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MPAA Rated PG-13 for a scene of sexuality, peril, injury images, and brief strong language

Sex & Nudity

  • Lengthy sex scene shown from the waist up. He is shirtless, she is in a tank top and bra; when her bra is removed his body covers her nudity. Afterwards, the woman does not put her bra back on and only wears her nearly see-through tank top that shows her nipples.
  • Early on, Alex makes a joke about Ben looking up her skirt as he tends to her wounded leg.
  • They lie down next to each other to sleep in order to stay warm.
  • Late in the film, Ben and Alex discover a dilapidated and long-abandoned cabin where they hole up for a time.
  • In an emotional moment, they kiss.
  • The ensuing, steamy scene pictures clothes removed and bodies mingled.
  • Nudity is strategically avoided.
  • But movements, groping and sounds are heard in a sex scene that is nevertheless surprisingly explicit for a PG-13 film.
  • Afterward, he's shown shirtless, and she's wearing a nearly see-through shirt without a bra.
  • After Alex and Ben successfully make it out of the wilderness alive, she calls off her wedding and the entire relationship with her fiancé, Mark.
  • She eventually finds Ben (who, being British, is back in London) and confides that their experience together ultimately changed her too much for her to stay with Mark.
  • A separate scene pictures him showering. (We see his upper torso.)
  • Near the film's end, Alex and Ben kiss passionately again.

Violence & Gore

  • Frequent peril/tension, but no graphic violence shown on screen. Post-plane-crash injuries and a death. A character's leg is caught in a bear trap. Off-screen fight between a cougar and a dog.
  • Some gore is shown from injuries.
  • The plane crash is pretty much a standard-issue movie plane crash: violent, jarring, lots of stuff flying around. It knocks everyone out. (Permanently, in Walter's case.)
  • When Ben and Alex finally awaken, they find that Alex's leg is badly injured.
  • Her face is pretty beaten up too, for that matter.
  • We never really see the leg wound up close, but it's implied that it's a bad one.
  • Ben splints it, and Alex uses a makeshift crutch to help her move.
  • Ben has a nasty wound on his stomach and lacerations on his face.
  • Alex eventually has a close encounter with a prowling mountain lion, which she shoots with a flare gun.
  • That does the cat in (Ben finds its corpse, field dresses it, and uses the meat to keep them alive), but not before the cat does a number on the third member of Alex and Ben's party.
  • We hear the cat and dog tangle, and the pooch returns with an ear that's been badly chewed up.
  • We watch Ben stitch it up as the poor pup whines.
  • Someone ends up falling through a frozen lake and nearly dies.
  • Another character has a painful encounter with a bear trap.
  • And the couple's trek through the snow and wild is full of tension and suspense.
  • Ben jerry-rigs an IV of sorts to help Alex stay hydrated, and we see him pierce a vein in her arm.


  • The f-word is said about 2 times.
  • One f-word. Nine s-words.
  • About 10 misuses each of God's name (once paired with "d--n") as well as Jesus' name.
  • We hear one use each of "a--," "d--mit" and "h---."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • None.
  • Several characters drink alcohol (beer, wine) at a party and at a restaurant.
  • Alex talks about taking Advil for her pain.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The plane crash may be distressing for younger viewers.

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