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Season 2

Recap episode of the the first fourteen episodes, also known as Episode 14.5.
5 Jul. 2014
Gun World
2 years after the events of sword art online, Kirito is approached by a government agent with a new proposition after the apparent murder of pro players of the new main stream MMO Gun Gale Online.
12 Jul. 2014
Ice Sniper
In a flashback, on September 14, 2025, Sinon, who had accidentally fallen down a trap chute while navigating a dungeon below SBC Gurokken in GGO, discovers a boss-class monster and decides to die while trying to defeat it. To her surprise, the position she chose for her attack was out of the monster's attack range, and thus, by conserving her ammo and accurately hitting the boss's weak spot, she is eventually able to defeat it and acquire a new sniper rifle, the PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II. In the present day, during an ambush on an enemy squadron, Sinon attempts to ...
19 Jul. 2014
Memories of Blood
In real life, Sinon is afraid of the sight of guns because of a robbery gone bad. Kirito tells Asuna he plans to log into Gun Gal Online.
26 Jul. 2014
GGO (Gun Gale Online)
As some people are killed within the game Gun Gale Online, Kirito gets back in action, as the murderer may also be a survivor of Sword Art Online.....
2 Aug. 2014
Gun and Sword
To bait out Death Gun, Kirito enters Bullet of Bullets, a tournament to decide the most powerful gunman in GGO.
2 Aug. 2014
Showdown in the Wilderness
After witnessing Kirito's win in his first preliminary match, Death Gun asks Kirito if he is the real deal. Before he can answer Kirito notices his tattoo of Laughing Coffin and wonders if he's run into him before.
16 Aug. 2014
Crimson Memories
Suguha confronts Kazuto about his activities in the online world as he grapples with having killed people in the Sword Art Online incident.
23 Aug. 2014
Bullet of Bullets
Certain that Death Gun is competing in the BoB final, Kirito approaches Sinon beforehand about exchanging information, and begins to investigate the new players in the tournament.
30 Aug. 2014
Death Gun
Kirito and Sinon hunt Death Gun through the Bullet of Bullets tournament. Asuna realizes the danger Kirito is in and sets out to find answers
6 Sep. 2014
Pursuer of Death
Sinon is attacked from outta nowhere by Death Gun. Luckily Kirito manages to rescue her, but they are pursued by Death Gun.
13 Sep. 2014
The Meaning of Strength
As Kirito and Sinon lay low in a desert cave, Kirito ponders on how Death Gun murdered the other players.
20 Sep. 2014
Bullet of a Phantom
With the Bullet of Bullets tournament coming to a close, Kirito and Sinon set a trap for Death Gun, but another player might jeopardize it.
27 Sep. 2014
Phantom Bullet
With Kirito is losing to Death Gun, Sinon looks for a way to save him.
4 Oct. 2014
A Small Step
The Bullet of Bullets tournament comes to a close. Sinon confronts her inner demons.
18 Oct. 2014
The Queen of the Lake
Kirito returns to ALO, bringing Asada with him, in order to obtain the sword, Excalibur.
25 Oct. 2014
King of the Giants
At the entrance to Thrymheim, Yui explains that the quest they were given was created by the Cardinal System's Automatic Quest Generation Function and that if they did not succeed in their quest, a final war event, Ragnarok, would be triggered. Sometime later, at the end of the second floor of Thrymheimr, the group encounters two minotaurs, and they are forced to rely on Sword Skills that could deal elemental damage to them in addition to physical damage, but also leave the player rigid for a few seconds after the skill is used up. With Kirito revealing his new ...
1 Nov. 2014
After clearing the first two stages the ice giant of the third stage proves more than the group can handle. Freyja tells Kirito the secret to defeating him.
8 Nov. 2014
The Forest House
After hearing that a new update from New Year's Eve opens up floors 21-30 of new Aincrad, Kirito and the others race to reach floor 22 with the hope of once again purchasing the home he shared with Asuna and Yui.
15 Nov. 2014
Absolute Sword
Asuna has a confrontation with her mother about her current schooling, and goes on to duel Zekken.
22 Nov. 2014
Sleeping Knights
Zekken, leader of the Sleeping Knights guild wants to defeat a powerful floor boss. Needing a seventh Asuna agrees to join them.
29 Nov. 2014
Swordsman's Memorial
Asuna and Sleeping Knights prepare to raid the 27th Floor Boss, but have to take out a rival guild blocking their way.
6 Dec. 2014
Journey's End
After the Sleeping Knights guild disbands Asuna sets out to find Zekken (Yuuki), who reveals her tragic story.
13 Dec. 2014
Beginning of a Dream
Yuuki lives out her dream. Asuna begins to repair her broken relationship with her mother.
20 Dec. 2014
Mother's Rosario
In the season finale, Asuna, Yuuki as well as all of their friends continue to live happily in the world of Alfheim and New Aincrad. From duels and quests to taking bosses head on, the group is determined to make the most of their time together, by any means. However, when Asuna receives urgent news of Yuuki's condition, the line between her two worlds will become thinner than ever. And she will learn how the human spirit, as well as the love which sustains it, transcends all life.

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