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Not one of this series' best episodes
TheBlueHairedLawyer5 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
'Poof De Fromage' (which translates back to "poof of cheese") was definitely not one of my favorite episodes. Sure, it had a few funny moments, but it was mostly full of toilet humor, bad acting, fart jokes and a really lame ending.

So, Bobby's parents have decided to participate in a foreign exchange student program and have a teenage boy from France come to their house to stay for a few months. Jean-Louis seems to be obsessed with the walls and isn't really interested in hanging out with Bobby (gee, I wonder why? Bobby is a gross, lazy moron throughout the whole episode!). Anyway, Jean-Louis turns out to be an alien (who tied up the real Jean-Louis and left the poor kid at the baggage claim station of the airport). Jean-Louis has come to protect humans from aliens who disguise themselves as cheese puffs.

...Yeah, uh, okay... so, this episode was intended to be funny, but it just ended up being silly and rude more than anything else. The soundtrack was pretty good, but the actors for the most part were terrible, and the fart jokes were really inappropriate. I thought The Haunting Hour would have steered clear of that kind of low, trashy humor but not in this episode.

Anyway, this is one of the few low points in the series, definitely an episode to be avoided. The Haunting Hour is a great show but this was just stupid.
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