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Lousy film about showing-off a company
mauriciogq15 January 2014
What else to say? This movie intends to make us think that Google is no longer a company but a way of thinking/living. I have seen long TV spots, but never paid for one.

The plot was quite simple and predictable. Two guys that shouldn't have a chance to join a company with the most talented people will come across several hurdles and against all odds will finally achieve it. All because the followed their heart. In the meantime they will fall in love... it makes more evident

Additionally (and as an advice for companies that want to follow on this), hiring well known comedians won't make your movie funny. This movie has fun in the same way like "Epic Movie", "Scary Movie" and so forth.
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Terrible Propaganda
Claudio Carvalho1 November 2014
The watches' salesmen Billy "Billy" McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) lose their jobs when the company where they work is sold for losing market for the cellular. Billy and Nick do not have skills but Billy fills the application for a summer internship at Google. The candidates are divided into groups and Billy and Nick join the team of outcast. Now they need to win the tough competition against brilliant college students to be definitely hired by the company.

"The Internship" is a terrible propaganda of Google, with a lame story that uses clichés. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are great comedians but this wrong marketing is too silly, absurd, long, illogic and annoying. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Os Estagiários" ("The Interns")
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Just as expected - Thankfully
Bill Jordan10 June 2013
Far too often, you see the cast of a movie, the previews, go in with an idea of what to expect, and come out feeling you were duped out of your money. Not so with 'The Internship.' I was reluctant to see it based on some of the poor reviews I'd seen, but my wife, who pays absolutely no attention to reviews whatsoever, is a big fan of both Wilson and Vaughn (sp?), so we took the chance. We both found it to be entertaining and funny, never lagging too long before the next joke. The Google campus proved an interesting site in itself.

Of course it's a bit far-fetched, but who cares. If you like Owen and Vince either separately or together, you will likely enjoy the movie. All of the supporting actors did a commendable job as well.
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Cheesy forced humor, save your money
hmdewane21 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
AS soon as I got out of the movie, I came home to give this movie a horrible review. It was so cheesy, it was almost unwatchable. The lines are very corny, the acting is horrible...I love Owen Wilson AND Vince Vaughn, but this was just painful to watch. The plot line was ridiculously predictable. There was hardly any "conflict" or adversity. Poorly produced... a lot of big names in the movie makes it even worse. Will Ferrell's character was embarrassingly bad. He was not funny, and overall he was really unnecessary. This movie was such a waste of time. Basically a two hour long advert for google. Don't waste your money. Rent Wedding Crashers instead
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Avoid this horrible ad campaign
modmaniac4 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is nothing more than a two minute ad stretched out to a full feature. Its so painfully obvious that it is nothing more than a ad campaign and not a serious movie. Although there is some funny moments in this its pretty clear that Owen is a bit short on cash and agrees to anything these days which is so sad because i really like him as an actor. But the way both him and Vince Vaughn is selling themselves short is horrible.

My advise is to stay far away from this horrible corporate ad campaign. Shame on you Owen i thought that you had more integrity than this......

This movie isn't really a movie its a painful advertisement Avoid it if you can

I gave this a 1 out of 10 just because its an ad not a movie
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I heard that one before
samgreer-694-6807409 June 2013
Let me preface this by saying I love Vince Vaughn. Its impossible for me to watch any of his comedies without laughing, and I think he's nothing short of a brilliant comic actor. That's why it pains me to write this review.

This movie has funny parts. Nothing that will make you lose control of your bladder, and despite what some people have been writing, this AIN'T no Wedding Crashers. This movie is more like an e mail you got 4 years ago that was hilarious, and someone sent it to you again. You forgot about it, opened it, and remembered how funny it was, but no joke is as funny the second time around. Big lack of originality here and Will Ferrel's character was not remotely funny. Unlike Wedding Crashers "Chaz" this character was more like the Starsky and Hutch cameo. Wasn't impressed with that, wasn't impressed with this.

When you get the same group of actors together for ANOTHER comedy, you better have some seriously different writing. This movie badly needs some situational / physical comedy. Charles Xavier and the antagonist punching people is weak and lazy writing.

There was one Mr. Bean quality situational comic scene in the movie that was brilliant featuring one of the supporting interns at a strip club, and you'll instantly recognize it when you see it. Other than that it relies heavily on jokes in dialog - which aren't bad. They are witty, and Vaugh's delivery is great. It's just that I feel like I've been there and done that. Wilson's love interest felt totally scripted to me - I'm not buying any of that, not for a dime. Waaay too rushed into instant love - kind of like, but even worse than, Wedding Crashers.

If you choose to see this in the theater, go to a matinée. It isn't worth full price. I'd definitely watch it once it hits RedBox or Netflix. Well worth a couple bucks - $30+ at a theater, not so much.
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Humorous Feel Good Film
Alana Le8 June 2013
I never write reviews but after seeing how the film has been reviewed as mediocre, I thought I ought to, but I'll keep it short and sweet. To be blatantly honest, I saw the film mainly because Dylan O'Brien was in it. However,now that I've seen it, I would watch it again even if Dylan O'Brien weren't in it. It was humorous and I could connect with the nerd references in the film which I found to be very funny. More than it was funny, it was refreshing. The film felt modern and was spot on about society and how it works today. The settings themselves will have you in awe at just how cool they are. All the characters were lovable as well and strayed from what I had first expected in a good way. I mean, it was impossible to not connect with them, if not at least one. The film contained that basic underdog story line but the way they executed this story line was different and I appreciated it. This isn't a film that has the biggest climax or heartfelt ending, but it will keep you smiling the entire time. A very entertaining movie through and through.
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Google Infomercial.....I would rather watch Vince Offer slap chop....
imdb-1511822 October 2013
These guys just keep doing the same characters while changing the backdrops.

This one was terrible....Clichés throughout the whole thing.

I wonder how much Google paid for this appears to have been a loss and rightly so.

Getting so tired of hearing Vince Vaughn babble on like he does in all these movies.

Wedding Crashers, funny. This one awful.

Pass on it.

One guy said he would have gone jogging instead of finishing the movie, but he was on a plane! Maybe that is the way they are going to get people to watch this, show it on planes....captive audiences!
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Wedding Crasher Sequel?
bryanh25856 June 2013
The movie was great from beginning to end. I laughed harder than I have in any recent comedy I've seen in the theater. I saw an advanced screening in Chicago a couple weeks ago and the entire audience was cracking up the entire time. Even the romantic scenes are funny in this movie, and thats kind of rare.

Also I'm sick of people giving it negative reviews just because it's at Google, or it's a Google commercial. As if Google is really hungry for people to come do their internships. Obviously they're getting the best minds in the whole world to come there already. I'm sure everybody knows what the heck Google is.

Go see it, it's worth the price of admission. Vaughn and Wilson are great together...feels like a Wedding Crashers sequel of sorts with the way the two characters interact with each other...and of course a perfect cameo early on was hilarious.
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This is "Film-placement", forget Product-placement
chris-278-74968918 June 2013
Saw a pre-screening with a friend this film last night. Very painful experience. There is "Product Placement" and a new-term I will coin which is "Film-placement", whereby a film plot is constructed around the need to show-off every aspect of a Product. Barely a laugh in sight at the cinema. Cannot believe Google signed this off – they have self-belief in spades! Things that did make a mark on me in this film: Google provides silly hats for interns (i.e. "Noogles", porting silly little hats complete with little propellers), coloured bicycles on campus, relaxation pods, online advertising, online analytics, GPS location services, oh and not forgetting free food (provided not taken home, and a barrel of laughs intended to be associated around this one). Oh, and some of its lecturers have to make do part-time as strippers (where did that one come from?). I have seen many mediocre films in my time but this is the first that I have been compelled to "review".
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Pigs Swill
Snaggletooth .31 July 2013
I once heard someone say that chart music is music for people who don't like music. I couldn't agree more. Daytime radio in the UK sucks, and the playlist totals about 20 songs which get played over and over, every single day. No originality, nothing to inspire, nothing to get your teeth into - just like this movie. The Internship is basically a film for people who don't like films.

Just what section of the cinematic audience this pile of tripe is aimed at I really don't know. Maybe it's teenagers, those Dre wearing plastic headphone types who like to think they live in a land of cool and internet worldliness, but then it features two middle-aged heroes trying to find a job at Google so how does that compute? Pardon the pun.

Is it aimed at confused adults then? Showing two hapless characters, trying to connect with the modern world, creating havoc along the way, some slapstick laughs, poking fun at our internet based lives, and generally piling on the jibes at web nerds expense? Erm, maybe, but then.... this movie is about as funny as root canal.

What you get here is a headache inducing, cerebral bombing, diarrhoea of pointless noise masquerading as "cinema" which is the aural equivalent of a strobe light for your earholes. Not one aspect of the dialogue herein is worth catching. I suspect that the makers just thought that if they hit you with a blur of meaningless words, really really quickly, you might think you saw something of unapparent usefulness. The result being, a sensation of getting an electric eggwhisk inserted into your brain and switched on.

I find it sad that either someone thought there was a market for this total waste of celluloid and time, or even worse...that somewhere out there, there actually are people who enjoy garbage like this. I guess it may actually be the latter as we live in a world slowly descending into mediocrity and superficiality, and here, this movie is king.

I feel embarrassed to say I saw this movie, because I know someone is laughing somewhere after cashing in on knowing it's easy to feed pigs anything and they will eat it. There are others though, who have more discerning tastes.
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the only true spoiler here is the film itself
witster1821 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
There is a funny moment early when Vaughn and Wilson have a web-meeting/interview-for-internship with google. Funny scene. THere's another funny scene soon after when the two problem solve on the eraser-board, but the REAL problem is that these two scenes are about the only two funny moments in the entire film.

Past that we have endless/shameless product placement and Vaughn re-hashing old ideas from swingers etc. SOme of that wanted to make me puke. I don't know if Vaughn thought it would be cool to throw out those references, but it came off like an extremely lazy attempt at improvisation and writing.

I think "Swingers" is a comedic masterpiece and just behind Office Space and Anchorman as one of the 3 funniest films of the last 2 decades, but boy it really feels like the apple fell far from the tree this morning. ANd I don't mean to pile on Vaughn for it - because he's the funniest guy in this piece of crap. Wilson is hardly funny at all here, and as for the rest of the comedic casting/writing - inept.

THe films saving grace is that it does seem to have it's heart in the right place and some of the supporting roles are handled fairly well, albeit not in the comedic sense.

BUT, in the end you have to ask yourself why? Why was this film ever made? Who sat down Vaughn and Wilson and what in the world did they say to them to sell them that this was a good idea? I knew better than to waste 10 bucks at the theater on this(50 actually with wife in tow and candy/drinks), and in hindsite it was an easy/smart decision. As a 1.20 rental at the redbox - it turned out as easily the worst of the 3 selections(Also rented The Way,Way Back - 7.5/10, The Conjuring - 6.5/10.

THese guys should have been making "Old School 2" instead of this. The sappy stuff only works when it includes at least somewhat of an interesting subject matter.

Come on guys - don't go all 'eddiemurphy' on us.

I'd pass on this - even as a rental.

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An egregiously bad movie
ashman-85 October 2013
As a computer science student, I went to see The Internship excited to watch a movie about an internship at Google. And it's a comedy too, I thought. Great!

Well, once the movie truly begins (after rushing through introductions for a few characters that are discarded for the rest of the movie), we are met with the Googleplex, Google's office. Google's driver-less car along with the Space Ship One at the entrance makes the movie look more like an ad for Google (the rest of the movie makes you feel that this is not necessarily a bad thing).

But, filled with poor writing it quickly degrades in quality with some very poor characters taking up most of the screen-time. The characters are so gimmicky and caricatured that the movie loses any sense of realism it held. While Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson try hard, there really is not much in the way of funny dialogue or a plot for them to work with. None of the characters have any depth, and the script is pretty shoddy. I would give this a miss.
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Google Commercial Disguised as Heartwarming Buddy Comedy
gatsby6018 June 2013
First off, like most of you, I loved Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson in Wedding Crashers and like most of you, I went into The Internship hoping for more of the same.

What I found was a very safe, very by the numbers 'under dog' story featuring two ageing salesman trying to start over in the tragically cool world of Google employment.

Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson are two veteran pitchmen who learn their current company has just gone out of business and, in a reality only Hollywood could create, there are no other sales jobs anywhere in the universe! We know this because Vince spends 3 minutes using Google (not Workopolis or Monster??) to find a new gig only to have a sudden and unexplained epiphany that the search engine he's using to find a job IS the job. Deep.

What follows is a stock plot about the seniors taking on a group of outcast geek interns and teaching them to party, keep it real and - this is new - there is more to life than computers.

The film, written by Vaughn, plays it very safe, heartwarming feel good lessons replace well, comedy.

On the positive side, if you want to learn A LOT about the hipster, self absorbed world of Google this film is for you. Nowhere is the mega company joked about, ridiculed, parodied or in anyway presented as anything other than the ideal final destination for everyone on the planet who wants to ride silly colored bicycles and waste their lives typing code.

Rent Dodgeball. A FUNNY Vaughn movie with the same plot.
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I don't ever review movies, but I had to tell someone how bad....
johnberrymillard30 October 2013
The internship was the most patronizingly painful film I have ever seen. Google's brand is in the toilet. The cast can never live this terrible film down. I was embarrassed for them. The infantile script, with it's ceaseless metaphoric overdose, the bogus team tension and the constant philosophizing brings up bile. Then, just when I thought the plot less, pointless, plebeian picture could not dredge any deeper the depths of cliché, we indulged in a bit of sexual self realization with a team night out at a stripper club for some lap dancing to get the teamwork and the creative juices flowing! Now I feel like I was so terribly insulted by this writer. I'm sure that, now that I have walked out on this film that Owen will get his girl, we'll all come to our senses and the sweet, sincere music of mood will remind us to sow our oats every time we need to be creative.
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Google Infomercial...that runs too long!
Francisco Eguiza18 September 2013
To be perfectly honest, I really like Google, it's not that I am against the brand or anything, and I even think their marketing campaigns are very intricate and subtle...and that's exactly why I hated this movie, it's not subtle at all.

The Internship, to sum things up, it's one of the longest infomercials I've seen in my entire life, and badly enough is also really boring at that; the actors do their best to make it look like an actual movie, they even succeed in the first 15 minutes of the film, but it's when Google takes the whole screen that everything goes down the drain...they even go in the "Google AdWords just saved an entire franchise" direction...

I think this is just a waste of time, if I wanted information about Google Drive, Gmail or Google Wallet I could have googled it right? I mean, there are youtube videos about those products, and there's a reason why people don't just waste their spare time watching those videos...well, now Google charged us to do it...

Oh and by the way, as a comedy it sucks big time, I did not laugh even once...
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Simply Awful
hpiwi3 September 2013
Not sure what film others, who actually voted this as a good film, were watching. It must have been something totally different to what I saw because I think it must be the worst film I have ever seen and in the 56 years of my being on this planet I have seen a lot of movies. Apart from being a Commercial for Google from the first minute, there were not a single good gag in there and it was at times embarrassing to watch. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are good actors and one has to wonder how much Google paid such usually good actors to appear in a C movie like that. If I would not have been accompanied by my wife, I think I would have left after 20 minutes.
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Nauseating stop motion product placement
Marcus Robbins17 July 2013
You know when some older guy starts using the language of a younger generation? Saying stuff like 'sick', 'whack', etc. It makes me cringe, especially when the purpose of adopting the language is to influence. Imagine if you will a board room of middle aged Google executives, discussing how best to reach out to the huge pool of cheap, talented labor which is exuded each year from our academic institutions. This film shows what these executives believe the minds of a younger generation look like. Simple, intricate but simple. It shows what they believe their ideal working environment would look like, some sort high tech never-never land. It's unbelievably patronising that they think this is believable. I find this overt attempt to influence me and advertise to me nauseating. I will not be working for the big G unless there is serious money involved.
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elgoogtnuocca739 January 2014
This was the worst movie I've seen in years. It was not very funny, most of the jokes were forced and barely registered a smile. The leads were trying too hard to capture the youthful frat boy nostalgia from their wedding crashers days or something. I'm baffled by how this junk even got green-lighted. It was sad and embarrassing to watch how desperately unfunny Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are in this movie. Their "schtick" was just rambling, firing off a bunch of words, attempting to play off each other like comedy teams of yore but it viewed like a cacophony of noise. It was either bad writing or perhaps they were improvising. Instead of clever it was just cheesy and awful. I did not like the plot of two 40-year-olds that don't know about computers when everybody's grandma is on Facebook. Please.
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I could not stay awake
whosays2917 June 2013
I can not believe these two actors ( who I'm fond of) would lower themselves to be in this, at best Karate Kid movie. I feel ashamed for them and for anybody who rates it above a 3. Talk about rehash and lowering the bar for the general public? Next time they make a movie together I'll bring a barf bag. And a pillow. And a 5 year old. And an Ipod. Cell Phone. Decent book. Relatives pictures. For the sake of producing 10 lines I have to note that I did enjoy Wedding crashers. And I like Vince in nearly everything. Owen gave this movie about 1/2 of his all. I paid 12 bucks for the ticket at the shore. I'd really like my money back.
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Can I Get My Money Back?
This was one of the worst, most boring, poorly scripted movies I've ever seen. Clearly Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are on the downhill slide as actors, and their attempt to revive the energy in "Wedding Crashers" was a dismal failure. There were so many contrivances to create laughs, and the film failed on every count. When we viewed, there were maybe 20 people in the theater, and not one chuckle or laugh was heard. There was one scene with Vince, Owen and Will Farrell that tried to revive "Wedding Crashers", but was so lacking in humor, it was truly grotesque, and completely mean-spirited. The writing on this film was below sophomoric level, and camera work, editing equally sub-par. If the producers were trying to portray a high tech company, like Google, they failed miserably. If they were trying to parody high tech culture, they also missed it by a mile! Thumbs down, my friends. This is a real dog.
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We're all glad this creep fest lost money.
iapetus335 October 2013
This movie is worse than awful. Not only is it boring, it's also unwatchable. Wilson creeps you out the entire time; his character is more like a yawn than a human. His partner, whats his face, is also a bore. Do these guys have a range beyond this, their typical movie persona? Everything in this movie is predictable. The troubles and successes, the bad guys, the good guys... The only thing I didn't expect is how much the main characters in the film would creep me out, the ones on Wilson's and what's his face's team, the actors themselves actually made me feel uncomfortable. Quite unnatural performances from weirdos that never be cast in anything. Ever. Ferrel also fails miserably in this. You can actually tell he doesn't give a crap. All in all I stopped using Google. Thanks for the 2 hour long commercial, D bags. It's clear that the scenes with all the titties were added late in production... "Hey guys, this movies blows... we better add a lot of tits." I'm all for mammary glands but those scenes seem SO out of place. I strongly suggest avoiding this excrement. This movie should not be paid for... for any reason.
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Brilliant chemistry between the leads along with wonderful supporting actors
Faisal Khatib8 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
With the premise of an internship at Google; you get the whole deal with product placements. Luckily "The Internship" manages to stay afloat as a two hour enjoyable and rather funny Google advert.

The film begins with Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) losing their jobs as fast talking watch salesmen facing an uncertain future thanks to the digital age. Managing to talk their way into an internship (against all odds) at Google, they find themselves facing off against smart and tech-savvy college kids aka "a mental Hunger Games" for jobs at the on-the-line search giant. Ending up with a team of out casts and facing mostly unreasoned challenges (Read: Quidditch match), Billy and Nick manage to turn the odds on its head for the perfect (and predictable) "Lived happily ever after" ending.

With previous individual failures Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson come together once more to share their amazing chemistry on screen. Vince Vaughen plays the exact same role he has played in every possible film you've seen of him lately. Since he's co-written the film; I guess he likes to feel right at home. The same may apply to Owen Wilson who's landed himself in a similar rut. It does make the whole process rather familiar but there is no denying that the chemistry both these lead actors share gives the films premise a new pair of legs every time it starts lagging a little. Both these actors clearly know their limitations and have managed to work around it well this time. Also since this was a PG-13 rated film, some of the vulgarity that you might associate with these actors is kept to a bare minimum reducing what I feel are just distractions.

Tobit Raphel as home-schooled Yo-Yo was a complete scene stealer as more often than not he'd have you laughing out loud with his crazy antics on screen. Dylan O'Brien on the other hand balanced it with his controlled cynical act of 'know it all' Stuart. Tiya Sircar as Neha was brilliant as you watch her character go through its curve. Josh Brener as the 23 year old Team leader Lile starts off brilliantly as he tries to portray himself as a cool dude but fades away as the love interest angle falls into place quite predictably.

Max Minghella as the films main antagonist Graham is underused and left with one-liners that are too far and few. Rose Byrne as Wilson's love interest apart from a single scene comes across as a postscript. Aasif Mandvi as the internship programs head Mr. Chetty is stereotypically brilliant and the short chemistry he shares with Billy is entertaining to watch.

Brilliant chemistry between the leads along with wonderful supporting actors makes you forget the flaws and plot holes blatantly staring at you. You just go along with that warm fuzzy feeling with a smile plastered on your face.
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Not Vaughn & Wilson's best work together by a long stretch.
Film Trance29 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have starred together in classic comedies such as Starsky and Hutch and Wedding Crashers. Director Shawn Levy has reunited them again in the latest American comedy The Internship which centres around two salesmen (Vaughn and Wilson) whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital age. Through enrolling at a University, they find their way into an internship opportunity at Google where they must compete against some of the brightest young students in the country in order to get a shot at employment.

The Internship's running time is 119 minutes and it ran in 3 stages. The first half an hour struggled to get you engaged in the film or the characters at all and was lacking the crucial element: comedy. Even a cameo appearance from the brilliant Will Ferrell was just a desperate attempt to get a laugh but the scenarios just didn't work. The second stage is where the film picks up some credibility as you do begin to get into the story and the tempo picks up along with the humour. It's typical Vince Vaughn comedy when he's picking apart the head of the Internship program Mr Chetty (Aasif Mandvi) or interacting with his designated group to complete the assignments that are all social outcasts yet, ironically, have an unbelievable night out filled with hilarious antics. Owen Wilson, meanwhile, is trying to woo executive Dana (Rose Byrne) in his usual charming ways. Unfortunately though the comedy doesn't last and we are back to a slow, dragged out finish.

Certain characters in The Internship are spot on however in how society works today. The group consisting of our two main stars also has an Asian American named Yo-Yo who is home-schooled by an overbearing mother, an Indian girl called Neha who is into nerd related fantasies (and that's all they are), Stuart who is just constantly on his phone and rarely speaks and the team leader Lyle who overcompensates for his insecurities by trying to act hip and cool.

Yet again another reasonable idea for a comedy but it falls miserably short of the classics that we all love. The incredibly complex industry that is Google offers too much of a formulaic script for Vaughn and Wilson to thrive.
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The Film That Wishes It Was a Google Chrome Commercial
Jeff Heimbrock2 July 2013
THE GIST: Shawn Levy's latest film starring the dynamic duo of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn is a far, far cry from their last collaboration, the hilarious WEDDING CRASHERS. The story is seemingly simple: two go-for-broke guys in their 40's are stranded without jobs and look for the most obvious solution to solve their unemployment, an internship at Google. Somehow, though being an unexpected choice, the two get picked for the internship (does the film LEGALLY BLONDE ring a bell?). What ensues is basically MONSTERS UNIVERSITY without the humor, heart, and inventiveness of that fine film. Instead we're left with a film that inspires less "lol" and more "nla", or "not laughing at all". I can't discredit the film for the promising premise that could have showed, and does to a certain extent, the incoming generations lack of personal skills due to technological social interaction or perhaps the struggle of aging and finding a place in the newest era. But no, all of these ideas are certainly too big for the rather dumb script (the characters end up getting in a fist fight at a stripper bar...remind me what this one is about?) that the actors make work moderately, except for Rose Byrne who seems to find footing somewhere as a Google representative that Wilson pines after. The multitude of ethnicity (besides our two main characters, who are both white) is certainly nice to see on the big screen, and there are times where the film really hints at something kind of good.

THE BEST PART: The advertisement-loaded, yet creative and clever final credits sequence. Yes, the best part is the FINAL CREDITS.

THE VERDICT: There's so much going wrong with THE INTERNSHIP. Had it been an indie film in the hands of the right creative team and script it could have been something worth watching. Instead, you're almost wishing you were spending the overlong 2 hour runtime investigating the products on screen. So at least Google got their money's worth.
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