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Fresh...yet not upto the mark
SonalSudeep31 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
With the Bhatt camp on your way,expectations become very high especially at the back of a Superhit movie like Murder 2 & with Blood Money,it was no exception.Although it had fairly newcomers playing the lead roles,still the promos looked much promising.The first half,yes,was good considering it had that element of ROMANCE,INTIMACY,MUSIC in it which certainly did grow on you,until the second half where things started getting monotonous and predictable.The "GOOD BOY" Kunal Khemu,fighting to expose the illegal side of the Diamond Enterprise was good,still the LOGIC was missing in some sequences.What i want to say is,yes,Hrithik Roshan has that body that can be stabbed 5 times,still he can overcome the giant Sanjay Dutt(AGNEEPATH),how come Kunal Khemu,after being stabbed would run like an Usain Bolt and would fight like a healthy person would!!!!!! Overall the movie was fresh sans some scenes that could have been executed better.Kunal Khemu and Amrita Puri both show maturity in acting and look promising for a positive stint in Bollywood.Music was EXCEPTIONAL(what the Bhatts are known for!!!) A one time watch would do good only if you have no other better plans this weekend.
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Kunal Khemu's finest work !
wazankash31 March 2012
Every great gangster movie has under-currents of human drama. Don't expect an emotional story of guilt, retribution and despair from "Blood Money". This is a tale of ferocious greed, corruption, and power.

Anybody complaining about the "cheesiness" of this film is missing the point. The superficial characters, cheesy music, and dated fashions further fuel the criticism of this life of diabolical excess. Nothing in the lives of these characters really matter, not on any human level at least. In fact the film practically borderlines satire, ironic considering all the gangster rappers that were positively inspired by the lifestyle of Kunal Kadam.

This isn't Mukesh Bhatt's strongest directorial effort, it is occasionally excellent and well-handled (particularly the memorable finale), but frequently sinks to sloppy and misled. Thankfully, it is supported by a very strong script by Upendra Sidhye. The themes are consistent, with the focus primarily on the life of Kunal Kadam, and the evolution of his character as he is consumed by greed and power. The dialogue is also excellent, see-sawing comfortably between humour and drama. There are many stand-out lines, which have since wormed their way into popular culture in one form or another.

Powerful, occasionally humorous, sometimes shocking, and continually controversial.Blood Money is totally worth watching. An essential and accessible gangster flick, and a pop-culture landmark.

The story is very detailed and realistic. This film tells a story of how a person who rises to power by wealth can easily be destroyed by the same exact stuff that made them powerful. Also in the middle, he or she become a completely different person and they lose their friends and family.

Overall : 8/10
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Not so promising, but a one time watch
kevinspells199029 April 2012
The start scene it self makes it predictable, the new female actress din't deliver the goods and the bad make up on her adds up to it.there's no plot in the film. The songs were okay. Since the movie is shoot in South Africa it makes it a bit watchable. The movie conveys a message, a person becomes successful not by his honesty but by following wrong ways. The movie has not so good action scenes in fact it's lame and foolish. I don't why Bollywood tries to be like Hollywood instead of imitating they should be inspired by them and create something original, because even this movie seems some what like the Hollywood film blood diamond. I would not recommend you to watch this film, since it's a waste of time. I would rate this movie as:

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Nothing new from Vishesh Films with all repetitive content inspired from their own old movies & the West.
bobbysing1 May 2012
Vishesh Films's latest venture is just made out of their own old films and inspirations taken from the West as usual. The subject has no novelty at all ruining every possible excitement to watch it as a new release. Very strangely the promos revealed the entire movie and its storyline which was in fact the most unintelligent step taken for its promotion. The film is only able to hold you for a while in the beginning. But as the plot progresses it really tries to test that how patiently you can watch the same repeated stuff being shown on the screen with some different actors.

A middle class family boy, who dreams to be rich living in a big luxurious house, gets a job offer in a foreign country. His lady love is excited too but the good times gradually vanish in thin air as the boy comes to know about the criminal background of its company and the crimes in which he has been involved too unknowingly. Now if you can recall, the same was the basic storyline of Vishesh Film's"JANNAT" (2008) too with the cricket betting background and to some extent the traces were also there in Mahesh Bhatt's own "NAAM" (1986). Talking about the Western influences, a similar storyline can be seen in "THE FIRM" released in 1993 revolving around a young lawyer.

So, BLOOD MONEY is purely based on the Bhatt set film-making style starting off with a romance and then entering into a criminal zone along with a little sex and few good hummable songs. But at the same time, it strongly indicates to be one of those unimportant movies which are quickly made in-between the other Big money making projects to show some non-profitable expenditure in the firm.

In the acting department, all the sincere efforts of the cast including the confident Kunal Khemmu and the natural Amrita Puri (of AISHA fame), go in vain due to the stale & unimpressive subject of the film. Only Manish Chaudhuri is able to leave some kind of impact in the roll of the Boss among the supporting cast & Mia Udeshi is only there to fill in as the sexual attraction of the film.

Supported by a fine Cinematography, it readily proves to be a Bhatt camp film due to the few interesting tracks in its soundtrack like Chaahat, Jo Tere Sang & Gunaah, which sadly remain incapable of saving the film from sinking. No doubt, debutant director Vishal Mahadkar brightly shows the talent he has in few sequences like the Diamond Selling scene in its first half. But I really fail to understand that why did he zeroed on to such an overused and uninteresting subject for his debut film. So learning a valuable lesson from BLOOD MONEY, he must give the subject of his film, the most serious thought next time.
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Blood Money : Worth you time and money
Prashast_Singh7 June 2016
Movie : Blood Money

Rating : 4/5

I love watching films that come out with a social message. I also like action thrillers with a good locational setting and a type of music which gives the feel of an urban, modern, stylish action thriller. BLOOD MONEY is one of those films. Despite of the very fact that many critics panned it for being repetitive, I liked it very much.

BLOOD MONEY teaches us a lot from various of its characters and scenes. The film being the story of a common man appeals and connects with everyone. This is a film which can teach a lot even to the youth. Besides, the story and screenplay are both excellent, well packaged and paced with lots of thrills that keep you to the edge of your seat. There's hardly a single dull moment throughout the entire film.

Kunal Kemmu gives a very controlled, enthusiastic, powerful performance and proves that he's a star-level actor. He's the best man in the entire film. Amrita Puri too acts as per her role, but at various places seems to go a little overboard and dramatic during dialogue delivery. Manish Chaudhary steals the show as the villain who has perfect lines to speak. Other actors like Teeshay etc too keep us engaged.

The best part of the film is its music: every song is a gem and you can't resist listening it again and again. That's also the biggest plus point. The locations and cinematography are both worth watching out for. The dialogues are another major strength, as they project the correct situation of the present day society and the characters. The fight sequences are well executed and filmed with excellence. The visual work is also top notch. Also, the film doesn't deviate from the story telling. The editor has done a great job by keeping an engaging runtime of 1 hour and 49 minutes.

Overall, BLOOD MONEY is a film definitely worth your time and money, apart from your love. This is a film which can also be an eye opener for the society. A must watch!
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Typical Bhatt style but could be much better
silvan-desouza7 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Bhatt films since NAAM(1986) and many countless films of theirs usually focus on life of a guy who gets lued by greed and then tries to reform himself.

BLOOD MONEY based on smuggling of diamonds is another such film, The film is so predictable that you can guess it in the promos, It has all the ingredients of Vishesh films, hummable music, outdoor locales, hot scene and morality lessons excluding Emraan Hashmi but it lacks the tautness of most Bhatt films and the writing too is below par.

The film starts off well, though there are some scenes which make no sense like how come Kunal gets a bungalow just after he gets the job? But the manner in which he enters the bad world till the interval is well handled but post interval the film suddenly focuses on Herogiri where Kunal chases the goons and then the sudden change of events in the climax looks abrupt and is treated amateurishly.

Direction is decent in parts, Writing is below par Music is decent, most songs sound typical from Bhatt films but are good

Kunal Khemmu thankfully is back to what he does best, after doing rubbish comedies and senseless films post his superb debut KALYUG and TRAFFIC SIGNAL is back with the Bhatts and back to a superb role He does a great job Amrita Puri is okay Manish Chaudhary is superb as the villain The rest are adequate
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Blood Money(U/A)-------------Rating:4/5
yunusitboss28 May 2012
Blood Money(U/A)-------------Rating:4/5

Blood Money is a perfect thriller of a common employee... It deals about a employee meshes in diamond smuggling.... the movie is simple but taken rich in south Africa..... the cast and music was good.....

Blood Money - A decent rehash

The film is as 'template ready' as it gets and at times does remind one of 'Jannat'. The difference here though is that while Emraan Hashmi was carrying a negative streak to him for most part of the film, Kunal takes time to loose his righteous side, only to announce a return in a much faster time period.

However what one doesn't miss right through the film's narrative is a distinct Bhatt feel to it. One can well see that first time director Vishal Mahadkar has been clearly inspired by Vishesh Films school of movie making and is following the formula that has been consolidated by the likes of Vikram Bhatt and Mohit Suri.

What one does miss though is the punch in the affair that stays constant for the entire duration of the film. Let's admit it, 'Blood Money' starts off well and introduction scenes pretty much establish each of the characters well too. There isn't much time wasted by getting the hero and the heroine into a 'naach gaana' mode and the drama stays focused on the 'diamond' business and the nexus involved. Just when one felt that the film would show a massive escalation in the second half, 'Blood Money' gets into a predictable zone due to which one does feel a tad disappointed.

For starters, the entire Mia Uyeda and the adultery episode has been done to death in quite a few films, not to mention many films coming from Bhatts themselves. Even 'Crook' had one such episode where the leading lady (Neha Sharma) felt cheated after finding Emraan Hashmi in the arms of an Australian gori. Moreover, even though one did feel that the film was doing well in its realistic zone, the dramatic filmy twists and turns in the second half dilute the impact. Yes, the climax is decent but one still feels that if only more powerful sequences had preceded it, 'Blood Money' may well have turned out to be an even better film.

What works for 'Blood Money' though are it's performances. Kunal Khemu, despite being around for quite some time now, still has that raw and innocent charm to him that makes him believable. He fits in well into the part yet again and shows that he can play different characters with ease, case in point being other notable performances in '99', 'Superstar' and 'Kalyug'. Amrita is decent in her limited part and fits in as required. Manish Chaudhary may have started seeming predictable now but one must admit that in the context of 'Blood Money', he plays his part well. Mia is a good eye candy and should bring on 'moolah'.

A special mention for the film's music which is just in line with what the doctor (read Bhatts) had ordered. Jeet Ganguly makes a successful comeback into Bollywood arena and is well complimented by Sangeet- Siddharth Haldipur and Pranay.

'Blood Money' may not be an excellent film that would go down as one of those small underrated gems of the year. However this film about gems (and diamonds) isn't a bad watch either. Yes, there is deja vu for sure, especially those who have watched films right from the days of 'Naam' to 'The Firm' to 'The Devil's Advocate' to 'Jannat'. However if you are willing to see a film that is a rehash of all these films with some memorable scenes thrown in, chances are you won't mind catching up on 'Blood Money'.
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Blood Money is a Kinder Garden remake of BLOOD DIAMOND
saurabhkatyayan0076 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Blood Money, India, can be called as one of the remake of trailers at the most hilarious manner of the Movie BLOOD DIAMOND. The movie explains the connection of underworld and terrorism and the World Diamond Trade. But this one has a sweeter ending. The movie do have some Indian spices in which a hero is driven by its perception of honesty and faith in all human emotions. it is a good watch if seen in 45 minutes, all fast forwarded, just to keep you upgraded - Has watched one More movie...

good points - good topic to introduce to trade organizations involved in terrorism and acts, better cinematography in emotional scenes between the couple.

weak points - The story line could have been better, if they would have added some more realistic facts. Also, a terrorist group leader is not a fool to encounter a guy on his way only to check if that guy is loyal to him. he can directly let him go and then catch him at the airbase without those action scenes too.
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elementary entry level screenplay
rightwingisevil28 April 2012
with unconvincing storyline, lame plot, stupid location set, bad directing and naive acting. furthermore, if you want your audiences/viewers to take your production more seriously, adding the stupid traditional dancing and singing would only make it worse. i strongly suggest that the Hindi movie industries should gradually phase out the traditional and always irrelevant singing and dancing add-ons and tries to distant itself from such shallow, ridiculous, totally pointless but always thought they are a MUST-HAVE in Hindi movies. you can't have it all, my Indian friends, making all the movies always turned out to a Broadway musical is nothing but brainlessly stupid. what made me often feel awkward and clueless when i watched Hindi movies is: if you want us to take you Hindi movies seriously, less dancing and singing would be better, without either would be even better. the problem that i often felt about Hindi movie is when a movie looked just so serious, suddenly, all the characters started dancing and singing, it's just so outrageously out of place, man.

this 'blood money' is no exception. it's already quite lame and lukewarm, adding some sudden dancing and singing scenes just looked more stupid. how could i take a further step to look this movie be serious? and those female eye candies in this movie were also unnecessary. Hindi guys in south Africa? give me a break, man.
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