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13 Jan. 2016
Inlawful Entry
When Missy's parents visit, her father convinces Jase to take him on a quail hunt. But while their "bonding hunt" yields very few quail, it does bring them closer together as friends. Meanwhile, Willie helps John Luke start his own snow cone business, but in order to make a profit, they'll have to overcome some growing pains.
13 Jan. 2016
Flock and Key
Si recruits his nephews to help him transport a storage container to his backyard, but things take a turn when Jep becomes locked inside the box. Meanwhile, Jase helps Mia prepare for her cheerleading competition, but the only problem is he has no idea what he's doing.
20 Jan. 2016
Ball in the Family
When Willie's old rival Phillip McMillan challenges him to a game of dodgeball, Willie recruits his family members to settle a score once and for all. Meanwhile, Si thinks his cat is cheating on him with another family, so he recruits Miss Kay and Mountain Man to help find out.
20 Jan. 2016
Drone Survivor
When Jase and Phil make a bet about whether or not human beings in a duck blind are visible from the air, Jep buys a drone copter to get a "bird's eye" view, but ends up losing it in the process.
27 Jan. 2016
Alan in Charge
Dismayed at the haphazard state of the warehouse's filing system, Willie hires Alan as office manager at Jase's suggestion. However, the changes that Alan implements around the workroom quickly drive the guys crazy and make Jase want to eat his words. An alarm malfunction at Willie and Korie's house prompts the Robertson women and girls to take a self-defense class, with John Luke as the instructor's assistant/victim.
27 Jan. 2016
Renaissance Men
The family celebrates Godwin's birthday with a Renaissance fair, but it takes a strange turn with the guys' choice of costumes. A medieval tournament between Alan, Jase, Willie, and Sadie goes awry in every event and produces a surprise winner.
3 Feb. 2016
Heroes Welcome
In this special episode, the Duck Commander team surprises two wounded veterans with a trip to Monroe so they can be in an episode of Duck Dynasty. To show their support, the Robertson family stages a "color run" to bring awareness to our wounded soldiers.
10 Feb. 2016
Pie Hard
Willie and Alan agree to help Miss Kay open her own bakery, but things take a turn when it Kay is asked to hand over her secret recipes. Meanwhile, the guys in the duck call room take an extended lunch break by driving to Mississippi for fried green tomato sandwiches.
10 Feb. 2016
Toad to Perdition
When Willie and his brothers spend too much time frog hunting, their wives challenge them to a "frogging" competition.
17 Feb. 2016
Van He'llsing
When Missy and Jase's son Reed purchases an old van to boost his music career, his parents begin to question some of his choices.
17 Feb. 2016
RV There Yet?
The Robertson family takes a road trip to Liberty University where they will drop off John Luke and Mary Kate for their first year of college. Along the way, they stop in Nashville to visit Willie's friend Colt Ford.
6 Jul. 2016
Willie & Korie's Anniversorry
The Robertson family gathers together to celebrate what is touted as Willie and Korie's 25th wedding anniversary.
6 Jul. 2016
Statue of Imitations
Willie must deal with the fallout from an unflattering likeness of himself that has been created by a famous chainsaw sculpture artist.
13 Jul. 2016
A Decent Proposal
While touring New York City, Reed works on his marriage proposal plan to his girlfriend.
13 Jul. 2016
Father Knows Pest
Unsettled by the appearance of a destructive beaver in the neighborhood, the community watch leader enlists Jase's help in solving the problem.
20 Jul. 2016
Wild Wild West Monroe
When Jase and Jep get into an argument over which of them is the rightful heir to their grandfather's old rifle, they decide to settle the argument with a marksmanship contest. Meanwhile, Willie and Korie help Rebecca prepare for her trip to Taiwan with her new fiancee by rehearsing the customary Taiwanese engagement ceremony.
20 Jul. 2016
Half in the Bag
After Si has started moonlighting as a grocery bagger, the guys show up at the store and their teasing inadvertently causes Si to lose his job and his chance to enter a local bagging competition.
27 Jul. 2016
There Will Be Flood
When a large storm hits Monroe, most of the adults head to Phil and Kay's to help protect their house from flooding while Jess, Sadie, Rebecca and Cole babysit the kids. Meanwhile, Jep, Si, Martin and Godwin try to protect the Duck Commander inventory from a leaking warehouse roof.
27 Jul. 2016
Bingo Star
Willie accompanies Kay to a local bingo tournament and gets seduced by the game, eventually embarrassing himself and Kay with his enthusiasm.
3 Aug. 2016
Sadie's Choice
Willie takes Sadie on a tour of a local college in hopes of convincing her to stay nearby after her impending high school graduation.
3 Aug. 2016
Children of the Cornbread
When the Robertson brothers debate which of their wives makes the best cornbread, it escalates into a full-on cornbread cook off. Meanwhile, when Jep, Martin, and Godwin play a practical joke on Uncle Si, it ends up being Si who has the last laugh.
10 Aug. 2016
Whole Lotta Bull
The guys enjoy a one-day rodeo fantasy camp where they learn the ins and outs of riding, roping and clowning.
10 Aug. 2016
Here Comes the Son
After leaving school to pursue music, Jase feels that Reed needs some structure in his life, so he hires him to take his place at Duck Commander.
17 Aug. 2016
Bro'd Trip
Jase accompanies Willie on a business trip to Arkansas to pitch a new product and has unorthodox sales strategies. Back in Monroe, Jep and Si have to track down an important item of Willie's that they accidentally shipped out.
18 Aug. 2016
Techs and Balances
Willie thinks his kids have been spending too much time on their phones and other devices so he initiates a "No-Tech Week," but when he has to participate too it ends up being harder than he thought. There's a lice outbreak at Duck Commander forcing the guys to try to stop it before it spreads any further.
16 Nov. 2016
The West Monroe Wing
Willie and Jase run against each other to become president of their neighborhood HOA. Jep, Jess and Miss Kay work on a Duck Commander themed display for the local zoo.
23 Nov. 2016
Automation Frustration
Willie buys a 3D printer for the office that starts off as a fun distraction for the guys until it appears the printer could soon replace their jobs. Si, upset that Willie invested in the 3D printer and didn't give him a raise, invests in John Luke's Sno­Cone stand.
30 Jan. 2016
Razing the Snakes
Jase, Jep, Si and Cole try to fight back a growing population of cottonmouth snakes on Phil's property. Meanwhile, Willie uses his business expertise to help Rebecca improve her clothing store.
7 Dec. 2016
Uneasy Rider
Willie puts Little Will on a budget for his first car but it backfires when Will decides to get a motorcycle instead. Jase and the guys are inspired to design a product using zip lines that will revolutionize duck hunting.
14 Dec. 2016
Good Willie Hunting
While many of the guys' wives and children are in Africa doing charity work, Willie and Jase get into a debate over tracking ability which leads to a challenge--can Jase and Si track and capture Willie and Jep?
21 Dec. 2016
Sleep Cover
With Korie still in Africa, Willie and Jep must step in and supervise Bella's sleepover. When a couple boys play a prank on the girls, Willie and Jep prove to be the perfect chaperones for the task. Meanwhile, Jase takes Si, Martin and Godwin for a round of night golf.
28 Dec. 2016
Drive-In Revivin'
Korie challenges Willie to come up with a romantic gesture without spending any money. Missy and Jase compete to see who can find a girlfriend for Mountain Man.

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