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Shockingly Awful
lomaxbrit16 October 2013
This film firstly imitated a Sunday morning special but with no backbone to it. The scenery is beautiful yes, and so is Jana but she doesn't use her acting chops in this film, and characters are left undeveloped. What happened to the doctor that Jana's character was flirting with here? Why does she leave him for the husband she left in NY? and relationships are nothing more than face value? The film was shot well and looks all fine but the story needs a heavy dose of character development script writing badly. However in consideration the two leads Jana Kramer and Gerald McRaney are great for their roles.

I don't understand what Jana sees in this film that she took the time to make it
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Acting was fine!
pcpersons28 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I liked the acting, BUT it didn't cover up the lack of story line. My huge spoiler is that she ends up with the WRONG guy. I watch these movies so that I can feel drawn to the characters and wish them well. Well, I get she was married, but her husband was a ugly, a jerk, and did I mention ugly? It didn't even help my thoughts by the fact that she ended up pregnant. In fact, that made me want to throw up. She had a great guy she could have moved on with. I actually enjoyed the movie until the ending, but the way it ended was just wrong. So, Jana Cramer, better luck next time. Also, if I was married into that family I would have jumped off a bridge. I just felt bad for the guy that lost his heart to her. In my opinion the writers led you to believe that he would be the one to end up with the girl. It sucked big time.
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Very Nice All American Movie
davisonhorst9 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Heart of the Country was filmed in Wilmington, NC the exact same place as the filming of One Tree Hill. So Jana Kramer, who was a star attraction on One Tree Hill, should have felt right at home. First of all I'm quite a bit older than Jana but I fell in love with her from the moment I saw her as Alex on One Tree Hill. Actually I liked the part she played on One Tree Hill better than in this movie. However, she does a very credible job here. She has an incredible amount of sex appeal, which was very evident in One Tree Hill and which was still evident in Heart of the Country. Her sex appeal is that she is very sweet and probably makes every guy wish they knew her up front and personal. Heart of the Country was a typical but nice story of small town girl who goes to NYC to further her singing career, meets a very wealthy guy, falls in love, gets married, and then he runs into high finance trouble and ends up in jail. Assets are frozen and so Faith goes home to NC to regroup and to be with her dad and sister. Near the end she reconciles with her husband, who is really a decent guy. Her Doctor friend in NC, who has feelings for her, loses out. In that regard the movie may become disappointing to some. But, in real life it usually ends up the way that it finally did. Most married couples do reconcile after they separate for awhile. After all, they were in love when they married. All in all a nice movie that did not make me want to jump off a cliff when it was over like so much of the trash out of Hollywood these days.
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Great movie
jordannelson42113 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This heartfelt movie told a story of real life issues that occur during relationships in this century. The only thing that I wished would had happened is that she ended up with the doctor, Lee. Even though she didn't end up with Lee, there was no reason to dislike the movie. Her husband tried to win her back. The whole reason he was in his predicament was because Faith wanted him to go on his own, away from his father and brother. His brother gave her dad the chance to see the cancer specialist and he pleaded guilty for his wrongdoings. He wasn't a jerk. He tried to repair their relationship and in the end he did. This movie is a tearjerker that will leave you on the front of your seat till the ending.
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Well acted, beautiful scenery, relatable themes
mstoesseryoung22 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a heartwarming story about family relationships. The acting is superb and the scenery is beautiful. The music is great too but the themes of loss and reconciliation are really something that the audience can relate to.

There is marital strife which is ongoing but there is also healing that takes place between father and daughter and between sisters. The main character, Faith, has to come to terms with the sudden loss of her mother and the possible loss of her marriage. At the same time, the characters move through the process of familial reconciliation after years spent apart living very different lives.

The story may not be edgy but it is relatable, which is rare. It is also a movie that a family can watch together which is practically unheard of these days.
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Good message, but it drags
Medic276225 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The main message of this movie seems to be forgiveness and reconciliation. It's a modern prodigal son and prodigal daughter story. It has some good core Christian values, including forgiveness, marriage fidelity, and a commitment to marriage - for better or worse - as a marriage is reconciled after seemingly impossible circumstances.

It's well acted, and it has some big Hollywood names in it. Even though the point of the movie eventually becomes obvious, there doesn't really seem to be a true plot line through the film. It drags, and I was left rather bored at times.

There are a couple inappropriate words if you want to be sensitive with your kids watching it, but nothing major. In all it was a good, clean film, which is why we gave it 5 stars, otherwise it may have been a lower rating.
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Nice Christian based drama
coste-stephen18 September 2013
Lots of not so subtle Christian values, pleasant film. This is a independent film marketed to be a family film with it's message of Christian values hitting the watcher with a sledge hammer of Christian values. Some people of other religions or agnostics might find the movie hard to handle. Well produced, well acted but a little to sugary sweet in its story line. I wouldn't pay to watch it in a movie theatre but worth a watch if you have nothing better to do, only rates a TV movie of the week.Surprising prejudice against the North, the south lost the civil war; get over it, its called the USA. They should not be calling the car a Yankee car. This is a not so subtle slap against Americans from Michigan.
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Pretty Good Flick
jakeowen433326 October 2013
This is a pretty good flick for someone who wants to see JANA KRAMER in a movie; HEART OF THE COUNTRY is a good flick to get that fill and I would suggest it - Another film she stars in is the military themed character drama APPROACHING MIDNIGHT which I personally like better, because her character in 'Approaching Midnight' is more dynamic, dramatic, comical and romantic all at the same time.

However 'Heart of the Country' is rated PG like 'Approaching Midnight,' and for those who have kids and need a fairly PG rated picture to watch (considering a lot of television nowwadays is pushing the edge). Then this works because there isn't anything I felt was too much. BUT if you are a fan of JANA KRAMER then you will enjoy seeing her act in this picture, since country music has taken her from the world of television series like One Tree Hill, AND a lot of people miss her as an actress. She's a good actress.
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Jana Kramer = Amazing!
vannemic4 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I had no idea that Jana Kramer was such a good actress. I knew she was a fantastic singer, but she should act in a lot more films. This is a classic coming home story. It is based off of a book. I haven't read the book, but after seeing the movie, I am really wanting to go and read it. It is a great story. One with laughs, tears and a lot of emotion. It is a great date movie or a movie to go see if you or anyone who likes country music, since you will enjoy seeing Jana Kramer on the screen as well. I would highly recommend seeing this movie. If you like the country girl types of movies or just in a mood for a romantic movie, this is the one to see.
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Great movie
Jason Getty23 August 2013
Just got my copy of Heart of the Country and it has a few things going for it that caught my attention. First and foremost, it was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, very close to the town I visited with my family that was beautiful. North Carolina, is a very popular place with filmmakers; it's hard to resist the beauty of the state, whether you're on the coast or in the mountains.

I also love that Heart of the Country is based on a novel (as are the other movies mentioned below) and stars ACM's New Female Vocalist of the Year for 2013, Jana Kramer. With good scenery and good music, you can't go wrong.
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Nice Movie With Good Values
mbatchelor-2209528 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I think I enjoyed Gerald McRaney the most as Calvin, the father in the movie. He was great at playing a guy with a gruff exterior, but a heart of gold who'd do anything for his girls. I did kinda want to see her end up with the doctor, but in the end she chose to honor her wedding vows, which I think sends an awesome message. There aren't enough movies being made today that portray a Biblical world view. Jana Kramer is a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice; she was great in the role of Faith. I liked that Luke fessed up to what he did and took his knocks, and the overall theme of the movie of the importance of family. I watched it on Netflix; feel like it was a couple hours well spent; in the end I felt uplifted by this nice little movie.
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Faith, hope and charity
Prismark106 September 2017
Heart of the Country is one of these faith based films which tries to keep its Christian message subtle but it is there to see; an America that exists only in a film producer's, preacher or a Republican politician's mind.

Faith (Jana Kramer) left her family in a small town in North Carolina for New York and ended up marrying to a wealthy socialite who worked in Wall Street. She has lived the high life but her husband has been busted for fraud and Faith returns home.

It becomes clear that Faith has been distant with her dad (Gerald McRaney) and her sister but the film does not spell it out. I was not even sure if they have ever met Faith's husband.

When Faith's dad gets cancer, she tries to get her husband to arrange a top New York doctor to see him. Faith's father meanwhile wants her to fight to save his marriage and goes to see his son in law to find out whether he still wants to be with Faith.

The film has positive messages about marriage, forgiveness and redemption. It is just too sanitized and happy clappy for my liking. We are not made clear what Faith's issues were with her family but they would had good reason to be upset by the way they were treated by Faith who seems to have forgotten all about them until trouble came knocking on the door.
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Why, why did they make this
Captain_holmes21 August 2017
Not sure what was the thought process in making this film, not one character made any logical choices. I though the acting wasn't horrible, the story was laughable. It was insufferable and seemed like an hour long music video, with dialog wrapped inside a terrible idea. No thanks please just no.
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Movie about Love, Family and Commitment
rach-8772318 February 2017
I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was great. This movie was about unconditional love, forgiveness, commitment and family. It took me a little while to warm up to the husband and also his competition. The father was such a strong and caring man. I loved the closeness he had with his daughters, and then the typical relationship between sisters. This movie touched my heart in so many personal ways. There is one word that sums this movie up and that is beautiful.....the songs, scenery and Jana. I highly recommend this movie.
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romantic drama with Christian values
e19 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of acting, beautiful scenery, but even more so by the content of this movie. It is extremely refreshing to watch a romantic movie that values marriage. So many other romantic dramas or comedies that I have watched put all the emphasis on the "chemistry" between two characters. It is common to see relationships develop based on physical attraction and thus not surprising to commonly see characters leave their spouse for another "truer love". However, in this movie I was very pleased to see the characters work out a relationship even when it got downright hard... and even when temptation arises. I feel this movie paints a more realistic picture of what real life relationships are like. We often will make mistakes and disappoint and sometimes not even feel the "warm fuzzies" anymore... it takes grace and forgiveness and work to get that "music" back that was there in the beginning. This is the kind of romantic movie I would want my daughters to watch to balance the message that is the "norm" these days.
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Jana Kramer's 2nd best film since "Approaching Midnight"
jessicajaglowski8 August 2016
I would call this Jana Kramer's 2nd best film since "Approaching Midnight". Jana in this one stars as Faith, in a story based on the prodigal son returning home (however this is the prodigal daughter). Approaching Midnight takes better advantage of her acting chops and it was theatrical while this picture was a direct to video piece. I heard that this was a vehicle to promote Jana's music but I was hoping for more of her tracks to be played throughout the movie in subtle ways. I would watch this movie again on DVD however because of Jerry McRaney a great actor with a solid part that was given to him. The locations are pretty solid for this movie too. I enjoyed seeing the south on camera. I think more films should be filming in the south and Heart of the Country takes advantage of some great locations.
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