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Great Show
Doctor-rockzo2914 August 2012
I'd disregard taking any review into consideration from someone who says for Adult Swim to play more Family Guy and American Dad.

This show is great, the comedy can be in your face or really subtle and witty at times. Eric Adre's skits are well thought out in my opinion, and Hannibal is one of the funniest co-hosts on any television show I've watched.

The guests are great, the sketches in between the studio shots make me laugh harder than anything. Telling the Tea-Party that they "forgot their masks" was one of the greatest things I've seen on Adult Swim in awhile, and I've been watching since the beginning.

TL;DR-At least give it a shot once, there's not one bad episode
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Worst Show Ever
rajatbarman-8050225 September 2016
I just finished watching 20 episodes of this show, I loved it. The show has great energy and insanity embedded in every frame, I recommend everyone to watch it with their families. Season 2 episode 10 had me doubt my sanity. The show is humorless, the host of this show "Eric Andre" keeps on vomiting and farting most of the time and that disgusting visual is supposed to be funny. The randomness and unpredictability of the show will keep you entertained, some bits are pure genius which can be observed only if you watch it with full attention. This show isn't for kids, and avoid seeing it with your parents/families at all costs. The show keeps repeating the same pattern, destruction of random things, crying, naked body, vomit, farts, emotional dramas, Sherlock, poems, piano, planets, Saturn, hawk and Obama.

Overall the show is funny and hence humorless.
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Is This Comedy?
diesixdie21 May 2012
I'm not sure this is comedy. It presents itself as a talk show. The host, Eric Andre, seems to be trapped in the role. The show opens with Eric absolutely destroying the set. Within seconds, like in a bad dream the set magically reassembles itself and the show continues, the host, his defenses momentarily derailed declares, "I'm dying". There is something that appears to be comedy, but, all the while, the participants seem to be holding back a pent-up fear and generalized hostility, if not disorientation. The participants don't quite seem to be in control, and react to the hidden forces around them with horror. At one point, the show subjects Andre and his co-host to an insane game show, without warning, where Andre is drenched with scalding hot coffee after every question. We seem to be viewing some sort inescapable closed universe containing nothing but an endless slightly nightmarish talk show. It feels like a bad dream, half remembered. It feels like there's some unspeakable horror lurking just off-camera that the people on-stage can see, but, we can't, and they can only stay safe by pretending to ignore it.

I like what the show is trying to do, even if it's more unsettling, then funny, much like "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job", produced by the same production company. There's just something kind of compelling, here. More so than most of Adult Swim's live action shows. It'll be interesting to see where they go with this.
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Another great absurd show from Adult Swim
ducreux10 August 2012
I've been watching adult swim since I was a young buck and they've managed to surprise me once again by how far they can take comedy away from the norm. I didn't expect much after watching the commercials but after I gave it a try, I became addicted. It's unlike any talk show I've seen before, the discomfort and awkwardness in the guests is clearly visible, partly due to Hannibal standing behind them during interviews. The sketches are original and hilarious and the comedic timing of Eric Andre is amazing. This show is better than Family Guy or Robot Chicken by a mile. The interview with a grizzly bear is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life.

Eric and Hannibal make a great comedic team, give this show a try.
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Catharsis over wasted years
jukeboksi-5244217 August 2016
You flip through channels and you've seen it all. Building suspense over the most worthless of things, only to not even deliver on what's promised. Story lines that get rehashed over and over until you know exactly what's gonna happen next, when and how. Obviously staged happenings acted poorly with stunted emotional growth. TV, it's nothing but mindless drivel.

Tim, Eric and Doug Lussenhop share my hate for TV (even the whole of entertainment business) and what it has become, what it may have always been. If not hate, apathy. Now, they have a new tool in their box, to unleash their furious vision over and on viewers lost in the void of the remote: one Mr. Eric Andre, supported by Hannibal Buress mainly.

TV being mindless drivel, a show that is purposefully and deliberately mindless drivel is the logical next step. No ground is broken here, references are all over the place, conclusions aim to disappoint, segments are filtered through low-brow running gags. If you let yourself get agitated, you have lost.

I love the creators of this show for giving us this fine fifteen minutes ten times a year. This show lets you release all the pent-up anger you've built over the years over crappy, boring and never-ending drama, entertainment, sports and news. Release all the dread you realize over the time spent on watching screens with moving images and sound through-out time. Just, forget it all and linger in the actualization of the insane that is and envelopes this world. Anything can happen next and the beautiful part is: you cannot prepare for the future, just let it in.

I love this show. It does not look to cater to anybody. It does not deceive you into viewing. It does not exploit your emotions or deeper needs. It is openly, honestly and proudly what it is and as such transcends all media. It might treat the viewer like crap, but if you can't take it, you deserved it.

"Hey, you're watching Bird Up! The WORST show on television!"
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Hilarious and Genius
maxco10221 December 2013
Adult swim sometimes spews out some great comedy. "The Eric Andre Show" is one of those examples. It is a fantastic deconstruction of late night talk-shows with an extreme wacky format that alternates between interviews and silly skits. The show, in it's parodistic nature, shows the interviewees very uncomfortable and acting as if they don't want to be there while Eric asks very bizarre questions or makes obviously inappropriate comments toward them. Hannibal Buress also does a great job as the 'sidekick' to Eric, providing strange momentum and sometimes saying something that's fully incoherent and doesn't connect to anything whatsoever. The Introductions to the show are always funny and witty, showing Eric completely destroying everything in sight. I believe that this show is a hidden gem, since it's probably overlooked by critics and has a late time slot at 12:30 A.M. You can't just watch one episode and dismiss it. This show will crack you up if you give it a chance. Think of this show as "Comedy Bang Bang" times fifty.
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masterful deconstruction of late-night talk shows
uzumakiharikari22 January 2013
The Eric Andre show is a parody of every terrible art school party, every terrible noise show, and every stand-up act that was only laughable because of how bad it was. These flavors are combined to create a deconstruction of the talk/skit late-night show that occasionally ascends to brilliance.

The sublime intro sequence begins slowly but rapidly advances in tempo as mr. andre destroys his set and clothes in an escalating fit of madness before, suddenly clothed again, sitting down exhausted. As a new curtain descends behind him and a fresh desk pushed in front of him the audience is left with the illusion that this act repeats week after week and the show is performed in the expanding refuse of previous sets.
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A breath of fresh air for adult swim, and TV in general
teteter20048 December 2013
The past year Adult Swim has shown me nothing new or exciting, every show is either competing with Tim and Eric, or mimicking it. Although their style is genius it was gotten a little dry since the billion dollar movie. When i first saw the trailer for the Eric Andre show I was even more disappointed, ready for yet another tim and eric knock off. After watching the premier episode I felt as if I had never laughed before. Everything was unexpected, and completely over the top in a way that nobody has ever gotten close to. I never know what to expect, and the commercials for each episode have entirely no footage from the actual episode. The Eric Andre show refreshed the talk show vibe with original pranks, and a surprisingly deep layers of humor. One must watch each episode 3 or 4 times to really see everything they pack into it. What i'd really like to see is everything that doesn't air.
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this show is amazing, comedy for people who do not understand comedy, AVANT GARDE
justindemus10 February 2014


haven't laughed this much since the first season of bob's burgers

ten lines, sch-men lines

this show is not for racists and/or conservatives

everything is well planned and a lot of people just don't get it. it has a constant charm of everything falling apart, yet it is meticulously crafted. Andre and Hannibal compliment each other well and one cannot predict what happens next

which is great.
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Not only a great show, but a life changing one for the open mind.
derekhill159421 December 2014
I have never loved a TV show more than The Eric Andre Show. This show speaks to me so hard it's unreal.

The main theme of the show is mental chaos. Eric is one crazy individual (like myself) who knows exactly how to grab people's souls, shake it around, and throw it back without hesitation. His actions are so subtle that he leaves his guests struck with all kinds of emotions. Hannibal, too, but he is a little more reserved about it.

Before this show, I never really understood social norms (or at least how they were used in context). Growing up, I wasn't too much of a social kid, but only because I wasn't raised in a social environment. I was always interested in being social, however. Watching this show has made me realize something important. Social norms don't really apply to you if you have little to zero knowledge about them. For example, Eric goes out in public and makes a fool of himself. In reality, he's actually making YOU look like a fool. Eric doesn't give a crap how people view him, so, in his mind, he is not acting like a fool. In his mind, he is acting how Eric Andre would normally act, even if other people think he's totally lost it. He knows what to expect except everybody around him.

The key message this show gives to the world is timeless: All of humanity is going to act how they want to act when they want to act and, overall, there is nothing you can do about it. You can't force people to act a certain way, especially if you care about that person/they care about you. Whatever is happening up top in THEIR head is out of YOUR control. Sally will always act like Sally and Joe-Bob will always act like Joe-Bob. A perfect example of this is at the very end of Season 1 Episode 10. Eric does a bit where he falls onto his knees on a busy sidewalk dressed as a homeless man, crying as he pretends to have lost all hope in himself as a person. The people around him BARELY react. A few people glance over at him, but that's it. Most people just walk past as if nothing is happening. Those people had no idea that he was faking it for a TV show, so those are AUTHENTIC REACTIONS. This shows a lot about the society we live in today. Even if you have hit rock bottom and are giving up hope completely, people don't give a damn, especially if they don't know you. What if that was a real-life situation? What if that "homeless man" really WAS completely giving up hope in himself and his last chance for relief was a stranger assisting him in some sort of way? The next option for a person like that would most likely be suicide. Do you know how good it could feel to supply happiness into a stranger in a random act of kindness? You'd never know unless you'd try.
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jaysonpullen4 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
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12 minutes of at Least a few big laughs
joehonaker14 December 2013
Eric's show is different and does a lot of out of the norm thing that end up giving the viewer a big laugh.In just 12 minutes you can expect at least 3 big big laughs. I normally watch them 5-6 at a time on the DVR when I'm in the mood. I love the destruction of the set and the shock value he does to his guests. The Maria Menounos episode was perfect " Pick a person" and when she finally picks a person, that person is immediately shot. Pure Genius! I love the band and Hannibal who is always funny. Everyone welcome James Van Der Beek, cut to a shot of the guest band leader vomiting, how could anyone not understand the genius of this show? I hope he keeps this show or gets a bigger one.
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This show should be ripped up like his set
webanalyticsstudents27 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen plenty of existentialist BS about this show, but frankly it is just lame. no reason to dig deeper and try to make something valid out of something that isn't. It's like making a child's doll out of your last turd. Seriously...It's that bad. It smells that bad, it is that bad. I am so disappointed that I lost my time to this turd. So I'm looking in the mirror, admitting it, and moving on. I only wanted to warn the next person. If you want to watch a turd circling the toilet there are easier ways.
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This show
alexander-harris7017 November 2013
This is arguably the worst show on television. I almost never write reviews but this one forced me to do so. I gave the show 15 minutes of my time and I almost wanted to sue Eric Andre for wasting my life. He is the worst "comedian" I have ever watched. I love Adult Swim, but if he does not get taken off of it I will go on strike and encourage many others to do the same. At least push him back to 3am. Giving him a 7.1 out of 10 makes me question all of the reviews from IMDb. I had more faith in whatever group is in charge to not assume the show is funny simply because it is on adult swim. Here is another thing, how about the guideline for the review doesn't force the writer to provide a minimum of 10 lines. I am just sitting here rambling about nothing. I even resorted to watching the Eric Andre show to give me some more material to rant about. The show is awful and again I pray that it discontinues. I envision Hell as someone being forced to watch the entire first season of this show. They don't even have to watch it for eternity just one time that is how bad it is.
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The show is terrible.
uscatndog11 January 2017
By far the worst thing I've ever seen. The host never does anything funny,he's obnoxious and ridiculous. All he ever does is smash stuff and harass his guests. The ideas are overused, the set is boring, the cast is stupid and the show just makes adult swim unimaginably displeasing. I would rate this show a zero if they'd let me. 10/10 times I will always change the channel and would never recommend to anyone that they watch this garbage. Eric Andre does not deserve to be called a comedian. In my opinion, I'd rather be dead than have to watch his show. And this is me on a nice day. Whoever runs adult swim should be ashamed of themselves for keeping his show on this long. He does not deserve money for acting stupid. It's seriously the worst thing I've ever had to see. If somebody doesn't stop him, Jesus might just resurrect one more time and do it himself.
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Because Screaming Is *Always* Funny
kholden16 January 2014
If you think intentional awkward pauses, endless streams of non-sequiturs, and humorless Jackass-style hidden camera interludes are the pinnacle of comedy, then I know you'll be absolutely delighted by the Eric Andre show.

However, if you have more refined tastes that prefer actual *humor* to accompany your comedy, then The Eric Andre show will leave you flat.

I have already encountered plenty of reviewers who are determined to find some transcendent 'anti-humor' at work here and insist that the show is great.

I am of a contrary mind.

It's simply not that complicated. The longer you explain the joke, the less funny it becomes. Explaining the wit behind The Eric Andre Show would require a full course-load of lectures followed by a Master's Thesis.

The show is clearly unique. It's a parody of the traditional chat-show format, Eric Andre isn't afraid to 'get in everyone's face' without breaking his straight-man persona.

I get it. It was sort of funny when Ernie Kovacs started doing it about sixty years ago, and it's been excellent filler material for generations of cable access comedians.

The trouble is that Eric winds up with about three kernels worth of humor and seems to think that's enough to feed a whole team of horses.

It's not.

This entire concept might be funny as a segment on a sketch comedy show. As a stand-alone series, it creaks and collapses under the demands of fifteen minutes and delivers only awkward cringes instead of laughs.
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worst show
hakkaixcho21 November 2016
it boggles my mind how anyone can actually watch this on the regular, or call it brilliant or genius. some unfunny guy making his guests mad. If you like this show you are one of those people that probably plays video games and dies on purpose to make people mad. I can't believe people actually go on the show as guests. Cartoon network has had a steady decline of good programming in my opinion and this just adds to the pile of garbage, they already show. Sometimes i think who ever owns cartoon network is just a rich person that shows whatever they want because they can. I then realize some of these shows actually get viewers and i am sad for our world.
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ha ha it's funny because it's bad on purpose
mathieu19965 August 2016
This is hands down, the worst show I have ever seen in my entire life. Being bad on purpose, does not make a funny show. If you find this show enjoyable you are probably 13 years old and suffer from autism. The fact that it has a rating of 8.6/10 makes me horribly sad for the human race. It's literally just 10 minutes of LOOOOOOOOOOOL SO RANDUM HAHAH and takes the joke way to far. This is actually my first review ever, I just had to do one so that I could mock this show in 1,000 words. Just because everyone on the show is self aware on how terrible it is does not make it funny. Every episode is incredibly stupid jokes, over-the- top bull crap and running around breaking stuff. This show is bad, simple as that.
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Just change the channel till MDE: WP is on
toad_hermit11 September 2016
A poor show from a very unfunny mind.

Eric Andre is a try hard that couldn't come up with original funny material on his own to save his life.

He tried to invade the RNC and couldn't improvise, he ended up being the but of his own joke at the hands of two old men proving Andre to be an embarrassing fraud.

Here's a perfect example of a no talent hack getting a show because of connections and nepotism.

This should be following Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace or better yet just cancel it, it's garbage.
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WTF I now know the meaning if HURTS TO WATCH
markasosebee25 December 2015
I watch Comedy Central almost every night. When this show comes on It time for a BRB.....Watching a man throw himself across the stage and break fake back drops. That's all he does...What is this suppose to represent? STUPIDITY is my best guess...Some of the things are so vulgar and gross I cant imagine any sponsor wanting to support this show. The only good thing I can say about it is that it's only 15 minutes long and not 30....Just the right amount of time to take a P and get some pop corn...Any longer and I would end up in the ER from severe nausea...If the stunts made sense perhaps I might understand it. The entire show is just STUPID!
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caleebaby70731 October 2014
Seriously, why was this show even approved to be on the air? There is absolutely no point to it; just random stuff happening and nothing is even relevant.....stupidest thing I've seen since the blair witch project. Im not going to go So far as to wish something else such as daria instead but let's face it, anything would be better. .. here's a thought. .. fill that time slot in with more commercials. . Or even more "off the air" time. Anytime i see this show i have to turn the channel. The whole thing is more annoying than fingernails running down a chalkboard...even tatyana ali couldn't figure it out! Somebody cancel it already. .. obviously this guy is no comedian.
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Pretty good stuff
heryffernllsc27 March 2018
Nothing can prepare you for this show. It is unlike anything else on tv. It may at first seem crude and immature to some people, and i will admit it takes a certain type of person to enjoy this show. If you are easily grossed out or prefer a sort of sophisticated sense of humor, then this isnt the show for you. That being said i think this show is great. It will get you to laugh at stuff you never thought you would laugh at. Its essentially a prank show, in the fact that it frames itself as a legit late night talk show and gets unsuspecting celebrities to come on, then proceeds to devolve into usually some gross stuff happening and Eric breaking his desk. You'll get to see your favorite celebrities like you've never seen them before, which is wierded out and having no idea what is going on. It is always interesting to see celebrities out of their comfort zones and their unfiltered reactions to stuff as well. I read a youtube comment that once said "this show is like a fever dream", and that pretty much sums the eric andre show up. If you're looking for something weird and different, i recommend this show.
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funniest show on TV
user-540-24491924 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It is in the same tradition as Andy Kaufman and brilliant! often the funniest show on TV. his street stuff is without fear and wild and original.yet it is where (real) actors, actresses go to die. rare is one of the real guest able to match or keep up with the host, who is fearless and seem to love watching guest die. i hope guest get paid a lot to be on there. i hope the show returns for another season. it looks like the show has gone through with added editing ? to make the street scenes shorter and more concise.
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yaay another vomit fest so original (sarcasm)
tetraktys197429 June 2015
Why has adult swim become an endless parade of cookie cutter shows that glorify vomiting. Well, here's another one. I can't believe 12 Oz. Mouse and other thoughtful well written shows were abandoned for this kind of drivel that seems as though it was written by by a 13 year old. Show reruns of FRINGE, CONAN or something half way appealing for taint sakes. Bring back Korgoth of Barbaria or Eagleheart. This show just seems to imitate Tim and Eric like so many of the other shows that air on adult swim these days. Bring back the good old days of Reign the Conqueror and Home Movies. I'm not a prude, I just have tastes that super-cede the 11-14 year old humor range of bathroom humor and being disgusting just for the sake of being disgusting, as do most of the people that have been watching adult swim since it's inception.
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Awful show
leann_mcclain9 September 2016
I've been a loyal fan to Adult Swim for years since it first aired when I was a teenager. I've went through the program changes in the lineup and there isn't too many shows I dislike but this is one of them. I first spotted Eric Andre doing guest spots on random shows like Two Broke Girls so I figured I'd give his own show a chance. I was wrong and I want my 15 minutes back! I couldn't even last five minutes with this show it made no sense and it just wasn't funny. It seems like this show is using similar style of Tim and Eric and Dr. Steve Bruele which I do not like those shows either. I literally shut my TV off when this show comes on. I really wish it would go off
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