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Where did you come from?!
meestabeck-586-16973320 January 2013
Okay, I consider myself a pretty good Halo fan. I have played through all of the games numerous times, and read every Halo book that has been released. I was walking through Walmart's electronics department about a month ago, and I see a Halo movie. What? A Halo movie? Let me take a closer look. Oh great, its a live action Halo movie that I have never heard of, this is going to be terrible.......but its only $14 on BluRay so what the heck. Then I get home (with the kids at daycare) and start watching it on my 42" TV. OH MY GOD. The movie is brimming with great character development, and morality themes regarding the human rebellions before the covenant attack. The main characters (which are cadets at a UNSC Military Acadamy) are all new faces, except the lead female who is the girl from Narnia. They all do a great job convincing me that they are the children of the highest echelon of the UNSC elite, who are trying to make their parents proud. Some people claim that them movie is a little slow at first, or that it parallels Starship Troopers. I do not agree with those claims. The movie thoroughly develops and introduces the characters, so when the covenant (and Master Chief) arrive, you are vested in them, and don't want them to die. By the way, the Covenant were done fantastically, and Master Chief is NOT CGI, but instead the most realistic and amazing armor outfit every constructed. Bottome line, if you like anything about Halo, or if you plan on playing Halo 4, see this movie. Thank you 343 studios for coming out of left field and blowing me away with this movie. I just wish I could have seen it in the theater!!!
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This Is How The Halo Movie Should Be Made
zack_wall5 October 2012
A few months ago when the first trailer came out for the web series, "Forward Unto Dawn", I was beside myself with excitement. I watched the trailer an easy 5-10 times, and then periodically checked back to view it again, in case I missed something the first time around. I've been a fan of the Halo series since day one of Halo C.E., and it's been really disappointing to not have a Halo movie I can feel proud of. Since high school, I've followed the hype surrounding the script writing and screenplay mock-ups of a potential Halo film, but they never panned out into anything real. Then, Microsoft and 343 Industries teamed up to create Forward Unto Dawn, and the hype surrounding a Halo movie returned. Only this time it wasn't going to be a movie, but a web series instead. And when it debuted on October 5th, I was one of the few to see it when it was only at 5k views(hipster moment). It was everything I expected and more. Superb acting, gorgeous visuals, a beautiful soundtrack, and the promise to deliver more and more in future episodes. Friday has always been my favorite day of the week, but now I have a reason to love it. Each episode debuts on a Friday, which means all my calls will be held, pizza will be delivered to my couch, and nothing is more important than those 20 minutes of Halo action. No feature length movie just yet? Well, this is the next best thing. If you call yourself a fan of the game, you...will...watch...this. Oh, and before I forget...Axios!!
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First two episodes are superb!
je264314 October 2012
Well, since I am another halo fan playing since CE on my pc many years ago, like all the other halo fans, i have been salivating at the prospect of a halo movie. Shows like Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe and Battlestar Galactica (the remake) have shown us that high caliber special effects and great acting can go hand in hand on the small screen. The first two eps of Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn live up to that expectation.

This web series is tight - even though each is the equivalent of a half hour of live TV (less the commercials) we already have excellent character development, and a sense of what is going on in the timeframe of the series. Acting is taught, tension is palpable, and the editing, sound and effects are crisp and clean. This is not a small budget web series, most of the actors have deep big screen and small screen resumes, and are highly recognizable. It's filmed in big screen movie quality film, and it shows.

The series gives an excellent indication of what direction a halo movie series can achieve, if ever undertaken. At the same time, one becomes aware that if the Halo books ever make it to the big screen, it would be best to avoid what they did with movies such as Master and Commander - where they tried to squeeze multiple books into one movie, with undesirable results. Halo will take several movies at a minimum, to depict its storyline, but as well done as this web series, the fans will rejoice and reward.

Obviously, most viewers will be halo fans, but if you need an intro to the halo universe, this web series is an excellent start.

So 10 out of 10 from me for exceeding my expectations on quality in all respects. Thank you for not doing a cheapy production, but going the full monty, and commencing some Halo precursors in high quality.
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If you don't play Halo, you should still watch this film.
joenasc20 December 2012
The year is 2525 and the UNSC is at war with terrorists know as Insurrectionists. Thomas Lasky, a freshman cadet, is unsure about this war and his combat capabilities, but when the Covenant invades, he learns what it takes to be a hero from spartan John-117 (aka Master Chief).

This was an awesome film/mini series. Pretty good cast of characters, the actors weren't people I've heard of, but they were still good, cool special effects, and of course the music was great.

I think anyone, whether they are Halo fans or not, will like or love this film/mini series. One more thing: as a lot of people know, most games that are turned into movies are bad, but after watching this, I have faith in an actual Halo movie being made and it being great. All they have to do is do what they did here.
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Very Impressed
thedarkknight-8920 June 2013
I'm aware enough of the Halo Universe to pick up on most of the references in the series, but beyond the fact that it provides an excellent live action piece of an excellent game series, it's simply a great piece of storytelling all it's own.

The people reviewing this saying it's 'boring for the first 55 minutes' or 'cheap and generic' must be expecting heavy action and constant explosions. And those people will never be satisfied with character pieces, which this most certainly relies heavily upon.

The arc of the characters is phenomenal, and their trepidations about becoming soldiers are real and extremely pertinent to the teens of today.

This series manages to fulfill Halo fans expectations of a glimpse into the universe they love, as well as provide new fans with relatable, intensely realistic characters that allow new viewers to experience this universe for themselves, along with the characters.

Definitely worth a watch. That is unless you're looking for non-stop action, explosions and witty one liners said by Master Chief. At which point, don't bother, because this is so much more than that.
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Not a bad introduction to the Halo universe
zindzijade4 December 2012
As a fan of all things sci-fi, I was really eager to see what a live- action representation of the hallowed game would look like. After seeing this, I am motivated to buy my first ever Halo game and start playing. I would have given it a 10/10 but for the constant slo-mo which I believe was used due to the brief nature of the series. Very good acting, conveying so much emotion and some pretty good action scenes for a 15- minute webisode. I was very impressed with this and as a Halo novice, I am now so intrigued by the series that I want to play it more than I ever wanted to plan any other game! I put this up there with some of my other favourite shows, Battlestar Galactica (the remake) and Stargate Universe. This was very well done.
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Tanner Jershin29 November 2012
Standing alone, Forward Unto Dawn is visually stunning, aesthetically sound, and superb talent on both sides of the camera. I have read some of these other reviews, and the ones that gave mediocre to terrible reviews basically had viewed the storyline as poorly written or unfinished. In my opinion, Forward Unto Dawn's storyline was not intended to be a stand alone story, but instead as a lead up story to be used in unison with the Halo 4 video game. The character building within the series was centered around Cadet Lasky. It was also about Lasky's first meeting with John-117, as a flashback/memory. Forward Unto Dawn was also intended to bring more fans of the series to the Halo books. Thank you for reading this review and help me look forward to more live-action Halo films.
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I guess Halo fans like it - but fans of good movies won't
dalxray20 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why the Halo fans are giving this movie such great reviews - as a standalone movie it is (as another reviewer put it) a poor man's Starship Troopers - not that ST was a great movie itself. Mostly this movie is just plain boring. Nothing happens for the first 55 minutes - we are introduced to a group of cadets at a military academy. All the standard character clichés are here with typical tragic back-stories - the protagonist Lasky, who has a problem with authority (what's he doing at a military academy? - oh, his brother was the best cadet ever at same academy and was then killed in combat), the squad rival, the love interest, the computer hacker, the tough chick - you've seen it all before. They go through training, the protagonist nearly quits, the instructors see great potential in him if only he would realize it, etc, etc. Boring. At about the 55 min mark, the aliens attack, kill nearly everyone in a matter of minutes (apparently on the entire planet) except for said group of cadets, who mostly survive despite the fact they often stop and pause in the middle of firefights and explosions to look around dumbfounded at their fallen friends and instructors. Finally a super-soldier "MasterChief 117" - rescues the few remaining survivors. All this is presented as a flashback of the older Lasky, now a captain, after receiving a distress call from a ship named Forward Unto Dawn. There is an opening sequence featuring this vessel drifting thru space which is totally incomprehensible - I guess you'd have to know some of the Halo back-story to make sense of this bit. On the positive : effects are pretty good, performances not bad despite a lot of banal dialogue. Overall, I guess the not-too-fussy fans of the game enjoy this movie, but everyone else - don't waste your time.
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Not an actual movie, it's a novelty item
Dzhastin13 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
To promote the upcoming release of the video game Halo 4, somebody made a series of five 15-minute web videos, using live action, set in the Halo universe. They were set up like a little miniseries with a vague story to accompany the novelty of seeing what it would look like if Halo came to life. It was a much, much higher quality than you would expect for a bunch of web videos. In fact, I'd say the production values and special effects were of higher quality than several movies I've seen recently. If the goal was to create a compelling marketing product that people would want to watch in order to get them excited about the game, they really did a phenomenal job.

Unfortunately somebody decided that because they had something that visually looked like a movie and had a story that vaguely resembled something you might see in a movie, that meant they had made an actual movie that they could release as a commercial product. Because Hanlon's Razor states, "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity," I'm forced to assume that this decision was an attempt to cash in on the Halo buzz and not an act of spite against all the people they knew would be furious when they realized they paid actual money for something that is not actually a movie. There are no real stories, there are no real characters, there's really not any explanation of why anything is happening or what any of it means. It's just long stretches of children being upset interspersed with shots that will make the viewer feel like they're playing the video game. It's about as much a movie as a pile of bricks and lumber is a house.

Warning to parents - towards the end of this movie my son (who's a little young to be playing Halo yet himself) looked at me with a very concerned face and asked, "why are so many kids getting killed?" If you think you might want to put this on for your child because they don't care if something doesn't have a story as long as it's something they like, you really don't. Nothing at all interesting happens for the first half of the movie, and then the rest of the movie is children getting crushed, shot, blown up, and slowly bleeding to death from gory leg wounds as their friends helplessly look on in tears. You'd have to be a real piece of excrement to deliberately charge people money for this.
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An superb standalone series.
Augusto Millevolte1 November 2012
As a lifelong Halo fan, be it books or games, I am not disappointed. The 10/10 is not for it being Halo, but for it being an amazing standalone series in its own right. As far as Sci-Fi goes this is top notch material and I would love it without the history the Halo universe and myself already have. The acting is great, the story is great, the special effects? I'm sure you can guess. The overall production value of this is extraordinary and I am very confused as to why it has not reached a wider audience. I am thrilled that Microsoft and 343 put the time and effort in to create something truly magnificent, and I am excited for what the undoubted success of this series will bring the rest of the Halo universe.
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Just awful
barlowcj23 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Unbelievably slow and boring. The whole boot camp yawn is a cliché; its been done much better in other movies. But we're tired of seeing it. And characters we don't care about, especially the lead.

Every scene is derivative and predictable. When finally something happens - don't get too excited - its just one skirmish: completely unsatisfying and makes you wonder why you sat through all this.

Under attack? Take the elevator! Face palm.

Elevator attacked? Run for Christ sake as there is 1000 kms of elevator falling on your head. I guess the CGI budget didn't cover that.

There's no story at all.

Don't bother. Really, don't bother.
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Great source material ; poor execution
native8427 April 2014
In my opinion , this movie/web-series has been over-rated by Halo fans and in the end it will be to everyone's detriment. If Microsoft/343 Studios get the impression they can release something like this and hit one out of the park we will just see more of it in the future.

As a Halo and Movie fan I believe this would be a shame. The source material (the Halo universe) has the potential to bring something truly great to the big screen but this is far from it.

I won't go into plot, as it has been covered in many reviews, but I will say it is clichéd. The military boot-camp stereotypes have all been done before and with much more depth. These characters seemed one-dimensional and lackluster development left me indifferent to their fates. Some of the dialogue was corny to the point of cringe-worthy and the actors (including some of the adults) lacked the presence to pull off their roles and really set the scene.

Given the relatively small budget some of these things can be understood but the hackneyed plot is not one of them. The special effects were good, despite said constraints, but too many "bullet time" segments bogged the action down.

All in all I was disappointed by Halo 4: Forward Until Dawn and I (like many others I'm sure) am still praying for a Blomkamp/Jackson treatment of the source material.

I do not believe that 10/10 rankings of an obviously flawed series/movie will get us there.
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john_seater5 April 2014
I have not played the Halo games. Based on this movie, I am inclined never to do so. The plot, if you can call it that, is a confused mess. It starts out with an introduction comprising a sequence of snapshots from some kind of disaster aboard a spaceship with some woman, the only survivor of those on board, talking inexplicably about having spent 4 years doing nothing but thinking. You as the viewer can't possibly figure out what any of it means, but you think that, well, this is one of those deliberately confusing intros that will make sense as the story unfolds. It never does. In fact, it doesn't connect in any way with anything that follows. The next 60% or so of the movie is devoted to a bunch of cadets at a futuristic military academy. That part is slow-moving, boring, shallow, uninteresting, routine, trite, and predictable. As another reviewer said, it's all been done better before in other movies. Now it's just uninteresting. Suddenly there is a complete change in direction in the plot (if you can call it that, remember) when some aliens attack the academy for no apparent reason. Almost everyone is wiped out, but a few survivors are saved by yet another new entrant into the cast, who also is not explained. Much of the movie apparently comprises a replay of a documentary tape being viewed by some military big-wig whose presence and significance never are explained. My 3-year old grandchildren make up better stories than this.
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75% Teen Drama 25% Master chief blowing stuff up
Third Arrowhead5 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start out with this: i >>LOVE<< the halo series and by my standards the game is the best thing you can put in to you xbox disk drive. It is a wonderful FPS, but it is better than that because its story line is not just developed but its planed out (compared to COD which just slaps together a campaign year after year, just so that they can get back to multiplier settings).

That being said i was extremely disappointed with this. First of all it's a web series (I don't want to hate on web series but for the most part they are not vary well put together). Then, maybe it was just me but i thought this film would be either about master chief and his missions against the Covent or at vary least some other Spartan warriors with there missions like in Reach. But no, this is basically a sad version of harry potter with a halo weapons replacing the wands. They spend so much time on the drama of this kid (the main character who's going through futuristic boot camp) and also his cliché social circle. I mean we got them all: the slightly hot (not really) girl from Narnia ,the bully who's only job in the film is to be mean and petty, the nerd, the Valle girl who's daddy will beat you up if you mess with her, i mean they even the brother who we really know nothing about except that hes a ODST, really what age group was this made for? The name is forward until dawn, but i think they where trying to see how far they could go from the original story in order to keep the name (this is a films basically flash backs of the captions child hood who finds M.C. on the ship F.U.D. in the game).

Now that i have said everything that i HATE this movie for i might as well tell you some of the pros that are in the film (if you really can call this a film). the animation is pretty good, not transformers stuff but enough to stimulate the viewers. i admit that i think that connecting ODST to it was a good idea to keep the halo ecosystem working (even though the way they did it was vary generic). another thing i liked was the way they depicted the Covent. i feel that one of the problem's in modern games these days is that i never really get a good HD look at what they games apposing team is. Not so much their arch enemy but there fighters that you are constantly fighting with, and this film showed the details on these guys quite nicely.

Going in to this i admit that i had high expectations for them to show off the halo universe to us fans a a beautiful way, but it ended up that all we got was snips from the game and a lot of a school on one unnamed planet that looked a lot like earth. over all i think you can tell i dislike the film, not due to that it was bad (even though that was a big factor) but that it in my eyes had a crap load of potential. i mean they had a plot and a story line practically laid in-front of them that they din't use AT ALL!!!! i would later look up the name of the weighter of this film. there names where Todd Helbing and Aaron Helbing. i wanted to find out more about them but they dint have there own wiki page, you want to know why -because the biggest thing they could make was this peace of crap and then disappear into the abyss of bad story writers again!! Hell they should get freeken Oral Scot card or something in here to do the job. I think that Microsoft saw this as a easy way to make halo 4 even more popular so they din't care who made this just as long as it helped there stocks. I pray that the new TV show that they announced there making by Spieberg will be made because they think that they can better Hollywood and make a mark by saying that video games can make a good story line, and also if Microsoft could care more about plot than their name being advertised on a big movie banner.
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Keep Going Forward Unto Dawn
leejpalmer-517-7322681 November 2012
Wow! What can I say about this show? I'm massively impressed by the production values and somewhat puzzled by why this isn't on the big screen.

Episode 4 actually gave me shivers down my spine.

The best sci-fi since Galactica and that's quite a complement. Such believable performances from a young group of actors and the SFX are top notch.

Hopefully there'll be a blu-ray with a "making of" if we're lucky. This type of show deserves a wider audience than the one it's probably currently got. I'm a self proclaimed geek but I've been burning off these episodes for my predominately none geek friends for weeks!
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Overrated based on false loyalty
david18 November 2012
Having never written a review before although I have been tempted after seeing many high scores for films that didn't deserve it .... see inception, high scores bad film, I felt compelled to write this one Halo 4 is a fast put together movie trying to piggy back support from a half decent game No Spoilers here just the facts: This movie is a poor mans version of Starship Troopers and in saying that, I'm not saying that ST was exceptionally good but at least it did what a movie is supposed to do: Entertain. I found myself waiting for the story to get interesting, it didn't, I was waiting for character development....never happened. The best part of the movie was the out-takes at the end

Buy the game forget the film.
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Maybe only good for fans of the game
mayflower-865-1630238 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie may be good for fans of the game. I never played it, therefore I didn't like the movie. Waiting for a good part for it to 'start', I did not understand what exactly was going on.

There were not really any hints of why the cadets where there, what and why they were doing all the training, who the enemy's are, why the war was going on and how it started (just a 'It's to late for negotiations, the enemy hates us all').

Also they did not seem to have much Intel on the enemy. The training scenes for the cadets that were shown seemed ridiculous for the enemy in the end.

Like in 'Saving Private Ryan' the Characters where not really introduced, so I personally did not care much for them. Even the main Charakter Lasky was still a mystery at the end of the movie. You just knew he had a brother who died fighting this strange enemy and a mother in the Military. That was the main problem in the movie. The Characters were all shallow and boring.

The acting was OK. The actors tried their best with what was given to them. Since they did not have much to work with it seemed forced sometimes.

So I stick with my summary and what I said at the beginning of my review: You will probably like it if you are a fan of the game and know what's going on.
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Andreas Zeller18 November 2012
This movie is just a very bad version of Starship Troopers. Without the funny and ironic part of course.

In a nutshell. The same way, movies get underrated because they're based on a novel that is allegedly "way better", this movie gets overrated because it's based on a game.

A movie should always be looked at as such and nothing else. And looking at this film, the story, the characters (whose names I don't even remember), all I'm stuck with is "bad".

To avoid spoilers for the gamers who actually still want to watch this, I'm not getting into it. But don't expect anything interesting to happen in this movie. That's all I can say.
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Unlike the superb games, this doesn't work
Gomer Pyle18 November 2012
I just saw it yesterday and i must say that it bored the heck out of me. The visuals where okayish, but not very good. The storyline was straight up boredom, the acting was laughable in places, only the special effects where good.

I hated the whole anxious boy must overcome his fears in training story line and there was not even a hint of humor in it. Not that there has to be, but in this case it would be very welcome. It really got to the point that i was irritated with the whole affair.

Conlclusion, boring waste of budget.

I love the games and the story lines in the game, so don't come at me pulling that card.

If you really love Halo you are better of watching the short movie by Neill Blomkamp (District 9 director), or even the anime shorts.
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A co-pie of Starship Troopers!
Mick17 November 2012
Sadly of all that i expected from this i actually saw a non blooded version of the first Starship Troopers! The same idea the same story the beloved girl that died in the troopers movie dies again in Halo 4. Troopers was a 1000times better than this and while my hopes were high it was totally crushed!! The whole upcoming of a cadet becoming a soldier was way to long the action started in the last 10 minutes and couldn't save the pictures anymore. In the beginning i really thought i was look in at Verhoeven's picture and till the end i kept that feeling that someone didn't take the time to write a good story they just copied and old one. Thank God in Troopers the action and SyFy is massive in this it was very poor. Casting was way off, Masterchief and his fellow robots?? were more realistic in a video game, story well there wasn't any, sorry to say but this is not worth to be called a great movie made after a great video game!!
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Don't expect more than a game addon
Dirk Hoeschen8 June 2013
Technically "Forward Unto Dawn" is a proper movie. The first 10 minutes look like a tech-demo from a computer.

Then the story begins and you see the first acting. Superficially seen it could be an episode of "Starship Troopers". But the director is not Paul Verhoeven and everything looks "uninspired". The different scenes have the look and feel of a "daily soap". Many of the cut scenes are only fillers. The characters have no deep at all. Also the Story seems to be completely convertible and set pieces from various other movies.

If you are not a fan of the Halo Games you will probably get disappointed.
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Deceptive as a Sci-Fi Movie
Claudio Carvalho15 September 2013
In the future, a group of teenagers from prominent families are trained at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science forming the Hastati Squad to fight against the insurrectionists. Out of the blue, the planet is invaded by powerful aliens and only four cadets survive. When there is no hope for them, they are rescued by the strong Master Chief.

"Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn" is a sci-fi movie made to promote a video game. The characters are not well developed and the first half is a rip-off of "Starship Troopers". Maybe fans of the video game like this movie but for those like me that do not know the game, it is a deceptive sci-fi movie. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Halo 4: Em Direção ao Amanhecer" ("Halo 4: Torward the Dawn")
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Halo Movie? Something better!
Sunny Sawrav21 October 2012
FUD is a series of webisodes that premieres every week on Machinima Prime channel on youtube. For long, I've waited to see a live action film about Halo. I believe it's a movie that has the potential to be amazing if done right. Halo fans all over the planet would go gaga. However, Microsoft's inability to lower their profit share deal, killed the movie. 343 on the other hand, thought it's best to release a 90 minute movie anyway but let it screen on youtube, google and Blu Ray Discs. Essentially, this movie would lead to the release of Halo 4. Hence, your's truly, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. These episodes will be taken off youtube on December 4. So, how is the series? It's mind blowing! Granted, there's only 3 webisodes out till now but I have to say this, the movie is not at all bad. It's the closest thing you'll get to a movie but it's better this way. With FUD not releasing on silver screen, we've got a chance for a bigger and better Halo film that could be under plans for release via Hollywood. For now, FUD is all we get and I love it. Since, the movie's being monitored by 343 and Microsoft, they'll make sure, that the story doesn't deviate from the game. So far, it hasn't. I have some predictions that might be counted as spoilers so not gonna write it here but I know from what I've seen so far, that FUD stays true to the game.
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Like watching a really long YouTube fan film
WakenPayne27 May 2014
I'm just going to say it, Halo is overrated. It can present some fun gameplay if you want to play with friends but in terms of story nothing about it screams anything other than video game, although I DID enjoy some of the anime so that was a surprise. But as a linear 80 minute movie? This could work, I mean I'm open to it if they flesh out more plot characters and... That's not even remotely what happens.

We follow cadets in a training Academy for the army against the Covenant. Only they think they're going to fight terrorists which we don't know about and has never been in any other Halo game. As the characters which are barely established go through training one played by Tom "NOT-Freddy-Got-Fingered" Green questions orders, has a war hero mother who we never see and is allergic to some cryo-genetic fluid that's in tanks which the army uses. One day The Covenant attacks and They're caught completely off-guard as to what they are and where they came from and The Master Chief appears in record time to make his 5 minute cameo and then the movie's over.

Okay, notice how many times I said things aren't established in any other Halo game or we are told as opposed to shown? There's a lot of that. I can't feel emotionally connected to characters who we know almost nothing about and what we do know comes in about halfway through at best, so half the movie is spent with me saying "What?, Who?, Why?, OKAY! TIME OUT! WHAT IS GOING ON!" I mean for what is simply "Human's Versus Aliens" this movie loses you very easily.

I might dwell into the under-use of one of the most recognizable video game characters of all time However I have another complaint. Why does the academy keep the fact that they're fighting aliens secret. I mean how's that supposed to work? On Graduation Day does the person running the place say "Oh, by the way, we're fighting aliens in a losing war" Shouldn't Tom Green's character know this because he has a mother AND a dead brother in the exact war? I mean if they wanted to keep it a secret from non-soldiers (where are they again? In a game franchise over 10 years old I don't think I've seen anyone who isn't a soldier in them) then I'd be fine but these are people who are going to fight the war.

At the end of the day this is like watching a YouTube fan film. You know, the ones which don't exactly follow the rules of film (I'll give credit even they're better at keeping to the rules then this does) but you know they're a fan of the games. Instead of watching one that's a few minutes this is one that's an hour and a half. There is some talent trying to pull through - I'll admit that but there is just a lot that I really don't like.
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Total disappointment and waste of time
natus197622 December 2012
This is my fists review on IMDb and the reason why I am writing this review is to warn people about this movie.

Moat part of the movie plays out a military training academy. Actors are kids and acting is on B-movie level. I had expected a sci-fi action but to my disappointment most part of the action is a bunch of kids playing paint ball. I could not have spent the last 2 hours wasting my time in any worse way than watching this movie. If you are expecting to see a good action sci-fi, don't watch. If you are a Halo fan then you will likely still try it out. After watching write you own honest opinion about it.

Thanks and adios!
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