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A Modern Fairy Tale
Jackbv1234 December 2022
A magic book passed on from the blessed to those needing healing leads those needing to a hidden town. Are the residents fairies? There is a sense of wonder as we meet 5 people with something missing in their lives. There is some freshness in how their stories progress. Mildred seems to be a strange addition to the town since she resembles the grinch more than a helpful fairy. Even so, there are no great highs or lows or surprises.

Ryan Paevey and Brooke D'Orsay have chemistry as their characters rekindle their childhood relationship. D'Orsay's Talia seems the most perceptive of the fact that something about Wunderbrooke is unique and perhaps stirring up memories of childhood stories. I think D'Orsay is well cast for this part.

The friction between Diane and Keith doesn't develop as much as it jumps to a conclusion.

The fairy tale atmosphere and unfolding mysteries kept my interest, but I can't say this movie stood out and certainly not a tear jerker.
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Pretty package is not enough.
rebekahrox5 December 2022
I liked the trappings and the framing of the story but the basic plot of strangers coming together to repair what is wrong with their lives was tired. None of their arcs had a lot of substance or originality. Or, failing substance, humor, suspense, drama, or engaging romance. On the positive side, it did have Brooke D'Orsay and Ryan Paevey as the main couple. Their performances were charming as usual. I like them separately, and they were OK together, but just OK. Maybe they are both just too nice to generate much romantic tension with each other.

It all starts out with a little girl and her father reading a fairy story about a magical town called Wunderbrook. Sadly the Dad dies and the little girl and her mother move away. Before she goes, she gives her storybook to her best friend Anderson and she promises to send him her stories as she writes them.

When next we see her, she owns a bookstore. Her aspirations to be an author have died on the vine due to her lack of self-confidence and fear of failure. Meanwhile, we catch up on her childhood friend Anderson who is now a surgeon who is questioning his calling due to losing a patient. We also meet a married couple who have grown apart and are on the verge of divorce and an old man who is very lonely since his beloved wife died.

Through various magical means (a detour on a road, a wrong number, getting lost, and a flooded basement) they find themselves together in Wunderbrook. It is the magical town of the storybook come to life. It turns out that they all had the book as children, but for some reason, it is only Brooke that starts to make the connection between the story and the real-life town they find themselves in. She is poopoo-ed throughout the whole movie, almost. As they spend time with the owners of the B&B and their daughter (really the King, Queen, and Princess), and the other denizens of the place, including the wicked witch, they start to get cured of what ails them. The hostile bickering couple starts to repair their marriage and the old man finds a friend in the owner of the bar/restaurant who is also bitter and lonely (the witch.) The two childhood friends start to fall in love as well as, in the end, get over the fears that are holding them back from fulfilling their dreams. It all comes together at the end with not only our friends on a happy road to love and success but Wunderbrook itself being saved, thanks to a certain aspiring writer.

Their individual stories of love and learning are told by a storyteller as if they were characters in a storybook. This was a new path for Hallmark to take and I liked and appreciated the creativity. Christmas Magic is a common trope but usually has to do with Santa and time travel. This was something quite different and, again, I appreciated it. Unfortunately, they forgot to find engaging stories to put in all that creative framing. It was, to paraphrase one of Brooke's publisher's rejections, "cute" but not entirely enough for me.
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Not quite
mbiv7775 December 2022
I knew they were in trouble when Lindsey Stirling was featured in the previews. Turns out, that was pretty much her entire participation.

This is a story about people in crisis magically visiting a fairy tale land they had all read about as children.

It is very hard to pull off a fairy land in a two hour Christmas movie, and as it turns out, other than an occasional bell ringing, there is very little else to suggest anything special is going on.

A knowing look occasionally is about it.

Ryan Paevey is good in almost everything, and he's pulled some movies out of the fire before. But not this one I'm afraid.

I didn't care for the chemistry with the still-gorgeous Brooke D'Orsay, and I thought her acting was a little spotty in this.

Admittedly hard to do a film like this, but the result was nothing special.

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It was ok
ab-8403818 December 2022
Judging from the other reviews, maybe it's just me that did not get into this movie. It jumps around in the timeline of the two main characters and that is annoying to me. But, the worst is the cheesy narrator that explains why everything is happening. That narrator was so intrusive and annoying to me. Narrators tend to take me out of the story. I would rather figure it out on my own without a narrator keeping us Caught up. And Ryan P. Is more hit than miss usually, but this one was pretty dry and I did not feel much chemistry with him and Brooke D. More of a friend vibe between them. This one was just not for me.
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Wonderful Fairytale Christmas movie. Reminds me of Once Upon a Time
emandmom5 December 2022
I've been so looking forward to this movie since two of my favorite actors are in it, the adorable Brooke D'Orsay and the Oh so handsome Ryan Paevey with his sexy voice! They did not disappoint. Everyone did a great job acting in this which is a big plus for this or any movie.

This movie deviates quite a bit from the normal Hallmark fare, yes there is Romance 3 romances to be exact but there is a supernatural/fairytale bent to the story, unlike anything they've done before. I liked that this movie had the other couple and Charles who also had issues to overcome instead of the movie solely focusing on Talia and Anderson. It added substance instead of taking away from the main characters.

This movie reminded me a lot of the ABC TV show Once Upon a Time. Nothing is as it seems at least it's not for our 2 couples and the older gentleman who just lost his wife. I really enjoyed the fairy tale feeling of this movie. From the narrator to the hand-drawn looking book pages and chapter introductions, this movie took its name to heart. Which I found endearing.

The town of Wunderbrook, specifically its inhabitants, are so fascinating and raise so many questions - questions far beyond ones I've ever asked about a Hallmark movie. In fact, too many questions are raised about the origins and rules of Wunderbrook to be answered in one Hallmark movie, it also seems a bit rushed especially at the end, this would have been better if it was either a 3 hour movie or a movie with a sequel. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping there is a follow-up next year that explores more of the wonders and mysteries of Wunderbrook and also an update on Talia & Anderson and Charles!

They did wrap the movie up pretty well and most of the questions are answered by the end. You really need to pay attention to what everyone does and says especially the first 15 minutes or so to figure out why things are the way they are. I truly enjoyed it but like I said I think it would have been more enjoyable in two parts, also I think they needed to add more Christmas decorations and more Christmas fun activities it did start to feel a little slow with too much dialogue and not enough activity! In essence, it felt a bit rushed to try and get everyone's story explained and wound up in a tidy bow within 2 hours.

Despite some shortcomings, I did find it a great way to spend 2 hours, I really liked the movie and I do recommend it.
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Very creative and different
VetteRanger6 December 2022
While not everything about this movie Wow'd me to a high rating, it was so creative I have to reward it. The Chapter format with fairly tale pages to begin and end each 12 minute segment (commercials, don't you know) was very cool, and the entire idea for the story simply broke the mold. Not often do we get an enchanted town. :-)

The town comes from a fairy tale book all the guests of the town owned and loved as children, and the premise is that those who have broken places in their lives come to the town to heal. It's really a very nice idea and they pulled it off. The relationships and the mystery might have been sold harder, but I can enjoy what they did, and we'll watch it again.
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Starts Slowly, But . . .
garysteinweg7 December 2022
Finishes like the most beautiful airplane ever built, the limitless SR-71.

I apologize for the cheesy reference to the never-to-be-forgotten jet propelled airplane that could never be left at wide-open-throttle because it would eventually tear itself to pieces flying near the edge of space. But that's how this movie progressed. I almost abandoned it within the first 15 minutes, but I became intrigued by the way it was being presented, like a storybook, chapter-by-chapter, with each chapter adding to the story and the magic.

It spans, yet jumps a couple decades becoming more and more magical as it moves to its conclusion. Give it a chance. You'll be glad you did.
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Movie IN a Fairy-Tale Book
HallmarkJenny7 December 2022
I love stories about writing books or anything adjacent to books. The movie IS a book story, Talia is a writer writing a book, and Talia owns a book shop, so this is a triple yes for me! I love how innocent and imagination Talia is, how Anderson supports her, and the abundance of Christmas festivities in the magical village.

Summary: Talia's father introduces childhood friends Talia and Anderson to the story of Wunderbrook, a Magical Christmas Village where those that have lost their way in the world can find joy and peace. 30 years later, both Talia and Anderson end up staying at the Gingerbread Inn for Christmas where they participate in Wunder Week Christmas festivities and rediscover their joy and true self. The movie is told in chapters like a storybook with book graphics, text, and a narrator.

"Once these special visitors arrive in this place, they experience a Holiday like no other and are reminded of who they really are and the true joy and peace that is the meaning of Christmas." -A Wunderbrook Christmas Story book.

MeetCute: Talia and Anderson are childhood friends and read the book of Wunderbrook together.

Anderson gifts Talia a notebook that says, "Don't Stop Dreaming" while Talia gifts Anderson a copy of the book, A Wunderbrook Christmas Story

As adults, Talia is negatively muttering to herself her doubts about her unpublished manuscript when Anderson enters. Talia spots him and they realize they know each other from their childhood! Talia tells him she is still trying to write fiction and Anderson tells her that he is taking a break from his job as a doctor.

Christmas Festivities: Christmas Tree Lighting Snow Falling Hot Chocolate Tasting Story Hour of an Original Holiday Story Talia & Anderson Dress Up as Santa & Elves Making Christmas Stockings Charles decorates Mildred's Magical Tavern with Christmas Decorations Christmas Market Christmas Bell Procession Night of Wunder Party.
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Unique, Feel-Good Halliday Film (No pun intended, lol)
leviathan-19226 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
"A Fabled Holiday" is an adorable story about two people, Talia and Anderson, who reunite after nearly 30 years apart. They grew up as best friends until Talia moved away. In the present, Talia owns a bookstore of her own but dreams of becoming a professional author. Anderson is a doctor, but his career has taken an emotional toll on his well being due to recently losing a patient in a procedure.

Without delving into the details too deeply, Talia, Anderson, Diane and Keith (a couple struggling to keep their marriage), and Charles (a lonely widower) all "coincidentally" arrive at the Gingerbread Inn in a town called Wunderbrook. The town and its townspeople are meant to lift the spirits of all these individuals for the holidays. Gradually, Talia makes connections to her experiences in this town to an old classic book she read in her childhood with Anderson and her dad.

One major thing I really enjoyed was the film's inclusion of more main characters in addition to our two leads. The magical town storyline was unique from many Hallmark films. The film's theme not only included romance. It also included various lessons, such as the importance of being with loved ones during the holidays and working through conflict head-on. I enjoyed watching Ryan Peavey and Brooke D'Prsay, as they had wonderful chemistry.

Overall, this cute Hallmark film will lift your spirits. Watch it with your loved ones while sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace. Great job, Hallmark !
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A Magical Gem
timwest-664122 January 2023
A Fabled Holiday is an absolute gem! Something magical draws 5 people to the beautiful Gingerbread Inn in Wunderbrook - and its here that the folks who run the inn will work their magic and wonders to heal these 5 guests. This is a bright, happy and uplifting movie and I hope that Hallmark makes more like this. The cast is fantastic and Ryan Paevey and Brooke D'Orsay are especially awesome! They're naturals and one feels like they're watching the characters and not actors playing a role. Cast these two more Hallmark! Great movie, beautiful sets/scenery, fantastic cast and a wonderful story line!
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Enjoyable festive movie
lisafordeay15 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
A Fabled Holiday is a 2022 Festive Romantic Fantasy starring Brooke Dorsay and Ryan Pevey along with a special appearance by Lindsey Sterling. Two childhood friends named Talliuah and Anderson(Dorsay and Pevey)magically get a phonecall for a trip to stay at the Gingerbread Inn in Wurstbrook during the Christmas holidays where they meet two other people one is a couple who is having a hard communicating with each other,while the other is a lonely widowed man who hates Christmas.

Could this new town be the same town Talliuah and Anderson read as kids and its coming to life?

Overall I actually enjoyed this film. Sure it was predictable and I knew where it was going as it had a familiar plot(think Inkheart meets Disenchanted sorta) and you get this. Will definetly be adding this to my Christmas collection.
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Fairly Average.
adamjohns-4257529 January 2023
A Fabled Holiday (2022) -

Playing the role of Anderson in this film, Ryan Paevey always melts me slightly, especially his gorgeous voice.

Brooke D'Orsay on the other hand just tends to annoy me in most of the films that I've seen her in. As Talia in this one she was too girly and smiley, but I assumed that she was chosen specifically for that, because the film itself was trying to be fun and even comical in its way, with a narrator and other elements, but for me it just came over as gimmicky.

What I did like was that it was an ensemble piece to some degree, without compromising on the romance of the two main leads. I got to see a variety of relationship barriers and issues being dealt with and that gave the magic a bit more depth.

That magic element was a tad daft and childish and might have been dealt with better if the whole film had been played much more comedically. Perhaps something similar to 'A Clusterfunke Christmas' (2021), which this one actually bore similarities too anyway.

Also, Talia's Dad was very odd and kind of freaked me out.

If I watched this one again, it would most likely be for Ryan alone and I would probably realise that it wasn't that good, while I still had loads of new films filling my Skybox to watch. And that's when I'd turn it off, but it was certainly acceptable for one viewing.

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Why oh why...
IdaSlapter7 December 2022
...does Hallmark break up their movies by just fading out to the commercials?

There's never any 'cliffhanger', never any suspense to get one to wait through the commercial to find out what happens. The story just kind of stops, and the camera fades to black.

This was especially evident -- and unnecessarily annoying -- in 'A Fabled Holiday', a decent attempt at creating a story framed around chapters in a Fairy tale. But instead of ending each segment with a page from the book, which asked a question (that may have been answered after the commercial), we see a page -- 'Chapter Four' -- with a storyteller's voiceover that barely gets started, before it just fades to black.

No other channel has their writers write like this -- and sometimes it's so distracting, it RUINS A GOOD STORY.

On all the major networks they get you hooked BEFORE the commercial break, so that you want to keep watching past those ads you see every single day. But not Hallmark. Just let the story kind of fizzle out because hey -- it's time for a commercial.

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Talia Munro (Brooke D'Orsay)
aab8749 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Favorite scene with

Talia Munro (Brooke D'Orsay) - Confronting Judy and Miles about Wunderbrook being Magical, Demanding to Know what is Going On, and being told that she's Ridiculous, Got Carried Away, and has a Very Active Imagination by both a Very Upset Mildred and Anderson. I Love Brooke D'Orsay (Talia Munro)! She is So Dang Adorable!!! And Ryan Paevey (Anderson) is So Dang Charming and So Dang Hot!!! BTW #1, I Loved this Movie! It was A Very Charming Storybook Story/Fairytale! I Loved the Mystery Aspect of it! I Loved that it had a Very Serious Vibe to it! BTW #2, Brooke is my Mom's name!

Set in Washington.
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Festive and uplifting fairy tale
MickyG33325 December 2022
7.4 stars.

A group of people are whisked (sort of) to a hidden fairy tale village in the middle of nowhere, but apparently somewhere between Idaho and Seattle. I Being a resident of Olympia, this movie piqued my interest a bit more than the average viewer's.

Brooke D'Orsay with her usual schwa de vivre, and Ryan Paevey with his old fashioned charm, are the leading couple. In this story they were best friends as children until her father died and they parted ways for almost 30 years. Coincidentally, they meet in her bookstore and then a few days later they both end up at this peculiar inn due to strange circumstances. There are several other people also who end up at this mystical place "by chance".

The rest of the tale is about odd occurrences and magical things that happen to help each of our guests find purpose, happiness, and love. As the story continues, rumor has it that the fate of this place depends upon specific outcomes being met for each of the various guests. Our leading female has a strong feeling that she's been here before.

Don't expect great romantic chemistry, drama, or excitement, because they are not the intent of this film. This is more of a super light and fluffy version of 'Grimm', or 'Once Upon a Time' with the potential of invoking that feeling you get when immersed in a children's story book (ages 4 and under).

This is a light film with an esoteric feel, importantly it is uplifting, distinctly festive and elevating in a manner most stories fail to accomplish. That is to say it encapsulates the fairy tale of Christmas better than most. And this is not a Santa version, but more like a faerie or elvish angle.
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