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  • As Matt confesses to the Lincolns his affair with Jamie the news breaks that Merc's father - whom he once reported for tax evasion - has died and,as studio employees they are expected to attend the funeral,as well as send gifts of food or charity donations. Sean finds his birthday present watch but by this time Beverly has found out that Morning knows what the inside of his bedroom looks like and,at the funeral,she is rather tearful as she reflects on their marriage.

  • Sanctimonious mourning, whether one ever met him or not, for Merc's decade-estranged father interrupts everything. Studio-politics now focus on 'suitable' funeral attentions. Sean's birthday coinciding with the Lapidus funeral allows him and Beverly, who gives him a cool but broken watch, to grow closer again. News that Matthew Broderick is suddenly available again causes Merc's business sense to kick in again during the rabbi's service.


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  • Matt rests comfortably on the couch, then a phone rings and Jamie pops up from his lap. She gets the news that Merc's father just died. She gets her stuff to leave, but Matt makes the case that they can't bring the old guy back. He talks her into staying and finishing the task at hand.

    Beverly and Sean's dour assistant Wendy comes in with the news. She suggests they send flowers. Sean and Beverly call Carol to ask for advice. She's chomping down on a bagel Phil Rosenthal sent from Zabar's in New York. Someone else brings in a turkey the size of a Prius, but she assures Sean and Beverly they shouldn't feel obligated.

    Wendy reads gift basket descriptions. Matt wants to get in on it. He suggests they cater a whole dinner. "With our numbers, we can't be the cheap a--holes who sent the s----- little muffin basket," he tells them.

    Carol calls Beverly, complaining that she can't be near Merc now.

    Beverly shows Sean a set under construction based on their first one back in London. They share a moment remembering good times. Matt joins them, telling them all meals are already spoken for. Matt called Jamie to ask what they should do. Beverly catches Sean reacting to the mention of Jamie. Matt tells Beverly he and Jamie have been seeing each other. Or he's been seeing her at least -- yes, blind jokes, Matt says. There are a couple of charities they suggested people give to. One helps homeless people get tattoos removed and the other is for Canadian Geese. Matt says it has to be at least $1,000.

    They walk by Morning's dress room and she tells them everyone from all the network's shows are going to the funeral. Matt's agent said a donation was too impersonal. "David Kelley and Michelle Pfieffer are planting a tree at the cemetery," Mourning says. "Those f---ers!" Matt says.

    Wendy gives Sean the gift bag from Beverly that was in the back seat of his rental car when he turned it in. He sees the watch.

    Mourning and Beverly get their hair done for the funeral. Morning flips through a furniture catalogue and recognizes the chair Sean has in his bedroom. She points it out to Beverly, who says she's never been in Sean's bedroom. But she know realizes Morning has.

    Waiting by the limo, Matt tells Sean about dating a deaf woman once. He does an impression of her dirty talk that cannot adequately be summed up.

    Beverly and Morning join them and Morning is able to tell Sean she might have put her foot in it.

    In the limo, Matt suggests they try to cry. Morning asks Matt if he thinks all the Friends would come to his funeral if he died, even Jennifer. Matt remembers going to Orson Welles' funeral when he first got to Hollywood and meeting a woman who won an Oscar in 1950. They went back to her place and had sex all afternoon. He later found out she hadn't won the Oscar and was just some nutjob who gave him crabs. "I learned a valuable lesson that day," Matt says. "How to get rid of crabs?" Sean asks. "Yep. It's come in handy more than once."

    At the funeral, Merc tells Matt he didn't speak to his dad for 12 years after he caught him cheating on his mom and called the IRS on him. He got indicted, but they got past it.

    Merc sends a security guy to keep Jaime from falling in the grave. He appreciates that Sean and Beverly came "all the way from London." His father loved England, he said it was like Europe, but in English.

    Morning tells Sean about letting things slip with Beverly.

    Sean finds Beverly and thanks her for the watch. Sean brings up Morning. Beverly says he doesn't owe her an explanation and he agrees. But he tells her he was only with her the one time. Beverly clarifies that nothing was going on back when she thought there was and she slept with Matt.

    The service starts and Beverly get choked up. She tells Sean she always assumed if one of them died the other would be there. And now she's thinking maybe not. Merc sees her crying. "It's OK, he had a full life," he says.

    Matt gives her a thumbs up on the tears.

    Carol manages to put a reassuring hand on Merc during the service. But then her phone rings. She whispers to him that Matthew Broderick is available and he tells her to call them back. She hands him the phone and he walks away during the service. He negotiates on the nearby gravestones.

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