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  • 10 years has passed since a fire broke out in Paris - leaving only a mask behind... As the love story continues in Coney Island, NY, The Phantom's undying love has grown for the soprano singer, Christine Daae. Christine, her 10-year-old son, Gustave, and husband, Raoul, the Viscount de Changy, travel to Coney Island where Christine is scheduled to sing for Hammerstein, but ends up singing for the mysterious Mister Y. They don't know what lies ahead. Christine and Erik confess about their past. Christine and Raoul reunite with old friends; and Christine sings for her mysterious masked man once more.

  • Having relocated to a vivacious amusement resort in Coney Island, The Phantom of the Paris Opera House uses a pseudonym to invite renowned soprano Christine Daaé to perform. She and her husband Raoul have no idea what lies in store.


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  • When the crowd came searching for the Phantom in the opera house in Paris, Madame Giry and Meg rescued him and helped him escape. They eventually settled at Coney Island where the Phantom (Ben Lewis) goes by the name of Mr. Y and runs a music and magic show where the imagination comes alive. Along with a cast of colorful characters, Meg (Sharon Millership) stars in the show and is hoping the Phantom will finally see her as his new inspiration and muse. Madame Giry (Maria Mercedes) runs things and has faithfully served the Phantom for 10 long years.

    In the meantime, the Phantom struggles to put his music to paper and realizes he needs Christine (Anna O'Byrne) more than ever. When she is invited to New York to perform for Mr. Oscar Hammerstein, he soon intervenes and brings her to his show in Coney Island under false pretenses. Her husband, Raoul (Simon Gleeson) has undergone many changes and has gambled away their fortune. Desperate to accept the enormous payment for her performance, he reluctantly he agrees to let her perform for "Mr. Y".

    Christine realizes who has brought her to the show and goes in search of the Phantom. She is moved by seeing him and relives her love for him once more, saying she would have come back for him but he left her. He begs her to sing for him once more in his show, but she refuses. He then grows desperate to hear her because he is dying away in the darkness, so he says he will make her 10 year old son Gustave disappear if she doesn't agree. She agrees out of fear for her son but doesn't tell Raoul.

    When Raoul does find out who Mr. Y really is, he is furious. He begs her to leave but she can't. The next day, as the Phantom is giving Gustave a tour of Coney Island he sees the boy has a great genius for music and a love for things of a darker beauty. Thinking back on when he last saw Christine, he believes Gustave is his son. When he takes off his mask though, Gustave is terrified by his visage and runs away screaming. The Phantom confronts Christine with his suspicions and she finally tells him the truththat Gustave really is his son and that she has hidden it all these years. Thinking back on how he reacted to his face, the Phantom begs Christine never to tell Gustave. She promises to keep it a secret and also makes the promise that the Phantom's music and genius will live on forever in his son. She makes the promise to sing in his show and to sing for him one last time, then leaves. Thinking out loud, the Phantom promises that everything he has done and gained will now go to his son. Hidden in the shadows is Madame Giry,who upon hearing the news, grows extremely jealous and realizes her faithful service to the Phantom means nothing in light of the news that he has a son. She realizes that she and her own daughter will once more take second place to Christine and now to her son.

    Seeing Christine is caught up by the Phantom's music once more and upon receiving a warning from Meg, Raoul begins to wonder what has happened to him and why does Christine still love him. He is drunk and bravely declares he isn't afraid of the Phantom! The Phantom suddenly appears and makes him a wagerif Christine sings for his show, Raoul will leave and never look back. If she doesn't sing, the Phantom will pay all his debts and allow them both to leave in peace. Foolishly, Raoul takes the challenge and almost immediately regrets it.

    Christine and her son are both in her dressing room when Raoul appears. Sending Gustave to wait in the wings, he begs Christine not to sing and to leave immediately, starting over with him.Though she remembers her promise to the Phantom to sing for him once more and let his music live again, she is nearly persuaded by Raoul. She asks for a few more minutes to decide. However, when he leaves, the Phantom appears and once more puts her under his musical spell.

    Backstage, Meg is ecstatic over her own performance and hurries to ask her mother if the Phantom was watching. When she finds out he wasn't even there, she is extremely hurt. Her mother tires of her innocent hopes and angrily explains that they mean nothing to him, especially now that he has a son with Christine. Meg is shocked and is seen leading the boy away backstage. Raoul and the Phantom both take their places to watch the stage and see if Christine will sing to please the Phantom or not sing to please Raoul.When the curtain opens, she is hesitant but still begins singing. Raoul is broken-hearted when he realizes her love for the Phantom has never died and he exits the stage.

    Immediately afterwards, Christine goes to her dressing room with the Phantom and finds a note from Raoulapologizing and asking her forgiveness. She is sad but then realizes she hasn't seen Gustave and wonders if Raoul took him. Frantic, she and the Phantom begin searching for Gustave, only to find that it was Meg, and not Raoul, who has taken the boy. Madame Giry realizes that she pushed Meg over the edge with the news that Gustave was the Phantom's son with Christine. The Phantom knows of Meg's obsession with swimming and realizes where she has taken Gustave. He, Christine, and Madame Giry all go running to try to stop her.

    When they arrive at the pier, Meg is just about to push Gustave over into the water even though he is telling her he can't swim. When the Phantom arrives, she gets hysterical saying he never appreciated her and that she had stood by him for all those years. She lets Gustave go but pulls a gun out and holds it to her head. The Phantom begins to softly talk to her, reassuring her of his affection and belief in her and her talents. She is calming down but when he says "After all, we can't all be Christine" she starts screaming that it's always Christine! In the struggle to get the gun away from her, it goes off and the bullet hits Christine. She falls to the pier and Madame Giry runs frantically for help while telling Meg to run away.

    As Christine lies there dying, she realizes she needs to tell Gustave the truth about his father. He is vehement and denies it, but she encourages him to look with his heart and not with his eyes. When he runs off upset, she asks the Phantom to kiss her one last time. He does so and her hands fall slowly away. Christine is dead.

    Footsteps approach and Gustave returns. He runs to his mother, laying his head on her lap. He has gone to get Raoul who slowly approaches in disbelief. The Phantom looks at his son and the man who also loved Christine. Backing away in grief, he allows Raoul to come forward and cradle Christine in his arms. Crying, he goes to the end of the pier but stops when Gustave approaches him. As the Phantom sings the final song he wrote for Christine, "Love Never Dies", Gustave slowly pulls off his mask. This time, instead of reacting in fear, Gustave obeys his mother's advice and looks with his heart, not his eyes. He slowly reaches up and holds the Phantom's scarred face in his hand, showing him the love he so needed from his son.

    The lights fade and so ends the story of Christine and her Phantom of the Opera.

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