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Welcome to a new World
mensonge13 June 2016
What if the concept of education as we know it (with classrooms, assessments, sometimes harassment or tears) was a huge mistake? A counterproductive solution transforming creative and curious children into quiet children, less interested by knowledge than by getting a good grade.

This documentary is a smart introduction to discover a natural way to help children becoming autonomous, sensitive, respectful, curious and responsible people.

I rate it 10/10 for the importance of the topic. So necessary. I am grateful to the authors for trying to spread those questions as much as possible all over the world.
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Such an inspiring film !
evalice-2074010 June 2016
Clara shows us her path through questions to understand how children grow and learn just as they breathe, as long as their parents pay attention and love to them.

The film tells us a story about confidence and truth, questioning and reassuring, beauty and love.

I've seen it three times - which is not so much, after all, considering that each time I watch it, each time I learn something new and it brings me so much enthusiasm ! The film is also an emotionnal shock as it is questioning our own confidence and commitment.

Any how,I quite envy those who haven't seen it yet and will have the privilege and chance to be thrilled for their very first time :-)
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