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Beyond my expectations
TGblight14 April 2013
Well, here i am trying to redeem myself about this. I honestly didn't like the idea of going to see this movie at all, and the result was quite different than expected. There i was: A person that dislikes the movies from Mexico (my country), about to watch a Mexican movie, that i was sure was gonna be total crap, so if you are like me about this movie read what follows. The movie begins, and the first thing that caught my attention was the Warner Brothers logo, that put me in a skeptical mood, so it was running and for my surprise, it was really good, then it was becoming excellent, at the end i was with mixed feelings, i loved the movie and hated my self for being such an A-hole when i spoke about my reasons for not watching it. What i loved about this movie, was first of all: -The characters: I really loved what every character represented here, like :the hipster kid, the stuck up girl, the "oh my God my ideas are awesome because i think i know people"kid, the hypocrite sold friends, the real world people (you know, the people who lives in the real world), but my favorite was the father, that man knows how to give a lesson (i wont spoil it). -The way the plot was used: i am going to be honest here, the plot is a cliché, from the moment the movie begins,if you have enough brain cells, you know the plot, but what i liked was the way it was evolving, to be honest it was a "original" way to go trough the plot that we all know. There is a lot to love and little to dislike (not hate)i mean there is a lot of language but if you live in Mexico it is the standard level of language for a normal person, and that is just freaking awesome, it doesn't go to far or to limited with it, the passing is just good, even if i felt the movie was going fast, it was good, the character development is just like the plot: predictable but well handled. i really can not express myself as i wish i could but i hope you get my point. i just saw it, i would see it again, it's definitely worth checking out. to finish this i would like to apology to the Mexican cinema industry and i will check out more movies made here in México, and also say "don't judge a book for it's cover" because that is the stupid thing i did for years with Mexican movies and now regret. so a final verdict would be a 8.5 out of 10 in my humble opinion.
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Excellent movie comedy/drama
avillalobosr082 May 2013
This movie breaks several paradigms of some recent Mexican films. You laugh without the need of bad taste humor or unnecessary sex scenes. It is a comedy but at the same time is drama, because it is true that the high social class in Mexico behaves as the first part of the movie shows. You laugh a lot but at the same time is sad how the racism among social classes exists. This movie has a clear message of good values like the family union, hard work and friendship. Is a very good production, good quality of the film, and acting. You will be happy and relaxed after seen this movie. It is highly recommended to watch, you won't regret it.
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Kind of a very good movie
alexandra_buruiana25 February 2014
One of the most relaxing movies I've seen lately. It is somehow predictable, but yet very well made. It satirizes very well the situation of wealthy kids (all over the world, not necessarily Mexico) and their behavior amongst the others. I liked the characters, the dumb rich kid that invests money in unprofitable businesses, the spoiled daughter that acts as if she had the world at her feet and the hopeless prodigy that would do literally anything to achieve his goals. I really liked it and for once more I was convinced of the fact that the movies made outside the States have a special something, they don't fit in the pattern, they have their own style. I highly recommend it! :)
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Simple and funny
jesus-agonzalezhdz16 April 2013
I was not sure about seeing this movie (even I am Mexican and live in the country), but I accepted to watch this because I liked the trailer.

I was amazed a lot with the characters of this movie. The way 'Javi' and 'Barbie' acted, but also the Father and 'Peter' did a fantastic work.

I consider that, even this is a comedy, some quotes could be taken from the movie that I really loved, for example "Trátalos como te gustaría que te trataran" (treat them the same way you would like be treated).

This is a very funny movie, with some Mexican jokes and particular sounds or accents, but it is an amazing film highly recommended.
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Proof that Mexico's cinema can be clever, entertaining and funny!
alshwenbear13 November 2013
I am always looking for "the good ones", movies that leave an unforgettable impression, and "Nosotros Los Nobles" is a must see for everyone who gets tired of the same unimaginative scripts.

And the funny thing is that the story for this film couldn't be more simpler,is about family, and is translated to the screen with heart and wit, a little irreverent, but we live on those times, still it manages to contain itself without crossing lines, and I, as an avid movieholic and father of a young woman, I really appreciate that, because Is easy for me and you and everybody to feel comfortable watching a moderate film with your loved ones.

The movie is excellent and the acting is more than acceptable, and seeing Gonzalo Vega is a pleasure for all of us familiar with his work. I just have words for recommending this film to everyone, because other reviewers have already expressed in a better writings whatever else I could say about it, congratulations to everyone involved on "Nosotros Los Nobles"
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Great movie! Very funny and without the usual crap!
For a lot of years, Mexican movies always have a high dose of violence, drugs, alcohol, sex, and cursing.

This movie is a great example that Mexican movies can be excellent without all that crap, the movie is very funny, you will enjoy it from the beginning to the end, if you are Mexican you'll feel identified with a lot of stuff in the movie, if you are not you will still enjoy it a lot and learn a few things about Mexican society.

The Actors and the production made an awesome job. Completely recommended. Thanks for reading this review, Im just typing this because this thing won't let me post the review if it doesn't contain 10 lines :) Thanks
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Good TV commedy, not a great movie
ezequiel-reficco8 April 2019
I got this movie after reading all these great reviews online. The script is good, and the actors are very credible in their roles. The movie did succeed in making us laugh --particularly in the 1st half. As the story unfolds, however, it looses credibility. I just watched the 2nd half waiting for the story to come to a close, as the conversion of those youngsters it portrays lost any credibility to my eyes. In sum, I found this to be an effective comedy to watch on TV, not the great movie that others reviewed.
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A story that catches the viewer, a script that makes you laugh and a type of film that makes money.
a-delpilar25 June 2013
"Nosotros Los Nobles" has broken strings on the traditional way of making Mexican movies, which usually don't make money on the box office. The story, with a really attractive script, at least for Mexican people, catches the viewer during the whole movie as it exemplifies and makes the attitudes and situations of the characters very identifiable to the high class of the Mexican society. I think it is a movie that puts the example and shows that in México anyone can do quality films that sell on the box office. By far, it is the must successful box office film on the history of Mexican Films, and it can be easily justifiable with an acting that makes the people laugh without being to close to being an acting for TV or novels. It is really well directed and I admire the way that Gary adapted the script, also produced by Leonardo Zimbrón who can make a good team. i also liked the way they shot in 16mm in a stage where everyone is using digital cameras. Here is the prove that there can be Mexican films done with quality and that can make the finances of the industry work.
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A great comedy to laugh about the Mexican folklore
mrjhonesgm7 July 2013
Good Mexican movies are back, and "Nosotros Los Nobles" is a great example of it. Mexicans laugh about ourselves and the daily things that happen in this exotic and dazzling chaotic Country. The director could mix all of those aspects. That is why I recommend it. My favorite actor is "Javi Noble", a young mind full of ideas to entrepreneur. However, he has a bad education in business. His father, Germán Noble, tries to teach him, but it was until Javi met the tacky bus driver when he realized how to find the best startup. That made me laugh a lot because I am an entrepreneur too! The language in the movie is interesting too, including cocky and tacky informal phrases. I have to say that both of them include the same bad words, so funny. So, if you want to learn to speak "mexican", watch this movie.
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Livin the Mexican Dream
estebangonzalez1029 September 2013
Nosotros los Nobles (We the Nobles) has broken the box office records in its native Mexico thanks to its easy and appealing subject matter. It is pretty much a straight forward "from riches to rags" story with some stereotypical characters and some funny moments. The film also has a family friendly message so I can see why it appealed to such a wide audience considering it made fun of the wealthy Mexicans. Unlike what many Americans might think, there are actually some wealthy Mexicans living the "Mexican dream," and they are presented in a rather comical form. The reason this film broke some records in Mexico is because it is really relatable and there are some pretty funny moments as the audience gets to make fun of these rich kids who seem to be clueless about the hardships of life. Nosotros Los Nobles was directed by Gary Alazraki (this was his first feature film) and he also co-wrote the screenplay along with Patricio Saiz and Adrian Zurita. I'm not very familiar with the cast involved in this film, but I think they pulled off some funny performances. This was way different from the Mexician films I was used to watching coming from Alfonso Cuaron, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, and Guillermo del Toro. Nosotros Los Nobles is a much lighter and more accessible film for audiences, but I still felt the film suffered from a week first and third act. There were some really funny moments during the second act, but the film opened really poorly when they introduced each character and then ended in a rather cartoonish manner as well.

Nosotros Los Nobles is a film that centers around a rich Mexican family known as the Nobles. German Noble (Gonzalo Vega) has built a financial empire for his family after years of hard work. His wife passed away years ago and he's had to raise their three kids on his own. Barbara (Karla Souza), Javi (Luis Gerardo Mendez), and Cha (Juan Pablo Gil) are not really good at anything except spending their father's money. They are really spoiled and live a life of excess. Barbara's boyfriend, Peter (Carlos Gascon), asks German for his daughter's hand, but he doesn't approve of their relation because Peter doesn't have a job and the couple simply want to live off his money. Tired of his children's behavior, German decides to pull off a charade and tells them that they are broken. He believes this way his children will be forced to find jobs and try to survive in the real world under harsh conditions. Cha finds a job at a local bank, while Javi and Barbara get jobs thanks to their maid's son, Lucho (Ianis Guerrero). Having no work experience whatsoever, the three kids will find it difficult to adapt to this new lifestyle, but German is sure this will teach them a lesson or two about life.

Barbara, Javi, and Cha all play the stereotypical spoiled kids which adds to the overall comedy, but there really isn't much to their characters. Cha is probably the weakest link here as his story was completely uninspired. At least Barbara and Javi had some substance and side stories to make them a bit more interesting. Peter is the typical villain here who wants to blackmail his future father-in-law and pressure his girlfriend into marrying him so he can enjoy the family's wealth. I found some of the jokes pretty funny, but there were plenty of cheesy moments as well. The movie also is very predictable and despite having some heartfelt moments I felt this was just another generic comedy about a story we've seen played out before. Overall it teaches some good values and some families might enjoy this film, I thought it was all right but won't recommend it.
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A mexican movie like any other
ernestoac15 June 2020
I've read some reviews complaining about how this film is the same as any other mexican movie, and it is, it is in the same genre as most of the latest mexican movies (Comedy, Romance), it exploits some of the most popular clichés and stereotypes and takes some predictable choices in the story, but all of this is done correctly, it is done organically and succeeds to stay entertaining an relatable to most of the public of the more generic mexican movies. The problems are established right at the beginning of the movie, we get the situation and we can be related, I mean, just about any family with enough money has this kind of problems, but the other side of the coin is also portrayed through the side characters. The film has logic, we know some of the events might seem a bit over the top, but it is all something that can be done in this context, there was not a single moment I thought "Why is this happening?" throughout he whole film, which is one of my most common thoughts most of the newest mexican movies. Just to end, I must say, yes, this is a mexican movie doing most of the same things any other one does, but it does it the right way, and it's great.
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One of the best Mexican movies
paulinachb5 April 2020
This movie is one of the best Mexican movies. Many countries started filming their own "Nosotros los Nobles" because the story is really good. However, this one is the original and the best!
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A good entertaining movie
freya-politologa17 April 2016
I saw this movie through HBO. I found it funny, very good performed and certainly a review of what's real life for 99% of people. Writers did a good job trying to portray both contrasts between being rich and being not necessarily poor, but living life as it is.

The challenges the three children face to learn humbleness and the joy of gathering family back again are the most important topics here. I recommend this movie to make fun of rich people and their silliness by posing as "Americans wannabe" with their words in English and shallow life.

It's a movie full of creativeness, Mexican identity and for non-Latin Americans, I believe this movie will show how is "life in the tropics".
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Just like any other Mexican movie
davidryv14 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Just that , this movie is just another cliched Mexican movie , the poor the rich , a crazy and no logical plot. Someone is getting married but at the end , something goes wrong , end with the poor guy . I'm mean , this shouldn't be an spoiler , because almost all Mexican movies are like that. Don't get me wrong , is not a bad movie , just average.
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Telling, inspiring
jcbaek6 November 2016
I saw this for my SPA 108 course in college and boy was I glad that it had English subtitles in the link provided by the professor. Otherwise, I wouldn't have recognized the beautiful message told in this film. On the surface, I enjoyed watching Karla Souza and hearing the fluid language of Spanish -- oh, how different it is, yet delicious to listen to nevertheless, than English -- but I also cherished the themes and overall plot presented. You have three spoiled, wealthy children who spend their adult lives living it up, and their aging father who sees this indolence and wishes to do something about it. Seeing this I realized more fully the value of hard work, of getting a job, of earning money well and appreciating family and friends, of finding your true love, of, well, living life in a good way. I know, it's unfortunate that after the 4+ sublime years of college we either continue our education or join the masses in the 40-hour workweek and commit to a life of working, sleeping, and coming home to the couch and the game. But regardless, this is still a life worth living, for the true inherent value is not so apparent on the surface. "You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want." (Ging Freecs)
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