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Fantastic new drama that you simply can't not love!
msalmank25 March 2013
I pretty much got addicted to Golden Boy from the very first episode, just like I loved Southland. Both are extremely different dramas and unique in their own manner from the increasing number of cop-dramas out there.

The actors are marvellous, the score is tremendous, and the main/background story captivating. Loved every single episode so far, and keeping my fingers crossed that this one stays around for long and doesn't loose what it's got going for it.

The case of the week so far in each episode has been presented and directed with perfection, not leaving much room for complaints. And the duality of the main character keeps you watching his every move from start to finish.

The premise' sort of reminds me of Jack & Bobby (another series that I loved - which unfortunately was canceled after one superb season). Knowing where the main character ends up and seeing him pave his way by making decisions to further his career has a different appeal to it. He's making mistakes, learning, and you can see his relationship with his partner strengthen with each case.

Chi McBride as a veteran cop shines. And Theo James delivers a superb performance overall... No complaints there!

This is a show that's worth your time. Give it a watch, hopefully you won't be disappointed.
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LOVE THIS SHOW- Thank you for a great show!!
annajriley13 March 2013
This show is as good as TV can get. The characters are carefully built and complicated - you have to watch the series from episode 1, you cant watch a random episode and understand them - love the plots and how they are complicated, and the police politics, not shown in any other cop show I've seen. And the casting is so perfect!! love it so much, my favorite TV show. The way it shows the future and the present seemed strange at first and I thought I didn't like that method of jumping around, but now I love it because it makes the story have more depth and meaning, and it keeps me wanting to find out the rest of the story - and the star of the show is SO handsome!! His partner is so perfect for his part too. this review has to be a minimum of 10 lines gee thats long
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Compelling well crafted drama With tons of potential
yellamokram1 March 2013
At first glance it may appear as a basic crime investigation show but that's purely surface. Underneath the familiar exterior lies a show with a lot more to say about morality, good and evil and other matters of character. The main character has a duality about him that will keep you watching his every move from start to finish. While i suspect people will say the case they working on is weak from a story point of view, I would say the cases in this show are meant to be far less interesting than the way the the characters manipulate them. Watching our golden boy make decisions to further his career is what I feel will be the main draw of this show. Seeing his ambition and pride blind him and causing lapses in judgement or conscience is where the real drama will shine through.

The way the writers have him navigate between the light and dark can make this show as high a caliber as Breaking Bad, if they were to make the title a misnomer. Watching our protagonist start slowly down a path of corruption to further his career and protect his sister could make this a great character study.

The acting is the last thing I will touch on and I will say its superb for a pilot episode. Theo James performance is perfectly layered with presenting us with a supercop exterior but giving us glimpses of fear and uncertainty that his character has to contend with.

Chi Mcbride brings his veteran acting skills which compliment his characters veteran status on the police force, creating one of the most believable and sympathetic performances of a cop on television.

Holt Mcallany while in just a supporting role manages to steal each scene hes in with a certain charm and levity that he brings to his character. The closest thing to comic relief in the show his character of detective Joe Diaco could turn out to be a fan favorite if given more screen time.

Golden boy is a show that's well worth your time if you're tired of all of the run of the mill crime investigation shows and you're looking for a cop show that could contain a rich and meaningful character arc.
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Canceled prematurely
Maniac-916 May 2013
This show could've been a really good and long running show if it was given a chance. 13 episodes is all we get though. Network TV has really gone in the crapper lately where when they finally put together a good show they give up on the show shortly after debuting it. It's like why do they even bother putting shows on TV if they have no faith in them? And they cancel the show shortly after adding Michael Madsen as a recurring character, which sucks since he's one of my favorite actors and they suddenly cancel the show right after introducing him.

The show has a fantastic so the success of the show was not because a lack of quality performances on screen. It was from a lack of promotion by the network.
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Do Not Cancel Golden Boy
joyof1021 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This show has such great potential to be a long running hit. You have definitely made a BIG mistake in pulling it off TV so soon. I really like the way the relationship between Clark and the older detective is developing. You are leaving us with so many unanswered questions such as: Why is Clark limping, How did Detective Don Owen die, What about Clark's parents. The genre of the show is unique because it is like a tapestry of people and how their lives intertwine with each other. Their attempts to be honest about their weaknesses and still do a good job. I also like that the people are actually clean cut for a change. I am so tired of scruffy unkempt people in the work place. I find the characters to refreshing, believable and I really like the story within a story. I really feel that you have another Criminal Minds on your hands and I wish there was some way to get you to change your mind. But,I'm sure you will replace it with another stupid reality show and I will continue to devote my of my TV watching to Direct TV. Your loss.
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Smart writing, excellent casting, well worth watching and leaves you wanting more
jotuck-645-59521028 March 2013
This new series is definitely not a typical cop show, but does have the key components included in the script of current crime events in NYC. The appealing factor to this program (one of many) is the character development balanced with the plot of each episode. The inner turmoil of Clark as a young homicide detective, his savvy ways and street smarts for dealing with criminals, and his own battles with his past all combine to form a complex and interesting character that entertains and intrigues. Theo James is doing an extraordinary job of acting in his role, and makes you believe he has been professionally acting for years. He may have been, I am not certain, but this is the first time I have seen his work. It's impressive. He is not just another pretty face, there is substance behind the gorgeously chiseled bone structure. Chi McBride is just wonderful; he's calm, cool, and delivers the wisdom that his young partner needs. The one liners are sharp as a tack when you catch them. All the cast seem to have great chemistry, and the editing is superb. There is nothing 'corny' or cliché about this cop drama. It is better than I expected, and hope it continues to grow a fan base for the quality of program it delivers. I think CBS has a winner, and they need to promote the marketing to make sure people know when it comes on. I have been confused about whether it was Tuesday or Friday night, but I like the Tuesday night slot. Thumbs up for this golden nugget!
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I LOVE this show after 1 episode!
heatherg237 March 2013
Finally something different other than a bunch of cops that are all best friends, busting criminals together, day after day....(hello Law and Order). There's conflicts between them, competitiveness between them, diverse characters, love hate relationships etc... I'm glad that there's a sister for the main character. There's a story besides catching bad guys. Something different is always welcome! I caught the 2nd episode (didn't hear about the show before that)and thought it was GREAT! I'm watching the pilot online to catch up on it. Great eye-candy too!! Never hurts does it ladies?? I'm so sick of my favorite shows getting canceled so I hope it stays a regular on the network! Heather
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Finally a great new crime drama!
al-nondorf27 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Ever since the original Law and Order was taken off the air, I've been looking for a new crime drama to entertain me. With Golden Boy, it appears to have finally come! In the Pilot episode the characters are developing quickly and their stories are coming together right out of the gate (top notch writing.) The flashes forward are a nice touch and the final scene of the pilot has me hooked. The hint of Walter Clark's past are very intriguing, and the fact that he is a "Jr." has me wanting for more.

In a market flooded with crime drama's, it appears Golden Boy has a found it's niche.
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An Amazing Show, With an Amazing Cast, and LOTS of Potential
ksellers3-127 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Golden Boy", is the most original cop drama since, "Law and Order"! Rarely do you see law enforcement television dramas from a rookie's perspective. The story is told from the point of view of the fictional Director of the FBI, a golden boy, who is the youngest ever to head the FBI. Through an episode long flashback, he chronicles his rise in the ranks, allowing viewers to experience his triumphs and shortcomings as a rookie homicide detective. I just hope that the episode long flashbacks are a tad bit shorter, allowing his present day position as FBI Director to be experienced also.

I've never seen actor Theo James, who portrays the golden boy, rookie homicide detective, in a movie or TV series (that I can remember). His chemistry with his veteran homicide detective partner, portrayed by Chi McBride, is hilarious at times. Overall, you can sense that there is a competitive streak in all of the detectives, an innate need to establish dominance among their coworkers, thereby chiseling their presence within the homicide unit. You get the feeling that some detectives are willing to intentionally sabotage their fellow detectives careers, in order to make themselves look good. It's fulfilling to see the veteran detective guard and steer his rookie partner through all the bureaucratic B/S.
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Golden Boy
gene1351 .13 March 2014
It really pessed me off that this show was cancelled. It was a really great show, and just when I started to understand it, CBS cancels it.... Of course cbs has cancelled several good show when someone gets really interested in watching..I mean look at the list, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Vegas,ATWT,GL,Unforgettable,Cold case,Numbers,With Out a Trace. Really great shows to watch, but will keep some sorry shows on. Like the one with No kid in it anymore, should be called, 2 men that Suck.. Really tho Golden Boy was a fantastic show. Always looked forward to watching it. Now I cannot stand to watch some of the puke shows that's on early Wednesday night and Sunday night. I don't know what people see in them.. It's time to bring back Golden Boy...
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Why no more episodes :(
olevt838 February 2014
I really liked that serial, how his colleagues would die? How he will be a commissioner. I want to know his dark path in this story... Clark's partner, who is two years from retirement, great actor. Christian Arroyo is so arrogant and selfish, still i liked him too. And I really like Michael Madsen, he's a legend. Why you had to cancel this serial :( This serial promotion wasn't so good, instance, lets take serial Supernatural, was promoted all the time. On FB, on network, magazines - you name it.

Movie was interesting, so much happening. Events were moving smoothly from one thing to the next. Especially, it's big set pieces and connecting scenes. Action and the movement in the big sequences were great. Sad, that its canceled... sad but true
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Love it
mmarks42327 March 2013
I don't know why this is not on Prime Time on Demand. I love the show and can't wait to watch it every Tuesday. I want to share my new find with my husband but as stated it is not on Prime Time so I can not share the back episodes. I love the Golden Boys relationship with his partner. They both are learning form each other and I know something sad and bad is going to happen to his partner. I can't stand the other cop and will be glad to see Golden Boy get the top job. I also enjoy the relationship he has with his sister. I DVR this show and watch it on Wednesday nights. I have also shared the new series with friends. So far it looks like it isn't doing well, it keeps me on my toes.
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Sad that it is gone but great while it lasted.
Havoc57127 February 2014
This truly was one of the best shows that I have ever seen. This was right up there with NYPD Blue, not your typical cop show but more of a relationship between cops and a realistic look of how the corruption works. I hate when they cancel a show with such a great ending that leaves you expecting more and because of ratings this is one that fell to the failing rating system. I just hope they see some of the positive feedback about this show like ABC did with "Heroes" and try to start it up again (they are doing a mini-series). So sad but I would highly recommend this one to be watched even if the ending is not a real ending. Blame the rating system and network for that one. The pair of Theo James and Chi McBride make it all the more better.
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Flash forward, back and forward again
Miles-1030 March 2013
"Golden Boy" illustrates a literary technique called intercalation, which isn't as hard to understand as its highfalutin' name suggests. It means that one story is sandwiched inside of another. Every episode begins with part one of story A: Commissioner Clark, in about the year 2020, finds himself in a situation that reminds him of a lesson he learned (or in some cases mis-learned?) in 2013. Flashback to story B: How then-Detective Clark learned a lesson. Finally, flash forward to part two of story A: Commissioner Clark either applies or reflects on the lesson he learned back in 2013.

Variations on this technique are old: The Gospel According to Mark is full of intercalation, and there as here, the effect can be to underline the moral of the story. ("Pulp Fiction" (1994) uses it seemingly to underline the randomness of life.) It undermines much of the suspense in "Golden Boy": When Clark gets in trouble, the tension is relieved by our knowledge that he will not only live but become commissioner of police; so we know he is going to get out of any trouble he is in. The only thing we might feel anxious about are the hints that his path to the top is going to be costly. His conflict with a fellow detective is going to lead to a crisis, and we do not know whether his old partner (Chi McBride) is going to live to see Clark become commissioner. We also see that Commissioner Clark has a permanent limp, which seems to indicate that he might be going to face death even though we know he will cheat it for the time being.

This show would be edgier if we didn't know that Clark is going to overcome his obstacles. Knowing that he cannot die, even though those around him might, is a source of tension only where the other characters are concerned; his own near immortality seems a bit weird.
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Great Acting But Needs Miracle to Make It!
ShelbyTMItchell23 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Really great acting and writing as it will take a miracle for CBS the network that airs it to renew it. Despite it being a spring entry as rarely unless you are a "Grey's Anatomy", to take so much to really make it as a long running show.

Theo James is Walter Clark Jr who is the son of a criminal family. The only son that has gone legit. As he will seven years in the future will become the youngest ever NYPD Commissioner.

As a rookie cop, he saves his partner and shoots two thugs. And gets to in three years from being a rookie to being a homicide detective. Much less to the chargin of his new co-workers who have taken up to ten years to get to being just a detective.

As one colleague Christian Arryo a senior detective played by Kevin Alejando. Who resents him as he used to be a top cop in the squad until Clark's arrival and will do anything and everything to get rid of Clark as he is competition.

Also he has to deal with the old guard played by veteran TV actor Chi McBride who both have a grudging yet respectful partnership. As the old guard gives him advice and is kind of like a gruff father figure to the young Clark.

Really a great show that needs a chance. As hope that it will give the team a chance.
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imdb020-643-12977227 February 2013
Expected much more with such a great actors on supporting roles. But I'm disappointed with very weak and hollow story line unpretentable Golden boy actor and poor directing. The Pilot episode is full of pain for viewers. You watching it and asking yourself - when at least something will happen? But you get only empty and senseless talks for 40 minutes episode. The episode is simply falling apart.

You see the potential of Bonnie Somerville and Chi McBride, but they cannot reveal it in full glory because of poor script.

Hope, following episodes will be better. At the moment, the show is simply boring.
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Golden Boy
leo_diva21 August 2017
Excellent series. I just saw it (2017) here in France. What a pity it was canceled, I really don't know why!Any reason? I thought that the stories were great and so was the cast.

It was so realistic contrary to many police series...I was so sorry it was canceled.
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really bad, really really really bad
accts-836-2379734 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This has got to be the worst cop show ever made for TV. It ranks up there with that psychotic doctor show that was taken off the air after two shows a month ago. Come on now NYC police commissioner in his mid 30's, what has this writer been smoking or is this going to be like St. Elsewhere. The arrogant little turd would probably get a blanket party his first week until he learned his place in the food chain. Immediately going behind his partners back, telling a high ranking boss that he wanted homicide and nothing else or he was going to throw a hissy fit, cry and tattle to the police commish, just for doing his job and probably something a lot of cops do. Let's make them all police commissioners. the druggy sister. GIVE ME A BREAK and he has one of those faces you just want to punch. I would give it a half star or less if that was possible.
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Golden Boy actress has horrible accent
carol-650-2550433 April 2013
I love the show. BUT...the actress that plays the detective Deb has a horrible accent. It doesn't sound New York-y; it sounds fake New York-y and is very distracting! Please advise her to talk in a "normal" voice if she is not a native New Yorker! I like the storyline...especially the way each episode wraps up with a seven-years-later update to what the current episode dealt with. The show does a good job of foreshadowing events yet to come, yet keeping you rooted in the present (7 years previous). For instance, we know based on comments that Det. Don Owens (Chi McBride) is going to die before the seven years are up, but we don't know how. Things like that keep the audience's attention!
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CBS needs to look elsewhere than "Golden Boy"
robinputnam-632-53055113 March 2013
Very hollow series so far. Much the same as so many of the cop shows on TV today, especially on CBS. Very disappointing for a show that is regarded as the replacement for "Vegas", which for me was one of the few shows worth watching on network TV this year. It would appear that CBS is trying to attract the female audience with another pretty boy Theo James ala Simon Baker (The Mentalist). Too bad the material isn't as good. And then there's Chi McBride...they could have used their Sport's columnist Jason Whitlock. Just as witty. It's time for CBS to go back to their drawing board and come up with something new and DIFFERENT. Take a cue from Fox with their excellent "The Following"! Shows such as CSI (Vegas) & CSI NY have run their course. CSI was really good with William Petersen, but has really fallen since. I love Gary Sinise, but again the writers tend to develop most the of the story lines around the glitz & glamor of their particular city...not the average Joe, blue collar person. NCIS & its spin off are also wearing extremely thin with very predictable scripts. Criminal Minds is good but appears to becoming too formulaic. Person Of Interest and Blue Bloods are really the only other dramas of excellence left on CBS. As for comedy, there is no show even close to the Big Bang Theory on any network!

CBS needs to look elsewhere than "Golden Boy" for a suitable program to follow their NCIS shows on Tuesdays, although in coming years the whole prime time Tuesday slot may need revamping.
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Flawed Police Procedural
SnoopyStyle28 August 2013
Theo James is a hot shot young detective destined to be police commissioner in 7 years. In fact, the show flashforwards to show him as commissioner. As a lead, he's too angry and too unlikeable. He doesn't have enough charm or charisma to root for. Kevin Alejandro is a competing detective out to get the young upstarter. Their competition is at the center of this show. Bonnie Somerville plays the Kevin Alejandro's partner detective. Chi McBride is the old wise detective tasked to partner up with the rookie. Chi is probably playing the only likable character.

There is just too many flawed concepts in this. It's dark tones just drag it down as a traditional police procedural. The 7 years jump ahead is a clunky gimmick. Everything is tied down and restricted. It's a gimmick that adds nothing good to the storytelling.
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A timely demise
bluemoonalex3 June 2013
I tried to watch this show. I thought that it might actually have potential especially with Chi McBride in it. However, from the very beginning it was difficult for me to grasp that a rookie would get his choice of assignments that quick. Yet I tried again the next week, but I kept getting disappointed. I think what was the biggest let down was the "rivalry" between Detective Christian Arroyo and Detective Walter Clark, it just felt strained and wearied. It felt like two still in the closet gays (no disrespect intended) strutting around each other vying for each others' attention. I am not sure exactly which episode lost me - I think maybe # 6 maybe - I tried watching hoping it would simply get better. However there was no way that Chi McBride's character could carry the entire show.. though he tried. To tell the truth, this show lost me for Grimm. It felt more believable than Golden boy.
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