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Sex & Nudity

  • The guard is seen at many points in the film, he always wears nothing but pants and a cape, his bare chest is always seen.
  • One of the people in court is seen frequently, his robe reveals part of his chest and one nipple.
  • Batty Boop's costume reveals her bare chest. But it's not seen in detail as she is painted in bright colours.
  • A woman says she want's to have sex with a man in order for her to give him his baby brother. He declines but she takes him back to her house. She takes of her clothes, we see her naked from behind as she walks over to him and it's implied she rapes him.
  • The same woman later implies that she will rape the man again when he comes back. She says something along the lines of "Come back in one piece, I want to have another go on you with your new part" meaning his baby brother. He looks very scared.
  • In one huge fight scene near the end, many of the people are topless. Many men are seen wearing nothing but pants.
  • Some sexual references including a woman being a virgin, Batty Boop having a one night stand and some others.
  • A woman calls a man a rapist. (He isn't one though).

Violence & Gore

  • Punchy pies another clown in the face, the impact completely crushes the clowns face and blood and pie flies out.
  • Killjoy is interrogated in an electric chair.
  • Freakshow is seen with skin missing from part of his torso. A close up of the bloody patch is seen.
  • Satan zaps a man with thunder and he explodes into gore, brief.
  • Two men are bitten by a mechanic baby and their blood is sucked out of them.
  • Batty Boop beats up a man causing him to bleed from the face. She leaves him alive though.
  • Killjoy is forced to fight another clown. It starts of with silly fighting such as slapping, throwing and a wedgie with silly clown sound effects but turns more violent as they begin punching each other and Killjoy begins hitting him with an over-sized hammer. Eventually Killjoy hits his head with the hammer and it crushes his head.
  • A clown cuts his wrist and drops the blood into a bowl as a sacrifice so Killjoy can summon Batty Boop, Punchy and Freakshow.
  • In one large fight scene, about 40 people are seen fighting. It starts of with silly sound effects and not violent but slowly turns more realistic and bloody. One man has his arm ripped of. Another man's throat is slit in a messy manner. A woman is held down and her guts ripped out; one woman places them in her mouth, all among other fighting and killing. Satan uses thunder to kill a few then wipes a lot out with fire.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Batty Boop says she passed out and another character says it was because she was drugged.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some mildly intense scenes.
  • Despite it being more of a comedy, Killjoy has some dark themes and a few dark and thought provoking scenes and ideas.
  • A lot of the film is set the the court room and jail of hell. Hell is seen once, but it's not how you would expect, it's more of an emotional scene than a scary one.
  • Not for people who are strongly scared of clowns.

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