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Maya Rudolph: Cass



  • Hiro : Okay. If my aunt asks, we were at school all day. Got it?

    Baymax : [loudly]  We jumped out a window!

    Hiro : No! Quiet! Shhh!

    Baymax : [whispering]  Shhh! We jumped out a window!

    Hiro : You can't say things like that around Aunt Cass. Shhh!

    Baymax : Shhh!

    [Hiro walks up the stairs. Baymax tries to follow and faceplants on the first step, then pops back up] 

    Baymax : Shhh!

    Cass : Hiro? You home, sweetie?

    Hiro : Uh, that's right.

    Cass : I thought I heard you. Hi.

    Hiro : [casually]  H-Hey, Aunt Cass.

    Cass : Oh, look at my little college man. Oh, I can't wait to hear all about it! Oh, and wings are almost ready.

    Baymax : Weeee!

    Hiro : [whispers]  Will you be quiet!

    Cass : Yeah, weeee! Weeooh!

    [as Hiro desperately tries to push Baymax upstairs, unseen] 

    Cass : All right, get ready to have your face melted! You are gonna feel these things tomorrow, you know what I'm saying? Okay, sit down, tell me everything.

    [She turns around and Hiro's not there] 

    Hiro : [hurrying back down the stairs]  Um, the thing is, since I registered so late, I've got a lot of school stuff to catch up on.

    [Loud thud] 

    Cass : What was that?

    Hiro : Mochi. Ooh, that darn cat!

    [notices Mochi rubbing up against his legs] 

    Cass : Well, at least take a plate for the road, okay?

    [Hiro quickly tosses Mochi into his room] 

    Cass : Don't work too hard.

    Hiro : Thanks for understanding.

    Baymax : [petting Mochi]  Hairy baby! Hairy baaaby!

    Hiro : All right, come on.

    Baymax : Health care, your pers... personal Baymax companion.

    Hiro : One foot in front of the other.

    [Baymax tries to step into his charger, and keeps missing the step] 

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