Watch: Great Google Director Discussion For ‘The Joy Of Six’ Short Films

We’re always eager to share new projects, and new ideas with our Thn readers and nothing sets up an upcoming director (and older ones) better than a new, exciting short film. There’s also a lot of intrigue from new film makers with their process, and what they want to achieve by giving us something unique and original. Here, Nbcq present us with a package of award-winning short films, showcasing the best of British screen and directing talent. This may be the only time you get to encounter Dame Judi Dench on Facebook, as a woman attempting to woo her local choirmaster through social media, see Peter Mullan give a screen masterclass on how to smoke a cigarette (without the ash falling), or watch Luke Treadaway, run…a lot.

Recently, they had a discussion on Google and now, we’d love to share it with you. Here, we feature
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Film Festival Coverage Guide: 2013 Sundance

Here is a complete listing of the films that were shown/covered by the Ioncinema.com team comprised of Nicholas Bell (Nb), Jordan M. Smith (Js) and Eric Lavallee (El). We’ll be populating this page up until March.

U.S. Dramatic Competition

Afternoon DelightJill Soloway: Nb (★★ 1/2): Review

Ain’T Them Bodies Saints – David Lowery: El (★★★ 1/2), Nb (★★★ 1/2): Review // Interview

Austenland- Jerusha Hess: Nb (★): Review

C.O.G.- Kyle Patrick Alvarez: Js (★★ 1/2), Nb (★★ 1/2): Review

ConcussionStacie Passon: El (★★★), Js (★★★ 1/2), Nb (★★★): Review // Interview

Emanuel And The Truth About FishesFrancesca Gregorini: Js (★★★), Nb (★★★ 1/2): Review

FruitvaleRyan Coogler: El (★★★), Js (★★★★★), Nb (★★★★): Review // Interview // Video

In A World… – Lake Bell: El (★★★): Review

Kill Your DarlingsJohn Krokidas: El (★★★), Nb (★★★): Review

The LifeguardLiz W. Garcia: El (★★ 1/2): Review

May In The Summer
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2013 Sundance Film Fest: Arriaga, Edgerton, Susser, Renzi, Chazelle, Dukic, Maysles and Spurlock Stack the Short Film Programs

Tons of notable entries from established auteurs, documentarians and the next generation of filmmakers to watch out for are the make-up of Sundance’s 2013 Short Film program. A total of 65 short films were selected from a whopping 8000 plus entries and among the notable names/shorts to look out for we find The Captain – from the Blue Tongue Films gang of Nash Edgerton and Spencer Susser (Hesher) a project penned with Taika Waititi (Eagle vs Shark), Goran Dukic who brought The Wristcutters to the fest several years back, brings us What Do We Have in Our Pockets?, while Damien Chazelle who directed the feature Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, brings us Whiplash and Guillermo Arriaga (The Burning Plain) let’s us feast on Broken Night.

Andrew Renzi makes it back to back years at the fest, he was invited last year for The Fort (here’s our interview with him) returns with Karaoke!
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Sundance 2013: The Shorts -- Works from Edgerton, Garai, Spurlock and Arriaga in the Mix

Sundance 2013: The Shorts -- Works from Edgerton, Garai, Spurlock and Arriaga in the Mix
The Sundance Film Festival reveals 65 short films chosen for the 2013 programme running January 17-27. They were selected from a record 8,102 submissions, and will screen in Us Narrative, International Narrative, Documentary, Animated and New Frontier categories. Head of programming Trevor Groth states: "The selections represent the immensely varied and dynamic approaches to storytelling that will inspire audiences with their huge accomplishments within a limited timeframe.” Among the narrative titles are "The Hour" star Romola Garai's "Scrubber," Aussie Nash Edgerton and Spencer Susser's "The Captain," and Spain writer-director Guillermo Arriaga's "Broken Night." Among the docs are Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman's "Battle of AmfAR," Michael Almereyda's "Skinningrove" and the ubiquitous Morgan Spurlock's "You Don't Know Jack." Check out the complete lineup below....
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The Joy of Six – review

A paranoiac Luke Treadaway and a pulp writer in decline star in the two standouts of this diverting half-dozen short films

A half-dozen shorts care of distributor Soda's New British Cinema programme, all diverting, two outstanding. The narrative-short food groups are amply covered: twist-in-the-tale jobs (Douglas Hart's Long Distance Information has splenetic Peter Mullan forming a surprising telephonic bond one Christmas), pun-films (Dan Sully's short, sweet urban legend The Ellington Kid; Romola Garai's straining Scrubber, about a woman juggling dogging with Ocd), zeitgeisty star vehicles (Chris Foggin's agreeably cosy Friend Request Pending, with Judi Dench as a lovelorn silver surfer). The picks are William Jewell's teasing, stylish feature-in-waiting Man in Fear, which conjures a fatalistic universe around paranoiac Luke Treadaway and no-nonsense copper Tim Healy; and Matthew Holness's A Gun for George, a tremendously assured, funny-sad portrait of a pulp writer in decline, which envelops
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Exclusive: The Joy Of Six Trailer

It's not often we get the chance to dwell on short films in these parts, what with so many long ones to fixate on, so it's a rare joy to be able to debut this new trailer showing newbie filmmakers at work in the shorter form. As you know, we're also partial to the odd pun around here so The Joy Of Six ticks multiple boxes. Well, two boxes. Click below to catch a glimpse of Romola Garai and Matthew Holness' directorial debuts, and Peter Mullan, Dame Judi Dench and Luke Treadaway on the other side of the camera. Garai's 21-minute directorial debut Scrubber gives her the chance to step away from the trials and tribulations of Atonement, Glorious 39, King Lear and the like and let someone else (her Crimson Petal And The White co-star Amanda Hale) take the strain as a young mum with a strange obsession.
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