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Grave Disappointment
Bill_the_Pirate2 October 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed the first Grave Encounters. I think it's one of the best of the found footage movies I've ever seen. Granted, none of the actors were in danger of an Oscar nomination, but the characters were believable and got you involved in the story, the clichés were kept to a minimum, and most importantly, the atmosphere and the scares worked, and they held up to repeated viewings. Grave Encounters 2 should be renamed Grave Disappointment, imho. I spent the first twenty minutes having to double-check to make sure I had the right movie, and once the story actually got started, it seemed to me the movie couldn't make up its mind as to what it was trying to be. Parts of it felt like a spoof of the original, and parts felt like a shot-for-shot remake. There were blatant rip-offs of REC and Evil Dead 2, among others. The lead couldn't seem to make up his mind whether he was channeling Lance Preston's character from the first movie, or the kid from Terminator 2. The other characters were wooden or clichés, with a scream queen who made you want to scream every time she was in a scene. The one original element to the story line was another rip-off, this time of 1408. And the ending was absolutely pathetic, and unfortunately, strongly hinted at yet another travesty of a sequel.
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Disappointing sequel doesn't even try.
jaguiar3137 November 2012
Grave Encounters wasn't all that original a found footage horror but, The Vicious Brothers did have some clever fun with the conventions and made an entertaining and spooky tale of a crew of a paranormal investigation show coming up against something they can't handle at an abandoned insane asylum. Sadly, all that cleverness and tongue in cheek creepy fun is gone for this uninspired sequel. Encounters 2 takes The Blair Witch 2 route and makes it a film about the film. Sadly the film also makes some of that sequels same mistakes. This time we have movie fan and amateur filmmaker, Alex Wright getting cryptic e-mails from a mysterious benefactor known only as Death Awaits. These messages hint that Grave Encounters was not just a movie, in fact it was quite real and the actors are all really missing. So, Alex grabs his camera and friends/crew and sets off to investigate. Bad idea. First problem is that this flick keeps the found footage motif yet, never at any time does it give us the vibe that it is actual footage and not just a movie. The film then tediously takes over 40 minutes to finally get our characters into the asylum, after a very "Catfish" first act, and once we're there, we are treated to a retread of Grave Encounters part 1 that also blatantly lifts scenes directly from previous found footage flicks like Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. At least the previous flick did so with some cleverness. Maybe it's because The Vicious Brothers hand the directing reigns to John Poliquin who gives us a film that is populated with pretentious and annoying characters and comes across as very set up and phony instead of spooky and scary. But, he directs from their script so they share blame for what is obviously a sequel thrown together to take quick advantage of the minor attention the first film received. And it shows. Not only is the film lifeless and scare-less but, completely devoid of the cleverness and sly humor that garnered the first flick it's reputation. But, worst still, the final act descends into complete silliness when it introduces a character from the first flick into the mix and just falls apart. Add to that the flick is overlong at an hour and forty minutes and takes itself way too seriously. The Vicious Brothers knew they were having fun and let the audience in on it. Director Poliquin is trying to make a straight horror when the convoluted script desperately wants to wink at it's audience like the first film did. The recent Paranormal Activity 4 was accused by many as a lazy cash grab but, that film was at least still entertaining and gave us likable characters and had a nice sense of humor to give it some fun. Grave Encounters 2 doesn't even try. Disappointing follow-up especially considering The Vicious Brothers showed such potential in their first feature.
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Okay I guess?
Douglobacki1 October 2012
I think the fact it's a sequel really hurt the movie, but then again the movie wouldn't exist without the first one. First off you must know going into this I knew what to expect, a "found footage" horror film sequel. Though I enjoy both types of movie those two combined just doesn't sound too great (except REC1 and REC2.. REC3 was an abomination). I got what I expected and was alright with it.

The Bad: Normally movies in this category if not always have acting rated a C (normal) which is fine. I'll give the acting here a C-, it wasn't on par but not bad enough to make the movie experience dreadful The plot really struggled to connect with the first movie, and the movie's own plot was good but poorly executed. The characters were not likable and showed no growth but I think I could say that for every 'found footage' film. Some of the scares were the same from the first movie which took away from the surprise factor. I could foresee a lot of what was going to happen just based of the first movie but I guess when you're basically recreating the same film that happens. The characters make stupid choices which always bothers me though

The Good: It wasn't terrible? Some of the scares were creepy nothing to dramatic. In the end I got what I expected, an alright found footage film and a probably 'worse than the first' sequel.

Conclusion: If you're bored yeah I'd suggest it.

Who should watch it: Grave Encounters Fan? Sure. Found footage fans? Sure. Horror fans? Maybe. None of the above? No.
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First Movie Was Nice Surprise, This Is Not
shaososa9 June 2013
The first Grave Encounters was a decent enough found footage horror flick that had just enough humor and jump scenes to make it a somewhat likable watch. This sequel follows a young filmmaker who is convinced the events depicted in the first Grave Encounters are real. He sets out with his crew in tow to make a documentary detailing his findings.

The problem with Grave Encounters 2 is it has lost any cool or fun factor from the original. This is a pretty much a bland rehashing with new, boring characters in the same, now boring setting of a closed down hospital.

The first Grave Encounters was a reminder that you can sometimes find something to like in a low budget, no name of a movie streaming on Netflix. Grave Encounters 2 is a reminder that most the low budget, no name movies streaming on Netflix suck.
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deadsnow20 December 2012
Wow. Where to begin... I actually enjoyed the 1st film a lot but this was just awful. I was instantly annoyed w/ the two main characters. Not only was their acting terrible but everything else about them was horrible also. Trevors voice almost made me turn it off right away. He sounds like a tool version of the handicapped kid from Breaking Bad. There are no scares whatsoever and when they do try for scares it's just the same stuff as part one. It also takes about 40min for anything to get going in the movie. Such a let down. It is perfect for the viewers around the age of 12. I've never written about a movie on here before but this one totally needed to be written to help prevent anyone from viewing this garbage. Please do not make this a trilogy.
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Grave Mistake
DWratings29 June 2013
Well this is when making a sequel to a decent movie goes wrong. The idea was there. How they go about searching for the truth behind "The Grave Encounters" was there. How the rest was executed was a "grave" disaster. It starts off in its own, but still in a "been there done that" way, then turns into the first movie, only to go downhill quick. Before too long your wondering why am I still watching this as it is not believable or even fathomable in an imaginary type way. I understand they had to do something different to end the movie than the first, but they should have gone back to the drawing boards once they screened this movie and seen how ridiculous it looked and sounded. The reasoning for the 3 of 10 rating is, it starts out good, and has decent special effects for a low budget movie. 3 of 10-WAIT FOR TV
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Trashes the first one completely
mantass1327 October 2012
The first grave encounters was a great horror movie, great atmosphere keeps you shaking to see what happens next. This one made me think that it's a joke. The movie should be left without a sequel, cause this movie just doesn't fit in with the first one at all. The plot holes, the constant screaming, terrible acting, stupid character decisions and very cheap special effects, just don't let you enjoy the movie. Over all the idea may be good, but this is just... If you like horror movies give this a pass and go waste time with better movies. Leave this one behind and go watch the first one if you want a horrifying experience, just don't waste your time.
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Not the worst horror movie out there
politehere17 February 2013
I haven't seen the first film, so I had no idea it was a found footage film. The first thing you need to even start liking such a movie is to have a liking for the found footage genre. If you don't, you won't enjoy it, no matter how good the movie is. Having seen all four Paranormal Activity films and one or two other found footage films, I was prepared for what was coming, so I didn't expect a good acting to begin with. I knew it was going to be shabby and sound amateurish, because a found footage film is supposed to be like that. Professional performances would be a drawback for this genre, as it is intended to be make-belief. That being said, you can't really complain about "bad acting" in this movie. After all, it is a plus.

The most annoying thing about this movie however is that it takes too long for the good part to start, but when it does you're in for a half-scary half-laughable ride. The movie was a success at conveying the sinister nature of the ghosts beautifully. The shaky camera was a little over the top for my taste. It actually gave me a headache. They didn't have to pull the wall-cameras off to capture everything on their shoulders. That would have been the solution for too many unnecessary shaky shots.

I liked the role the cop played in the movie. I liked the sudden deaths. Some of them were too violent for a ghost story, but I'd rather see it as an attempt at being scarier. The last 20 minutes was a drag. They should have cut the inessential scenes. For a found footage film, I think it was above average. It had its moments, its thrills, and its flaws, like any other horror movie. Keep your expectations low, because making a satisfying horror movie is a real challenge these days. I haven't seen any good horror movies in 2012 or in 2011 for that matter. The horror movie industry is dying and that's a bitter truth we horror movie fans have to face.
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First the best, second the worst.
sherrytrifle5 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched GE2 and I'm left feeling cheated out of a scare.

I'm not a fan of the horror genre, but I suitably enjoyed the first for I found the acting and suspense surprisingly original.

The story for me lacks direction, and although there are hints of a plot with twists that lay up ahead, it fails to come to fruition. Any of the jumpy scenes could easily have been chucked in from the first.

For example, the crazy security officer (or so at first he appears) could have transpired to be a good plot avenue, but instead he is killed of in a vulgar scene lacking suspense or reason. The incarcerated patient they stumble upon seems full of a plot fulfilling back story only to fall into the predictably cheesy horror movie scenario seen countless times before.

To top it all off, it takes around an hour to feel any connection with Richard, the main character (as a consequence of the writing not acting), only to feel cheated by the ending.

If like me you couldn't make up your mind whether the first was genius or trash, steer clear.
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Great Encounters
FilmGeek899 November 2012
Not going to bore you, so let me be frank.

I really enjoyed it. Watch this film with no expectations in regards to the first and you will to. The problem is people expect way to much from these fairly low budget films. This film does its job, make you feel uneasy and some good scares. It makes me laugh when critics on here are like 'It was so boring, not scary at all, a waste of time' lol I bet you at some point in the movie they were like "s*&t!" lol.

Just stop trying so hard to hate and enjoy. I rate this a high 6/10, gave the first one 7/10.

Follow me on twitter and we can exchange film opinions and recommendations: FilmGeek89
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Mediocre Sequel but worth a watch for fans
ravingmushroom7 October 2012
I wasn't expecting much from this movie. I saw the first movie "Grave Encounters" and loved it. There were scenes in that movie that genuinely creeped me out and I was excited to see what they would do this time around.

John Poliquin directs the sequel, written by the original writers 'The Vicious Brothers'. Alex Wright, a film student is convinced that the first movie was in fact real and decides to visit the hospital where the film was shot to investigate for himself and shoot a documentary. How this happens though seemed improbable to me. Alex is busy shooting a student movie when he receives a mysterious video showing one of the actors from the grave encounters movie. It doesn't take much to convince him to drop everything including filming of his movie to fly to Vancouver Canada with a crew to visit the hospital.

It takes an exhausting 35 minutes before Alex and his crew actually reach the creepy hospital and it doesn't take long before things go wrong and they become trapped in the building.. The action starts to pick up a little then but I found the scares were too similar to the first movie. I got the feeling at times that the film was parodying itself. The characters often view scenes from the film and comment on "the lame CGI affects". And we are constantly reminded of the first film. For me though that had the effect of taking me out of the film a little.

I recommend the movie to fans of the first. I would have liked to see some more creative scares. There are no scenes that stick out for me and it lacked the level of tension that the first movie had.
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really, really bad
melly_rel5 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It contains sickening POV skull bashing, for no reason. the storyline is total rubbish, the acting is shocking, and it is derivative.

I loved the first film- it was terrifying. the characters were funny, and had back stories, and the film was unpredictable, a real trip down the rabbit hole. this one was total rubbish... starts off trying to be all clever by referencing the first film, then turns into a totally rubbish almost carbon copy, no plot or character development, and stupidly it turns the 'hero' of the original film into a murderer. the bit with the sucking wall hell-hole was totally laughable, a copy of a scene from poltergeist or evil dead. Then when the kid killed his girlfriend- i almost threw up. that was a disgusting POV murder which is just too sick, I guess the filmmakers were trying to copy Funny Games and the level which the audience is complicit. well it failed and this movie is probably one of the worst i have ever seen. too many plot holes, not a fun scary ride. just sick, stupid, and LAME

I have to say the actor who plays Lance is fantastic, he was great in the first film but just chewing scenery and hamming it up in this mess. the whole thing was totally derivative of other, better horror films. Im annoyed because I totally recommended GE 1 to tons of people, and this film is so bad it actually goes far enough as to ruin the first one for me too. If you want to see a good low budget straight to DVD with great editing and well made watch 'absentia' not this tripe.
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Not very original but essentially OK
thilanka-samarasinghe21 December 2013
I'm getting tired of the whole asylum and crazy doctor concept (Return to the House on the haunted hill, an episode of Supernatural and now Grave's getting old) Having said that, I quite enjoyed the movie. The beginning was a drag and I couldn't wait for the scares but once they started coming, it was quite creepy (though not the best, edge of the seat kind of stuff). The penultimate scene was stupid followed by an OK ending.

I gave it 5/10 because in a nutshell it was neither good nor bad. This is just an old concept with a few mediocre twists but with some good scares. It's definitely not the kind you'd watch twice.
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Sometimes silly and effectively creepy. Grave Encounters 2 is just a mixed bag, great poster though.
guillermobosque2 July 2015
Summary: Sometimes silly and effectively creepy. Grave Encounters 2 is just a mixed bag, great poster though. 44/100 (C-)

Grave Encounters, film student Alex Wright is out to prove them wrong. Alex is as obsessed with the first film as the 20 million people who viewed its viral trailer on YouTube. While he and his friends research the events and visit the real psychiatric hospital depicted in the original film, they find themselves face-to-face with unspeakable evil, banking on the hope that their knowledge of the original film will help them survive the sequel. Grave Encounters 2 doesn't quite live up my expectations and was not as scary as the first one, but it was a very entertaining sequel. It was scary, but sometimes silly. I saw it in theaters, because I like supporting indie-horror films like this one. I actually enjoyed some moments of this movie, but as a whole is just a mess.

Most of the scares were predictably bad. Just a few scares throughout the film were effective and well done. A good example was that scene involving a Ouija board, it was the best scene in the film; I found it scary, suspenseful and effective. At times, a lot of moments with scary potential were ruined by the terrible direction, and the bad acting. Most of the scares as I said were very predictable, even though the suspense was quite effective and creepy. Poliquin does not take risk and goes for the easy way... jump-scares. Also, there were too many ghosts with big mouths into the film and they were so repetitive and annoying. The acting was uneven, the pretty young actress Leanne Lapp (Jennifer) was the only one who gave a believable performance and she's the only one who caught my attention.

The rest of the performers were awful and annoying. Some of the special effects were horrible and the CGI ruined some scary moments. The direction was hit and miss. The scares have a good build-up suspense, but the climax of these was not effective. In the positive side the gory scenes were enjoyable and there were a few surprising moments. There was a highly effective twist in the second half of the movie and I found it very original. In the negative side, the script was sometimes laughable and the acting was generally bad. Grave Encounters 2 is a mixed bag, not as good as the first one. Some horror fans will love it, it has some thrilling and seriously messed up moments. I wish good luck to The Vicious Brothers they have potential writing stories, but they have to make them less messy. (C-)
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A Couple Steps Behind Its Predecessor But Still Greatly Enjoyable Though
Chaosmetal693 October 2012
Grave Encounters 2 does what it's set out to do. Scare you and frighten you. However the quantity and quality of what scares you seems to have gone down from the first film.

The Good: Very solid plot build up and great connection to the first film, characters were realistic, the scares were good, the same haunting anticipation was there in the first, great atmosphere, originality, A good mind boggle.

The Bad: Not NEARLY as scary as the first, it does well but doesn't hold a light to the first one in my opinion. Not directed by "The Vicious Brothers", The intensity just not there in comparison to the first unfortunately. The film clearly tries too hard to connect to the first I found, a good mind boggle. I mention that as a positive but I also feel it works against its effective atmosphere in comparison to the first one.

My Criticism: I believe if they worked more on making the film terrify you then trying to establish the story and connect the dots to the first one it would have come out way more sharp. The vicious brothers don't need said director who did this film to direct it since they did so well with the first one. It is that way in which I personally believe it fell short of the original. HOWEVER it is still greatly entertaining horror that should make you feel scared at a few parts for sure!

The Verdict: Still a great sequel worthy of your time and will give you some good scares. Just don't expect to be as tense and as terrified as you probably were with the first. Very solid 7.5/10
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Why Can't We Give "Zero" Stars to Garbage Like This?
claudio_carvalho20 October 2013
The cinema student Alex Wright (Richard Harmon) researches the movie "Grave Encounter" In Internet and receives an anonymous e-mail to the coordinates of the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital depicted by the team of paranormal investigators in the first movie. Alex head to the place with his friends and soon they discover evil.

The great achievement of "Grave Encounters 2" is to be capable of being worse and worse than the original "Grave Encounters", what seemed to be impossible. The style of "The Blair Witch Project" seems to be the cheapest way to make a horror movie and barely works. "Grave Encounters 2" is among the worst movies in the style "reality show" and I do not understand why we can't give "zero" stars in IMDb to garbage like this. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "Fenomenos Paranormais 2" ("Paranormal Phenomena 2")
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Worst then the first!
atinder3 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Not a fan of first movie, there were a lot horror fans who really enjoyed it, I had to it see twice, I must of missed something on my first watch however I felt the same on second watch, but still going to say the first movie id so much better then this silly sequel.

It's start of with people number of people review the first movie, then kind have jabs at found footage movies near the start of the movie. then it Kinda of drags for next 45 minutes.

For the first half hour we follow the teens who are making there own really bad slasher movie in this movie. then finally get building 35 mins mark of the movie

While teens are talking about the first, we see them showing on there phones and internet about first movie, here and there in this movie.

After 45 mark the things start going bump, here and there, for next 15 minutes, with a lot screaming and running around.

I did jump with the first scare scene in the movie, then later scary scenes, I just found really funny, the creature you can see in poster, I did not find it scary at all in this movie.

Then Lance makes long hair come back near the last half hour in the movie, still eating rats by the way, then the last hour was really about him, how crazy he has become being trapped in the building and some connection to the other side.

Won't ruin ending, cause, Well tell you Truth that I didn't really get it.

2 out of 10 , I gave first 4 out of 10
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They say sequels are never as good!
davidfurlotte6 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Guess what? They're right. The original movie started out with a great premise. Television Paranormal Investigative team that really doesn't believe in the paranormal go into a haunted insane asylum ready to do whatever it takes to get their TV series off the ground. Alas for them, they find out that there really is something to all those stories. GRAVE ENCOUNTER was a good movie, I highly recommend it, this one however needed a little more editing of the script and development of the main character because the premise fell flat when it finally got underway.

****Here there be BIG spoilers***** We never really got a sense of WHY the main character and cast decided they needed to go INTO the building.

1. If the MAIN character really DID believe that the first movie was totally real there is NO WAY he would go into that building unless he was bereft of a functioning brain. (Let's remember, he is a budding HORROR movie mogul so he SHOULD know about all the horror movie TWISTS)

2. There really WAS NOT a believable reason for the kids to WANT to go into that place AND stay IN that place. They waffled with "Need to prove that the first movie was REAL." "Need to gather evidence that the Executive Producer covered up the real thing." AND "Doing a Paranormal Investigation." Oh, and let's not forget, "It was ONLY a movie and we're going to prove it." Bottom line, four reasons instead of PICKING one and developing it to make the whole thing believable.

The other problem with this particular sequel is that it tossed in a whole bunch of twists but just let them die in the wind. It was almost as if they were HUNTING for some kind of way to tie the whole movie together for the ending but simply couldn't come up with anything credible.

Finally, I'm not sure if the acting or the script was to blame for a poor performance but the cast of this movie was definitely not in the same calibre of the first movie.

All in all, enjoy the first movie because it truly is very good, but this one, have fun with the atypical sequel where they throw in MORE of the SCARY stuff just to show that they can GO ONE BETTER but inevitably fail miserably because they lose the sense of a story. Don't say you weren't warned.
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Garbage at its finest. *Spoilers*
senal_irving11 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie made me sad.

*Spoilers* I loved the first grave encounters. From the suspense, believable characters, to excellent original scares. Everything was so well paced in the movie. Heck the trailer made me know it was gonna be great. I told so many people to watch it and all loved it.

Now for the sequel, I must say, Iam shocked how bad it is. a friend at work told me about a sequel and I was excited. I then saw the IMDb score and trailer. I was like " umm this looks pretty stupid" I even thought of skipping it but I loved the first so much. I then Saw the movie just 5 mins ago. It took like an hour of garbage story telling before they finally make it creepy. When it finally gets creepy..they throw all of the scares in at once within 7 minutes...then it gets sooooo boring all over again. Characters died soooo fast and randomly.. The main character was terrible. He showed to be a good have regrets for bringing his friends there, the same with trusting the guy from the first film...and he has sadness...RANDOMLY he became a psycho and killed his GF....stupid trash....and killed how good the first was and any chance of a good sequel... It made the first movie seem like it was a total joke...this was a comedy and even hurt the original film...even the main character of the first..

I give it a 4.because that zombie monster was soooooo scary..but was only in it for 20 secs of the 2 hour film and blew up to smoke for no
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Grave Encounters 2 is dull and boring
ghchamp9614 March 2013
If I could give this movie 0 stars, I would. The acting is bad and the characters are uninteresting. I didn't care about any of the characters at all. The pacing is slow. I found myself playing games on the computer because I was so bored. It takes forever to get to the "scary" part of the movie, and then the scary part isn't even scary. There's a few jump scares, but there aren't any genuine scares. The whole storyline of the second half of the movie seems very forced. The ending is ridiculous. Please, do not let this movie steal your time. Watch something else...anything else. The only thing that I did like was the special effects of the ghosts. That was the only part that spooked me.
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Fast paced found footage flick/ Rare decent horror sequel
alkjunkie6 October 2012
Found footage films aren't for everyone. Horror sequels are usually terrible at best.

This film, Grave Encounters 2, proved to me that a good found footage sequel can happen. The directing, writing, and constant (barely a dull damn moment) scares is what pulled this one along.

The acting is, well, better than most found footage films, but it's still shite compared to the first film.

You barely give a damn about any of these new characters. It's not that they're not like-able, but it's just that the film moves in such a fast pace that you don't even have time to get to know them. Personally, I didn't mind that fact in this flick. I wanted more pure ghost chaos in lieu of character development anyway.

Unlike most found footage flicks, this one throws the stereotypical "campy" approach out the window. By doing this, this film may be able to grasp the attention of the horror buffs that usually have no patience for the average found footage flick.

As a horror flick fanatic, I highly recommend this.
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Horrible horror film
poly_kakos20 January 2013
I am new to the genre of horror. I qualify a horror movie by the amount of chills it gives me. This movie is a total trash. It's all the bad things American cinema represents. Everything is expected, as if the viewer of this movie has written the script himself. But besides that the acting was horrible. Sean Rogerson failed entirely to deliver a madman, Leanne Lap on the other side i think she was on her period when the movie was filmed. As for the special effects, from a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst low budget movie and 10 the Avatar i would grade this movie 3. In conclusion this movie doesn't deliver in any way. Go waste your time elsewhere people, you don't have to punish yourself with this one.
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Don't waste your time!
alicegrant19908 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really disliked this movie. The storyline was terrible, the acting (apart from Lance Preston) was terrible, the special effects and make up was terrible, the wormhole vortex was terrible, the murders at the end were terrible.

Basically if I was the director of this film I would not want to put my name to it. I would credit the movie to Alan Smithee. But I think maybe he is proud of this film.I hope he never makes another one.

Maybe it was a case of too many cooks spoil the brew, as I read that the Vicious Brothers were overseeing everything the director did and were on set each day.

Either way, nothing in this movie makes sense, they rehash most of the scares from the last film by showing them on the main actors laptop, and there are some really stupid things that happen.

I was really disappointed and would not recommend this film to anyone.
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Gravely mistaken as a good horror movie!
rebelman_505 October 2012
I'll admit I actually enjoyed the first grave encounters. It has its share of creepy moments so when I heard they were making a second, I was looking forward to the release. Now that I've seen it, I had definitely got my hopes up. There is no point in making a sequel unless it will actually be worth watching. It turned what the original movie was, genuinely creepy, into this far fetched cheesy idea that is grave encounters 2. If you are actually a fan of the first, don't ruin it by watching this so called sequel. I was so excited to see this I watched it on VOD. They pretty much took me for seven bucks which I could have spent on an actually decent horror movie or several, for that fact. Don't waste your time or money!
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mr-abrahamsen5 December 2013
do not waste a second of your life even thinking about watching this utter rubbish! do not waste a second of your life even thinking about watching this utter rubbish! do not waste a second of your life even thinking about watching this utter rubbish! do not waste a second of your life even thinking about watching this utter rubbish! do not waste a second of your life even thinking about watching this utter rubbish!do not waste a second of your life even thinking about watching this utter rubbish!do not waste a second of your life even thinking about watching this utter rubbish!do not waste a second of your life even thinking about watching this utter rubbish!do not waste a second of your life even thinking about watching this utter rubbish!do not waste a second of your life even thinking about watching this utter rubbish! director should be buried alive
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