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The Betrayal
Claudio Carvalho26 September 2017
Ragnar sails to England with his men in three vessels and they camp near the sea. Meanwhile King Aelle summons his brother Lord Aethelwulf to lead his army to fight the invaders. However they are defeated and Lord Aethelwulf is captured by Ragnar and the Vikings. King Aelle invites Ragnar to have lunch with him and Ragnar accepts the invitation. He asks 2,000 pounds in gold and silver to release Lord Aethelwulf and leave his lands without attacking his village. King Aelle accepts the offer provided one Viking converts to Christianisty. Rollo is baptized and King Aelle sends a wagon with trucks. Will both parts keep their words?

"A King's Ransom" is another great episode of "Vikings" with many fight scenes. Lagherta shows that is a wise woman and the true intention of Saggy is unclear. The old Viking has finally reached the Valkalla and Ragnar has a new powerful enemy. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "A King's Ransom"
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How did the Saxons conquer anyone?
Wirefan1226 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say that I want to like this show...the scenery is beautiful and the story itself intrigues me as I do not know much of the Vikings history. Then the show starts...

The episode starts off with Ragnar and his 3-4 boats of soldiers in Northumbria somewhere on a river. They set up camp and start digging in although one may wonder why raiders would do such a thing...at least they stay close to the river in case they need to flee.

The hapless Saxons send out a force that sets up camp above the Vikings position on the river and the very first night they don't seem to have too many sentries posted as the Vikings just march in and start slaughtering them. The commander prays for a bit then surrenders. How on earth did the Saxons ever take anything, much less England? What a sad display of incompetence! A night watchman would be a good idea especially when you know exactly where your enemy is.

I guess might be as arrogant as Ragnar if my foes were such clowns. The Saxon king is a slovenly sort who would unlikely arouse fear in anyone. The bilingual Vikings then decide to ransom the king's brother for gold and will allow Rollo to be baptized as one of the conditions (also that they take their money and leave which will undoubtedly work out well for the Saxons).

The Saxons try to fake them out by giving them empty crates and then attack. Surprisingly enough the Vikings were prepared for this and slaughter another bunch of soldiers but probably lost three or four men themselves. How does one take the Saxons or this show seriously?

So Ragnar then kills the king's brother and sends his body to the king's camp. Then the king sends out his gold! Why would you do that when your brother is already dead? Strategic genius he is not.

Oh and Ragnar's wife miscarries.
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Somewhat like Lord of the Rings but nowhere as good
billcarr313 September 2017
Much has been written about historical accuracy and lack thereof, but one is so glaring I must comment about it. When Ragnar is 'executed' by King Aelle, he is cast into a pit with hundreds of snakes, the vast majority of which are exotic species from the tropics. Where would a North English king get so many exotic snakes? They could not stay alive in a cold climate anyway. Another thing which always bothers me is the lack of helmets. No Viking would have fought without a helmet even if he had very little other armour, as even a glancing head blow would be your end in a battle. BTW when armour is shown (on any side) it is wildly over developed for the period. It is noteworthy that the Saxon military have helmets that look like they are from late mediaeval Italy. Perhaps the lack of helmets was to not hide the actors identities. I also question the extensive tattoos, maybe they had tattoos but not so much. As for the elaborate hairdos, I doubt very much that people living in a very cold climate would have shaved heads, and having a long pigtail would be suicidal for a warrior.
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