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Why does fox keep doing this?
Joey Alterman11 July 2013
This show being canceled is the perfect example of why FOX is a terrible network. The Goodwin Games is fantastic, funny and smart. The plot was unique and had potential to keep the jokes going for years. The cast was chosen perfectly to portray the rolls of three siblings disconnected from reality and each other.

Its nice to see a TV show that isn't based on voting someone off or who can screw over someone else for money.

When will show creators learn that if it isn't a mediocre cartoon written by Seth macfarlane it shouldn't be offered to FOX? FOX blew it with Arrested Development and now, it would seem, they've blown it again with canceling another great show.

Terrible work FOX
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An enjoyable little show!
triggergotstuffed7 June 2013
OK, so I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And if you are looking for a comedy to deliver a proper message in order for it to be worth your viewing time, that is your prerogative. However, my opinion is, this is a fun, entertaining show. I like the cast, which counts for a lot. Many of them, you will recognize from their previous work. The acting and writing are entertaining, and it makes me laugh. Oh, and did I mention that it also strives (successfully so far) to be heartwarming? I want to see what happens next.

So, to the writers and cast, thank you.
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a different type of show you can identify with
jert892 June 2013
I used to always rely on IMDb for movie and series critics. However the critics have become less objective and more like personal opinions without any fundament.

When I sat to watch the pilot for the second time I described it to my sister like this: "A show where three siblings have to compete in a game their dead father created to earn the money he left. Only one will win." She didn't seem very interested but gave it a shot. At the very end she thanked me and said the show was very interesting and fun. So I am not only speaking for myself here.

Yes, the characters are stereotypes. Yes, a lot of cliché here. Yes, it is not a stupid non fundamented comedy that will make you laugh to tears. But, for those looking for smart fun but not funny, feel good, deja vou type of series, then you won't be disappointed. I describe this as a series that will keep you interested and wondering what's going to happen, who will be the winner, who will quit, etcetera. A series that will make you feel familiar with all the time. A series where there is at least one character you identify with. A series you will learn how to love. Wait, did I just describe "How I Met Your Mother"? That's because The Goodwin Games share the same executive producers of this series, so don't give up on it just yet.
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Pure enjoyment
roman-kuba14 July 2013
I have now watched all available 7 Episodes from Goodwin Games and have to say it's definitely one of the better sitcoms in recent times. The characters are kind of freaky but really act well in their roles. It creates some funny moments and the whole plot creates interest and endless possibilities. What I really like about this series is there are no forced dramas or setup awkward situations. Everything has a really nice and enjoyable tone and every episode so far left me with a feeling of happiness. After 7 Episodes I would love to see more, and if rumors are true and it's canceled... shame on you FOX. At least one full season ( ~20 episodes ) in which you end the main plot would be great.

I really recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a good sense of humor and subliminal jokes.
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It is, a fantastic show
Christopher Derrell4 June 2013
Frankly, this is the show that i'm watching with only 2 episodes so far and many more anticipated. I thoroughly enjoy this show, it is amazing. It is very cleverly put together, and even if the idea has been used before (although i've never watched any series where 3 kids battle for a sizeable inheritance they never knew about from a father who was a genius), it is well designed with extra factors to apply to those with specific tastes, comedy mostly, satirical irony, and an actual storyline.

Frankly, I only gave this 9 because people would not believe 10. But it is a serious contender, and as it is being produced by the executive producer of HIMYM, I expect quality if not quantity. Speaking of which, so far there's no cursing or sexual links yet. Go Goodwin Games!
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Really Enjoyed This Truly Feel Good Show
ckh00911 July 2013
My husband and I just finished watching all 7 initial episodes of The Goodwin Games and we really enjoyed it. We really like all of the characters. I find myself cheering them on through life. I want to see them ease up on the seriousness of a career, finish college, and walk away from a life of crime. I really find this show to be funny and smart. At the end of every episode I really feel good about what they accomplished!

I hope Fox orders more episodes because I really look forward to seeing what happens to these three siblings. If you haven't seen this show yet it is worth the time watching it.
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Odd Premise kinda works
SnoopyStyle17 September 2013
Benjamin Goodwin (Beau Bridges) is dead and he leaves a set of video tape will for his three children. Chloe (Becki Newton) is a failed actress who can't find her place in the world. Henry (Scott Foley) is a successful surgeon, and a failing person. He is schedule to marry but doesn't have the time to see his fiancée. Jimmy (T.J. Miller) is a bumbling petty criminal who sneaks into his daughter's room to see her despite her baby momma.

Obvious the father wants the bring the trio back together and fix their lives from the grave. And it's an odd premise that sorta works. The three actors siblings do a good job. Both TJ Miller and Scott Foley fit their characters perfectly. Becki Newton is a little bit off. She always seems to have a smirk, and much smarter than her character. Although she had a big role in Carter Bays and Craig Thomas 'How I Met Your Mother'. This show only made 8 episodes.
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mattack27 June 2013
I realize this show is just a summer burn off, but I think it's fairly funny. I don't quite see how the idea could keep going on indefinitely (not like it is).. Then again, "How I Met Your Mother" has stayed very funny for a very long time.

Heck, I don't even remember any other NEW sitcoms that showed during the main TV season this year.

A couple of these burn offs have been funnier than other premieres this year.

TJ Miller is wacky but doesn't overshadow the others in the show.

The various videos from Beau Bridges are funny.
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Love this one so much!
tangjiexian21 October 2013
I have not seen a good TV show with interesting story for months. Copes. Vampires. Fashion. Gossips. Give us something new!!!

The story is so warm and funny too! At first, i was misled by the name too. I thought they have too solve a puzzle each episode, like Episode 1. Well, that can be boring if they did that. But what they did is help each other face their own problems, and become a better man or woman. They helped Jimmy face his daughter, they helped Chloe to face her bad talent of acting, they helped Henry face his grieves to Dad. Love the siblings so much! Cannot wait to see they become mature.

Why this show is canceled?!!!
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feel good comedy, with enough going on to keep you wanting more, clever & fresh
geonad109197 October 2013
it may start off a little slow, & take a few episodes for the characters to start getting some depth & credibility.

If you stick with the whole thing works & their all start to grow on you. before you know it your enjoying their journey with them, & look forward to see where its all going. with some good laughs along the way.

Its a feel good, clever sitcom, that keeps you wanting to see more.

It does the job, in a fun entertaining way.

I am sad to hear it has been canceled so soon.

There is much worse comedies & shows on air.
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A poorly thought out and executed show (at least so far...)
jonoooo27 May 2013
This show had potential. It could of been the 'National Treasure' of television, albeit it, on a smaller scale. But from the very first episode, it just made too many errors. And those errors flooded into the second episode and only time will tell how long the flood with last.

The show tries to capture the segregation of family members and documents their rekindling through the completion of a series of unimaginative scenarios that will instill in them a greater sense of unity and family.

The show is not in any sense, funny. In fact, the characters are so stereotypical that we wonder whether the writers are still stuck in the early 2000s. We have a doctor, a hot actress wannabe, and the odd-one-out, mentally retarded brother.

And the scenarios they're put through? A game of 'Trivia Pursuit'? WTF?! The amount of wit they try to put into the show especially through the father is extremely annoying and ridiculously cliché! Given the concept the show shouldn't have a longer air-life than one season. But I'd be surprised if they even finish of the season given the lack of quality and substance.

My honest advice: despite how appealing the concept is, this REALLY IS NOT WORTH THE TIME!!!
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