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Season 1

7 Jan. 2013
De grote sprong
Mira and Romi take the impulsive decision to buy up an old ice cream business. To gather a starting capital they appeal to their childhood friend Jo, who is now branch holder of the local bank office. When Jo hears about the plans of Mira and Romi, she also wants to participate. But then Romi suddenly disappears to Milan, leaving Mira and Jo to stay behind desperate and insecure.
14 Jan. 2013
Episode #1.2
Mira still wants to reopen the ice cream business and convinces Jo to cooperate. Their future looks bright, until the bank refuses to give the essential loan. Meanwhile Pierre is feeling bad because he has to take his wife Magda to a nursing home, and Elvis and Jos argue about the renewal of the wood industry. And finally Romi surprises everyone, when she suddenly returns from Milan.

 Season 1 

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