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I root for polyamory just like I root for gay marriage
Rox7329 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I'd like to thank each and every one of the brave individuals who were on this show. I've never been much into reality TV but this lifestyle fascinates me for some reason. I'm married in a mono marriage but I think all consenting adults should have REAL freedom to choose how to live their private lives without society's judgment.

Anyway, I have watched all seven episodes now but I loved the last one the most. Seeing the triad make the commitment was just breathtaking and beautiful. Congratulations to everyone involved. Your love really shines through every obstacle you have faced - great communication, clear boundaries and excellent problem solving skills too. Something many married mono couples could pay more attention to.

I didn't connect with the others. Seems like things were pretty fragile at best. But life isn't perfect and married life certainly isn't either. That said, what stood out to me and felt disturbing was how Jen almost never seemed to be allowed to be who she is. Episode after episode it looked like something was forced on her and she always ended up being the one to apologize and back down from what she was feeling. She was pushed way too far way too quickly, and not just by her husband. Then the way her hand was forced behind her back was disguised behind words about how she was "growing". I'm sorry you guys but poly or not - you could benefit a lot from reading up on emotional abuse. No one should have to compromise their personality to fit someone else's. Compromise is key to any good relationship yes. Compromising one's personality isn't. Especially not in a four-people household. I know I don't know anything about this lifestyle but in ALL lifestyles, something like that should never be tolerated. I'm not saying she shouldn't have to work on her insecurities - all I'm saying is that she seems like a more vulnerable and sensitive person than the rest of you and she should be allowed to be that way. Maybe she needs you to be more considerate of that, not the other way around.

All in all a really good show and a great addition to the fight for human rights in general. You guys really are brave pioneers who have come out to this extremely conservative world we live in and I salute you for showing it all - weaknesses and strengths of poly relationships. You're ALL an inspiration to me even if I didn't connect completely with all of you.
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Great show, reality TV that makes you think
Sean maybe8 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The show follows a number of people who have followed their desire to have more than one romantic partner. These people also value family and an emotional closeness that is displayed in every episode. There are many open conversations about love and sex, and it touches on some of the hardships associated with living an unorthodox romantic life- internal and external hardships. I was surprised at how much was shared with the viewing audience, these are real people going through real emotions and having real sex. Reality TV is not my genre, and some of the scenes seemed a little contrived. "Polyamory" tells a story that hasn't really seen the light of day as of yet. This particular story may offend some people and may inspire feelings of insecurity or regret. I truly applaud the bravery displayed by the 'characters' it takes serious conviction and integrity to be so open. I really enjoyed seeing love displayed in such an honest and healthy way. This is one of the shows that makes the world a better place.
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Get you TOES wet from the comfort of your Living Room =)
dlbreedlove24 September 2013
OK this show is fascinating - for everyone who always wondered this show allows you to dip into the lifestyle without getting your toes wet.

I have only come in on Season 2, I missed Season 1 and I have to say 'The Pod' seems non-existent. I've just come to realize that Kamala & husband have a child. I've also watched several members of the pod walk in one one another with their current lover and they are very jealous reactions.

I love the Chris, Leanne & Megan trio - this is just drama. Megan needs to get to stepping, she's a home wrecker. In the current scenario - Megan should have moved out as well, there's no reason why her and Chris are still having a relationship while he's trying to fix things with his wife. Megan certainly isn't interested in fixing things nor has she made any efforts to reconcile or confront her other lover. Any woman who was truly interested in saving and preserving this trio would not be acting how Megan is. I think Chris & Leanne need some alone time and when/if they decide to venture into this realm again - it should not be with Megan. They need a more independent, confident woman who is not trying to push out the wife. The fact that Megan is still screwing Chris in Leanne's absence makes me sick. Makes me even more sad for Leanne that she is being asked to give us happiness while this IS still going on. Marriage is marriage and that comes first, no matter what or how poly the couple swings.

I see a lot of these married couple more interested and in-love with their current partners instead of their spouses, this is sad. If the goal is to share and involve, there's too much seclusion and sneaking about going on. It seems what one partner is allowed to do, the other must ask permission and this hardly seems fair.

Tahl. Tahl might be the most confused human being on the planet, he doesn't simply enjoy sex - he is obsessed with it. Tahl is simply kind of gross and I've never seen him make any loving gestures or efforts towards his own wife. I feel sorry for Jen and honestly, I hope she leaves the Pod and Tahl and takes off with Jessie for awhile - he is young and has brought her to life and its awesome to see her come to life when with Jessie. Tahl should be scared because this man gives Jen what she needs and she's never 2nd best with him ... Jessie isn't intimidated by other women, just men and I think Jen is getting older and changing. She can't even focus on Kamala anymore so it's time for her to move on happily.

I love Kamala more and more, she's is such a strong and confident woman and when you enter into the poly world you need to be like her. She's able to state when she's intimated or uncomfortable and that is the reality of it all.

Perhaps at the end of it, it's this jealous tug of war with amazing make up sex and some great sex with other people in that process. Highly entertaining and my only wish is that this was a 1 hour long show instead of 30 minutes.

To the cast - thanks for sharing the most intimate parts of your lives with us - your viewers =)
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Polyamory Episode
brendahart7115 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After recently watching Polyamory I was feeling so bad for Leigh Ann and I do think Megan's goal has always been to take over Leigh Ann's role as Chris's wife. Chris has it made he has two women doing everything for him and he makes all. the rules and their opinions and feelings mean little to him. Leigh Ann needs to divorce Chris and leave that ugly chapter of her life! For Chris to say she his wife has no say is ridiculous! Wake up ladies!! It's all about his needs and what he wants! To throw his wife out just because she sought love, acceptance and a man who actually cares is a double standard!! Leigh Ann call that cute boyfriend who actually cares about you and your broken heart. Leave that so called husband in name only and let the home wrecker have him. The other Polyamory couples make it work due to the fact it's based on truth and honesty within their Pod. Love the show! I only have one complaint, it's too short of a show. Needs to be much longer!
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Just plain nonsense-- it was very soft porn. All limp
susancnnrs8 October 2014
I just started watching this show-- I finished the 1st 5 episodes tonight. I have had great difficulty with the reality of the whole thing..maybe I wasn't suppose to take it seriously? Kamala cries without tears-- she really got on my nerves--- the men in that relationship both seem homosexual( which is fine- just takes the reality out of reality.. All the "overly sincere" hugging seemed so " overly sincere!"

I couldn't watch Kamala fake cry one more time. The fake difficulties, in both relationships, the constant sex-- do these people ever really work? ( yes the one guy teaches Italian, what do the others do beside for having sex?) What happened to the child from the first episode? Is he still at grandma's? It's fine for what it really is-- a not serious show where you can watch women fool around while gay men watch. Whatever turns you on, I guess..
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The Reilly + 1 relationship was NOT poly...
mecr6530 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The primary relationship was not acknowledge to be primary by anyone other than Leigh Ann. Chris occupied the role as Dom(inant) over to sub(missive)s, But without any of the responsibilities of a true, thoughtful, and protective, nurturing dominant. It's been years and the Rielly's seemed to have healed their marriage. The girlfriend, whose name I refuse to acknowledge, is thankfully gone. True polyamory allows for mistakes to be made, forgiveness to be offered, and drama to be at a minimum. Chris is right to decide not to engage and polyamory again, " if it doesn't work out with these two women." Because he has no idea what the hell he is doing. Watching Leigh Ann's anguish, the girlfriend's endless manipulation, and Chris's oblivious selfishness was nauseating. This jack ass should count himself lucky that Leanne took him back, not vice versa.

The viewing world of their series recognized from the start with a snake the "girlfriend" was. Good riddance!
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Fascinating, Intriguing, entertaining - and NOT for the obvious reasons you may think of
geenarnk31 December 2017
I watched this on Showtime After Dark which carries all the adult softcore content. Lets get the elephant out of the room first - those looking for some, or lots of softcore/hardcore erotic action may be disappointed. Yes there is some good bit of erotic action and the action is almost all of the group sex kind but none of it is for gratuitous titillating viewing. In fact even the frequency of such "action" scenes is low and it is almost always short with quick editing and cuts. But what action there is full frontal with complete nudity. Other more mainstream series - think GOT, Girls, Girlfriend experience etc - or some mainstream movies - have more hardcore action shown. Lets come to the content and plot. Showtime is carrying two seasons with 8 episodes each. The series follows a group of Polyamorists in Southern California (where else!!) - as they juggle their time, families, jobs etc along with following their hearts (& loins) chasing and trying to retain and juggle and negotiate multiple lovers at the same time. And you can expect all combinations of lovers !! Kudos to the entire cast for putting it all "out there" and exposing themselves - literally and emotionally - on national TV holding nothing back. Kudos to the crew directors and everyone for putting together a very slick documentary shot and edited extremely well. Among the main protagonists is Kamala Devi - who is kind of the "Queen Mother" lets say over this commune of Polyamorists. There is a lot of material by her on the internet and mainstream media - check kamaladevi.com. Apparently she has even given TED talks on Sexuality and Polyamory Polyamorists clearly want to differentiate themselves from and keep away from the label of Swingers. The former do not look upon their lifestyle as one for recreational sex. It is one for literally - having many lovers (hence the word) who or which is supposed to enhance your life - and after you watch the series you may find yourself compelled to grant them a few points and arguments. However- and this is also the obvious reason why Polyamory is not and cannot be mainstream - the series neatly skirts all the obvious questions and problems related with legality and possessiveness - most obvious being the children. Also - the TREMENDOUS AMOUNT of discussion and communication - what they call "processing" involved - and the slightest noise or perturbation that can cause emotional flare-ups or jealousy at the least - which they all gamely try to discuss and process their way through and out of - all this makes you think and wonder how emotionally draining all this could be and how much of one's time this might all take up. It all seems a bit too much !! And in fact season 2 ends with one Polyamory live-in threesome seriously reconsidering this Lifestyle. Its hard enough with one family or partner and children etc etc. Imagine now every week or month you are trying to add new "Lovers" to the family .....is this a pursuit or rat race worth being in permanently in the grand scheme of things? Isn't it not enough to settle with one family/spouse/partner - keeping to the elegant philosophy of "Less is More" (as also espoused by the Buddha and other religious leaders in history). Also - you cannot help but think that all this is - at the end of it all - in the service of the itch of an unending Carnal drive - what they euphemistically call NRE - or New Relationship Energy (Great Word Spin there !!! one learns something new every day). :Or - Like the regular monogamous sister of one of the polyamorists comments sarcastically - "Wow! your vagina must be quite sore from all the constant action with all of your lovers". Ouch!! One cannot help but wonder whether this is a very clever and long-term strategy to legitimately and openly have as much sex as possible with as many partners as possible while at the same time not impacting your "primary" family - so why not try and make all of your lovers and sex partners (or f..k buddies) a part of your family too ??? Hmmm ....quite smart and clever if you strip away all of the pseudo spiritual, tantric, new-agey, soft-emotional touchy-feely language that this is all dressed up in, apparently. Great vicarious viewing pleasure, lots of drama - but after two seasons it becomes repetitive. At the end of it all - this cannot match the richness variety complexity and the compelling urgencies of the more regular "monogamous" world which has all the fascinating drama, excitement challenges and adventures you may want - to last you more than many lifetimes. Otherwise good for some entertaining binge watching - definitely a well-done series. I would say worth a look but see and decide for yourself!!!
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my house?
lilwillbee29 November 2013
I caught this program by flicking from channel to channel, watch the last 3 episodes and am so livid with Megan and Chris I am about to explode, I mean isn't that house Chris's and Leanne's why the hell is Leanne leaving?, seriously Leanne needs to whoop that girls butt and send her packing, and Chris h'm I have a feeling and I think Leanne does as well,I doubt he is gonna give up Megan and she is one sneaky home wrecker, just saying man she needs to go get her own home and man, Leann g/f step up go kick both Chris and Megan out......I am so disliking Megan and Chris, I mean if the Pollyanna's isn't working someone got to go!
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