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Sunday's Best is truly the best of season 3
NelsonVanAlden28 October 2012
First off, I want to respond to the review from Masonic Shine. You get it 1 star out of 10, yet at the bottom of your review you gave it 3 out of 10. You are clearly trying to ruin the ratings of the show. It's getting old.

As for the show. Sunday's Best was truly the best episode of season 3. This is the type of character development that makes me appreciate this show. You don't get many shows that can do it like Boardwalk does.

Season 3 had be somewhat disappointing to some fans, but this one came back strong. This is what I think a lot of the fans of the series had been waiting for. I am very excited to see the rest of the season. This episode set it up well. Very strong performances tonight from Nucky and Margaret. Loved seeing Richard get a lot of screen time as well.

10 out of 10. Best show on TV.
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Unreal, how this show has gone down the tubes... From Boardwalk to BOREDwalk Empire
MasonicShine28 October 2012
Its an absolute shame how downhill this season is going, its to the point where its almost no saving it at this point, the characters are ALL 1 dimensional with the exception of a few, and those characters are basically never shown.

Seems this is either due to the lack of funding or writing or a combination of both.

Not sure how season 4, if there truly is one, ever gets saved, as it will most likely be the last one and BWE might go down in the history books as "one of those shows that had great promise".

3 points out of 10.
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Boardwalk Empire Sunday Best
dalydj-918-25517529 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Last week ended with Margaret and Owen making out in her glass house. Eli wakes up easter morning laying out eggs for his children to find. Gillianin her bed is giving orders to Richard almost treating him like a slave to look after Jimmy's child. Nucky and Margaret are going on a trip to visit their cousins. Gillian gets a visit from her Jimmy look a like being left alone together is this big empty house. The whole Thompson family are together as they need to re-introduce themselves this easter. Richard brings Tommy to meet with the women he helped last week. Eli and Nucky talk about business which Nucky does not want to talk about asking for a drink he cannot get. After a dinner prayer Eli's wife try's to say an inspirational speech only crying before she can finish. At his easter dinner Richard is asked about his thoughts on war. Richard sits and has his dinner in the kitchen alone meaning he can take of his half mask. Gyp is in New York having a meeting about what his next move is while he has dinner with his family. At the Thompson house the egg hunt starts as everyone runs to find the eggs except Nucky's daughter who must be helped. Margaret and Gillian talk about family and how they have to met before. Margaret tells Gillian that Nucky has a mistress and how the two seem to be fighting all the time. After Tommy uses the toilet he does some searching around the house. He opens a door which leads to room dedicated to war it seems. Nucky and Eli share a drink where Nucky says it hurts him to be associated with Eli so he pulls a gun out telling Nucky to shoot him because he is sick of waiting for the bullet. When Paul finds little Tommy upstairs playing with his sons toys he grabs him which makes everyone leave but Richard asks Julia to come with him. Nucky then starts a comedic performance to entertain the family. Margaret is then asked to perform next, she chooses to sing a song. Richard, Tommy and Julia are mistaken for a family and get their picture taken. Gyp goes to church to pray to Jesus about why he is in bad situations lately. Gillian brings Roger down into the baths, she then washes him like she is his other. While she is washing him Gillian stick Heroine into his arm so she has the chance to kill him. Gyp meets with someone in New York and it makes him more Italian then he ever has been. Eli gets a call from Nucky giving him a promotion. Gillian talks to Richard that he son is dead and will never come back which is interrupted by screaming girls.

EPISODE GRADE: D (MVP: Steve Buscemi)
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