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If you like ghost films, give this one a shot
UnchartedGears17 August 2013
In my 8 years on IMDb, I've never once reviewed a movie. I watched this film last night, and given a couple of scathing reviews on here for it, I felt it was only fair to give my 2 cents worth and say what I thought of it. Especially given the shoestring budget and heart and soul the film makers obviously put into it.

This movie scared the HELL out of me. I love horror films, and I've seen hundreds in the last few years. My favourites are easily ghost films (especially the Asian ones), and despite having seen so many I still have a tendency to sit there with my hand half covering my eyes. I'm kinda proud to say this film had that effect through most of it's running time.

The gist of the film is a guy and his girlfriend move into a supposedly haunted house in the hopes of experiencing "paranormal activity". Guess they got more than they bargained for. It's a pretty simple premise but that's what makes it work so well. From looking under a bed to investigating whispering in a darkened living room, it's the little things that give the film it's atmosphere and intensity.

Sorry for my extremely amateurish review, just wanted to try and contribute something is all. Sick of so many 1 star reviews putting down good films. If you like ghost movies give this one a go, you might be surprised.
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Quality in relation to budget...Decent
Tcarts7617 August 2013
"An American Ghost Story" is a film about a couple who move into a supposedly haunted house where a family had been killed years before. The main character is an aspiring writer that wants to write a book about and paranormal activity he may experience in the house.

I would give this one a 6 1/2. If you are looking for top Hollywood style horror you probably would skip this one. IMDb has this one listed with an estimated budget of around $10k, That being said it did get the best bang for the budget, and beats out a lot of movies with much loftier budgets. I give it a 6 and not in a bad way.

The script was pretty weak, and the dialog at times was just plain bad. The effects were decent. There was some "make you jump" moments. All in all, if you are into low budget films not too bad. Derek Cole, the Director deserves some props for putting this out on the shoe-string budget, and given a robust one could most likely turn out some good movies in the future.
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surprisingly good
costumesbymyndee6 July 2014
I really did not expect much out of this film, as I found Paranormal Activity boring and contrived. I was pleasantly surprised. The acting was very good. I never found myself rolling my eyes at the acting. I really felt the tension and genuine reactions. I expected pretty typical horror genre devises, but I am happy to say that the writers left me guessing. When I would guess that one thing would happen it would be something completely different and I found myself jumping, pretty often. Enjoyed the ending. Upon watching the extras and discovering that this was done with so few people and resources, I was even more impressed. Definitely worth the watch.
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Give me one thousand movies like this one every week!
jeanbal28 August 2013
Yes. I really mean it. I will much rather watch one thousand films shot with passion by adventurous young guys on a shoestring budget, than ONE big lifeless Hollywood production, crushed by the sheer weight of its stars. Of course, Revenant is far from perfect, the acting may sometimes make you cringe. But the director does his best to scare you with literally nothing. And sometimes he succeeds! Which is no little feat. When I saw that the main actor was also the scriptwriter, everything became clear. This movie is just one big statement to the establishment: look what we can do with nothing, give us the possibility to shoot a real feature! Personnaly, I have been seduced. I like Revenant, even for its weaknesses. No. Especially for its weaknesses! It's a work of love and passion, done by two talented guys. If ever you have tried to make a short film for your family, you know how hard it can be to make something coherent and interesting. These kids can be proud of themselves. They have created a true movie. I wish them the best of luck for their career.
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A real little gem.
kcwise8920 August 2013
I've been reading some of these reviews and I'm wondering if they are about the same movie I've just seen On Demand. My review may not be as fancy as some of the one's I've just read but I'm someone who likes ghost stories and I really liked this movie.

I first saw the trailer for this movie on You Tube last year and it really peaked my interest. You can imagine my surprise when it popped up On Demand under a different name. I did a little research and found out this is a real little gem.

It's hard to believe they made this movie for the budget they said. Maybe it's some Hollywood thing to create a buzz about how little or how much you spend. I thought the acting was as good as any mainstream movie I've seen. There is one special effect I'm sure cost more than what their budget would allow, it was that good. Did it scare me? I can honestly say I had a pillow up to my face more than once, and a yell or two came out. Someone else reviewed Blair Witch was better. I couldn't watch Blair Witch because it made me nauseous from the hand held camera. I didn't have any problem with this film.

I'm going to be following these guys to see what other movies they come out with. I've already ordered my copy from Amazon for my collection. Should I have given them a 10? The reality of it is, only Stephen King gets a 10. (I wrote two reviews of this because the first disappeared on me. If they both show up, that's why.)
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Fantastic Ghost Story!
ravenhair70228 August 2013
I have seen many big budget films try to wow a crowd with fancy green screen stuff and dazzling special effects in other horror movies...but after reading producers review about how he backs his decision about making the movie with a skeleton crew and a LOW budget...this was simply fantastic! As far as a slow starting to the movie like some of these other whiny reviewers complained about...I felt it was just the right amount of build up to a GREAT finish to a really nail biting finish!

The trailer told me immediately to watch this film and I personally shocked that it rated so low on IMDb! 3.9?! Really? I watch a LOT of horror films...(mainly it's the only middle ground me and my wife meet at...she likes true story dramas...ugh...and I like science fiction...we meet in horror.) Anyway, like I said...I watch a lot of horror movies and I LOVED this film! Sometimes it's the simplest things that give you goose bumps...and even though this movie was under budget...I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good scare!
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I Back My Decision
jongale6416 August 2013
After seeing some of the comments about "An American Ghost Story". Which I had funded , I am extremely happy with the film considering we had two and sometimes three people in the entire crew. Along with doing all the post production ourselves. Stephen Twardokus and Derek Cole I feel did an amazing job for the budget they had and it just goes to show what these two could do with a larger budget.

I did expect people to speak their mind but thought more film makers would appreciate the limitations and really give theses guys pats on the back for what they did for under 2K.

I guess I was wrong but aside from that I'm proud of the film and am looking forward to the next. Great job guys!
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Puts some big budgets to shame
damoeel15 August 2013
This was definitely a pleasant surprise after some of my latest endeavors into the horror/thriller genre, yes it is a fairly low budget movie and one writer of the story was the star and the other was the producer and his family played parts in the movie and also used his house as the setting but this put plenty of big budget attempts to shame. The story revolves around Paul who moves into an apparent haunted house for research for a book, yes nothing original there but it works. His girlfriend doesn't last long living there but she probably lasted longer than most of us would have, but Paul decides to stick it out in an attempt to make contact to get that winning edge for his book. After almost 3 months things certainly start to turn and despite my slight disappointment in the confrontation as I think it could have been done differently,credit has to go to the creators of this for a pretty good effort. There were those jumping moments and those moments where you are saying "don't be an idiot, just leave it alone" but to me, those are the things you want from these type of movies and I really liked the way they went about this one as sometimes less is more. I would recommend this to those who like me have been disappointed with a lot of these types of movies and those that enjoy these types of movies. 8/10
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Not Bad
Cheryl Fayder20 August 2013
I rented this movie the other night. I hadn't heard of it so I had absolutely no expectations. From the opening credits it was obvious this was going to be a little low-budget indie flick. It turned out to be a very low key little ghost story with a really small storyline, tiny cast and no special effects.

A writer named Paul and his girlfriend Stella move into a house that is rumored to be haunted. Paul wants to use his experiences in the house as the basis for a book. Stella skips out at the first sign of ghosts, but Paul stays on, determined to finally finish something for once in his life. As the incidents escalate, Paul seeks out information from former tenants in order to validate what he is experiencing and finds only one who is willing to speak with him, a woman named Sue. It's obvious that Sue's been through hell, judging from the fact that she's a nervous, twitchy mess.

As small a movie as this one is, made on what must have been a shoestring budget, it still managed to deliver the scares. As for the use of the sheets, was it cheap and kind of dopey? Absolutely. But when you have no money in your budget for makeup, you do what you can. And it was still fairly effective nonetheless. And the right musical chord at just the right time goes a long way in delivering a good old fashioned jolt.
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Don't buy Swedish furniture (spoiler)
miguel-guitarra15 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I read some good reviews on this movie, and was happy to watch it, that is, until I watched it. There are slow-paced movies where everything happens in the end, and those where the thrill builds up, and those where you can hardly breathe, for its intense pace. In each genre, there's good, bad and average, point taken. Some may even surprise you with one little twist. A good example of it, though i found it a good movie at the time was Blair Witch (the story about making someone face the wall, which appears in the end). This one is none of that. It's slow-paced, for sure, you read into Poltergeist here and there, and then, guess what? Nothing happens, apart from IKEA furniture and sheets, EVEN BABY TOYS haunting the house! Stel disappeared 15 minutes into the movie, so did the owner of the house, and that's about it. Nothing happens for a hole 90 minutes, apart from IKEA stuff moving around. 3/10 is a bit generous even, but well, you be the judge :)
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What A Piece Of Sheet!
Imaykfun211 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoiler Alert* My Summery of this movie goes a little something like this: A male and a female character move into a house where a whole family was murdered, a house that is known to be haunted.(cliché) Cue spooky music (cliché) A Ball rolls in from seemingly nowhere and stops(cliché) A chair slides across the room by itself(cliché) Drawers and kitchen cabinet doors open and close(cliché) Chairs pile themselves into an abstract structure(cliché) The female character is too freaked out and removes herself from a horrible project in the still of the night(smart move), bye bye(cliché) A radio turns itself on and moves through the stations but can not find one descent station even with ghost power(cliché) Cue spooky child's laughter from nowhere, Hee Hee Hee(cliché) A sheet gets filled out with a human form while the male character is sleeping(so cliché) The landlord comes over and acts suspicious(cliché) Wind up toy walks out of nowhere(cliché) Large Teddy Bear under the bed, now on top of the bed!(cliché) The male character seeks out a previous tenant who says "Get out of there! the house wants to kill you!"(super cliché) The male character continues to taunt the sheet people(ghosts),stating "Just talk to me! give me a sign!"(cliché)(cliché)(cliché)(Blah, Blah, Blah) The sheet fills up in the bed again, this time in a female form, but it disappears when he pulls at it (No not that,(the sheet))(cliché)

Now the male character being so angry at the sheet people (Ghosts) for not killing him or at least trying to, has an epiphany, He Will Sheet The Ghosts. Which he does by running around his house (throwing his sheet everywhere with fury)(not cliché but very, very idiotic) When he finally does catch a ghost with his sheet of fury, the ghost is angry and chases him, so he hides behind a bedroom door. And everyone knows a ghost can't pass through solid matter, what? no cliché here? really? OK, Well it turns out the ghost is a Jedi Master anyways and proceeds to place his hand upon the door from the other-side, literally and figuratively and moves all of the furniture in the room after the poor protagonist. Once out of the bedroom the male character is forcefully held onto the ceiling (cliche) and then thrown pushed and pulled about the house like a rag-doll (Again by way of Jedi Master Ghost Sheet (cliche) until he is tossed with a crash out of his own house through the sliding glass door and passes out. *(He wakes to the realization that it was all a fever dream from acute Epstein Barr Infection and too much late night cable TV in the the 1980's) * This last part is fantasy because I don't give away endings. The directing, cinematography, and acting were quite good though for this level of sheet script writing
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really sucks
tcdoeh16 August 2013
I signed up to IMDb just because I had to inform you all that this movie completely sucks. There is no 'scary'. I'm astonished that one can make a whole movie with a guy under a bed-sheet. It's ridiculous.

This is one of the most boring and poorly done 'movies' I've ever seen. If mystery science theater was still going this would be a good candidate.

It's not even worth watching for the low quality. I can't believe this was even funded. I'm embarrassed that I even watched it.

So I guess I have to write ten (10) more lines to submit this review. Well, I'll do that because I'm so disgusted with this so-called 'movie' that I will continue to rant about it. This is my first IMDb review and I wish that I could submit something positive (such as I would for great recent movies: e.g. the guardian, place beyond the pines, only god forgives... etc.) but as a struggling filmmaker I'm disgusted that this piece of trash gets even any showing. End rant.
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Ghost story without a ghost?
Filmaniac12322 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I read some good review on the movie so I decided to give it a go. But after 90 minutes of boredom I believed that some user(s) may have been "paid" to write good review, on a poor film.

This movie has no substance. The main character Paul wants to write a story on ghost so he moved into this "haunted" house to feel the experience. At the beginning he was keen to find out what happened to the family who died in the house (thus haunting it); the owner seem suspicious that he knows something (or even have something to do with it).

Problem arose from midway through the film. The intention of "finding the truth" has suddenly gone. The owner has vanished and there is no explanation of what did happen to that family. All you are seeing is furniture moving in the dark, and a person (or ghost?) covering in bed sheet. The film didn't even tell whether the "ghost" is a member of the dead family.

I gave it a 2 because of the music effect and it has a couple of good moment that you would be holding your breathe as to guess what happen next - then of course it failed to deliver.
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It wasn't that bad actually...
Paul Magne Haakonsen16 August 2013
Well, "Revenant" (aka "An American Ghost Story") isn't likely to knock "Poltergeist" of the throne in the haunting/ghost genre. So was it a bad movie? No, I wouldn't exactly call it bad, I would merely call it mediocre and rather uneventful compared to other movies in the haunting/ghost genre.

The story in "Revenant" is about a couple moving into an allegedly haunted house where a man killed his wife, his children and then taking his own life. There is an oppressive tension in the house as they spend their first night there. Slowly, but gradually, more things start to happen, and as the events escalates, it becomes too much for Stella (played by Liesel Kopp) and she leaves Paul (played by Stephen Twardokus) in the house alone. Determined to research into the subject more thoroughly for his book, Paul starts to get into contact with the spirits that is haunting the house.

For a haunting/ghost movie there weren't really anything overly impressive about the movie. There were no dazzling CGI effects. Sure, this was a fairly low budget, and I will say that director Derek Cole actually managed to pull it off quite nicely with the budget. The effects were actually quite good, despite not being those dazzling CGI effects. I especially enjoyed the scene with the bed sheet where Paul was trying to find the haunt in the living room.

There were some good shocks in the movie, not because they were ghastly or creepy, but because they were nicely timed with the build up and the music/sound effects. You will not be scared senseless after having seen the movie, but your heart will skip a beat or two along the way.

Storywise, then "Revenant" wasn't particularly impressive, and it did survive given the build up of suspense and thrills with some great climatic shocks, and also a good music score. But storywise, then it was generic and stereotypical for the haunting/ghost genre.

As far as character build and development goes, then this movie only concentrated about the Paul character. Stella came and went in the blink of an eye, and I wonder how come she didn't call Paul back as she said she would. I was waiting for her to return throughout the entire movie. But she just didn't do so.

And if you are in a haunted house and spooky things are happening around you, why don't you just use common sense and turn on the light in the room? But no, apparently the Paul character didn't possess that kind of logical thinking, better to stumble around in the darkness when there was a malignant entity in the house as well. That just makes sense.

"Revenant" is good fun for an evening where you watch some ghost movies, however, the movie just doesn't have the contents to support more than a single viewing.
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Badly acted and poorly written, but still promising
Gregburnscds20 August 2013
This film epitomizes a couple of guys who really want to make a horror movie but don't have the patience to hone their craft into creating a well written script that is deftly acted. It's distracting how bad the lead guy is in this (not to mention that he's also the writer). In the hands of a better actor this would have been really effective.

The direction is challenging enough and there are some great moments that would have benefited even more with a better camera and a bigger budget.

In the end it's the details that does this film in. The lead guy never changes his clothes once in 90 days! He sleeps in the same t-shirt and jeans throughout the film. The end chase scene starts off really well but due to the low budget and a bad camera turns into a farce really quickly.

I know I'm being cynical in all of this, but this film can be enjoyed as a promising first effort from a couple of guys who want to make a good movie. They just need more education and skill to pull off what they attempt to.
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Awesome flick! Great job guys!
gotime19 August 2013
If you like independent movies, and you like ghost stories, then you should see this flick.

The down side of it is that some of the concepts, including the main story line, are very derivative of other movies. It was like a grab bag of concepts from some of my favorite movies. But if you can get past that, then you should really enjoy this movie. For an indie, it's got really solid acting and directing, great camera work, great music score, and fun jump scares. All in all, I think it's AWESOME! Everything that you want in a ghost movie. I would watch one of these every night if I could.

So I would say, thank you to the two main filmmakers involved. I hope you can get this movie out there so more people can see it. And I can't wait to see what you do next. Great job!

And for those people that haven't seen it, hurry up and rent or buy it, then if you like it, tell a friend.
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bad movie
melyy70729 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I made an IMDb account just to review this film. Words cannot describe how disappointed I am after watching this movie. This movie was horrible. The acting, the script, everything was bad. I can't begin to describe how bad this was. The disappointment was extreme.

The ONE time i got scared was when he opened his email from his friend and a scary face popped up. That was the scariest part. Overall this movie was a waste of time and all the other reviews i have seen have been more than generous. It was a waste of money to watch this and i only spent about $1.50. I have nothing more to say about this but the review must be at least ten lines so i have to keep going.
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Worst film ever.
monticelli204 March 2014
Okay first of all, lets talk about Stella, she seemed excited to movie into this new house knowing it was reportedly haunted, one day later, after seeing it live action she books it and NEVER returns in the film...

The music is copy and pasted threw the whole thing, scenes have scores that make No sense. The special effect sounds i.e. slamming doors are way over done and seems copy and pasted.

The acting in the film is terrible. All the men in this film seem to have been hired from Grinder, none of these dudes passes as straight as they are intended in the film.

The writing is so bad I think it was done in a couple of days. The man sleeps in the same clothes with his shoes on? He has a business card but works for the newspaper? What happened with the children of the house?

The film is BORING! It put about three people to sleep in my living room, the droning acting followed by that insistent score is enough to put someone in a coma.

I understand films are very hard to make, and money is a huge factor, but most of the problems here have nothing to do with that, its poor acting and poor writing and very poor directing.

The only saving grace here was the woman actor who played the crazy past tenant, she acted her role very well despite it being terribly written. Well done to her, I hope she goes far.
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Add to my Classics with a Budget!
Roland M30 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I usually don't review any movies, but after watching this film last night, I believe in giving positive remarks when it is truly deserved. I have read that this movie was made on a shoestring budget around two grand. I can honestly say that with this budget and the heart and soul the film maker and actors put into this movie this should be considered a great piece of work. This movie is a great example of why I like independent films over some of the Hollywood hot messes that somehow make it to DVD. This movie reminded me a little of the Alfred Hitchcock films that relayed more on your imagination than cheap graphics, ie: The Feed (2010), could have been a really good movie minus poor CGI. I give An American Ghost Story (2013) a 4 out of 5 stars for concept and originality, I especially liked the flashlight scene. I look forward to more movies from this film maker!
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Puts to shame theatrical released horror films this year on a micro budget
mdnobles1918 August 2013
When Paul, an unemployed writer, decides to rent and live in a house that's rumored to be haunted, he puts his life and his relationships in grave danger as he obsessively attempts to get the story that will finally make his career.

An American Ghost Story is the kick in the gut, scary as hell horror movie I've been waiting all year for and even though it's not all that original, it sure as hell beats The Conjuring when it comes to effectively terrifying you. This micro budgeted horror film is loaded with jump scares and every one got me big time and I'm not that easily scared, the film had me screaming like a schoolgirl! The setup is simple and very familiar with a couple who moves in a home but this time they know it's haunted only because the boyfriend Paul is a struggling writer who wants to actually complete a project and write a book about his experience in the purposively haunted house. His wishes are granted and after a few nights strange things begin to happen and its first target is his girlfriend Stella having her frozen in fear and like any normal person she packs up and leaves with or without her boyfriend. Paul is now on his own in the house but the ghosts aren't going to make it easy for him and the more he digs into the history the more terrifying the situation becomes. Be careful what you wish for as some things are better left alone.

The performances were not half bad for a micro budgeted horror film, but the person that carries the film is Stephen Twardokus who also wrote this film, plays Paul and gives a solid if quite a similar performance like Ethan Hawk in Sinister and even kind of looks like him. Even so it's funny how this movie takes similar themes from larger well know movies like Paranormal Activity, Sinister and The Conjuring and ends up on top, at least to me.

Director, Derek Cole deserves a standing ovation for accomplishing so much on a small budget where other filmmakers with large budgets fail to do so. He has handcrafted one of the scariest films I've seen these past couple of years and even though there are a couple of plot holes he still got the job done at scaring the crap out of me. The atmosphere was suffocating filled with dread that at any moment the director might throw in a jump scare to tease your fears and he accomplished just that. The film's sound effects score was heartpoundingly intense and spooky, then hauntingly silent the next that I was literally biting my nails in anticipation of a scare, bravo! The writing of the story could have been worked on more, but it was fast paced and suspenseful if familiar and with some holes. For his first full-length film writing effort though Stephen Twardokus should pat himself on the back, as this film is worthy of a theatrical run. The two should definitely collaborate on more and more horror films together; this was a great first effort!!! Overall, there is no doubt that An American Ghost Story will be at the top of my list of being the best horror film of 2013! It has the scares, suspense, atmosphere, overly familiar but spooky story and a likable lead and a great filmmaking team, a low budget, horror gem!! You'll never look at your bed's sheets the same way again!!!!!! Watch with the lights out and good luck trying to go to bed afterwards. Highly recommended!! 10 out of 10
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Tacky rubbish
wayne robb16 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a total waste of carbon! People starving in the world and yet thes people seem to love wasting money and good oxygen don't let the ratings fool u! I seriously could make a better movie on my ipad! Just give up and get a real job! Im sorry but its just a total waste of blood and organs! No spoilers because the director actors have done that already! Seriously don't waste your time on this Its just wrong! These actors would be lucky to get parts as customers in a taco bell ad! Sorry to everyone involved in the film but the truth hurts! Hopefully you will now find a different employment and make this world a better place Good luck
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Loud music, lots of cheese
Kristy Lashbaugh3 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When you think of great horror films, you won't think of "An American Ghost Story." The plot is simple. The characters' motivations are undeveloped. By the middle of the film it is a story of one man against a malevolent ghost.

The movie starts slowly. There's a lot of back story where the writer tried to reveal the main character's drive, but failed. Too much time is given to trite dialogue between the protagonist and his girlfriend and we can see where it's leading from the opening scene.

There are no special effects in this film. Reviews on Netflix and comments from viewers bemoan the appearance of a wraith draped in a sheet. "A sheet?" you ask. I thought it was a funny bit of camp thrown in, a nod to childhood when some poor kid whose mother had forgotten or refused to get him that awesome store-bought costume ended up trick-or-treating with old bed linens (hopefully not too stained) draped over his head.

The scares are there, but they're cheap and accompanied by loud music and "Silent Hill" sound effects and, therefore, lose the ability to really frighten the astute viewer.

For a low budget film (read: movie starring the writer), it's not a complete waste of time for viewers, especially if you're an aspiring film or fiction writer. There are features in this film that you'll want to avoid in your own writing, like the crazy ex-home owner shouting the rosary and the landlord who looks eerily down the hallway, but never reveals what he's seeing or not seeing or thinking. Or, if you do want to include these things, maybe you'll get some ideas about how to do it more skillfully.
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Worth the time.
barbaramerrell12 May 2016
This movie is well worth your time to watch. My husband, two boys and I are amateur horror movie critics. We love them!!! We all have different taste in them also and this one was right up my alley. Low budget, but that adds to it. I screamed out loud several times. The music score is perfect and enhances the experience. Love the camera shots the director used. I asked several times if this was based on a true story, it was that believable. I watch a lot of paranormal shows and this was so much like reality, I thought it was true. Really well done with what they had to work with and anything more would have ruined it for me. I recommend this movie for everyone who wants a heart racing physiological thriller! A must watch. But not by yourself! 😱
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Creepy, just outright creepy!
rexferal11-856-66919110 November 2015
Weary of slasher movies, gore just for the sake of gore, and bored with whizzo CGI effects just for the sake of whizzo CGI effects, I wanted to settle back to a simple, straight forward Ghost Story. One with a solid story line which, more or less, was neatly tethered to some level of reality and played out by reasonably decent actors.

In spite of rather low ratings and a couple of mindless reviews, I decided to watch this movie. I stumbled onto an excellent choice! The script is well conceived, logical and moves along smoothly without needless twists and turns. The story, although not altogether original, is captivating and the acting... well, this gem is blessed with exceptionally good acting - not forced, in your face, nor over the top. The actors render natural and consistent portrayals. The film is suspenseful with plenty of scary moments. The music score alone is sufficient to keep you on edge while inflicting huge goose bumps. The cinematography is excellent overall. Ahh, 'tis a wonderful thing to indulge in a well made spooky movie! A must see for serious spook fans.
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aj-matthews7728 October 2015
I actually watched this awhile ago, I didn't comment then because I didn't feel qualified too. Since then I have made a few movies myself, and launched a TV series, so I feel a bit better about it now.

From a tech stand point the two biggest things I look for are lighting and audio and I had no issues with either. I felt the lighting reflected the mood and the audio made sense (quality and how it sounded, it didn't sound like it was all done in studio etc and great use of ambient noise)

I love the use of practical effects,seems more authentic and actually makes life in post significantly easier. Sure, the acting wasn't consistently spectacular but for $2,000 to put this together, I think they should all be proud and I can't wait for more to come, with bigger budgets. That was the moment I realized I didn't need to be rich or from Hollywood to make something I was proud of, so thanks guys.

Also thanks to Stephen T for taking the time to talk to me back when I first saw the film. You inspired me.
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