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23 Feb. 2012
Like Narnia but Sexy
Laura Derbyshire is a brilliant sixth form student, a trophy daughter to Janet and Alan who - though she gets straight A's ensuring university acceptance - ground her from going to a party. She escapes through a window and, at the party, gets drunk, ending up in bed with schoolboy Jamie Prince, who leaves whilst she is still asleep, leaving his phone number on a sheet of paper. Jamie's stupid friend Michael is envious but six weeks later numerous home pregnancy testing kits prove positive for Laura, who rings Jamie. They meet up in a cafe where she tells him her news ...
1 Mar. 2012
Pregnant Rapist
Jamie comes to the conclusion that he should propose to Laura, which gains Mike's approval - but not Beth's.
8 Mar. 2012
Edinburgh ... in Scotland
Janet tells her daughter that she is being unrealistic about single parenthood but Laura still heads for her place at Edinburgh University where her friend Danielle explains her morning sickness as a symptom of her alcoholism. Jamie follows to the annoyance of Beth, who is carrying a torch for him. He returns home, to be confronted by Laura and an X-ray picture of their unborn child.
15 Mar. 2012
Man of the Moment
After a humiliating session at the ante-natal class Laura and Jamie witness another disaster as her parents throw a dinner party for his family. A tearful Sandra gets drunk and Alan's attempts to calm her lead to Janet suspecting him of infidelity and accidentally stabbing him in the foot with a fork. As a result Laura moves in with Jamie and his parents. Michael is not pleased when mischievous Beth leads her friends to believe he is gay though he ultimately becomes a gay hero during a stand-off with a homophobic heckler. His reward, however, is a night of passion ...
22 Mar. 2012
Knocked Up and Homeless
After Laura has been with the Princes for eight weeks Sandra appreciates her obsessive cleaning but Keith is fed up with her hogging the bathroom and Jamie is tired of sleeping on the sofa. Beth is unashamedly direct as ever, telling Laura what she thinks though Janet and Alan are happy for her to stay as it allows them to take a weekend break. On return they feel their hotel stay has saved their marriage and Laura goes back to them though not before mistakenly believing she was going into labour after hitting Michael.
29 Mar. 2012
Janet and Alan have never felt more united or friskier, with an outdoor sex session landing Alan in hospital. Sandra, on the other hand, is extremely angry to find that Keith has taken her to the Lake District, not for a romantic break, but to tell her he has been made redundant. Michael, meanwhile, is pretending to do a charity run for Mumbai orphans when he is really planning to spend the money collected on a prostitute but Beth rumbles him, making him dress as a chicken for the run and taking the money from him when he is too exhausted to get to the prostitute. ...

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