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16 Nov. 2011
In the Shadow of Fear
The victory of WWII may have been an achievement between, among others, the Americans, run by their democratically elected government, and the Soviets, run by the Communists. It, however, marked the beginning of a global power struggle between the two factions, which would be better known as the Cold War. Because the Americans had the ultimate weapon of annihilation in the nuclear bomb, that power struggle was largely through public relation campaigns, in among other propaganda battlegrounds as the Italian election following the war, in Berlin as Stalin and the ...
23 Nov. 2011
Turning Up the Heat
In the mid 1950s, much of the direct battle between the US and the Soviet Union was not through contact, but non-contact, namely not allowing anything that represented the other to enter the country. As such, the Soviet regime banned something they thought was uniquely American: jazz music. But the new Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, wanted to show the world that his country was not as repressive as many in the west believed. So he hosted the World Youth Festival in Moscow in 1957, inviting youth from around the world to have a basically western styled party. This opened the ...
30 Nov. 2011
Cracks in the Wall
In the 1960's, the baby boomers, just reaching adulthood, increasingly factor into the propaganda battle of the Cold War. Although physical barriers, most notably the Berlin Wall, keep each side isolated from the other, they can't stop such items such as American and British rock music from crossing over, as hard as the Communists try forging their own brand of pop rock music with political messaging. In the space race, the Soviets clearly are winning the battle, with both sides trying to do whatever in space first, until President Kennedy makes a bold move which may ...
6 Dec. 2011
War of Words
In the 1980s, three people dominated the propaganda agenda in the Cold War. The first is US President Ronald Reagan, a staunch anti-Communist who would do anything to denounce it while putting the US in a positive light. He wanted to look tough, especially through a military build-up since he believed the Soviets far out-muscled the Americans militarily. But his propaganda changed as world issues around him changed, most specifically Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov inviting Maine schoolgirl Samantha Smith to the Soviet Union for a goodwill visit, and the Soviet military shooting down a commercial jet in Soviet...

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