ask me. I wanted dragonball characters struggling for survival, fighting together, facing an overwhelming threat like an army, I wanted to see fusion, this movie lacked dramatic effect and emotional scenes and moments, it wasn't epic in any way, more like a comedy with unserious fighting scenes. Dragonball is about sacrifice and transformation and die for those you love, the seriousness of Dragonball wasn't in this movie,

Examples of these moments:

-Epicness -Dramatic transformation -Goku transformed because of Frieza killing Kuririn. -The moment Gohan transforms because he's crying for Cell killing the android -Father and Son kamehameha -Vegeta's sacrifice -Piccolo Fusion -Kid Gohan crying at Piccolos dying moments. -Goku and Vegeta fusion -Future trunks crying for future Gohan and transforms. -People getting killed -Tears -A build up reaching a climax -and so much more.

Gave this movie 3/10, why? Because it's more focus on the comedy side of Dragonball instead of the serious, dramatic and epicness of Dragonball just like I described.
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What a disappointment
ace97115 September 2013
OK just to make it clear, the guys who reviewed it and gave it a 9 out of 10, aren't DBZ fans at all.

I've loved that manga since early 90's, as a teenager, and loved all OVA (first broly being the best of them all) . I brought in a friend that is a huge fan too, relaxed, closed curtains, watched the movie... and we waited ; we waited for the story to skip the poor jokes and so on. Until I realised it was exactly designed the same way the previous Tarble anime was, poor humour, poor enemy's design, motivation, etc.

The realisation is OK, but I really can't believe Akira Toriyama took part into that , and if so, I would be ultimately disappointed. How can people consider that to be a dragon ball movie, when there is only kawai fan service? Bills, is an absolutely empty shell character, the story is for kids. If you're over 10 , you might really be upset about this being called Dragon Ball. Only time we probably enjoyed was the overall 5-10 minutes fighting sequence, and that was really to say that something was still kind of brought back from the old DBZ and updated with today's technical improvements.

So to summarize : if you're a real hardcore DBZ fan (meaning you didn't even wasted your time watching GT, as I did) , you'd better skip this movie, even if I know curiosity will prevail, but don't' have huge expectations, this is simply the WORST dragon ball movie I've ever seen. My buddy asked me seriously if that was a dragon ball parody movie or if it was real... Please Toei guys and Toriyama san , if you read that, please never do that again to your real fans. You just dealt a fatal blow to that magic manga that dragon ball is , and I'm not sure I'd go for a next movie if it's so bad. You have been warned guys.
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Fanservice but overall disappointing.
kennysiu14 September 2013
The Good: Great animation, classic destruction with a good mix of comic relief.

The Bad: little to no plot (i know i know its DBZ what do you expect). Very light tone. Vegata acting out of character.

Re-watching all the dragon ball and dragon ball z animation + movies, this movie have the undertones of a dragon ball movie with some fighting sequences of dragon ball z. Very kid friendly movie. Though this movie is above average compared to the Naruto and Pokemon movies, I really wanted to be a more epic tail. I gave this a 4/10 because of my movie taste but people who wants a light fun kids movie with a dap of DBZ fights this is a perfect movie for you.
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Can we pretend this never happened
xpunisherx16 June 2015
Before I give my review, let me say how I grew up on DBZ and to this day I'm just as big of a fan as I was back then. This is the worst "DBZ" movie ever. They made Vegeta look like a little whiny girl the entire movie. The "villian" was awful and super saiyan god? Really? Super saiyan 4 is 10 times better. It focused HEAVILY on comedy and I had a couple laughs, but it was a disgrace to the original DBZ. I want to see Dragonball Z succeed and get great reviews, but the fact that this movie was so bad and received a rating of 7.1 just makes me angry.

Everyone posting positive reviews saying 10/10 but the plot sucks is just a fan boy that can't admit when something is awful. If the plot sucks then it doesn't deserve a 10/10.
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This movie destroy my childhood fantasy, The filmmakers must be responsible to make the next chapter
indonazionale22 September 2013
I give 3 stars, 1st star, because it is the latest Dragonball Movie, 2nd star because the graphic are really good, 3rd star because Gohan will be a father, but the rest is awful, i am big fan of Dragonball in all my life, but in this movie I see Goku lose in easy way.... then the worst It the first time i see Vegeta dancing like an Idiot, everybody know, Goku is the best fighter in universe, but this movie destroy it..!! once again, the movie maker MUST make the next chapter to responsible... it just like "KILLING JOKER ON BATMAN MOVIE"... but i still find some good clues that it has next chapter, when Bulma says Vegeta has brother that live on other planet.
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Gran Película
afffn10 November 2013
It's been really too much expectation what it's created around Akira's new movie. I've heard a lot of negative critics, but now that I've watched it, I think I didn't mistake no taking it seriously, because the movie covers in an integral way, all what Dragon Ball's universe represents, which I really had missed, and like I expected, very loyal to the story that we all know, taking in count that comes directly from his real creator (not much against DBGT). Is remarkable the spectacularity in the animation's details, more evolved, and really fits good with this magnificent anime. Maybe the very one loose detail, I think was the Saiyajin God's transformation, in respect to the physical aspect, too plain.

If you really love the Dragon Ball franchise, give it a chance to this new dragon Ball's adventure, it will make you come back to your childhood.

Not a doubt, 10 of 10.
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Funny and entertaining but far from epic
beto_dbz7 October 2013
First of all, I have to say I grew up watching Dragon Ball and I've been very excited about every new release that is announced. Unfortunately, nothing has proved to be as entertaining, epic and magical as the original DB and DBZ; including this movie.

Battle of Gods is indeed, a nice present to all Dragonball fans (especially after DB: Evolution). It has many of the elements that made the series great: the battles, the transformations, the jokes and funny moments, and the great characters we all love. To me, this would'd been enough material to produce an awesome movie with a decent budget and a good script. However, it seems the movie focused more on the funny side and we ended up with a light and trivial film. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the movie, but I expected more from the title of it.

I never felt the safety of the planet or even the life of a character was truly compromised. There wasn't even an imminent danger to prevent or fight against. And even if there was, the reasons that seem to motivate the main "villain" to do so, seemed pathetic, insignificant.

I also think the production quality was mediocre. There are times where 2d and 3d try to blend in but in my opinion it doesn't look good. In long or full shots you see character faces drawn incomplete. Cities and backgrounds felt lifeless and drawn without much detail. I'm not asking for animation quality equal to a Hollywood production but I've seen other anime movies which look stunning.

I'm trying to be objective so don't hate me for pointing this things out and sounding so negative. I love Dragon Ball but I won't be satisfied with anything they throw at me with its name on it.

In conclusion, as much as I like DB, I don't feel this film was good enough.
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Godlike. DBZ Battle of Gods encompasses everything that makes the series great and then some!
YouTubeShayan14 September 2013
Never before, have I seen such a perfectly adapted film that embodies everything that is good about its source material. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods knows exactly what type of film it is and makes for an amazingly fun experience!

The characters are at their best here. Everyone is fully utilized and newcomers like Bills and Whiss fit into the Dragon Ball universe perfectly. Dragon Ball Z always had breathtaking action scenes and genuinely humorous moments; Battle of Gods takes these elements and expands on them for a really well paced and well put together film.

Trust me when I say this is one of the greatest Anime movies ever made and you are bound to shed at least a single nostalgic tear at the end of the film!
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Not what i expected
lshc_portugal19 September 2013
I start to say that i am an adult and a fan of what dragon ball was and what represented to me as a child so i decided to see the so anticipated DB movie.My expectations were for good story,many fights or at least a long and intense one and some of that DB kind of humor.None of my desires come true,the story is as simple as it can be:a god is bored and want to fight(supposedly he's the god of destruction but he's more kind than a nun),the fights were very short and blend,and the humor is for kids.sometimes in the movie i get the feeling that directors/producers just want to finish it thats why that poor ending.very disappointing on how short role side characters had specially Piccolo(can't remember one line). I give it five stars only because it's Dragon Ball and enjoyed some(very few)parts.
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Sadly disappointed
bboywiz21 September 2013
I'm being nice by going with a 4 out of 10. I'm not entirely sure where to begin?!?! The setup was bad. It was way too oversimplified and too straightforward. The "plot" was OK at best. The saiyan history lessons given were OK although I'm very surprised that Broly wasn't even alluded to. The chronological placement was OK. And the action was the only solid aspect of this movie although there still wasn't enough action in my opinion.

This movie simply wasn't anywhere near what I was expecting as a fan that has watched the ENTIRE DB, DBZ, & DB GT series' and all movies! :( Besides the action about the only thing I did like was how they opened up the possibility of more stories and more movies. I just hope they don't lay another egg if they do more.
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The strongest being in Universe......
peacech232 October 2013
I believed: Since for the past few years, people like to make crossover/ comparison between the heroes from manga, anime or video games, "Who is the strongest superhero on EARTH or UNIVERSE". & the answer simply drop to DBZ - Son GokU. The strongest superhero in Universe. Indirectly cause unpleasant (or u may called it butthurt) to other manga, comic & superhero die-hard fans.

To make it Clear: DBZ BOG illustrated that bside Goku, there have another well powerful being, & they were totally difference level compared to GOku - the Saiya tribe.

"Finally, I'll tell you something good....This is the 7th Universe. I am the 7th God of Destruction. There are 12 Universes in total. Don't you think there were would be, many more powerful being?"- Lord Bills

Well, u may enjoy the fighting scene & hilarious jokes from Vegeta in this film.
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Great Movie
garyaun_burton30 October 2015
What a way to bring DBZ back with this great action packed movie. We are first introduced to two new characters that are gods which is Beerus and Whis. I thought Beerus was a mad dope character especially when he fought a SSJ 3 Goku on King Kai's planet and knocked him out with only two blows. It had some nice comedy in it to. I thought it was funny when Vegeta went up on stage to sing to calm Beerus down from destroying the earth. I never thought I ever see that kind of side for Vegeta but it was somewhat interesting and new. The whole battle at Bulma's birthday party start because Buu wouldn't share the pounding which was silly to have a whole showdown over pounding

but it was enjoyable. Beerus pretty much owns everybody. The only Z fighter that actually laid hands on him was Vegeta because he slap his wife. When he powered up and shout that's my Bulma!, I was hoping I was about to see a SSJ 3 Vegeta but sadly he just went SSJ 2 but that adrenaline that he got literally over powered him for a brief moment. The final showdown with Beerus and Goku was quite enjoyable as well. Goku transformed into a new SSJ state which was SSJ God. I did not like that transformation. It didn't have any detail to it. It was just a recolor of Gokus base form plus he just got skinner. I thought it could of looked much better but I'm going back to the fight. Goku SSJ God and Beerus is exchanging blows which was the best parts of the movie plus they added some CGI animation in that fight that I thought was pretty cool. When Goku revert back to SSJ form, the fight was still intense and awesome. The final scene of the fight was beast when Beerus a temps to destroy earth then Goku stop it by instantly turning into a SSj God by absorbing the attack. We find out that Whis is Beerus teacher and that he is stronger then him plus there are 12 universes with more powerful gods which was interesting. All in all it was a great movie. There were somethings I didn't like about it but overall a enjoyable movie. I highly recommend any fan to watch this master piece of a DBZ film.
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A great return to form, but...
Blazehgehg19 December 2018
As a long time Dragon Ball Z fan who sometimes feels a little fatigued by the formula of the show, "Battle of Gods" raises some interesting questions about the nature of these characters. Specifically of the main character, Goku, and his obsession with being the strongest fighter on earth.

What happens when the guy who always wins every battle finally encounters a villain he might actually, seriously, legitimately never be able to defeat? When physical power might not be enough, is there a different kind of strength to draw from? Will Goku ever be satisfied? What are the costs of that?

For Dragon Ball Z, it's surprisingly heady stuff.

Perhaps too heady, in fact, given I don't know if Battle of Gods (or the series that follows) provides satisfactory answers. But, in isolation, they're fun to think about.

The rest of the movie pulls out all the stops with the fan service. For fans of Dragon Ball Z, and even the original Dragon Ball, there are so many callbacks to famous moments in the series. There's hardly a classic moment that Battle of Gods doesn't tip its hat to, and they're all handled with care. Though it does lead to a movie that can feel a little bloated and scattered, given just how many characters and events are referenced in its short run time.

The English dub is impressive, something that's been hard earned for this franchise. These actors have been these characters for over 15 years at this point, and we're a long way from the early dubs seen on Cartoon Network's Toonami. Performances are nuanced and serious when necessary, but actors know when to lay on the cheese for the comedy segments. It's absolutely wonderful, and the work on translating the script is fantastic.

About the only bummer is the animation quality. Early material in this Dragon Ball Z revival doesn't look particularly impressive, especially when compared to contemporary rival anime like One Punch Man. Battle of Gods, a movie shown in theaters, even looks worse than animation done for the TV version of Dragon Ball Z originally produced in the 90's. Particularly rough are the battle scenes, which are weirdly slow, with choppy movement and heavy use of rotoscoped CGI. It looks VERY cheap for what's supposed to be cinematic quality animation.

But it's good to see these characters back in action again, and at the very least, Battle of Gods plays out almost like a family reunion. The gang's all here, it's a good chance to catch up with what everyone's been up to, and see a glimpse of where they're going next.
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jonahcoleman2317 November 2014
As a lifetime DBZ fan, I enjoyed the movie. It was cool to see a new movie with the same old characters. That being said I had plenty of issues with the movie.

1. Voices. I understand that you might not be able to get the same old voice actors but aren't we at a point where you can synthesize a voice? Hearing the old same voices in characters like Goku, Krillin, and Gohan was gratifying and reminded me of the original DBZ episodes that I loved. However some of the voices like Bulma for instance were just so different it didn't feel like the same character.

2. Fighting. The fights were done in a completely different style than the previous movies and shows. It felt less fluid and less reminiscent of classic DBZ.

There are other small issues I had but overall those two are my main complaints.

Overall I did enjoy the movie, but it could have been far better.
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