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Story is a little corny
rftlhaubu26 January 2020
And it is not helping that I have no background with the comic book, but that is the only semi-negative thing I can say about Valerian.

The world building is fascinating and original, the palette is exciting and vibrant, the main actress is a sexpot who has probably contributed to thousands of men giving their girlfriends and wives extra sex on extra nights after watching this and there is death, destruction and violence.

Good film!
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Eye candy
bwq-2539313 November 2018
Eye candy film, eye candy imagination and certainly eye candy actress with legs to die for. Made to be enjoyed on Bluray.
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Imaginative Movie + Hot Chick
joanne-hadewiger23 March 2019
The film is a cornucopia of imaginative plot and subplots with a genuine attempt at depicting science and fiction like never before. As a bonus for men, my husband said the chick was hot and he enjoyed watching it.
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Terrible acting
judo382330 June 2019
Most reviews have referred to the lead actress in physical terms...she is hot, but a horrible actress, in fact the acting was about B movie level overall...with the exception of Clive Owen.
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Wrong actors in a otherwise good movie
gaute_lie12 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
As always Luc Besson makes a visual outstanding movie. The effects are like the best sci fi flicks and for that alone the movie is worth watching.

The story might not be the best, but what really is negative about this space adventure is the casting, especially the lead characters. Who really believe Valerian is a man hero, a military major when he looks like a 50kg high school boy? I know I dont. And there are other characters who are really misplaced and dont seem to know the art of acting at all. You just dont believe in them.

I would say Luc Besson had all his directing skills focused on the effects of the film, and left the (bad) actors to do what they pleased without any focus on making the characters believable.

I hope I'll never see Dane DeHaan act ever again.. The CGI characters have better acting than him and Cara Delevingne.

The reason for me giving 7 stars is because of the visual universe Luc Besson created, it's really great. If you dont care about bad casting and bad acting this film is entertaining and well made.
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Beats Star Wars: the Last Jedi
jrwygant20 August 2018
Way better than the last Star Wars and most other sci-fi films. Very imaginative, plus a lot of fun and action. Contrary to a few other opinions, I thought the actors fit the roles and did a great job. ALL of the characters, including the digital, behaved like real people, not just mechanically following a formula derived from preceding films. If you don't like the on-screen characters, that doesn't mean the acting was bad. Maybe it's just a reflection of your discomfort in seeing certain roles portrayed. There is a modest element of romance, which always makes some viewers uncomfortable in a shooting and chasing film. Bottom line: this movie is seriously under-rated.
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It's not The Fifth Element
aquascape28 March 2018
When I heard Luc Besson was going to work on a space opera, I immediately hoped it would be like "The Fifth Element" but with a little bit more complexity that would turn into a franchise. Unfortunately, I was mislead by my own hopes and expectations.

For an international French movie, "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" is a very ambitious project that was covered by an astonishing $200 million budget. Certainly, it has Luc Besson attached to write and direct and it is based on a famous long-running French comic-book series, so how can it go wrong? Well, many elements added to this dull but persistent aching after watching the whole film.

First of all, 6/10 is a high rating for it, but to my reason it had stunning visual effects for a non-Hollywood or British movie and that is a remarkable thing to accomplish. It's not always easy to face-up against giants when it comes to the CGI business. Secondly, you could sense Besson's sci-fi additions with many quirky technological advancements in terms of guns or gadgets and small things like that make a true science-fiction film to me.

"Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" stars Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne as two Special operatives who must stop evil-doers from destroying Alpha, the city of a thousand planets, and uncover the truth behind the extinction of an alien race. Right off the bat you could tell that the chemistry between DeHaan and Delevingne didn't exist and it stayed that way until the end of the picture. I personally think that Dane DeHaan has potential, but it was clear that this set was not suitable for him. The casting really missed this one. The script didn't help either, at times making me question how some parts of the dialogue were ever spoken out loud. With the right casting and script this movie could have been worth something.

This concludes another recent attempt at the space opera genre, after The Wachowskis' "Jupiter Ascending", and it turns out that a space opera needs time and preparation to do it right and not rush development.
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Gorgeous babe
isaihsigmund8 October 2019
Massive amounts of imagination and motley vivid universe.

Slender legs, aliens and shooting.

Great film
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Beautiful, funny, sexy... just loved it
Rold-Ickam28 July 2017
I've read all the comics when I was a kid so I was a bit anxious to see how Besson turned it into a movie, to see how he would render the characters, the universe, the crazy visuals. I was not disappointed. The pictures are a pure visual delight! The costumes, the landscapes, the lights, the colors... just wow the whole movie! I was amazed with the characters, very close to their comics counterpart. So yes, I loved that movie and I'll probably go to watch it again!
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6.5 underrates this film
brianwalker2322 August 2020
The details, the vast city, the artwork and the effects and the beautiful girl that constantly teases us because she does not show enough skin or puts out. WOW. Deserves an 8/10.
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The Good And The Bad
xvhewzas7 January 2020
Bad: Too long - get an editor She was nubile and had great body so she must be proud of her body and show some skin She is very slender and rocking so he doesn't tap her!!?!? No sexual content/disrobing

Good: slim and fit chick Shows a little skin great use of colors strip dancing all good
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jo-hardy9 October 2020
Most things are beautiful.

The Imagination

The city planet

The pearls and the aliens

Car's legs sticking out of a short skirt - so classy and beautiful
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Eye Candy Only
jwwalk25 July 2017
I have never written a movie review in my life but I was so outraged after taking my family and some friends to see Valerian I have decided to try and save some other poor soul from falling for the special effects trap. I must admit the beautiful visual effects of this movie drew me in like the blue glow of a bug zapper.

The visual effects were stunning and the race of people central to the plot were well crafted and engaging. But when the CGI characters deliver more believable and emotional performances than the actors, you know your in trouble.

Dane Dehaan is terrible. I don't think I have ever seen him before but, he sounds like he is trying to give his best Keanu Reeves impression. If that is his natural voice I feel for him, because it sounds forced and at times comical.

The two leads do nothing to draw you into the story and not once did I feel there was any chemistry between the two actors. Delevingne comes across as an annoying B and you never find yourself hoping the two leads will work out their differences. I simply did not care about these people.

Slick visuals and special effects cannot carry a movie alone, you still need dialogue, good actors to project chemistry and emotion that draw you into the story.

I guess what I learned from this experience is not to be fooled by the special effects and wait for week two or three before spending over $80.

You can polish a turd all you want, in the end it's still a turd.
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Great World-building, Horrible Acting
coledenisen24 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to like this film. I really did. As a fan of the Fifth Element, I was expecting to find a well-developed plot, kitchy humor, memorable characters, and over-the-top action sequences. It had the action, but no soul. Neither of the two main characters had the acting chops to carry a scene, even the 'witty' banter came of scripted and flat as if Ben Stein had taken a heavy dose of lithium and stumble on set. The story also had several faux pas, including adding characters to advance parts of the story, only to kill them off a few minutes later.

The characters were flat and shallow. Valerian, the title character and the story's protagonist, was just plain not likable. He warranted no emotional investment. Instead of holding on to my seat in the big action sequences that threatened death and dismemberment, I felt myself not caring whether he lived or died. Part of this was due to the fact that he had the emotional range of a piece of plywood (think Hayden Christensen in Star Wars). I couldn't tell if he was professing his undying love or ordering a burger and fries at McDonalds.


The main bad-guy, who is exactly who you think it is from the get- go, also warrants no emotional investment, especially considering he spends most of the movie is some sort of stasis. The reason to hate him is only revealed near the end of the movie in a flashback sequence, and I never knew enough about his character to even form an opinion about him. When he is finally defeated, you can barely marshal a shrug, because, once again, you just don't know enough about him to care.

Rihanna's character, who by-the-way had a beautiful introduction sequence, is another example of this shallow character building. Our hero finds himself needing to access an inaccessible area that only Rihanna can provide access to. Naturally he finds himself in a strip-club where he recruits her to help him through this, which she does, only to have her die WITHIN MINUTES of fulfilling her end. Her death sequence, which, judging by the musical score, was intended to be an emotional scene, falls on the side of apathy. We never knew enough about her character to care when/if she died. There was not enough time to build that emotional investment.

There were many other eye-rolling moments, including a direct rip from The Taken script and an alien who vows unrelenting vengeance only to NEVER SHOW UP IN THE MOVIE AGAIN, but they are much too numerous to list. All-in-all, Valerian was at best a lackluster movie experience that fell in the same trap that many big-budget films do: rely on over-the-top special effects to mask shoddy story telling and flat characters. Save your money for the red-box rental.
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More fun than the last five Star Wars films
yesterdayman200220 July 2017
What if the Star Wars prequels had been handed over to a better director? What if The Force Awakens and Rogue One had aimed at being original and fun science fantasy films rather than just playing on people's nostalgia?

This is what I found myself seeing as I was watching Valerian. A film that made Space Opera's fun and exciting again.

I was surprised by the two leads. The trailers made it feel like we'd be seeing a rehash of the two main leads from Ender's Game but I was surprised at how fun and spunky (and flawed) the two characters were to watch. The romance was not there and it did not need to be there because this film is not a romance nor centered around a romance.

This film is Luc Besson taking what people loved about the Fifth Element and stretching it to the entire movie.

And yes, it is true, it is visually the prettiest movie since Avatar. The kids I took with me to see this film had their eyes on the screen the whole time, no bathroom break, no water break, just a visually mesmerizing film that never tired its audience.

My recommendation is to go see it on the bring screen to experience the marvel of it. It's a shame it is not available in IMAX.
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Hot Euro babe (super thin)
mikaeelleonid18 August 2019
And the visuals and originality is off the charts, but the film drags on and there is no true editing here. The strip tease goes on for too long too.
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Beautiful blondie
Rudiger-Scmidt22 October 2018
One hot chick. I am now determined to see more of the blondie. She could act, evoke emotions and was an eye candy. I didn't like the alien's dance, which incidentally went on for too long so cannot give this film more than an eight.
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Good, not great
emilyano20 July 2017
The first thing I want to say about this movie is that the visuals are absolutely insane! It's really a joy to watch, the aliens are extremely well made and the first scene is just gorgeous!

The story is predictable, but can keep you interested for most of the time. The main problem was the way things are explained, it's like the movie think that the viewers are not intelligent enough, and many times I found myself saying "well that was obvious". There are some scenes that have zero impact on the story, and they give you nothing interesting. I really wanted to know more about this world, about the species, but sadly that didn't happen.

The dialog is good but nothing exiting, sometimes they say the same stuff over and over and you may find yourself thinking "we get it, move on", and it's really cheesy at some points.

The acting is very good, the chemistry between Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne is great, and overall all the cast delivers.

This movie wasn't something amazing as I thought it would be judging by the trailers, but I still enjoyed it very much, the actions scenes were great and the humor was on point most of the time. I won't recommend this for those who look for something clever with breathtaking twists, but for those who enjoy solid acting, nice story and amazing visuals, this movie is definitely recommended.

Overall 7/10

Thanks for reading!
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condorelli-pierpaolo16 August 2019
The plot is quite unimportant, Cara is a hot babe truly truly hot, The same can be said of Riri (Rihanna) I like the visual effects That's all
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COMPLETELY Unsuitable lead actor
maxnexus-9714417 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A completely unsuitable lead actor ruined this otherwise great story. WHAT on earth were the casting directors thinking about when they chose this guy to be there lead actor. It's not for a moment believable that he pulls off all these brave, daring, tough guy stuff. Neither is the on-screen romance believable between this loser and the lead actress.

The lead actress was also unsuitable for the role but perhaps not as bad. No body would look at these two and say "I want to be like them or look like them or be in their shoes" let alone wanting to follow them for two hours and twenty minutes.

Surely $180 million could have secured proper casting. I am pondering for the first time about how crucial it is too have competent casting.

The choice of film title was also disastrous. They should have chosen a shorter name with more impact.
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Cara is definitely not from Texas
man-from-west4 September 2020
She is thin, gorgeous, desirable and has no nasty tattoos. What a film. Imagination overdrive! The concept of the worlds may be unbelievable, but it is original. I suggest you watch it. This one is different.
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Uneven Story Telling is Boosted by Spectacular Visuals
Harun_Karali19 July 2017
Adapted from Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières long-running French sci-fi comics series Valérian And Laureline. Luc Besson creates a stunning visual feast. Besson's attention to detail is immaculate. And that along side the quirky dialog's between Laureline and Valerian are what keep this film afloat. I might be in the minority, but I prefer my films to be lengthy. However in this case, Valerian feels overstuffed trying to add more depth to the story at every turn. This film might have benefited from a shorter run time. The biggest surprise was Laureline(Delevingne), her character is what kept my interest throughout the film and her acting was actually on point. As someone who was skeptical about her casting, I'm glad to be proved wrong. Not saying it's her breakout performance, Just saying she's improving and perhaps she might have a future as an actress. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Grade: B-
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Hugely Enjoyable!
tony-clifton21 July 2017
Although I too enjoy super hero movies, action movies blah blah - they are getting tired. Good directors can get the pacing, directing and acting so right that the same-ol story can be told while still be entertaining. Especially in science fiction, it seems there are no original ideas any more.

Then comes along Valerian - WOW! What a refreshing and imaginative world they've developed and an exciting movie they've created! The trailers truly do not do this movie justice. I watched this movie just for Luc Besson, because the trailer made the movie look like the usual Hollywood drivel. What I got instead was an extremely pleasing and original story that was superbly executed.

What I love about the movie is that the plot isn't your typical sci-fi plot. It plays like a detective story intermingled with action and amazing visuals, culminating in a very satisfying ending that made me yearn for sequels to learn more about the universe Besson has created.

Well done! This movie deserves to live on! Watch it in the theaters and be thrilled!
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I dissagree with other reviews
ashernelson18 May 2020
This movie has great acting, it's very Entertaining, and better then the boring star wars episode 8: The last Jedi
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Spectacular SciFi pulls no punches
IndustriousAngel20 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The first thing you'll observe about Luc Besson's Valerian is how gorgeous it looks, how much work went into the perfect realisation of this world. In a time where nearly every blockbuster features tons of CGI, Valerian stands out and highlights how cheaply the effects are done in most of the other ones.

Next, the sheer inventiveness of designers, artists, set builders, wardrobe and makeup - again, makes us painfully realise how off-the-rack and dull most blockbusters are. Add to that Besson's quirky aesthetics and you're in a world that's nearly overpowering you with its inventiveness, its visual splendour, and also plain fun. I mean, a movie where a Jessica Rabbit cameo doesn't feel forced or out of place, that's just unique.

In my opinion, the optical fireworks were even a bit overdone, some scenes were plainly set up in a certain way to make them more spectacular but didn't really add to the story - an early on action sequence in a half-virtual market comes to mind that would work nearly equally well in a normal bazaar, just without some gags.

As to the story-line - lovers of the books (as I am) will recognise a lot of ingredients and species, and the main set-piece, a space city, is obviously taken from "L'Ambassadeurs des Ombres", but the story itself is a new one and revolves around a planet wiped out in a war about 30 years back, and the repercussions thereof. The "secret" someone wants to keep is not that secret to us, in fact about half an hour into the movie you already have a pretty good idea of what's going on, the joy comes from the detours we're taking on the road to the happy ending, not from silly plot twists.

Now, the characters, Valerian and Laureline: Dane DeHaan looks too young for his part from the comics (where Valerian was the more experienced partner, here he just has a higher degree), Cara Delevingne is perfectly cast, standing her ground with just the right amount of sarcasm and spunk. The team dynamics were as readers know it - Valerian the one who tends to stick to the rules and play by book while Laureline tends to act more impulsively - but both working together really well, be it as a duo or solo. There is a romance angle in the movie that was not taken from the books and feels a bit forced, thankfully it stays marginal and doesn't lessen the overall enjoyment.

And cheers to the screenwriters (Besson, mostly) for not going full in with the stakes. While there's some serious action here - people die and some more might die if V&L didn't succeed - it's actually a rather smallish plot, with just one single villain, and no worlds or even the universe to be saved, just the lives of some innocent bystanders.

Big recommendation for all fans of colourful SciFi and optical fireworks!
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