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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sci-fi violence and action, suggestive material and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • Main female character dressed provocative in several scenes. Another female character dressed provocative in another scene.
  • Bubble (Rihanna) performs an exotic dance in a strip club and basically tells us she has been a prostitute since the age of 4.
  • He flirts with her incessantly (at one point even climbing over the top of her while the two sunbathe in a beach simulator).
  • She knows of his promiscuous past (he has what he calls a "playlist" of former lovers, and we see their portraits projected on to multiple walls of a spaceship at one point); she's not willing to entertain the idea of a relationship until he renounces and destroys his "playlist."
  • Eventually, Valerian ups the ante and proposes marriage, with Laureline still feigning some resistance.
  • Eventually she becomes convinced of his love, and the two get "married" (even though they're in a drifting spaceship awaiting rescue).
  • Laureline wears a bikini top early on.
  • They kiss passionately at that point (and less so earlier in the film).
  • While pursuing aliens who've captured Laureline, Valerian is told he can only find a shapeshifter's help in what's essentially Alpha's red-light district, a place known as Paradise Alley.
  • Multiple scantily clad, alien-but-human-looking prostitutes try to tempt him into spending his money on them.
  • Bubble's ne'er-do-well slavemaster Jolly the Pimp tries to sell Valerian on Bubbles' ability to please him, though Valerian's not there to be a customer for a sex show.
  • That said, Valerian's eyes indicate moments of temptation and attraction as he watches Bubbles shapeshift through various very revealing costumes (in actress Rihanna's human form).
  • A lengthy pole dancing scene is even more revealing, though (skimpy) undergarments are never removed.
  • The Pearl, for their part, wear almost nothing.
  • While they're not human, their physique for the most part resembles ours (albeit much thinner).
  • The females often wear tops that just barely cover their breasts.

Violence & Gore

  • The action almost never lets up over the course of Valerian's 137-minute run time.
  • Violence is almost as constant, though mostly of the comic book-ish variety.
  • Valerian and Laureline tangle with all manner of aliens, humans, monsters and just about everything else-with bloodless casualties among all of the above.
  • High-tech shootouts, chases and melees all get woven together into a seamless thread of continual, often explosive movement.
  • We see humans and aliens flying, running, jumping, falling through walls, through floors, through space.
  • Several scenes involve epic space battles as well, one of which consumes a planet.
  • A couple of more intense scenes are worth noting.
  • The Commander captures a Pearl alien.
  • We see the Pearl bloodied and bound to a chair, with the implication that he's being tortured (though we don't actually see it).
  • Laureline later pummels the Commander in the face with her fists, hitting him hard perhaps half a dozen times.
  • And the Pearl king and queen watch as their daughter, who's trapped outside the protection of a spaceship, perishes in an explosive fireball.
  • Lethal robots unload on a group of humans and Pearls, with many bodies being shown on the ground, unmoving, afterward.
  • In yet another scene, Laureline (who's been captured) brings an alien king a meal.
  • She wears a huge, plate-like hat.
  • What she doesn't know is that her head is protruding through it, and the king intends to eat it. (We see him flexing a nasty rounded blade, presumably to pry her skull open.)
  • Multiple battles and shoot out scenes.
  • A planet is destroyed, and its population decimated, as collateral damage between two warring fleets.
  • Aliens head is blown off leaving green goo, another alien is killed, a piece of him slides off and reveals yellow goo.
  • Valerian has a scratched up arm for much of the movie (not graphic)
  • A man is punched in the face repeatedly


  • One clear use of "pr--k."
  • Perhaps a muffled and indistinct s-word.
  • Three uses of "h---," two of "a--," and one each of "d--n" and "pervert" (with the latter uttered as a derogatory accusation).
  • Some uses of "D*mn", "Hell", Two uses of "*ss" and one use of "sh*t."and prick.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are shown imbibing what are presumably alcoholic (or similar) beverages on several occasions.
  • In one scene, a boat captain gluttonously chugs down a bottle of champagne.
  • Various unspecified drinks are consumed throughout the movie. No one is shown to be drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A long scene features a female humanoid alien in multiple costumes performing an exotic, fully clothed, dance for a man. She mentions that she has basically been an imprisoned prostitute since childhood. An alien race is mostly nude and females breasts are barely covered and males are nude including nipples except for a loin cloth. The females appear to have no nipples (it is non-explicit and non-sexual). Character visits a "pleasure" zone where he is propositioned by different women (not graphic). Character alludes to wanting to be more intimate with another character.

Violence & Gore

  • A male alien's top of head gets chopped through. He is politically important.
  • A female alien is killed. Her backstory is tragic.

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