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  • Ragnar and his men - three boatloads in total - arrive in England and build a camp. King Aelle welcomes his brother and asks him to lead his army but they are quickly defeated when Ragnar attacks them in the night. Ragnar accepts Aelle offer to visit him in his house and demands 2000 pounds of gold and silver as a ransom to release the King's brother. The King agrees but wants one of Ragmar's men to be baptized. Aelle has no intention of paying the ransom however and launches an attack on the invader's camp. Back home, Lagertha dispenses justice wisely in Earl Ragnar's absence. She also accepts Siggy's offers to serve her.

  • Northumbrian King Aelle hopes that his brother, reputed General Aethelwulf, can ward off the Viking threat, but his troops are massacred by Ragnar's, who capture the Royal Prince. Ragnar accepts to negotiate over a lavish dinner in the royal castle, where a ransom of 2000 pounds in gold and silver is agreed. To seal the deal, Ragnar's brother Rollo even goes through a baptism, but it turns out even the officiating bishop considered that a mockery. Ragnar awaits the treasure by his ships, but that turns out to be a trap. However, the King's men are the one who perish in it, as the Vikings were still better prepared. Back in Scandinavia, Ragnar's wife, acting as Earl's Regent, accepts the Earl's widow and her daughter as protégées and forces a cuckolded, infertile husband to put up with the adulterous baby instead of traditionally punishing his wife.

  • Three Viking ships sail upriver towards the very heart of power in eastern England: the Royal Villa of King Aelle.


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  • Three Viking ships sail upriver towards the very heart of power in eastern England: the Royal Villa of King Aelle.

    The king asks where they are now. and his brother tells him.

    The vikings land on shore and begin to build a camp.

    Lagertha is back at home deciding how to handel a situation that involves a man who says a child it is not his. The husband explains a man came to their farm stayed three days an gave advice slept with his wife and left. she asks the wife whose the father. She says she does not know. But Lagertha is determined that it was a god who had come down and lain with his wife and that he should be proud the gods chose her for this miracle. The man says nothing else.

    The kings men watch from afar as the vikings continue to build their camp.

    Ragnar and his brother discuss plans to attack the knights while they sleep.

    Once the camp is built and the booby traps in place Ragnar and the others wait until night. Once night has fallen Ragnar and his men set fire to the camp and then attack and kill the kings troop that are camped out by the shore too. Everyone is slaughtered except for the King's brother. Ragnar does not understand why he is out fighting for his brother the king and why he does not fight. Ragnar decides He will use the King's brother for ransom in exchange for peace and gold and silver.

    The king is very upset by the fact that his men are slaughtered and The bishop thinks that it is because of them straying off the path to righteousness. A man stands up an thinks it is a devil . Another thinks they are just savage men. The king asks him what should he do. the man responds with paying them off to get rid of them forever. the king is ten shown praying for his salvation. A man walks int the room and says that the are here.

    Ragnar and his men ride up to the castle with the Kings brother. The knights ride out and invite him. He takes the king's brother and turns around and leaves. The knights are left speechless and full of fear.

    Ragnar and his brother discuss going to talk to the king. Rollo does not believe it to be a good idea. He wants to attack the king while they are weak. He says he wants to talk because he has his brother. Rollo asks why does he think the king cares about his brother and Ragnar responds "do I not care for mine?" Rollo begrudgingly agrees. . The next day they are in the kings audience and being introduced . The king says he is pleased that he will talk to them. The kings advisor suggest that maybe they should feed them first before they talk and the king agrees. At dinner, the king asks what he wants for the safe return of his brother? Ragnar asks who the man in the bishops garb. The king explains he is a bishop, a man of god. Ragnar says I have one of those too. "2000 pounds gold and silver" says Ragnar. The king is infuriated. How much he asks twice again. King Aelle agrees but only if one of the men become baptized christian.That way the kings says he can make peace with a fellow Christian and not and enemy. Rollo volunteers himself which upsets Floki and Ragnar very much.

    Back at home Siggy asks for an audience with Lagertha. He son objects since her husband tried to kill Ragnar and she explains to him why and says if Ragnar did not win she would be in her spot and she asks him what he would do. He says "ask her to sit". She asks to be her servant. Lagertha says it is not necessary but she insists. The monk stands up for her and says it would do her good like it did him to serve someone. Lagertha agrees and tells her from now on she is under her protection and will be looked on as a servant. Siggy is relieved.

    Back at the kings Rollo is being baptized at the river. After the baptisim the king asks Ragnar and his men to return to ship and to give him back his brother while he gets the gold and silver together.

    Later Lagertha's daughter comes into her mothers room in the middle of the night. She is afraid of her father being so far away. Lagertha comforts her. Her daughter then asks how does she know it's a boy? Lagertha says it is because the seer had foretold it. She then falls asleep on her mother.

    Back at camp Rollo is cracking jokes about be christian. Floki tells him he renounced the gods in front of everyone and he risks the wrath of the gods. Soon someone in camp yells that "they're here." A cart is being put down in front of the camp. Ragnar sends some men to look at it and they reveal it is empty. Emerging from the trees is the king's men. The vikings stand and begin to slaughter the king's army that was sent to kill them even though they are clearly outnumbered. Rollo especially tries hard to kill as many Christians as he can in order to denounce Christianity. The old viking dies in battle just like he wanted so he could go to Valhalla. After Rollo is done slaughtering the ones that were standing He then begins to slaughter the ones that are still moving on the ground. Everyone is speechless as they watch him slaughter After he is done, he yells at Floki " How many Christians did I kill Floki? How many? Is Odin still angry with me now? "

    Ragnar thinks the king does not The king's brother tries to talk to Ragnar about letting him talk to his brother. He the says he will persuade him to hold up his end of the bargain. He says "why should i notjust kill you now?" the king's brother tells that he will lose his bargaining chip. He holds up his axe and says he has this.

    Heading to the kings castle is a horse pulling something behind it. It stops at the gates. It is the king's brother tied up to boards and dead.

    Siggy is seen walking to Lagertha's bedroom.. She enters and sees bloody towels on the floor. Her eyes the shift to Lagertha covered in blood and her stomach is flat. She lost the baby. Siggy goes over to comfort her and hold her. Ragnar heads back with his money while the king vows war eternal with him and he will avenge himself, bring him to justice and bring him to death. Ragnar waves goodbye from his boat with a sly smile.

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