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Never judge a TV show by it's pilot
spoenkel8 November 2012
We've all seen shows that started with a very exciting pilot suffer a slow boring death. A good show needs more than a good concept at the start, it needs good storytelling, good acting, likable characters and it needs to find a good pace.

The pilot of Chicago Fire was very weak. The story lines felt too familiar (old friends drifted apart through tragedy, secret painkiller addiction, unrequited love etc) and didn't blend together. And, as you can see on this IMDb page, in the next few days a lot reviewers burnt Chicago Fire to the ground.

For some reason I kept on watching. The second episode was a bit better, but by the third episode the show really found it's stride. I've just finished watching the fifth episode and came the conclusion that 1. Chicago Fire somehow ended up to be my favorite new show of the year and 2. All the negative IMDb-reviews are now really unfair.

Which is why I suddenly felt compelled to write a review of my own. I never do this, so bear with me.

Chicago Fire is not a procedural 'fire of the week' show. It actually does the ensemble drama really well. There is nice balance between the characters and I especially like how these characters connect with each other and how the story lines are slowly developed. In a way, it reminds me of The Good Wife, but with more action scenes (which is a great compliment in my world)

The friendship between roommates Leslie Shay (Lauren German) and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) is great. Severide plays the tough on the outside, soft on the inside guy, who walks away from his medical problems by secretly taking lots of illegal painkillers. Not very original or interesting, but I've got to admit that my cynic self is really warming up to Kelley. Partly because Kinney plays the part very well, and partly because of his genuine scenes and aforementioned friendship with Shay.

Shay is gay, but that's not an issue on the show, just a part of who she is. As it should be, I applaud the CF writers for the way they portray her. Her scenes with fellow paramedic Dawson (Monica Raymund)are among my favorites.

Dawson also has some cute scenes with new kid on the block Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett), but is too much in love with lieutenant Matthew Casey to notice their chemistry. Sadly for her, Casey is already engaged to another medical professional. This may sound a little soapy or gooey, but actually, Dawson kicks ass. Literally. Which gets her in to trouble sometimes.

Lt. Casey is arguably the real star of the show. He is played by Jesse Spencer, whom I liked in his House MD days, but who really impressed me on Chicago Fire. He plays the classic good guy, but not in a boring way. His intense storyline involving a dirty cop truly propelled the show to greater heights.

I'm not gonna name every character or storyline, but they're all getting better very fast. (Quick shout out to Eamonn Walker who plays the awesome Chief Boden.) The show may be a bit unrealistic, but that's not what I look for in a good drama. I'm a big fan of Breaking Bad and Dexter, both are very entertaining, and excellently written ánd acted shows, but both are also very unrealistic. Chicago Fire may not yet be on their level of awesomeness, but it is getting there. My point just is, I am really glad I gave this show another chance and I hope that you will too.
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A Great Edition to TV Entertainment....Chicago Fire
crittiebee20 May 2014
When this show first aired, I was not interested on watching a fire fighting drama. Besides, I've been watching another Wolf Production since 1999 and that was good enough for me. However, when Chicago PD was introduced, I decided to watch it because it came on directly after my favorite show and I love TV drama series. I feel in love with Chicago PD because of the zest and criminal kick-ass and I was hooked.

When Chicago Fire crossed over with Chicago PD recently, I was forced to watch Chicago Fire. Hummm, Chicago Fire very interesting and exciting I thought. I went to HBO On Demand and watched Season 2 of Chicago Fire. Let me tell you, I didn't cook, I didn't answer my phone, I ordered food delivery service and didn't move off of my sofa(only for bbreak) until I watched every episode. I then went to a local retail store and bought Season 1 and the disconnect from the world started all over again. By now you know where my review is going.

Watching Chicago Fire help me to understand Detective Voight, Dawson etc.. and how Chicago PD was piloted. I was upset with me for not watching Chicago Fire initially. Readers, to understand Chicago PD, you have to watch Chicago Fire. I love the intertwining of the shows. It is so damn interesting.

Chicago Fire is a potpourri of diversity, family, loyalty, emotions and laughter. A show that promotes life/death,the response and the danger firefighters face everyday, gives me a deeper respect for my local firefighter and EMT services.

I commend Mr. Wolf for having such great writers and actors/actress, I am humbled. I am aware it's only entertainment. However it's entertainment in a true and realistic form.

One of the Best Shows on TV.
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Obviously it is not going to be realistic
lauren_77919 October 2012
If you are planning on watching this show and pointing out the inaccuracies, don't watch it. This is a FICTIONAL procedural drama, not a documentary on Fire Fighters and Paramedics. Of course there will be inaccuracies, and things will be rushed to get a story told in 45 minutes. Just like there are inaccuracies in shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order, is all unrealistic...yet that does not stop people from enjoying the show.

On the other side, there are some interesting characters that I would like to see more of their back-stories. This show is not perfect, but it is enjoyable and it has my attention for the hour. As with everything, there is room for improvement, and I can only see it getting better with time, if given the chance.
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Really enjoyed
sfcat13 October 2012
Wasn't perfect but no pilot is. Really enjoyed the show, we found it exciting, fast paced, without too much exposition or clumsy explaining. Liked what felt like some fairly realistic situations, hope they give the chance.

Loved seeing Eamonn Walker. he was a favorite actor I hope they give him a good chance to shine.

My only concern with an ensemble cast is not getting enough character development and interest to keep the show going at the beginning before it gets to sink in and develop a stable audience.

And really enjoyed seeing something set in somewhere other than New York or Los Angeles!!
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Producer Dick Wolf's shows are the best!
tlccar-193-20851616 January 2013
My wife and I are hooked on this show. We have watched all of the episodes from the beginning and really look forward to seeing it every Wednesday night. The different story lines and plots are enough to keep you interested without being too dramatic. I have read many reviews that say it isn't realistic. It is Hollywood, folks - it can only be as close to real as TV allows. Get over it! I think that some of the rescue scenes are incredible. Hopefully some of the plots that were developing (like the dirty cop plot) are continued as they were great. Give this show a chance - it is like the 70's show Emergency! for 2012. If you like Law & Order then you will like this show too. It has the Dick Wolf touch that makes it a great show. We love it!
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Mixed Feelings From A Real-Life Firefighter-EMT
cdfe33884 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am a firefighter-EMT on the west coast, and wasn't sure about this show going in.

My first thoughts were, "It can't be any worse than 'Backdraft'," and, "Please God, let this be better than 'Rescue Me'."

It's nice to see a show that doesn't make us all out to be lying, cheating, philandering d-bags the way "Rescue Me" did (although that show could always make me feel better about my own life...). This is not to say its characters are paragons of perfect virtue, but it does at least show them as worthy of the public's trust.

The station environment is semi-realistic. Of course, messing with the Probie/Candidate/New Hire/FNG/Boot is a time-honored tradition and rite of passage that all of us endured when we were new. However, the co-ed locker room is a stretch. Yes, we often share the same barracks with females, but we don't strip down for the shower in full view of the opposite sex. Just doesn't happen. Also, "incidents" like LT Severide sneaking into the gear room for a quickie with ANYBODY would result in serious disciplinary action.

The cast seems mostly believable to me. Eamonn Walker feels exactly like many chiefs I have known. Both LTs seem a bit young to be company officers, especially in a department like Chicago, but stranger things have been known to happen. The crews feel real enough.

The subplot that has LT Severide getting morphine from one of the medics is ridiculous. Every medication on an ALS ambulance is tracked, and the potentially addictive ones like morphine are watched like a hawk. They WOULD get caught, they WOULD get fired, and they WOULD do prison time for that.

As for the incidents, I am disappointed. The "medics" can't even perform basic C-spine immobilization for starters. I almost threw up in my mouth during the pilot episode when Dawson tells the little girl in the back of the wrecked car with head trauma and obvious mechanism of injury to turn her head. Any EMT student can tell you that YOU NEVER EVER DO THAT!!! I understand it's Hollywood, but come on, it's not that hard to show it done the right way. I'm a guy who has crawled inside a lot of mangled cars to pull people out; I know whereof I speak.

Many of the operations performed on incidents in the show are real, or at least close to it. Some people have criticized the "slide down the charged line" stunt. That is actually taught as a way to bail out from an upper-story window if you get trapped upstairs. I'm not so sure about suspending it from the truck's aerial the way they did it in the show. I'm an engine firefighter, and my truckie friends haven't gotten back to me on that one yet. However, I could think of at least two or three better ways to access that collapsed floor section. Some have also criticized the scene with LT Severide visiting the victim's widow to bring her his last words. I have had to comfort more new widows, orphans, and grieving parents than I care to think about, and it has kept me up at night. I don't carry my Iphone around in my turnout coat pocket, but this one is still perfectly plausible.

The third episode featured an overturned SUV teetering on a guardrail above a tunnel entrance with occupants trapped inside. I have experience with this type of incident (mine was on a steep hillside with the vehicle balanced on a rock). The stabilization methods they used on it would not have worked. Stabilization struts support an overturned vehicle, they don't hold it down, and placing cribbing on the guardrail would have done nothing useful that I can see. Then again, at least they sort of C-spined the kid from that wreck.

I'm unimpressed with the fire scenes so far. I've been inside lots of burning buildings. Most of the time, you're snake-crawling on the floor and you can't see your hand in front of your face. Multi-story apartment buildings with open stairwells can be a little different if the fire is on an upper floor, but not if you have fire established in the basement. If you take off your BA mask, you're probably going to die very quickly. If you stand straight up for more than a few seconds, your gear is going to fail and you're going to be in serious trouble. And while they did do most of the Pittsburg drill correctly to pull a downed firefighter out of the basement after the floor collapsed, they kinda forgot to pull out the other two guys who were down there, which is to say they only did part of the real operation. Also, they are way too clean. When you come out of a structure fire, you gear is filthy and so are you. You clean it when you get back to the station. So why do these guys come out looking like their turnouts just got dry-cleaned? I will give them this, they seem to be getting a little better in realism with each episode. I'm going to try to give this show a chance, as I think it's got some potential, though it certainly doesn't live up to "Emergency!", which to this day remains probably the most realistic Hollywood production about firefighters ever made.

If there's one thing I really hate about this show, it's the fact that after every episode I have to calm my fiancée down and convince her all over again that I'm not really cheating death twelve times a day. They do try to overdramatize the job. I get that, as I can attest to the fact that it's a lot more boring in real life (isn't everything?) and nobody would be that interested in a real day on the job, so I'm trying not to hold that against them.
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I love love love this show!
tracy-piedmont23 November 2012
OK. I read some of the lesser reviews but I totally disagree. I love this show and after 1 episode I was hooked! And now, seven episodes in, I'm addicted! I know that there are flaws (most medical, trauma, firefighter, cops shows have them), but I love the characters and the way the cast is really coming together. I cannot wait to see what happens next! The plot could be written in so many different ways and I can see the possibilities for this show to run for a long time.

The character development is really good. I love Severide and Casey and am so hoping that NBC is reading these reviews and they renew the show for another year (unlike Trauma). The ratings may not be what they want at this very moment, but please give us of those that love it a chance to continue to do so! It takes a while for word of mouth to spread about a great show, but I'm doing my part to make sure that others tune in. Please keep in mind folks that this is not a reality show. It is for drama entertainment purposes and its wonderful.
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Can't wait for its return!
irenerose15 March 2013
Good story lines without a lot of sugar-coating or fantasy. We meet characters with depth, from the token firehouse playboy to a lesbian portrayed primarily as a human (that's a TV first). Some good action/effects scenes. Eye candy for everyone. What more can you ask? I truly enjoyed this one. Watched the whole series over a 2 week period while I was sick. I'm waiting with anticipation for it to return.

Love David Eigenberg as Herrmann--so glad to see him back on TV in a series. Doesn't everyone know a guy like Herrmann? Joe Minoso does a great job as Cruz. All in all they're a very interesting and varied group of characters. I like them all.
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My favorite firefighter series
Maniac-96 December 2012
There's tons of cop, lawyer and doctor shows on TV and firefighters are way too under represented in TV series. Actually Chicago Fire and Rescue Me are the only full blown fireman shows that I even know it. Rescue Me was a good show but had too much Gavin family drama in sometimes. And while Chicago Fire may show a little bit of there off duty lives, most of the time the show deals with their on duty lives.

The best part of CF is deals both the Truck and Squad companies in addition to an EMS team. The actors on the show really play the part well too, you could tell they went on plenty of ride alongs and investigated the roles to prepare themselves for the roles appropriately.
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Fab show =)
tamsyn-anderson3 March 2013
I love this show!

I had been recording this show but didn't get around to watching it, I never really felt like it as it can take time to get into a new series. However, one day when I was flicking through the channels trying to find something to watch, I came across Chicago Fire episode 10, already 15minutes in and as I watched I became hooked! I couldn't even make myself stop watching it and start from the beginning of the series! I watched episode 10 and then episode 11 the following night and then I went back and watched the series from the beginning.

I love the story lines, and the characters are brilliant. Nobody cares if the show isn't 100% realistic, it's not a documentary! If you want realistic shows then don't watch Drama TV! It's classified 'Drama' for a reason. I can't wait for the next episode and I really hope this show keeps going for more series to come.
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A Truly well crafted show!!!
ypuskinsan28 November 2013
I started watching this show when this was renewed for season 2 because of it's poor season one rating. Now i know why it was not cancel after season one poor performance. It is because every script of every episodes are well crafted and has brilliant characters(not to mention eye candies for the ladies and gays) and has depth in their history. Despite it's lack of excitement and thrills in the storyline it is humbling for a show to give it's viewer a fresh and realistic drama.

It doesn't focus all of it's story on firefighting actions and the drama develops in accordance to their character's actions which avoid the feel of rushing in the storytelling which usually every network shows has. I admire the writers courage to develop the underlying plot and suspense in a pace which the story deserves rather than focusing too much on pleasing the viewers. This also gives the audience to connect to their fav characters. This is one of those shows in which if it continues for a while (may be longer than 6 seasons) you will be left very fulfilling and satisfying yet sad and feel hollow when the show ends.

Not a cup of tea for everyone but to those who love contemporary drama and has lots of patience, it will be a wondrous treat which more than likely you will ever forget in the future.

Like Greys Anatomy i am sure i will be watching this show over and over again.
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Less personal relationships and more action
deakinx218 February 2017
I have been a fan of Chicago Fire since day one. When it first started, I watched it for the fire and rescue related calls, the action. I find now, it is far less about calls or incidents to which a fire department would respond, and far more about personal relationships and political nonsense. I can get that junk on other shows. Last night I watched what I consider the best episode of Chicago Med produced to date, because it focused on the events of a hospital emergency department the entire episode, not personal relationships.
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Going downhill fast
SuperSkeptic10 January 2013
I actually enjoyed the first few episodes of "Chicago Fire." But a dozen episodes into the first season, and they are devoting FAR too much time to the soap-opera side of things.

Case in point: Episode 12 "Under the Knife." There were multiple times when the action or dialog in this episode were totally incomprehensible unless one had seen several prior episodes. A first-time viewer would have no idea why Cruz cuts his hand, or why Casey all but bitchslaps Cruz for mentioning "the Flaco thing."

If the producers feel that they simply must focus on so-called "character development," then at least provide new viewers with the necessary "back story" via a "previously on Chicago Fire" style intro.
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Best since 24 (for me)
eoinej-538-11480325 November 2012
Flashpoint showed the way but this delivers! Call it corny, call it contrived, I don't care. Teamwork , loyalty, unadulterated action, sub- plots... you name it -- it's all there.. This is definitely an outstanding North American TV series. (I exclude Sopranos psychology - it does not promise this, and as for The Wire? not even close. The Shield? this was a different league.) I loved 24 but, let me tell you, there's a feel good factor here that 24 could never deliver. I don't care about reality, and I can forgive the PC attempts. However, with these guys, there's still hope for the world. And on a serious note, for me, any positive promotion for fire-fighters is worth the time. Backdraft, Ladder 49, even the UK with London's Burning. For me this does the business. Watch it!...
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Not worth the time
micke-bystrom11 September 2018
With so many great TV-series these days "Chicago Fire" just doesn't hold up. The acting is so and so, but even "Law & Order" have better acting, more interesting and believable characters and better stories, yet is quite bland. CF is much, much worse.

I started to watch this because I liked five first seasons of "Chicago PD" and someone mentioned CF as another good series , but CPD has a nerve and storytelling CF just doesn't have. "Third Watch" or the classic "Hill Street Blues" also have such a nerve. CF is a soap and not a very impressing one at that.

Of course none have the storytelling, the actors, the dialogue, the nerve, the realism and the push like "The Wire", but that would be asking too much.

I watched 2 episodes in Season 1 and scanned the rest as one reviewer here suggested it would pick up. Nah, it's broken. Nothing to see here, moving on.
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss507825 October 2016
After twenty-five years and six Law & Order series, creator Dick Wolf, decided that it was time for a change. His latest idea centers around the heroes of Chicago, and what he did was basically take the show Third Watch, and split it up into three different TV series that interact with each other, on a semi-regular basis, with a fourth one coming later this year. Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and Chicago Justice, make up the new look of drama on NBC, and the ratings have been hotter than the show that started it all, Chicago Fire.

As I said the show, the story lines, and the realistic way that it's filmed are very reminiscent of Third Watch, which was one of my all-time favorite shows, however, by splitting, the Firemen, Police, and Medical personal into three shows, the story lines run deeper, and the characters and character development is much stronger. This is why Chicago Fire works and is the only real stand alone show about Firemen to actually last more than just a couple of seasons.

Every character, even the part-timers have story lines and there is a deep connection to everyone involved in the show, but the main focus of the show is on Jesse Spencer who plays Ben Casey, one of the two guys in charge out in the field. Casey is very by the book and believes in the system, although that faith is tested on a regular basis. The other main focus is Taylor Kinney who plays Kelly Severide, who is the complete opposite of Casey. He will do anything to save lives and get to the bottom of a situation and the rule book be damned! The dynamic often causes conflict and causes people to choose sides, which further lends to the drama of the show.

The one negative I have is with how believable the stories are. Obviously it's a TV show and Hollywood is going to take it's liberties. The firemen are going to do things that are impossible and take risks that no one would ever take or survive if they did, but my issue is with things like the time. Someone will be injured and we'll be told they need months of rehab and could be out a year. The captain will talk about not having the money for a replacement and having to work short handed, putting the other men at risk. Then the very next episode, the injured man is back at work and cleared for duty. The actor doesn't even miss a couple of episodes, he's back the very next week. I don't know about you, but things like that bother me. Another timeline issue is involved with the crossover cameos, which don't always line-up. For example, Severide was involved in a Chicago P.D. matter, that was serious, and involved his whole family, but at the same time, there was no mention of it on Chicago Fire and it was business as usual? Obvious timeline issues aside, the action is fantastic, the story lines are gripping, the actors and actresses are as hot and exciting as the fires they are fighting, and there is a reason this is a top ten show. If you haven't started your journey into the heroes of Chicago, start at the very beginning with Chicago Fire Season 1, you won't be sorry.
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Good show moves around a lot, W/ EMT & Fire Dept
freddiegem10311 October 2012
Pros: Keeps you interested with several things going on. Fire & rescue, Ambulance EMT. Death of a fireman and lingering emotions/personalities, that follow the death of a Fire Family member. To a new hire the kid. Very attractive people. With the regular looking Jo's, to keep it real. And real life situations. One fireman loosing his home in Foreclosure, because of the economic situation. Boyfriend and girlfriend braking up Action filled drama covering all the basis. Buliding on fire, Firemen falling through the floor. Alarms on body going off, that was explained previously. When the rookie is handling grammar school children on a field trip to the fire dept. Great Job. Cons: Sirens on Fire Truck are way to loud that's all. Freddiegem
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Shave the soul patch
Vcbakersman17 October 2012
I love the show. I have always enjoyed firemen and parametric shows. Hopefully the show will make it. I do think its good enough. The only thing I can't stand I'd the guy with the soul patch. Really is this a future episode where they shave it off his face while he's sleeping. Please do something about that. It's out of style for one thing and he doesn't have the face for it. The girls on the show are a smart bunch which I like. Usually the girls are make to be idiots that salivate all over the place for hunk on the trucks. Please shave the starch and soul patch I begging you. It could really be a funny show. Good luck with the futures shows. I'm looking forward to see where it goes.
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Great show where the characters are as interesting as their occupation!
kimraison11 May 2013
I've got to be honest, I first started watching the show because Chase from House was in it as Lt. Matt Casey, and Mason Lockwood from Vampire Diaries is Lt. Kelly Severide. With those two good looking guys on cast - as firemen! - I suspected I'd enjoy if only for the eye candy, but was pleasantly surprised when I found myself pulled into the storyline in the first 5 minutes, and left wanting more as the episode came to a close. From the first episode I had that feeling when you know you're onto a good thing, and I haven't been disappointed yet, needless to say It has quickly become my favorite show. Every episode follows Lt.Casey and his truck squad, Lt. Severide and his rescue squad and the two female ENTs while they fight fires around Chicago. There is plenty of fire action and tense situations to keep you interested, while the characters personal lives unfold and have as much heat as the fires they fight. This is one of those rare shows where they've managed to make the characters as interesting as their occupations. This really is a good show, men and women will like it, it's a great mix of action and drama, we see the trials and tribulations of friendship and romance at the fire house (and fighting fires of course!)

Hope you give it a try, you wont be disappointed xo
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Who cut the cheese??
foxywady24 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show... lots of hot guys, but it doesn't have to be cheesy or slutty to be good.. we want to know day to day in the life of a fireman and there are much bigger story lines that the ones being put out there ... the writers are going to write themselves into a hole and I don't want this show to be canceled because again there is some nice eye candy ... as there should be. I realize that it takes time to establish characters and it will great to see them evolve. Still unsure as to how real this is as I myself have never known nor ever been a firefighter but this is a tough subject to depict and it would be very cool if a series could get into the heart of the topic.. make it believable ... I was a huge fan of Grey's but that era is over .. I want original, deep, raw, .. I want to know why each one of these characters picked fire fighting... because although eye candy is good.. the heart is better. so please no more cheese.. One more thing.. the women outside of the house are depicted as strong but unintelligent.. Redundant ... lots of blank stares .. can we look into this please??
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Way to go
bojancek310 May 2015
Well what can I say, that hasn't been said already but I'm still going to. Simply love the show. All the leading characters are believable. They all kinda seem to make out a very good and balanced mix of strong, independent and individual enough characters. They make a good team, but also have problems of their own. They solve those in part themselves and in part through the help of their alternative CF family. Their fire squad. That brings me to the storyline. It is also very good. Not just straightforward but complex and interesting enough to just bind you to the screen. Somehow i totally like the fact, that every once in a while, we can see how the individual characters are personally involved and how they cope with the struggles of work and their personal life. And then the show being combined with Chicago PD... no words needed... I just enjoy every single episode and hope to see many more seasons of both! Thanks.
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Terrific and Very Realistic Show
bunny-music19 March 2014
I love this show and I hope everyone gets to see it. I look forward to it every week. We never know what to expect from one week to the next. It has everything I love to see in a show about humanity. Every week I am surprised at what the characters have to face and the decisions they have to make. It has excitement. It's emotional, it has love, heartache, quick decisions, action, and some comedy. This shows what real firefighters have to go through daily and I appreciate everything they do. They have to deal with the same emotions the characters do on the show. There are lots of examples of anger, hurt, happiness, and sadness. Thanks for a terrific show! I hope it never ends.
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Insult to firefighters and paramedics
airborne_trooper11 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a paramedic who also has had extensive firefighter training. That being said, it took about 5 minutes into the episode before I was laughing and shaking my head "no" as I was overwhelmed with the inaccuracies. Now I understand that it's TV so I know it's not going to be perfect. However I long had my doubts before actually watching it. The first thing that's wrong with it, is that it's on NBC, which means there's a foul language barrier. Anyone who knows real firefighters ESPECIALLY firefighters in Chicago; know that the majority of us can't say more than ten words without swearing or saying something vulgar. So the show pretty much has lost it's realism in the dialog alone. Now I don't argue that you can't make it work, because Third Watch did fine with it for a long time, however the focus wasn't only on firefighters in that show.

Taking that away there's still plenty wrong with this show. Really it's the little things that just build up and make you say "come on!" Now some of it are things only someone on the job would notice, but then there are the obvious. So here are some to name a few: A lot of these guys look like they walked off the cover of a magazine, especially the women. They show one of the ladies after a 24 hour shift and she's all dolled up. A paramedic on the box in Chicago; I'm positive has zero interest in looking all pretty in the morning on the way home!! Are there good looking firefighters and paramedics? Sure but not THAT many. You can have a good show without a bunch of models running around with their shirts off! Lots of the guys have some sort of chin hair. NO FIRE DEPT ON THE PLANET ALLOWS THIS!!! Facial hair interrupts the sealing of the face piece, making it ineffective and even dangerous to wear in a compromised environment.Then it's the lack of focus while responding to calls. Now I'll admit, when you've done this job long enough, certain calls hardly make your heart rate go past 70, but you will NEVER see a guy, on his way to a fire with his feet up, reading the paper...ridiculous! Next, one of the female paramedics is slipping one of the guys some sort of drug, I forget which. If I remember correctly it was a narcotic of some sort. Because of on the job drug abusers in the past, it's nearly impossible to steal drugs from an ambulance without pointing the finger right back at you! So then there are the locker room scenes. Wait I said that wrong, then there are the co-ed locker room scenes. I don't think that needs explaining. Moving on, one of the paramedics in one scene is doing a complicated (and very rare) procedure for whatever reason. They show the little girl's heart rhythm on the monitor even though she doesn't have a single lead on her body. Not a big deal but annoying nonetheless, also if she were that bad off, there'd be more than one paramedic back there at least to set up the non existent IV.

To pick at the actual story. It's painfully predictable and phony. If a fighter died in a fire, you're not gonna see the lieutenant (or anyone for that matter) just rest their head on the ladder as if someone brought then coffee with two sugars as opposed to one. Then the show bounces from character to character not really showing us anything. One guy has a name, that's not really his name, it's confusing what person is assigned to what, considering it's Chicago, the bosses are WAY too young. Especially the guy running the squad. But I digress.

So between all that, the cheesy lines, the sub par acting, and the predictable story lines, I'll say this: Whoever the technical adviser is needs to be fired, because he or she definitely lied about having any kind of background in thus field!! My suggestion: Don't waste your time with this garbage. It'll be gone before you know it. Just like that other show...oh right, "Trauma"!
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Excellent clever series
amichnea2 March 2017
I have recently started watching Chicago Fire, PD and very recently Justice (only because it was introduced as part of the Chicago Fire S05E15/Chicago PD S04E16/Chicago Justice S01E01 episodes).

I am unsure as to why people said this is unrealistic, having someone in the family that worked with a fire prevention unit and fire fighters they seem quite happy with how close to reality it is and actually brings back good memories for them.

There aren't that many series that I can watch front to back and not get bored. We went through all episodes and are up to date. Great series, plenty of action, clever plots.

I have seen a few people giving the Chicago series ratings of 1 star... no idea why. I am here just to state that you won't be disappointed if you watch them.

I do not watch Chicago Med as I am not into the medical drama series. I believe only one or two episodes crossed over from Fire and PD which I did watch.
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Tons of Potential
adc20009745 July 2013
Chicago shows keep bouncing back, this is an amazing Fire and Rescue procedural drama! Is Chicago the new Los Angeles for drama? I think so!

Just read that their working on a pilot with Sergeant Voight as Chicago PD! (The Shield vibes) I hope they deal with real meat of the drama that Police and Fire departments deal with day in day out! Shout out to Southend too, that drama was amazing and will stay with me with such a sad dramatic end, much like The shields end, a little depressing but I'm a adult and I thank the show for treating me like one. Don't be CSI! I have no idea why people watch that show?

Really enjoyed the familiar faces like Jesse Spencer best known as Dr. Robert Chase from House M.D. and Billy Kennedy from Neighbours! His performance was great and I disagree about the too young for the role argument.

Taylor Kinney (crazy Spartacus vibes, he kind of reminds me of Andy Whitfield) Some of his co-stars like Monica Raymund would of easily have been good candidates (excuse the pun) for Spartacus Blood and Sand! Eamonn Walker; My brain literally flew out of my head and time traveled back to The Bill 1989! WOW! David Eigenberg The New York cross between James Purefoy and Damian Lewis! Obviously though his character is allot different, in respect.

Shoutout to the creators of the show please treat us as adults, tackle real cop drama!
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