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Where is Chalky?
AnotherBatch5 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As an avid fan of The Sopranos, it's good to see writer and creator Terence Winter and director Tim Van Patten team up and follow a gangster related theme with Boardwalk Empire. They make some of the best episodes of the series; A Return to Normalcy, 21, Two Boats and a Lifeguard, To The Lost

"The Pony" follows the aftermath of lookalike-Jimmy's death, which leads to a great stand-off scene between Nucky and Gillian. We catch up with Van Alden as he is meeting with the Chicago crew and installing a whiskey-set at home. Sigrid is helping out; the Norwegian 17th of May is coming up. The Thompson brothers have made peace (for now?), but still has to deal with season 3 villain Gyp Rosetti (great scenes in last weeks episode, church preach and with Masseria). Harrow is still looking out for/after Jimmy Jr, but will he stay on Gillian's side? Nucky is accused for being an interlope.

But where is CHALKY WHITE in all this? He had a great storyline going on with the Ku Klux Klan in "Anastasia" and "21".

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A surprising episode filled with masculinity.
Alex Buchmann5 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It would seem Nucky and Margaret have found love, but not with each other. Owen and Margaret are becoming closer, which could possibly end badly for both of them, but especially Owen if Nucky finds out. Nucky, however, feeling a bit upset after being kicked out of a gentleman's club and rejected from a business deal, visits Billie unexpectedly and does not like the man who is in her presence. Nucky decides to show his anger on the "Sphinx," by sucker punching him and going for a rough and tumble on the floor. It is rather humorous to watch Steve Buscemi act out his brilliance by sitting on the couch after the fight is interrupted by Billie, just smiling with that smug grin as he is threatened to be sued. Nucky just smiles with a cigarette between his teeth, his bring it on attitude much like that of Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs.

Furthermore, Van Alden's character is becoming more complex. I must say, however, that every time he's not on screen I can't wait until he returns. He shows off his frustration at work in a rather gruesome way, but it was a long time coming and found myself cheering for his feat of masculinity.

I cannot say the same for Gillian. Every time she is on screen I can't wait until she is off again. Her psychological well being has been flushed down the metaphorical toilet long ago, and I sincerely cannot wait until her fate catches up with her. I can actually say that her character is so wretched, I would like to see her become a vegetable, and have to lay in bed for the rest of her miserable life so she can rot with her thoughts. Her little stunt may have fooled the Leander, but her trickery has not fooled the likes of Richard Harrow, who is extremely outspoken. I think Richard may be the one to introduce Gillian to her demise, or so I hope. Gillian tells Gyp where Nucky and Rothstein will be meeting for dinner, because Luciano can't seem to keep his mouth shut about anything. Gyps plan to retaliate against Nucky and Rothstein is one I sincerely did not see coming.

When Rothstein, Nucky and Billie are strolling towards dinner on the boardwalk they are interrupted by a rather annoying character, and Rothstein shows this by the disgust on his face. Little to his surprise though, it is this mans interruption that saves their lives. Nucky tells Billie to wait for them by the restaurant door and she gives him a loving look as she departs. It's hard not to catch the sense of worry in the atmosphere as Nucky and Billie lock eyes from afar, his smile suddenly turning into a frown. The viewer is expecting maybe the typical shoot out on the boardwalk, but much to Nuckys surprise he gets something a little more devastating. The restaurant, after being rigged with explosives, explodes taking Billie as a hostage of retaliation warfare.

This episode was deep and rather unexpected. I think all the Jimmy humpers need to get on with their lives and stop bringing the shows ratings down. Great episode.

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Depends what happens in the future.
Antonella28 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was a turning of the tables.

First of all, I want to say that I don't like much what Gillian did, but I really like to see her against Nucky for killing Jimmy.

And in this episode we finally see that Arnold was right: emotions are bad for business and the outcome was Billie's death.

Altought that, I enjoyed Margaret-Owen's scenes, and Nelson was the best of the episode, I'm glad we finally see him get in the business.

+ Gillian against Nucky.

+ Nelson and Michael Shannon.

+ Margaret & Owen.

+ Capone vs. O'Banion scenes.

+ The end.

  • Billie, you'll be missed.

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Boardwalk Empire The Pony
dalydj-918-2551757 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When Gillian killed of the Jimmy look a like it was for a reason. We open with the fake body being cremated. Nelson returns with some guys setting up a machine in his house so he can pay them off. Emily's birthday is coming up and they are getting her a pony. News comes to Nucky that Jimmy drowned even though he knows it was his gun that killed Jimmy. Al is in Chicago in a whore house having a meeting. While discussing Jimmy's son Nucky comes to talk to Gillian. He overs his sympathies for Jimmy's death. By throwing water in his face the lie breaks and the two fight about him killing her son. He tells her she exists in the town because of him. Margaret at the mothering school is visited by the women she offered to help. The women tells her that when she met her bleeding she did it on purpose to kill her baby. Nelson cannot sleep during the night when the water drops from the machine. Nelson becomes part of the gangsters being the muscle. While making the deal once again Pompaii is brought up. Owen and Margaret go looking for Emily's new pony where Owen is looking very much at the pony examining it. Billie is auditioning for films and is able to make the whole crew laugh. Nucky meets with Andrew W. Mellon in New York to talk about arresting someone. While looking for the pony it starts to rain leaving Owen and Margaret in the car talking about the decision of getting Emily the pony. When at work Nelson is forced to try sell an iron to one of the most annoying men. Everyone starts to laugh at him which forces him to iron the man's face and go crazy. Nucky comes to meet Billie and when a young guy talks back to him they start to fight to. When Billie makes the others leave so she can talk to Nucky about how angry he got. She tells her to just be hers and not Margaret's. In the middle of the night Nelson packs because he wants to leave. Nelson's wife tells him that she can make extra product they can sell to the Ukraine. Gillian pays Lucky off to make him leave and Margaret asks for two diaphragm's so she can get the women's pregnancy gone, also her own. Gillian calls in Gyp to her whore house to tell him where Nucky will be so he can take care of him. Nucky gets a call from Andrew who tells him to go through with the deal. Just as Nucky is amount to go to the club he stops to talk to someone even though Billie is right beside the door when the explosion happens.

EPISODE GRADE: A- (MVP: Steve Buscemi)
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