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A thoughtful, action-packed, entertaining Superman movie.
admiraln85 June 2012
An extremely well done Superman story that touches on the major moral aspects of a superhero as powerful as Superman.

I should start out by saying I was NOT looking forward to this movie based on the previews I had seen, and after watching the movie I was VERY impressed with how it turned out. Does a great job of talking about the grey area of Superman's moral code of not killing anyone and if that is the right way to go in today's world.

Batman and Superman both don't kill, and as a result their villains ALWAYS escape and cause more harm, so why NOT end the monsters right there and save everyone for good? That's the central theme, and it presents it in an intelligent way with plenty of interesting and unique action. The animation is pretty good, and I actually ended up preferring this Superman visual style than the other Animated-Series style Superman.

The action was all great, felt like they made really good use of Superman's powers and strength... which sometimes they forget to do.

The story really kept me interested and I didn't really know how it was going to all end, and was surprised at how into it I was at the end and really wanted to see how it all turned out.

I would put this up right next to the Batman/Superman animated movie.

8.5 out of 10.
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It's OK
Warning: Spoilers
"Superman vs. The Elite" is an animated adaptation of "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?", a comic which made a contrast between the classic morality of more traditional heroes with the actions done by morally ambiguous antiheroes, which question the consequences caused by the decision of Superman to don't kill anybody, not even the worst villains, considering that sometimes this could do more harm than good.

The bad thing is that even with such interesting premise, neither the original comic or this animated movie made a very deep exploration of those themes, and instead of that this movie takes the easy way out of turning The Elite characters into typical villains (instead of the antiheroes that they were supposed to be) in order to make Superman to be automatically right. In other words, what could have been a complex story turns into another predictable battle of good vs. evil and black and white morality. Superman is right, and the Elite is wrong, there is nothing to question here.

I appreciate the fact that the animated movie tried to add some little shades of gray making The Elite a bit (just a bit) more likable than their original comic counterparts, also showing the collateral damage caused by the decision of Superman to don't kill any villain. But that's it, at the end this animation follows the same pattern of the comic, without going deeper than that.

But at least this had some entertainment value (Though I liked the original comic a bit more: It is true that the story was more simplistic, but at the same more direct, without any of the unnecessary filler material that was added to this animation) Even if at the end this is just a classical "good vs. evil" story disguised as something more complex,, it does still have some virtues that deserve appreciation, such as a good voice acting, some decent action scenes (Though the animation of this isn't so good as it could have been) and the fact, that despite how deeply flawed this was, at least was something funny to watch.

I guess that this movie has a good point and a correct message, but if somebody think seriously about it, at the end Superman makes the same mistake of the Elite, seeing the things in black and white: He is completely right and the others are wrong, even if they have some valid points to make. And in my opinion, that's a bit contradictory.
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Yup...they got it right this time! This is the Man of Steel that we've been looking for in a film for a long time.
sanjidparvez12 June 2012
Written by Joe Kelly & based on his story published as "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?", IMO...this is the BEST of the original DC animated Superman-movies that they made so far. The story is very nicely crafted with a good script that shows what can be done with Superman to keep him relevant in today's world. It finely explores the most human & moral issues of our favorite Man of Steel & put him into a fascinating challenge against a pretty interesting & kinda unusual super villain & his gang. Though I haven't read the comics but the earlier All Star Superman movie pretty much disappointed me after hearing lots of great stuffs about the original comic but here I think they succeed mostly in terms of portraying Superman the way he's supposed to be. There's no General Zod or Lex Luthor nor it was about a particular rivalry or an origin story but still it beautifully delivered what any good super-fan wants to see in a movie. Though I'm not a fan of Japanese Anime sort of artwork for any American superhero animated-movie treatment but it didn't bother me much this time, cause the voice actors did a great job & mainly the story & script was surprisingly too good for a DC animated film.

I absolutely loved it. Highly recommended.
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namashi_119 September 2012
Michael Chang's 'Superman vs. The Elite' is a Stunning Watch. Dark, Bleak & Unforgettable, this recent Animated Superhero Flick takes The Man of Steel's legacy to an all-time high. I loved it!

'Superman vs. The Elite' Synopsis: The Man of Steel finds himself outshone by a new team of ruthless superheroes who hold his idealism in contempt.

'Superman vs. The Elite' is dark & bleak, but at the same time, unforgettable. In fact, the darkness added in the narrative plays as its trump card. Joe Kelly's Screenplay is legendary, it re introduces The Man of Steel all over again & takes him to an all-time high. The Animation is Top-Class.

Vocal Performances are marvelous. George Newbern voices Clark Kent / Superman & he does a tour de force. Pauley Perrette as Lois Lane is admirable. Dee Bradley Baker as Atomic Skull/Joseph Martin is outstanding. Robin Atkin Downes as Manchester Black is super. Ogie Banks as Terrence Baxter offers quality.

On the whole, 'Superman vs. The Elite' is a Must Watch.
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Very enjoyable, interesting, and generally great
Talia_the_StoryMaker5 March 2016
Let me preface this review by saying that this is the first DC animated movie I've watched, unless you count a compilation of the first episodes of Justice League, and I also haven't read the comic this film is based on, so I'm not going to be comparing it to either of those other things. I've watched most of Superman: The Animated Series, but other than that even my DCAU experience is rather limited. However, I am a big fan of Superman, if a relatively new and inexperienced one, so there's that.

Overall, I found this movie very enjoyable, and it successfully captured much of what I love about the character while also telling a really interesting, thought-provoking story that went beyond costumed characters beating each other up. As others have pointed out, the analysis is pretty simple and one-sided, and while a more thorough treatment could've been nice, I still liked it the way it was. The point of the movie was to defend Superman's idealistic way of doing things in a cynical and angry age, and personally I don't have a problem with that - heck, I actually really like it. Yes, there's certainly a need in the world for a more thorough treatment of these issues, but that doesn't mean this film has to do it all.

The depiction of Clark/Superman in this film was very nice. I think they captured his most important traits just about perfectly. He comes across as authentically human and an embodiment of our highest ideals at the same time. I also really loved their portrayal of Lois and Clark's relationship. An especially cute aspect was seeing them maintaining their journalistic rivalry despite being a married couple now. We also saw that their relationship has its ups and downs, just like everybody's, but that their love and commitment for each other is incredibly strong. It just reinforced in my mind how awesome and important an aspect of the series Clark and Lois' relationship can be, and I'm so glad they paid it attention. I have to say, Lois came across as a little too whiny, especially with the voice they gave her, but I do like that she's far from perfect.

The Elite were entertaining and interesting in both personalities and powers, which I was grateful for - I'm glad they weren't just generic bad guys. Still, I wished they hadn't tried quite as hard to dial down the viewers' sympathy for them, as it's one thing that could've made the film a little more nuanced easily.

If you accept its one-sided nature, the moral conflict and Clark's quest to restore justice and morality is a beauty to behold. I loved how they explored how Superman is more than someone who just solves our problems - he's an inspiration to us, someone we can aspire to be like. He doesn't just beat up the bad guys. He shows us that there's a better way. And that's what the Elite, and the "edgy" superheroes they were designed to spoof, just don't get. Superman's quest isn't just to stop some villain from doing something - he's actually trying to convince the people of earth, us, to hope for better things and not settle for violent solutions. Their depiction of the conflict, and especially how it was resolved, was very compelling.

The artwork and animation was serviceable at worst, but I'd be lying if I said they were super impressive. Probably the worst thing of all was, at the risk of sounding a little silly, Superman's chin. For some reason they decided to make it really big and odd-looking. There were also a few moments that looked just a little cheap in the animation department, such as one near the start where it was very obvious that everything was absolutely still and rigid other than Superman's mouth. Overall, this aspect of the film wasn't bad, certainly, but it wasn't particularly great either.

This is pretty minor, but I just have to make a quick note of this - Superman's alter ego of Clark Kent is an aspect of the character I love, and while he didn't play a huge role in the story, he did get some nice screen time and he was portrayed nicely. (To be clear, there was no visible difference in personality between him and Superman, but I'm a-OK with that.) I just feel compelled to mention this because, in my personal opinion, the Clark Kent from Superman: The Animated Series is one of the worst versions of the mild-mannered reporter ever created (despite the overall solid-ness of that show), and so it was just really nice seeing a well-done version of him in a modern animation - so nice I felt compelled to comment on it.

Oh, and, I just have to say it - the idea of people rallying around and singing the praises of total jerks who talk about how they're going to solve problems in the harshest possible ways reminds me a bit of a certain presidential candidate, which will certainly date this review, but whatever.

Overall, if you have any interest in Superman, superhero cartoons, etc., I definitely recommend you give this a watch.
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Has some entertainment value, but at the same time it was left wanting
TheLittleSongbird7 September 2012
Superman vs. The Elite is certainly not a bad movie. I just found myself underwhelmed considering how great the premise was. I did think the character designs were flatly drawn and even goofy especially in the hands and facial expressions, Superman is no exception to this. The story is such a great idea but could have been explored even more, there are some compelling moments but overall the development feels too bland and black and white to me, especially in the villains excepting Manchester Black who's pretty interesting. I also had a big issue with Lois, she comes across as very stereotypical and bitchy, and her voice actress constantly sounds as though she has phlegm in her throat. The quality of the writing was mixed for me as well, there are some sharp and thought-provoking moments but also some that come across as stilted. There are however a number of redeeming qualities. The backgrounds and colours are fluid and atmospheric, and the music is hauntingly beautiful. The action sequences are well-choreographed and exciting, the Atomic Skull ones were especially brilliant. Superman is a charismatic character, and the voice acting is great. George Newbern is equal with Tim Daly which is high praise indeed. All in all, entertaining with some fine moments but some of the character designs, Lois and the rather black and white feel of the story and some of the characters gave Superman vs. The Elite a left wanting feel at the same time. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Average DC Animated movie, but a real thinker of a story
Adam Foidart18 January 2015
"Superman vs. the Elite" isn't entirely successful in its discussions on politics and the price of power, but it's a decent superhero story. The story concerns a new group of superhero vigilantes that call themselves "The Elite". Manchester Black (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes), Coldcast (voiced by Catero Colbert), Menagerie (voiced by Melissa Disney) deal with supervillains their way: by killing them. The world seems to embrace these new heroes and shun Superman (voiced by George Newbern) as "old fashioned" and "cheesy". The conflicting ideals of these heroes pit them against each other.

The quality of the animation varies from excellent to just OK and while most of the story seems grounded in semi-reality, with the fantasy and "comic-bookiness" being reduced to create parallels to our world, a scene with giant mutant insect tanks is really glaring and doesn't fit the tone of the story. What works is the chemistry between Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane (voiced by Pauley Perrette), the themes and ideas brought up by the conflicts and the discussions between our characters spread throughout the film. Adults that are familiar with the debate, which essentially is that of whether or not the death penalty should be a form of punishment, will find that they don't last long enough but it's refreshing to see the film take a stand on an issue it really believes in and stick with it. For younger audiences that haven't seen this material before, this is a good starting point and a way to generate some great conversation. Superman believes that killing is wrong under any circumstances, but he's also nearly invulnerable so does he really grasp the danger these villains he goes up against regularly really pose? To what extent is it OK to interfere with another country's politics and disagreements when you have the power to do so? If it is OK to take the life of another person, who judges how much is enough? When accompanied with the special features and commentary the film is a more complete experience and a lot more satisfying than just the feature by itself so it's preferable to set a generous amount of time aside and enjoying the special features immediately after to complement the faults of the film. The film is only OK by itself, mostly because it doesn't really have as much bite as you wish it would considering the themes, but it's worth your while. (On Blu-ray, September 29, 2012)
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Best Superman Film I have seen
jppurkis13 October 2012
Superman is a walking atom bomb. This movie shows all of the themes that comic book writers have swept under the rug for years including the scope of superman's powers, the collateral damage associated with him cutting loose, and the absolute necessity of his moral restraints given that his unintentional motions could have devastating consequences for others. Superman is capable of fulfilling all of his desires instantly including his desire for revenge. This movie begins to explore the depth of his restraint and why this makes him the best superhero as well as why others who are not as stubborn in their unwavering morality can't be trusted in similar positions of authority. The difference between Manchester Black and Superman is the difference between Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus and Emperor Commodus.

A serious battle between Superman and an aggressor would have devastating consequences for his surroundings. If he moved at his top speed his surface temperature would bake his surroundings (an SR-71 blackbird has some areas on its surface at 1000 degrees at mach 3 and superman can move at 880991 times that). He can easily cause earthquakes, tsunami's and hurricanes when his various abilities are used at their full strength and I like to imagine that unleashing his heat vision at maximum intensity could roast the surface of the earth. When you have this level of power absolute restraint is necessary to avoid upsetting the fabric of human society. Because of this it is almost certain that one day his powers will be the source of a natural disaster when fighting off one of his tougher opponents. This is an untapped source of endless potential drama.

What if he accidentally caused a tidal wave that wrecked a certain community? What if he accidentally destroyed one of the fleets of the US? How would the US respond given that it is the job of all military organizations to develop contingency plans against potential threats? What would be the geopolitical impact of Superman in a world like ours if he chose to intervene in world affairs? He easily has the power to do so given that he has intelligence gathering and processing abilities as well as the ability to project force on par with the strongest of modern nation states. He sees everything and can hear everything and is therefore privy to the most sensitive of information. His alien origins give him surpassing intelligence so he is capable of processing this information as well as retaining it because he is not subject to human limitations. How Superman chooses to direct this force as well as how powerful organizations respond to it would be a very interesting storyline. Given that he can see and hear all there is also tremendous potential for social commentary with the character.

I like to think that Superman is a force for good because he is not subject to human limitations. He has no need for food, air, sleep, power, security, shelter, or money and is therefore free to direct his efforts to the benefit of others. There have been many morally despicable actions taken out of ugly necessity such as Diocletian's razing of a city in the south eastern Mediterranean (I'm pretty sure it was in Egypt and I think it was Alexandria but I'm not quite sure). In order to preserve the foundations of Roman power he made an example of the city. In order to secure a living wage salesmen routinely lie in order to rip off customers. Superman is not subject to any of these constraints. Therefore he is free to be a positive influence.

All of these themes are present in this video and although they aren't very developed I am absolutely thrilled that they have been discovered. Collateral damage is present in the final sequence and his intervention in world affairs is a theme present in Bialia and Bocolistan (apologies if I spelled them wrong). Restraint is present in the beginning and final sequences.

I understand that some want more and think that this line of thought requires more exploration. I couldn't agree more but animation is not the medium to do it yet (this film alone cost 3.5 million dollars). Given the constraints involved this movie was masterfully made and Superman fighting the elite choreographed together with tragic music and Manchester black's monologue is one of the best sequences I have ever seen. People who rate it lower than 9 don't know what they are talking about.

I had the good fortune to be able to watch the film with the commentary of Joe Kelly and the director and it shows that a great deal of thought and skill went into the development of the scenes. This movie is an absolute triumph and is not only the best Superman film that I have seen but the best animated superhero film that I have seen ever. Watched it. Appreciated it. Loved it.
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NOt quite as good as other DCAU outings....
JoeB13117 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The plot line. A new group of superheroes comes on the scene, and they decide that unlike Superman, they are going to take sides in various political arguments.

I think it does tackle some issues here that go back to the beginning of comic books, like why don't the superheroes take on some of the real bad guys of the world. These sorts of debates have gone on since the beginning of the genre.

I think the animation is weak compared to others, I guess they were trying to recapture the graphic novel this story was based on.

The character of Manchester Black is one of the more interesting villains they've introduced in one of these movies. The whole question of why do you just put supervillians in jail when they break out and cause more mayhem is a touchy one in this film, underscored when the Elite murder a particularly vicious villain after he escapes and commits more murders.
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Everything perfect but the animation and goofy art
xamtaro1 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Contrary to what the title implies, "SUPERMAN VS THE ELITE" is not some brainless action brawl (like Hulk Vs Thor or Freddy Vs Jason). It is a relevant piece of fiction and metafiction, possibly the darkest animated Superman tale ever. The story itself is adapted loosely from a story in Superman #775 "What's so Funny about Truth Justice and the American Way". SUPERMAN VS THE ELITE tackles the long lingering question of whether Superman's non-violent policy is still relevant in this day and age. How relevant is superman as a hero and a crimfighter? Criminals like the Atomic Skull are sent to prison, they escape, and Superman just sends them to prison again. It's a vicious cycle. That is, until one day these four new super powered beings show up calling themselves "The Elite"

They fight crime just like Superman, they take down bad guys like Superman. But unlike Superman, they are willing to kill to ensure the bad guys do not return. It is obvious that the world is sick of the revolving door of supervillian imprisonment. Atomic Skull's latest rampage was the clincher. If Superman had finished him off instead of sending him back to prison, it would have saved lives and millions in property. Support for The Elite builds and Superman's ethics are called into question as the world demands more direct action to deal with it's escalating problems. Superman objects to their violence of course. But to the Elite, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. And problems must be dealt with, permanently. The original comic served as a deconstruction of the man of Steel by pitting his non-violent moral stance against characters representing the growing trend of morally ambiguous anti-heroes in comics. It was metafiction that tackled story fads, and very clever metafiction at that. This animated movie ends up delving deep into moral philosophy, politics, the definition of a hero and ultimately a heartfelt reaffirmation of the goodness Superman represents. It is socially relevant too, calling into question the death penalty, America's foreign intervention policy, and much more. Here is material that would put even live action comic book movies to shame.

The story is dark. Almost "Dark Knight trilogy" level of Dark. It would leave you questioning human nature, human morality and ultimately you will ask yourself "If i was in that situation, with supervillians running amok because they escaped incarceration time after time, would i also support the actions of the Elite?". The characters are written very well and given enough development to keep them interesting. Though the Elite themselves are meant to be parodies of modern anti-heroes, their actors do a wonderful job of fleshing them out and even having the audience on their side for a time. The voice acting is pitch perfect and the accents are clear, not exaggerated.

George Newbern from the Justice League animated series reprises his role as Superman and almost makes one reconsider him as the "definitive" superman voice over Tim Daley. He masterfully pitches the contrast between Superman and Clark Kent, delivering the occasional humorous quip and the heartfelt "for the greater good" lecture with equal passion. Perhaps of particular note is that he is the first to portray superman as genuinely scary. Without spoilers, let's just say that Superman "goes Batman" at one point and it's a performance that can wet one's pants.

Sadly though this clever, deep and socially relevant tale is marred by what could be the worst animation and art in DC's animated movie history. The designs themselves call to mind Saturday morning anime like One Piece or pokemon with their exaggerated anatomy, inconsistent character models, and weird facial expressions. The casual viewer can immediately point out the numerous animation goofs in the footage such as the way Superman's chin size never stays the same.

The designs are also quite silly looking. Palms and fists look like balloons for example and Superman himself looks more like Bananaman. Such goofy designs might have fit in better with a comedy or a light hearted cartoon aimed at kids. But SUPERMAN VS THE ELITE is definitely aiming a lot more mature with it's story and themes. The simplistic shadows and flat coloring on the characters clash with the intricately designed backgrounds of the city scapes, especially during action scenes. Telecom Animation Film Co (who worked on Inuyasha and Akira) have done wonders with the previous "Justice League: Doom" animated movie. Yet for reasons unknown, all of these technical issues convey the impression of a rushed production or a low budget. It is no better than TV series standard , Which is a huge pity because this is a story to be taken seriously. How do you expect us to take a serious story when the characters look so silly?

SUPERMAN VS THE ELITE could have been the best Superman animated movie; or even the best Superman movie EVER. Yet shoddy production and questionable artistic direction taints an otherwise perfect story.
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"Superman vs. The Elite" explores the question of the Man of Steel's relevancy
ersinkdotcom15 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Marvel might rule the live-action comic book movie arena, but when it comes to direct-to-DVD animated action DC takes the trophy. They consistently pump out great versions of different story arcs comic book fans have wanted to see in motion for decades. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Premiere bring us the latest animated addition to their movie collection with "Superman vs. The Elite."

The original writer of the story, Joe Kelly, adapted it for this movie. It's safe to say the way we see it on screen is how he intended it to be. It's very action-packed and full of all sorts of social commentary. We're not just served up 70 minutes of mindless superheroes fighting their evil arch nemeses. I applaud Kelly and director Michael Chiang for this, although it did feel like a commercial for a politically correct Democratic campaign.

Let's just say that this movie is the perfect example of why I like Batman more. The Dark Knight does what he has to do to get the job done and save people. If the bad guy gets damaged in the process, that's his problem. He doesn't believe in killing criminals… but if they get damaged in the process, that's their problem.

Superman is constantly tiptoeing around the villains, making sure he doesn't use any undue force or overstep his bounds. He starts to come across as some sort of super-powered hippie. Besides the fact that they were dishonest and corrupt, I actually found myself identifying with the Elite. Are the lives of one or two sadistic criminals really worth saving if there's a chance they'll get free and do harm again to thousands or millions? Just some food for thought.
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Superman vs. The Elite: Great idea, flawed ending
Platypuschow7 January 2018
Superman vs The Elite is one of the darker animations of it's kind, and I liked that.

Superman comes into contact with a new superpowered group calling themselves The Elite, but they have a different way of doing things and that brings them all into conflict.

The Elite believe in killing the bad guys, and I sided with them throughout. Superman captures bad guys, they escape, countless people die, rinse wash repeat. I firmly believe that eradicating the threat makes more sense, and such a fear would also lower crime as well.

Because of that I found myself disliking the hero and that's simply bad writing, he came across self righteous and this all built to a damaging finale.

You see I was enjoying the film, it was one of the better DC outings I'd seen in a while so thats why the final 10 minutes were such a shame.

Superman vs The Elite will be a fantastic watch for folks who believe in Supermans message, but if you're like me this was radiate disappointment.

The Good:

The Atomic Skull & Menagerie were great

Well scored

The Bad:

Superman looks goofy, like Solomon Grundys slow half brother

This movie actually made me dislike Superman

Not keen on the ending

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

I firmly agree with The Elite over Superman

4 vs 1 is a "Fair fight"
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Had potential to be one of the best DC animated movie ever
KineticSeoul16 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The driving force behind this animated movie is most definitely the premises. I just really like stories, where both opposing sides does have a point or at least can understand where they are coming from. Instead of it being a completely black and white movie. I like villain or anti-character like Black Manchester who is the epitome of a stereotypical Brit. The group called the Elite brings about this question that even most comic book readers may question. Why not just kill off the villains once and for all, instead of dragging it out to the point where they will cause more heinous deaths. I think the artwork should have been less goofy, since the premise and the story is actually quite serious. Plus the dialogue has meaning behind it and does make you question certain things. So yeah, besides the artwork I thought this was a interesting and meaningful animated superhero movie. This had the potential to be one of the best DC animated movies ever.

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Good, but not Perfect!
mitchell59548 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Superman vs. The Elite is the third standalone Superman movie in the DC animated direct-to-video lineup. In a way, however, it does not feel like a Superman movie at all. I probably like this a bit more than All-Star Superman, but I still found it underwhelming.

Superman/Clark and Lois are very likable in this film. Superman especially is made very human in this which is the best thing about the movie. In fact I will say that Superman is made more human and down to earth in this film then in any other movie or series since Superman TAS. In the movie through the Elite (the villains of the film) Superman faces a great moral dilemma of whether his ideals still hold up in today's time or if his morality is outdated and no longer needed. This is easily the best aspect of the film. This is also a very personal story for Lois in whether she still has faith in Superman or not. I also like how smart Superman is in the film, especially at the end. People always say Superman is all brawn, but that is not the case. Watch this movie or Superman TAS and you will see that Superman can be pretty smart when he needs to be.

The voice cast does a great job here. George Newborn, who voiced Superman in Justice League, reprises his role here and he is great. Pauley Perrette voices Lois Lane here and she does a good job. She is not my favorite Lois Lane, but she is far from the worst that I have seen. The other voice actors did fine as well. The voices for The Elite work well for the characters.

However, I do have issues with the movie. As I said earlier this does not really feel like a Superman film. This film does not even feel like it takes place in the DC universe. The film feels more like it takes place in Vertigo comics and they just chucked Superman in there. The Elite themselves do not feel like villains Superman would fight. They do not even seem like villains of the DC universe. The movie does have Atomic Skull in it. He and Superman himself are the only things that verify that this is a DC story. Personally, I do not like The Elite as villains. I like the moral conflict they present, but other than that I do not care for them. I do not buy them as foes that would pose a huge challenge for Superman either.

The art style of the film, like All-Star Superman, takes some getting used to. To be honest I still do not care much for the art. The animation is nice and the fights are fun to watch as usual.

Overall out of all the Superman animated movies that have come out so far this one is probably the second best (in my opinion), but there is not much competition. I like how human Superman is made here. I also like the moral dilemma Superman is put in throughout the movie. However, I am not a fan of the look of the film, or the Elite themselves. However, for fans of the character, this is definitely worth at least one viewing.
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Loved This One Way Better Than All Star Superman!
justafu31 December 2012
Somehow I knew this movie was going to be ALL THAT when the opening credits kept showing images of the Superman cartoon of my youth from the late 60's series. I loved that touch. Also let me say from the start that like a previous reviewer, I enjoyed this so much better than Superman All Star even though the artwork was a let down. Throw in George Newbern's voice again as Supes & Abby (Pauley Perrette) from NCIS as the voice of Lois Lane & you've got a winner for sure. BTW, I think she did a great job as Lois showing her as the feisty, modern, take-no- prisoners, lady reporter that we all should be familiar with by now. Her love for Clark/Superman is real & unwavering as well. I thought the exploration of current 21st century geo-political themes of waring nations and/or terrorism coupled with Superman eventually going dark as his rep goes way down hill via the new younger Elite as they rise up to try & take over was portrayed very well indeed. The action sequences and/or fight scenes kept the pace flowing while being fairly realistic, cartoon-wise anyway. Definitely PG rated for the violence & mature themes. In closing, I highly recommend this movie!
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It's OK.
Boba_Fett113822 June 2012
This certainly is not a movie I am in love with. Seems like it had some good and interesting ideas in it but overall it does a bad job at handling and developing them in the story.

Not that this is a bad or annoying movie to watch. And really, if you are into Superman or just superhero stories in general, this animated movie is still well worth checking out. It still has plenty of superhero action in it, as well as some other familiar genre aspects.

I still personally had plenty of problems with this movie and the way it was handling its story and characters. First of all, I was kind of disappointed with the villains. The movie didn't ever really developed a good enough back-story for them and their powers are just ridicules. I mean, they can do just about everything and there seem to be no limitations. One guy can pull literally anything he wants from his hat, while the other can do and move everything with his mind, one guy seems to have unparalleled strength and the woman can let her little pets do about anything she wants them to. The movie keeps surprising you with what they can do, which sounds like an awesome perhaps but it gets sort of annoying after a while, since there seems to be no stop or limitations to anything. besides, the movie fist tries to portray them as good guys but who were they kidding here. It's obviously apparent from the start on already that these people are going to take on Superman at one point.

The movie is still handling some interesting themes and questions, such as; is the world done with Superman? And wouldn't it be better if Superman killed off some of his enemies, since they always keep returning and getting out of their prisons. I however feel that the movie never digs deep enough into any of those questions and the movie and its story for most part remain a very simple and generic one, that doesn't ever surprises you in any way.

It also seems like you need to be at least a bit into Superman and what he has been currently up to, since this movie doesn't give you any explanations about anything or anyone. It assumes you know all of the characters and their relations already and it assumes that you know about everything that had happened in the Superman universe, in recent years. This probably makes this movie slightly less enjoyable to watch for those who aren't really familiar with the current Superman universe, such as me.

I would say that this movie is definitely being more an animated movie for adults than kids really. The violence gets pretty graphic and all of the themes handled in the movie probably aren't all that interesting or exciting for little kids to watch. This makes it sort of strange that the movie still has a very kid like look to it, with its animations.

I still had a good enough time watching it but this just isn't a movie that I can wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend.

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A Very Interesting Premise!
ymeer_maxi24 June 2012
Superman Vs Elite is the latest DC Animated feature to date and it follows a very interesting premise that has never been tackled before in terms of a Superman or any other superhero movie. The hot topic in this movie is "why not kill the bad guys once for and at all and make world a better place".

Superman meets the Elite, a bunch of way if I may say look alike hooligans and set the of teenagers that might annoy you from time to time with there trash talk. These Elite have one goal in mind and want to distinguish a new dawn on the world by doing things differently than what world has been saying for many many years, they want to do it different and with authority, which is taking out the bad guys and killing them once and for all.

People of the city and overall around the world seem thrilled about the fact and see things as illogical that why Superman has to fight the same bad guy over and over guy and many innocent civilians get killed in the process each and every time and why not end the whole thing once and for all by taking eliminating your opponent from the face of the earth by taking its life. Superman's actions and morals get questioned and is pushed to aside seeing these new heroes Elite arise.

Some dialog's in the movie really hits home, especially the dialog exchange between Superman and his father and the twist in the ending, which really makes you think about the whole premise and makes you question whether thats what you really want to happen or not. The animation here is quite crisp but I still would have preferred a different approach towards Supermans design, in this movie he looks like one giant thick ball of meet, makes me question the overall design, but that won't ruin the fun of the movie once you get drawn into it. The story takes some time building up and it could have been presented in a different more entertaining manner, but it gets the job done for what it is and it is damn well entertaining if you let yourself go into the premise of the movie that it is offering.

A very solid movie that would keep you entertained till the next DC movies come out, but in my book Superman: Doomsday is still one of the finest pieces of DC Animated movies I have ever seen. The Superman Vs The Elite gets a very solid 6.5 out of 10.
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Awesome movie
DCfan16 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This along side Superman Unbonded is probably one of the best Superman movies up to date. It was nice having George Newbern the voice of Superman from Justice League, Justice League Unlimated and The Batman reprise his role as Superman. The other voice actors were also really good as there roles. The animation how ever could have improved because it looked the animation from Spectacular Spiderman and the characters designs from Digimon fusion and Yo Kai Watch anime with fragments of there animation was put in a blender and spilt on paper. Back to the designs some of these could have improved. But aside from that the action sequences with The Atomic Skull and Manchester Black where good. We even get to see Superman's true power when he goes to the point of killing. I would recomand this movie to all Superman fans and JL fans.
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Superman Rules!!!
adonis98-743-18650328 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The Man of Steel finds himself outshone by a new team of ruthless superheroes who hold his idealism in contempt. Superman v.s The Elite is a great movie and that comes from someone that isn't so crazy about the man of Steel i liked the concept and the story but also the action and that Superman had to compete with some new heroes. My favorite scene is when Superman went insane and started killing everyone and his one eye was red and i was like aww my god did he just or didn't he? Although i would like it if he actually killed them i mean it would be a piece of cake he's an Alien from Space shooting lasers from his eyes and he can freeze anything with his breath and also he can fly so it could be way easy.
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Good, but a bit questionable
Neil Welch19 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Superman's role as purveyor of justice is challenged by The Elite, a super-powered group led by Manchester Black, who kill super-villains so that they can't escape and commit more mayhem. But is the only way to deal with The Elite to use their own methods against them? I have mixed feelings about this animated movie which adapts a story arc by Joe Kelly. It's a good story, well told, which raises interesting questions about the morality of misusing power over others. On the other hand, it is a very dark piece, with some inappropriate language for an all-ages character like Superman (Superman would not use the expression "w*nkers", for instance). So my verdict is mixed.

And the assorted British regional accents are inconsistent: Black has a generic "oop north" accent while his father and younger sister have London accents!
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Dat Nguyen8 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a huge Superman fan, I lean more towards Batman but wow this movie was epic. What a lot of people don't realize is that Superman holds back in almost every fight because he knows he could easily accidentally kill someone. This is shown towards the end when Superman pretends to lose it, he was so fast, he was teleporting. Sucking oxygen out of the air but flying super fast, creating a vortex. Zooming bad guys into orbit. Destroying parts of brain with laser vision. There's not doubting it, Superman is practically a god and this movie showed that perfectly. It's refreshing to see how Superman would fight if he gave it his all. It's also refreshing that this movie deals with real life issues and politics, like wars between countries rather than mad scientists, super villains, aliens, etc. It gives you a glimpse at how super heroes might react to world problems in real life, if super heroes existed. The animation quality was good and all the technical details of this movie were good. the dialogue was decent, not too corny. If you like Superman at all, give this a watch.
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Very different from the comic book.
jack_face20 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I went ahead and read Action Comics #775 before watching Superman vs. The Elite. It has the worst opening credits of any DC animated movie I've ever seen because the tone doesn't match the movie. The comic wasn't great but it had a good concept. The movie tried to copy that but there was so much that was completely unrelated to the comic that they didn't quite get the job done. You gotta wait for half of the movie to pass before you start seeing similarities. The question is should the life of a killer be spared or should equal justice be served? We all know Supes is a boy scout. The Elite, in the comic, are anti-heroes and portrayed to be more powerful than Supes. In the movie, The Elite aren't anywhere near as powerful but the filmmakers want viewers to believe that they could beat Supes. Yet they needed his help during a battle? In the comic, Supes shows them who's really the boss and is in total control of his actions. In the movie, he does the same but they want us to believe he's losing his sanity and morality at the same time. If you haven't read the comic, then you'll probably enjoy the movie for what it is. If you have, then you'll know where I'm coming from and will be disappointed. Lois Lane's voice made her sound like she was a bleached-blonde, Paris Hilton type and it really didn't help. The funniest part of the movie was the scene when she saw another lady kissing Superman. The laugh was like watching the "Jake from State Farm" commercial.
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Sanctimonious Nonsense
Warning: Spoilers
The basic premise is Superman meets, allies and later battles against a new group of superheroes lead by Manchester Black who, as the name suggests, hails from Manchester - despite his confusing accent. A civil war between neighbouring countries Pokolistan and Bialyia serves as the backdrop. As Superman is saving lives of Bialyia forces under attack from the Pokolistani bio weapons, the Elite arrive to steal his thunder. Superman returns the favour and helps the Elite save civilian trains following a terrorist attack in England. Black interrogates the terrorists and is about to kill them when Superman intervenes and lectures Black on not operating above the law, passing judgement or whatever sanctimonious nonsense he said. The film falls down quickly at this point with Superman battling The Elite over their ideological differences. YAWN. The last 40 minutes or so really dragged.

The issues highlighted in the film only serve to illustrate, pardon the pun, the sheer stupidity of comic book writing and the shaky moral stance of so called heroes such as Superman, Batman, the Avengers, that pansy Spiderman etc, etc - Superheroes who capture villains and then hand them over to the authorities only they invariably escape and KILL again. As The Punisher once said "Mercy is for the weak". Give me mass murdering lunatics like The Hulk any day. There's a real Superhero.

The voice acting is good but the dialogue awful. The characterisation of Lois Lane is completely wrong, she could not be more unlikeable. The animation is also poor unless you're a fan of the tedious, angular Japanese style. The films only saving grace is the fight scenes, they're excellent especially those featuring the Atomic Skull.
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Just Another Souperman Cartoon? It's time to take your "Mad"icine luv.
Vivekmaru4529 June 2012
Well it's all in the soup. This animated film explores a what if? Like what if Souperman was pushed too far and resorted to killing the baddies. In this film the baddie is represented by a group of souperheroes led by a guy with psychokinetic powers who calls himself Manchester Black(I'm NOT talking about a football club).

Manchester's goal(no pun intended!) is to convince Souperman that the only way he can benefit mankind is by exterminating the bad elements of society, such as corrupt politicians, terrorists, soupervillians, yer average tax collecter etc., etc.

However our star-spangled Souperhero won't comply. So Manchester waits for an opportunity to put Souperman in the bad eye of the public....

Overall this is an entertaining flick. I particularly liked the ending scene when Souperman slaps Manchester. I mean people are not blind to see the satire. The good ol' U.S of A. smacking G.B. This alone is worth it!!!
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Finally! Superman almost using his 100%... Love it!
noitidart3 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Absolutely love the Superman here. He explains why he never uses 100% and even here at the end he didn't use 100% but maybe like 85%. *START SPOILER* At the end. When the British punk blasts him he pounds a couple times to break it through. When the British guy does a super blast he didn't fight it he just took the hit and flew back but then just does a nice trick.*END SPOILER* I love how they finally state that he doesn't need Oxygen, that always confused me.

For power and action and explanation given I give this move a 9 out of 10 I seriously loved it. However I take away .5 for the drawings, I really liked the drawings from "Superman TAS" and wish they used the same here. I take a .5 because he's too nice to Lois.
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