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Sex & Nudity

  • A teenage girl sends a photo of herself in a bra to her boyfriend. He takes a picture of himself (shirtless) in his underwear, intending to send it to her, but accidentally sends it to another girl.
  • Two teenagers have sex. No nudity is shown; we see them kissing passionately and the scene ends. Later, it is revealed that they didn't use protection and convinced a stranger to get them a Morning After pill.
  • A teenage girl has sex with a boy while in a relationship with someone else. No nudity is shown. She says later that she wishes she "could take it back."
  • Fosters siblings date. They are seen kissing and sneaking around for a few episodes. Much later, when they think that they will never legally become siblings, they have sex. We see both the boy and girl shirtless, kissing very passionately on a bed. No nudity is shown.
  • A girl and a boy kiss shirtless in bed, intending to have sex, but the girl becomes panicked and leaves. No nudity is shown.
  • A teenage girl asks her boyfriend to have sex with her and holds up a condom, but he says no.
  • A teen boy and girl have sex.
  • A teenage girl asks a boy if he has a condom.
  • Kissing is shown throughout entire series.
  • A teenage boy and girl kiss passionately in a car. They intend to have sex, but do not.
  • A lesbian couple plan on taking the day off to have sex, but are interrupted.
  • A small group of young women who are implied to be prostitutes are seen.
  • There is a lot of handholding, hugging, and cuddling, both platonic and romantic.
  • Two thirteen-year-old boys kiss.
  • "Protection" is mentioned.
  • A sixteen-year-old boy has sex with his father's much older girlfriend. No nudity is shown. Later, she is arrested for statutory rape.
  • A man says that he caught his seventh-grade son and his boyfriend "making out with their shirts off."
  • A teenage girl reveals that she was raped by one of her (adult) foster brothers when she had just turned fifteen. She tries to convict him in court, but he gets off.
  • People speak - non-graphically - about sex.
  • A mother implies that she believes her thirteen-year-old son and his boyfriend may be having sex, however her son denies this. We have every reason to believe he is being truthful.
  • Although it is never said outright, a teenage girl is a prostitute.
  • A mother has the sex talk with her thirteen-year-old son. Nothing explicit is discussed. The scene ends with the mother holding up a condom and asking her son if he knows how to use it.

Violence & Gore

  • A teenage girl is beat up in Juvenile Prison. She is punched in the face and kicked a couple of times. Later, she is shown with a couple of cuts on her face.
  • A teenage boy is badly beat up by two other boys. He is punched and kicked in the face, and a car door is slammed on his hand. He is shown with a lot of blood on his hands and face, clearly in a lot of pain.
  • A young teenage girl threatens to kill herself. When she is not taken seriously, walks out into traffic in an attempt to end her life.
  • A thirteen-year-old boy is shot in the foot. We don't see this; just hear the gunshot.
  • A cop is shot in the torso. She is shown lying on the floor with blood on her chest.
  • A man threatens two teenagers with a gun.
  • A black teenager is roughly forced to the ground by cops. This leads to a discussion on racism and police brutality.
  • Violence is discussed, non-graphically, several times.
  • A teenage girl overdoses on drugs. She passes out in a house which is on fire. However, she is rescued.


  • In season 5, words such as shit, bullshit, and asshole have been used;
  • "Hell," "damn,","ass" and "bitch" are said occasionally, as well as "bull." "Dyke" is said twice.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A teen girl sells her brothers prescription drugs.
  • A teenage boy tries a pot brownie.
  • There are several teen parties with alcohol, and characters are occasionally seen drunk.
  • Many teenage girls in a group home were/are drug addicts.
  • A woman says that she did some pot and speed when she was younger.
  • A teenage girl says that she was sticking needles in her neck.
  • A teenage girl goes to rehab after becoming addicted to prescription medication.
  • Adults drink wine socially.
  • A man is an alcoholic.
  • A woman says that she loved getting high more than she loved her children.
  • A woman is a drug addict.
  • A transgender boy uses hormones he gets illegally. He ends up overdosing on them.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the content in the "Violence/Gore" section is intense.
  • A woman loses her unborn baby. This is very emotionally intense.
  • Much of the show is intense.
  • The Fosters deals with serious issues including (but not limited to) police brutality, transgender issues, sexuality, drugs, racism.
  • Suggested MPAA rating: PG-13 for language, drug use and scenes of sexuality -- all involving teens.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Three main characters get into a car accident, although nobody dies.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 3 main characters get into a car accident, this scene is extremely emotionally intense, also no fatalities, some blood is shown.

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